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Evangelical Christians Can Trust Austin Petersen on Political Issues that Matter Most

by Lee Enochs

As an Evangelical Christian, my faith in Christ means everything to me. With this faith commitment, several people have asked me how I can support Austin Petersen for US senate, especially since Petersen has at times been described as an atheist or agnostic.

Look, If Austin was aspiring to be a pastor or leader within the Evangelical community, I would be the first to oppose him. But he’s not, he’s running for a secular political position within the US government and his pro-life views are infinitely better than his presumptive liberal democratic opponent. For this reason, and his staunch support of the constitution, I as a Christian, am supporting Austin. Now, I know that many of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ could never vote for a non-Christian and I understand and sympathize with your reasoning, but I have to vote with my conscience and anyone who supports the lives of the unborn is a friend of mine.

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution holds no litmus test for religious faith for our political candidates. If they meet the criterion the Constitution requires to run for high office, we cannot disqualify them simply because they do not hold to our religious belief systems. John F. Kennedy in 1960, faced questions about his political legitimacy simply because he was Roman Catholic as did Mitt Romney in 2012 simply because he is Mormon. Similarly, Austin Petersen should not face political delegitimization because he has no faith at all.

I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior over thirty years ago and have stood for conservative principles all of my life. I care very much about the future of America and after getting to know Republican Senate candidate Austin Petersen over the last few years, I can honestly say this is a man that loves America, the U.S. Constitution and Liberty.

I have spoken with Austin Petersen personally on several occasions and have heard his heart on many issues important to Evangelicals and conservatives such as religious liberty, the 2nd Amendment, free speech and the right to life. Austin was born and raised in Missouri and holds close to conservative values.

Austin took time out his busy schedule a few weeks ago to call me and let me know personally that he is running for the Senate as a Republican out of his home state of Missouri and I let him know he could count on my support.

I am endorsing Austin Petersen for the U.S. Senate in Missouri because he loves liberty. Austin is a pro-life conservative who will fight for Missouri values in Washington.

I started Evangelicals for Austin Petersen to inform Evangelical Christians and other conservatives in Missouri and across the country that Austin Petersen is running for U.S. Senate. You can count on Austin to stand for pro-life issues, the right to keep and bear arms, limited government, lowering taxes and the conservative values he learned growing up on a farm in Missouri.

Vote for Austin Petersen for U.S. Senate. He is the real deal. A conservative you can trust!


Lee Enochs (B.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is a graduate of Detroit’s Holy Redeemer High School and is currently pursuing his master’s degree at Princeton Theological Seminary. Lee is also the author of the books, “The Case for Rand Paul” and, “A Biblical Defense of Capitalism” found on