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I don’t regret voting for Gary Johnson. No matter how many Aleppo moments he had, I never regretted voting for him. Sure I joke about him. He’s the make the cake guy, mountain climber guy, sticks out his tongue out guy and generally messes up, but Johnson is an alright guy. I voted for him not based on personality but based on his policies.

Trump has been a mixed blessing. On one hand, he’s been pretty good at deregulation. As Reason’s Nick Gillispie put it,”There’s no question that the Trump administration is doing some good things, such as deregulatory moves related to the FCC, the FDA, and the EPA. His Education department is supporting school choice to the extent that the federal government can do so.”

But at the same time, he’s been more of a neoconservative on foreign policy. He bombed the Syrian government in April, decided to escalate the wars in Yemen and Iraq (while also abandoning the Kurds to their fates) decided to send 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan to fight a losing war. And let’s not mention the Saudi arms deal and the death of four soldiers in Niger (why are we in Niger?)

Yes, Hillary Clinton would have been worse. There’s a reason why I didn’t vote for her. I do like not going to war with Russia and yes, Trump has managed to exceed that one standard.

But Donald Trump has not shown us why libertarians should have voted for him. I’m not a Never Trumper, but the guy who spends more time attacking the NFL than say, trying to get tax reform done is kind of worrying. I love Twitter as much as the next guy but I’m a twenty-year-old college student. Not the leader of the free world.

I hoped Johnson would become president. The media would have wondered how they would have covered a candidate who smoked pot while climbing mountains. Johnson wouldn’t have bombed the Syrian government because he wouldn’t have been able to point to the base on a map.

Kidding aside, Johnson would have stuck to his guns on foreign policy and not fallen in the swamp like Trump has. Unlike Trump, he was an actual outsider. Being a Libertarian means that he had to be outside of politics considering you can count the amount of federal offices on one hand (hint, it’s zero.)

As the Washington Post outlined in a rather hilariously titled article, he was honest in his dealings with people during his tenure as New Mexico’s governor. (I would like to add that he vetoed a million dollars for a county rodeo and somehow, somehow, despite no government money, they still had a ‘good rodeo.’)

And he also had the record for criminal justice reform. Jeff Sessions has been throwing all kinds of signs he wants a war on pot and has been rearming cops with military hardware (because Cedar Park, Texas, a town of 50,000, really needs armored personnel carriers) and pushing back on a decade of criminal justice reform.

Johnson,while Governor, was pushing for marijuana legalization in the New Mexico state legislature.

As the WaPo reported:

“Rather than simply issuing directives, he had to work with the legislature to try to get his way. He could not get legalization through the legislature, but persuaded lawmakers to increase funding for drug treatment. He also won approval for a measure that allowed the release of nonviolent, low-level drug offenders if prisons became overcrowded.”

Now Santa Fe is no Washington D.C, but if a man can go through state politics while still having the reputation for honesty, there’s no doubt that he would have been able to last much longer than Trump in the swamp.

So yes, I’m glad I voted for Gary Johnson. There’s not much else to say.

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, center, speaks to supporters and delegates at the National Libertarian Party Convention, Friday, May 27, 2016, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)
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  • WhitfieldGeorge

    Me, too.

  • Gale Scott

    I was a Johnson supporter at first and still consider myself a libertarian but could not support the stance on foreign policy both from a military standpoint and immigration. Why we fight and participate in other countries; some of it is due to greed from corporate interest and some is to prevent the growth of terrorist which would lead to more battles in our own country. War is never good but a necessary evil at times. I do think the president allows his ego to guide his tweets which is totally unnecessary. However, with the main stream media and academia attempting to control how everyone thinks and acts it is necessary at times to let one’s ego take over to ensure the message is not distorted. I am totally against a two party system and see no change as long as the media and existing major two parties run the show. Maybe a change can occur in 2020.