Home Internet Providers Are Going to Start Charging by the Gig, Just Like Your Phone Company Does

You must have known it was coming; if not then you were living in blissful ignorance. AT&T has moved first; the second-largest broadband internet provider in the U.S. has imposed data usage limits on its customers. If it doesn’t already, your home internet will soon come with a data plan just like your phone. This could also put an end to mobile wireless networks and “hotspots,” as usage will cost money.

For AT&T U-Verse customers, limits between 300GB – 1 TB have been instituted depending on their plan. That’s enough for somewhere between 100-400 hours of high-definition streaming. Much like your phone, going over the data limit will result in additional charges. It’s a model that looks to rapidly transform the home internet market.

While these limits may be beyond what most users are using currently, wait till companies like Netflix begin to offer 4k resolution streaming. As content begins to grow in terms of data and customers are turning away from traditional cable television, the telecoms know there is soon going to be room to squeeze their customers for more money.

Is it fair to charge more money for customers that use more data? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to moan and groan about it.