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Larry Sharpe, the 2nd place runner-up 2016 vice presidential candidate, announced that he was running for Governor of New York in 2018. He did this as a ‘birthday announcement’ and confirmed he was running as a member of the Libertarian Party, instead of Republican like some libertarians have done, such as Ron Paul and recently Austin Petersen.

In the live stream, he said that he wanted his campaign to be a model for future Libertarian campaigns and stressed that he was in it to win.

“I will run as a Libertarian and Libertarian only. I will show the nation that you can win as a Libertarian, that you can run a campaign as a Libertarian, and you can be taken seriously as a Libertarian,” he said.

Sharpe is a relative newcomer to the Libertarian Party, having risen from obscurity to almost snatching the vice presidential nominee spot from Bill Weld.

Elliot Axellman, the chairman of the Queen’s, New York Libertarian Party, wrote last month about Larry Sharpe’s qualifications:

“He is exceptionally kindhearted, a fantastic speaker, and bi-racial. He is experienced and patient and possesses a scholarly type of wisdom; yet he is also young, energetic, and cool enough to easily relate to nearly every type of millennial. Sharpe is a strong advocate in the battle to end drug prohibition, arguing that it is no more effective than alcohol prohibition was, and imprisoning people for smoking it should have stopped decades ago. “

Sharpe faces an uphill battle in a state that has elected Democrats to the governorship since 2008. However, he is helped that Cuomo approval rating has dropped recently to 46 percent according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll.

Only Cuomo and Sharpe have announced their intentions to run for governor. No Republicans or Democrats have entered the race yet, as of this publication.



  • Madfoot713

    Nice! GOP should endorse him.

  • WhitfieldGeorge

    Best wishes to Larry Sharpe and New York Libertarians!

  • Richard Winger

    I am glad he is running. One problem any Libertarian running for Governor of New York in 2018 has is that New York has horrible ballot format. Even though the state no longer uses mechanical voting machines, they still insist on printing the paper ballots as though the machines still exist, in columns and rows. And because New York has 8 qualified parties, all of which hog the available columns and rows, there isn’t room for a separate column or row for each unqualified party, of which the Libertarian Party is one. There have been bills in the New York legislature to fix this, but they never pass.