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By Joshua Dietz

The left has a genuine problem – their most visible leaders are all demented septuagenarians.   Take Nancy Pelosi, for example.  Now 77, Pelosi is the highest-ranking woman in American political history.  Her storied career spans five decades, during which she held the position of Speaker of the House, House Minority Whip, and most recently, serving as House Minority Leader.  Despite her illustrious and pioneering career, many Americans (political insiders and otherwise) have been left wanting.

For some time, members of her own constituency have questioned her ability to effectively lead the Democrat Party.  Her judgment and rhetoric have left many confused, particularly during the fraught, early days of the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Over the last few years, her waning health has generated intense discussion as well, as it appears she has been exhibiting signs of dementia.  Pelosi’s behavior has become increasingly bizarre, and for many, virtually impossible to defend.

The best evidence of her failing influence can be found in her opposition to President Trump. Pelosi’s dimming leadership was blamed for the loss of Jon Ossoff (the would-be ‘Trump Slayer’) in the recent Georgia primary.  An ardent member of the resistance, Pelosi has called into question President Trump’s health, his competency as a politician,  and even called him a blasphemer against God for his stance on climate change!  While she has been a vocal opponent of President Trump, she has accomplished little in the way of actual ‘resistance’.

In fact, it could be said that she has accomplished the opposite by galvanizing a movement against the Democratic-Progressive establishment.  But we will revisit that idea in a moment.

This is to say nothing of the various and sundry corruption scandals that have plagued Nancy Pelosi’s career.  From questionable real estate deals like SalesforceGate, lying about the CIA’s use of waterboarding, her involvement in the cover up of the Massa scandal, to insider trading, there’s plenty of red in Representative Pelosi’s ledger.  But as we have seen, the Democratic base will tolerate virtually any corruption from their elected officials, so long as they deliver in Washington.

Therein lies the problem: In the time since Pelosi rose to prominence, The Democratic party has lost a staggering amount of their legislative influence, equating to over one thousand lost seats since 2008.  While not entirely Nancy’s fault, the simmering dumpster fire known as the Democrat party certainly seems to think so.

This may come as a shock to anyone who has read my articles for the Libertarian Republic, but I would like to come to Nancy Pelosi’s defense.  Leadership is a tough business, and besides, America is stronger with her in the spotlight.  The pairing of her incompetence and severely out-of-touch rhetoric has led to the blossoming of a true liberty movement.

For the future of America to be secured, we need politicians like Nancy Pelosi to stay off the breadline and on the political bench.  Like the wise king whose judgment and competency was long since eroded by power, Representative Pelosi has become disconnected, tyrannical, and ineffective.  Simultaneously, this spells doom for the Democrats, but a boon to American voters.

As the great Sun Tzu once said, “Never interrupt an enemy when he makes a mistake.”  Well, Nancy is making a lot of mistakes, and I for one hope that America allows her to continue.  I desperately want the Democratic party to rally around mainstays like Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Chuck Schumer.  In fact, the longer they can hold onto their positions, the better off America will be.  Their continued employment is the best thing that has ever happened to the liberty movement.  Every day that a microphone or camera is put in front of their faces, another Constitutionalist is born.

I urge my fellow Americans in the states that they represent to keep her (and her cronies) around.  They have done far more to hurt the credibility of the Democrat party than anyone else, and as a matter of civic duty, we should allow them to continue.  America must see their naked self-interest for what it is.

See, good old ‘Botox Nancy’ is the politician America needs, not the politician America wants.   Leaders of her ilk are so morally bankrupt and pathological, that simply keeping them employed is enough to help America rediscover its moral compass.  Moreover, I believe keeping Pelosi in office will inspire young Americans to consider political office as a viable option.  Her legislative record has set the competency bar so low, that surely anyone observing must feel a sense of optimism over their own political chances.

I hope that her career as a buffoon and a charlatan inspires Americans to take up political arms.  Surely if Nancy can do it, we can too.

EDITOR’s NOTE: The views expressed are those of the author, they are not necessarily representative of The Libertarian Republic or its sponsors.