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You didn’t bake that

by Ian Huyett

TROY, Ill. – Apparently finding themselves without any lemonade stands to demolish, health regulators in Illinois took the time to shut down an 11-year-old’s cupcake business.

Health regulator Amy Yeager says Chloe Stirling’s burgeoning cupcake business had to be stopped.

Health regulator Amy Yeager says Chloe Stirling’s burgeoning cupcake business had to be stopped.

On Sunday, an Illinois newspaper featured an inspiring story about Chloe Stirling, a local entrepreneur renowned for her masterfully decorated cupcakes. The Belleville News-Democrat reported that Chloe was saving money to one day start her own bakery, and has donated hundreds of cupcakes to cancer fundraisers.

Unfortunately, someone in government read the heartwarming article – and, naturally, set to work stepping on this 11-year-old’s dreams. The Madison County Health Department told Chloe that she needs to construct another kitchen in her family’s home. “A rule is a rule,” smirking department spokeswoman Amy Yeager told KMOV.

Madison County spends millions of dollars on its health department, which is scheduled to undergo an expensive office renovation this year. The department will receive $57,830 more in tax dollars this year than it did in 2013.

Since regulators like Amy Yeager have nothing better to do than protect the citizenry from cupcakes, Madison County voters might want to consider saving some money on their property taxes this year.

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  • Tyler Zoom

    These laws intended to help people only make it harder and harder to start businesess

    • James King

      I don’t grant that it’s a given that the true purpose of this statute is to help people. The purpose is control, fear and revenue generation.

  • Leanne Fisher

    They allow children to live in houses with dirt floors, no windows, no heat, roaches from one end of the house to the other, rats crawling on them at night while they sleep, no food for days. They give children back to the parents who brutally beat them, feed them poison, rape them and yet they won’t let a child make cupcakes. Something very wrong with this picture.

  • Ron

    How about this Amy Yeager chick finds herself suddenly and inconveniently unemployed?

  • Inconsistencies

    Chloe should respond with noncompliance. Force a raid and cupcake confiscation on an 11 year old. See how that works out for them. The public would force a rule change.

    We need more noncompliance.

    • A. G. Gomez

      The problem with that police raid usually leave someone dead…

      • Exactly, let’s not get the poor girl killed. “No hesitation target”.

        • Mario Lawrence

          “the young lady then pointed the cupcake at me; asking me threateningly if i ‘wanted one’, and ignored my shouts to cease and desist. i felt my life was in danger, and responded with two shots to center mass”

        • joeblow1984

          Not if the Parents tote guns and shoot first. Maybe they want another WACO. It’s a shame to Lincoln that they still call that state Illinois. I call it NaziNois, land of Black Hitler Osama Obama. It was NaziNois who argued all the way to the Supreme Court to prevent citizens from videotaping the police. Himmler would be proud of that state.

          • Did you forget to take your meds today Joe? That was quite a incoherent ramble.

          • joeblow1984

            You don’t like facts? I still stand by my comment. The point of my comment that I was trying to make is that government is pissing too many people off these days, and the people are FED up. So Fed up that they will revolt. I could have used a better example than WACO, but those people would still be alive if the government didn’t start messing around with David Koresh. Do you listen to Alex Jones? He is correct about many issues involving Globalism, Socialism, and Tyranny that is forced upon us.

          • I guess I misunderstood you, the black Hitler thing kind of threw me. I fail to see what his color has to do with anything. And I thought you were trying to say Waco was justified.

            A complete comprehension fail on my part.

      • salvatore

        Right……but at 54……i’ve seen n done alot…and would be willing to take the friggin hit for my country!! Enough is enough from this tyrannical gov’t. Our kids n grandkids have nothing at all to look forward to in todays society!!! Sooo tired of life as it has become….gone are the freedoms we once knew. Thousands of new mandates..rules..regulations……cops being thug rogue barney bada** wannabes……This has to stop…n stop now!! Time to take our country back.

        • joeblow1984

          Give me Liberty or Give me Death. I have told many I will die in the name of Liberty!!!! and I am 33. People are scared, or yuppies who just follow the sheep.

    • John Ash

      Yeah….but….it’s Illinois…..

      • Tim Turner

        they call it “ILL- ANNOY” for a reason

      • joeblow1984

        NaziNois, like NaziFornia, no longer a free state. Can’t tape a public official without their consent there (unless it is a toll free number)

    • americanexile

      Should every restaurant and bakery and cafe respond with noncompliance too? No, because no one would back them up.

      Never understand why these stupid stories get so much attention. Hundreds of thousands of businesses deal with this shit; why should we suddenly be outraged when it happens to a kid? This is selective outrage. 90% of the people who think she should get to break the law would be just as outraged if the law WASN’T applied to an adult.

      • Inconsistencies

        How about this… Let’s get the got-damned government out of private business and let free market forces decide the rules.

        • stairman

          A simple approach would be have government inspections and rules on the kitchen producing the food be voluntary but signs stating they do or don’t get inspected mandatory

          • joeblow1984

            That is what I say about a businesses smoking/non smoking status before city clowncils which already made up their mind. If I gave them $1 million dollars they would change their mind, and you and I both know that!

