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By LikeALibertarian

This 10 round loading device allows you to quickly reload your AR-15 while complying every restrictive firearm and ammunition regulations.

Signed by Governor Jerry Brown last summer the new:

State law defines “large-capacity magazines” as anything with more than 10 rounds. These are often made for assault-style, semi-automatic rifles. California already banned the sale and loan of high-capacity rounds, but this new law goes further. Starting on July 1, 2017, anyone who violates the law is subject to a year in jail, and a $100 fine for a first offense. Any third or subsequent offense can get offenders fined for up to $500.

From the MeanArms website:

Our new MA-Loader is a California compliant, 10-round bullet loading device that will allow you to safely and efficiently reload your fixed magazine without the need to break down the firearm. Simply place the MA-Loader into your AR-15’s ejector port and press the thumb-ring slider to quickly load or reload. It is that simple!**

The best part is, using an MA-Loader with a fixed magazine eliminates the requirement of registering your rifle with the State of California. If moving out of the state of California is not in your plans, lawful gun owners can still enjoy the use of their AR-15s with minimal disruptions while fully complying with the new laws.

An unintended consequence of the new intrusive California laws is safety. Now with absolutely no ability to load an unloaded AR-15 for home defense within a reasonable amount of time, gun owners will inevitably choose to keep them loaded at all times. This could potentially put the people we are committed to defend at risk. The use of a MA-Loader prevents this problem and is the safest solution for all AR-15 owners anywhere. Once installed, it renders the weapon totally inoperable. Simply keep your AR-15 unloaded with an MA-Loader close by. One push and you are loaded & ready.

Multiple states continue to trample on the rights of law abiding citizens. Use a MEAN Engineered MA-Loader to best use your weapons as intended. 

Better, Safer, Faster

Enjoy their fun and informative video:


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  • E Frank Ball III

    They re-invented the stripper clip. We had those in WWI