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by Micah J. Fleck

After weeks of silence on the issue, and fellow members of the Democratic establishment speaking as if it were a closed case, it looks as if the Hillary Clinton campaign will play along with Green Party candidate and presidential loser Jill Stein’s game of claiming shenanigans, anyway. Stein has already raised around $4 Million in an effort to get the votes in several key states challenged and recounted, and according to Bloomberg, Clinton’s people recently announced that should the initiative lead to a full-blown recount, they would approve:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer announced plans to participate in vote recounts of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan if they take place, drawing a sharp response from Donald Trump’s team that the Democrat is being a “sore loser.”

If Green Party candidate Jill Stein initiates recounts in those states as she intends, the Clinton campaign “will participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides,” lawyer Marc Elias said Saturday in a post on the blogging website He added that he doesn’t expect the action to overturn Donald Trump’s election as president.

The move prompted a rejoinder from Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, now a senior adviser to the president-elect.

“What a pack of sore losers,” Conway said in a statement to Bloomberg. “After asking Mr. Trump and his team a million times on the trail, ‘Will HE accept the election results?’ it turns out Team Hillary and their new BFF Jill Stein can’t accept reality.”

“Rather than adhere to the tradition of graciously conceding and wishing the winner well, they’ve opted to waste millions of dollars and dismiss the democratic process. The people have spoken. Time to listen up. #YesYourPresident,” Conway said.

 If you ask us, both sides are using less-than-presidentual rhetoric by this point. But Jill Stein might be the worst perpetrator of nonsense throughout this entire election. And this fighting on behalf of the Democrats, who don’t care about her party of platform, takes the cake.