      • Louie Flores

        americanexile you are a special kind of stupid!! Does an 11 year old baking cupcakes and selling them really command the attention? Perhaps not, but it also doesn’t deserve threat of a shut down or fine! We should be encouraging our youth instead squashing their dreams. It’s not selective outrage, it’s common sense!

        • americanexile

          It’s reality. Either we don’t have health laws, or the law applies to everyone. Why an 18 year old opening a cupcake shop gets to have a different standard than an 11 year old is beyond me..

          I personally am in favor of zero governmental health codes, but accept the fact that most people aren’t. Therefore everyone should have to live by them.

          • Dan R. VanWormer II

            Don’t bullshit. You cant support the law, but dislike it. That’s a level of riding the fence that’s going to leave serious splinters in your nethers. This beaurocratic bullshit and political correctness is the new face of tyranny. Power corrupted by small, petty people who need a serious wake up call.

          • Tergerchma

            Dan R. really, I can’t support a law I dislike. I dislike abortion laws, but I do support peoples rights to legal get an abortion, even though I do not believe on a personal level it is right. There are tons of laws I do not like, speed limits, etc… but I do support them.

          • Do you wait for the crosswalk light to say go at 3 in the morning when there is no one on the road? Should a cop write you a ticket if you don’t?

          • Mario Lawrence

            Or, how about… if you think health concerns have ANYTHING to do with it…. simply don’t buy cupcakes from an 11 year old.
            You know how children can be unsanitary.

            Gimme a break man.
            If she was handing out the cupcakes for free, she wouldn’t have been bugged by “health laws”.
            She would probably be praised as a humanitarian feeding the hungry instead.

            Ms. Yeager may be legally right, but she exercised poor discretion and judgement.
            It’s like giving a bicycle rider a speeding ticket.

          • joeblow1984

            Minors can’t enter into contracts, and it should be up to the consumer to take the risk. People with common sense understand that they have a choice they can buy from a kids bake sale which is unregulated or buy from a Food Service Establishment which is regulated. Free Markets went away thanks to the trial lawyers who became elected Democrats.

      • Guest

        For profit is one thing! A kid doing a good thing is totally different! Very easy to see where the line should be drawn!

      • Steve Payne

        This isn’t a business – it’s a girl doing something good for her community (something your grandparents used to do all the time and it was good).
        No one’s advocating law-breaking – the law shouldn’t exist in the first place.

        • americanexile

          She’s making money for a car. That’s a business. It’s actually more selfish than the mother running a bakery to earn money for her family.

          Chick Fil A donated thousands of free meals to stranded travelers this week. Should they get to be free from health inspections and registrations?

          • joeblow1984

            They were free as no health inspectors were on the job that day.

      • Guest

        Your selective outrage about this selective outrage is silly.

        What this situation creates is an opportunity to review the health laws of the last 20 years and make new determinations about how they should be applied. We should be discussing if and when it would be appropriate to have an exemption to the law, or if a particular business falls under different rules. Some sates are currently considering massive overhauls to their “Cottage Food” laws. Unfortunately for this 11 year old Illinois has some of the most restrictive laws in the country (and not just pertaining to food).

        If she lived in Maine, where they’ve had cottage food friendly laws (for the last 30 years), she would be able to operate her cupcake business.

        • joeblow1984

          Enjoy it Maine before Bernie Sanders starts tinkering with it.

    • salvatore

      Sooooooo concur!!!!!

    • Rey d’Tutto

      Passive Resistance & Civil Disobedience. Make sure to have a streaming camera available, with cloud-storage or similar, so when the police confiscate the hardware their actions are still available for review.

  • Sleepwalker

    Disgusting Abuse of Power … Sickening, can’t sell lemonade, can’t feed the homeless, and no budding entrepreneurs.

    • Clay Cromer

      Wvelcome to AmeriKa Comrade !

      • Sleepwalker

        LOL, i know right … i been screaming about the over legislating, police/nanny state for more than 14 years and people said I was crazy then. Now everyone is on the bandwagon, at least those that have sense or are waking up.

  • History1979

    The lady from the health department didn’t have to look so happy about it. People like that are the ones I want to follow for a week and report every little violation they make.

  • You dipsticks wanted a Nanny State…I hope you’re f’n happy

  • James Beck

    I really DO blame the Health Department.

  • Joe

    Since cupcakes are not considered a “potentially hazardous” food item via the 99 food code, they should leave her alone.

  • Chris Graviss

    Actually someone saw something and said something, ratting her out

  • Clay Cromer

    It’s a good thing We’ve got a big bureaucratic government to protect us from 11 year old girls with dreams of success, otherwise who knows how many terrorists could sneak over our open boarders looking for cupcakes !

  • Justin Ahlquist

    she should request unemployment

    • Doc Smith

      Ha. Best response yet.

  • I’d like to start the Chloe’s Cupcake Revolution. Who’s in with me?

    • Alexander G. McCandless

      I’ll pitch in a hundred for a kickstarter campaign – lets do it.

    • William Marquez

      you got that right this has past ridiculous and has gone straight to absurd

    • Lol, The Cupcake Revolution. Hey, if that’s what finally get’s it started, I’m in.

  • petermax

    I am tired of the Government. I am joining the Revolution.

  • Dularr

    Sounds like she should have characterized this as a hobby, so it would be possible to avoid the work place rules.

  • A. G. Gomez

    Government regulation to pay back lobbyist, she needs set up a union shop and they’d leave her alone…

  • John Ash

    I’m teaching my daughter about running a business by helping her with a little greenhouse and selling tree saplings. I can only imagine it’s just a matter of time before we get to teach her about the cold, harsh reality of bitter, angry bureaucrats and evil, self-serving government.

  • petsnpeopletoo

    Please join our Retired/Fired/Replaced with muslim brotherhood member’s of OUR MILITARY in OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING on May 16, 2014 to Demand our country back. General Levalely & Some of OUR other MILITARY leader’s are asking American’s to be in Washington DC to walk like the Egyptians.
    I am HOPING AMERICAN’S CAN TOP TOP THEIR NUMBER’S. Try to plan on staying if you can to stay until these ZIONISTS are REMOVED!!!!
    Hope to see all AMERICAN’S There who can be!!

  • guy r west

    dang wounder if they ever had a cupake or limonaid stand when they were litte or cut a yard for or any thing else for some money

    • No, that would be evil. Money is only moral when the state takes it from the greedy people who work for it and give it to fat, lazy snakes like her.

  • Mark Stewart

    Yeager probably did it do she could confiscate the cupcakes for self use, for from the photo it appears she knows her cupcakes…

  • Being a mere couple states away; I feel so much safer now that an 11 y/old girl can’t sell cupcakes. Health Department Bureaucrats are clearly entitled to every dollar they steal from taxpayers so they can shut down young entrepreneurs and keep their lobbyists happy -like Monsanto.

  • Joe Bush


    • James Castle

      Remember the girl in WA trying to sell misiltoe in the park. They said she could beg but not sell anything. She went on to employ 8 people.

    • joeblow1984

      She didn’t cross the border illegally, so no they won’t leave her alone in that case. Shoplifting is for illegals. Who, according to John Conyers of Nazigan are just out of status.

  • recycleb

    Hey, Amy Yeager! Have your family construct another kennel in your home, and have them lock you inside it – permanently.

    • Darrin Woodard

      Dear Illinois Animal Control, there is a bitch running around the streets that responds to the name of Amy Yeager. She is not licensed or being kept on a leash. Please pick her up!

  • Kimberly T. VonFeldt Shupryt

    Has to do mostly with taxes and ordinances protecting the governing village/cities from people from starting their own businesses in their homes instead of buying/leasing commercial property that generates tax money.

  • Scare Crow

    Let this be a lesson to every child in the republic, that the state is not your friend, it is your antagonist. It will send its smirking, self-interested agents armed with the arrogance of law after any endeavor, however amateur, that operates outside its metastasizing authority.

    So teach your children well: their greatest enemy is not crouched in hiding on foreign soil, but seated comfortably behind desks in city halls and legislatures.

    • Britalianissima

      Absolutely! Brilliantly put!

  • Guest

    Different states have different food laws. In Maine they have had “Cottage Food” laws on their books for the last 30 years. If this girl had lived there she could have operated her business with very little restriction. However, she lives in Illinois where the law is a one size fits all approach. Probably one of the most restrictive food laws in the nation. This is an opportunity for the citizens of the state of Illinois to propose some alterations to their food laws. Maybe it will open them up to a brighter future, where 11 year old girls can sell homemade cupcakes, like they can in other states.

    I guess my other comment didn’t make the cut, since I provided a link to food laws by state. So I guess you can Google “Cottage Food Laws” if interested.

  • catfood

    Ok , so when do we start to see enforcement of illegals tamale carts , Illegals selling fruit , illegals selling carp at swapmeets , corner taco stands?

    • Britalianissima

      You can’t. That of course would be racist…

  • catfood

    Here in Vegas illegals sell tamales and corn out of shopping carts , nobody messes with them

  • Richard StJohn

    We must remember little jobs require little people. Someone with a little power has it go to their head. But then this is the state that elected Obama to congress so what else would one expect but a total anti free market economy agenda?

  • Hush Hillstreet

    she’s a terrorist in the eyes of the empire, all hail KING OBAMA peons
    are not allowed to make a living peruse their happiness or be free!

  • Joe Public

    Whatever good government officials and police are left better start stepping up to the plate and taking out the bad guys themselves, before the public concludes that none of them are any good. Because that won’t end well for anyone.

  • Britalianissima

    This talented, motivated child is clearly evil – how dare she show some entrepreneurial spirit and start her own business when she should be stuck in front of the tv or playing computer games all day and asking her parents for money! She is a hateful capitalist and must be shut down, comrades! Oh, I see it is the state of Illinois – the Dictator in Chief’s ‘turf.’ Figures.