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 Self Diagnoses Skyrocketing With Patients Seeking Stimulant Drugs

Do you take Adderall or Ritalin to deal with your inability to concentrate? Do you often proclaim that you, or your child perhaps, can’t sit still? You can’t concentrate or focus on tasks? Have you been diagnosed with ADHD? Well a new book written by neurologist Richard Saul is something you might want to pay your scant attention to.

The new book is titled “ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth About Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder” and it’s likely to cause some people to actually pay attention. After his long career of treating patients, many self diagnosed, with short attention spans, Saul believes that ADHD is actually a collection of symptoms, not a disease. He doesn’t believe that it should be listed in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

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Saul says that patients show up at the doctor’s office with their own ADHD diagnoses because everyone is talking about it and because they want drugs like Adderall and Ritalin. But he believes that’s dangerous because these drugs are stimulants for which people can develop a tolerance and eventually addiction.

ADHD first came about in 1980 and diagnoses have skyrocketed since then from 7.8 percent in 2003 to 9.5% in 2007 and to 11% in 2011. Basically one in nine children and two thirds of them are boys.

“ADHD makes a great excuse,” Saul says. “The diagnosis can be an easy-to-reach-for crutch. Moreover, there’s an attractive element to an ADHD diagnosis, especially in adults — it can be exciting to think of oneself as involved in many things at once, rather than stuck in a boring rut.”

Saul told the tale to the New York Post of a girl who was being treated fro ADHD because she was being disruptive in class due to not being able to see the blackboard. Apparently all she needed was glasses, not drugs.

“I know of far too many colleagues,” Saul says, “who are willing to write a prescription for a stimulant with only a cursory examination of the patient, such as the ‘two-minute checklist,’ for ADHD.”

About The Author

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

  • runnindeer

    This I can believe. For too many years I have noticed that way more and more people claim to have this problem or that their child has it. I spent a lifetime before the 80’s and no one ever said this was a disease. Just behavior. People have problems that don’t need to be treated with drugs and can be treated differently IF society chose to instead of looking for a pill to calm down and a pill to wake up. They want a pill to have sex and a pill to loose weight and a pill to do everything in life now if they can get one. Pills, drugs, are good only when created for the right purpose and when taken by the people who really need the drug . The world has grown too dependent on drugs.

    • Emily Ray Frisbie

      The disorder first appeared in the scientific literature back in the 1800’s. It is not a new disorder. Is it over diagnosed? Probably in children it is. It has only recently been recognized as effecting adults and it is probably under diagnosed in adults.

      • Corky

        ADD first appeared in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (“DSM”) in 1980. Its name was changed to ADHD in 1987 and diagnoses have skyrocketed to reach all time highs. Dr. Saul claims that ADHD shouldn’t even be in the DSM.

    • Daren Scot Wilson

      Wow… your post is kinda long. More than ten words! I need a pill to help me read it.

      The idea of pills for every thing in life seems to appeal to some types of people. Owners of pill-making companies, of course. But beyond that – the idea of a meal in a pill or knowledge in a pill was a part of futurism in just about every decade of the 20th century. Mentioned in the song “In the Year 2525” and shown in science fiction, the Jetsons, and in 1980s science mags such as Omni. Sometimes depicted as a great thing, sometimes as an absurdity. Even when shown as an absurdity, made fun of, the idea existed or was purported to exist, for it to be made fun of.

      • Non of your business

        Wow you’re a condescending douce. Unfortunately they don’t make a pill for people like you.

      • Kay Headley

        Soylent Green, anyone?

  • Alec James

    It should also be mentioned that the German weekly Der Spiegel in its cover story on February 2nd 2012 quoted the US American psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg, who was the “scientific father of ADHD” at the age of 87, seven months before his death in his last interview as saying:

    “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”

    However, since 1968 Leon Eisenberg’s “disease” haunted the diagnostic and statistical manuals, first as “hyperkinetic reaction of childhood”, now called “ADHD”. The use of ADHD medications in the United States is now rampant. Every tenth boy among ten year-olds already swallows an ADHD medication on a daily basis.

    • Patrick Kniesler

      Have you investigated Dr. Peter Breggin?

    • capice2003

      Also, if you are going to quote something source it, otherwise its anecdotal.

    • Dr. Leon Eisenberg – ADHD Is a ‘Fictitious Disease’?

      • Alec James

        TY Austin

      • yourmathteacher

        Snopes? Two people with zero credibility posting crap from their home. That is not the best source. It’s a place to START, however – go further, find THEIR sources and decide for yourself if the Snopes people accurately represented their findings or took things out of context to further their own position (which, by the way, they frequently do.)

  • Emily Ray Frisbie

    I have ADHD and it is debilitating! I think this Doctor is a quack! I don’t need a doctor to give me stimulants to become a drug addict. Most the research shows that when people who have ADHD are treated properly, with stimulants and or other modalities they are less likely to develop drug addiction. This guy is trying to make money off of people like me and our suffering!

    • iceykola

      I don’t know what you’re eating habits are like but from a bunch of my reading there seems to be a correlation between people who eat wheat or other grains and a high carb diet and having add/ADHD.. If you do eat a lot of grains have you tried cutting grains and seeing if your ability to focus improves?

      • Emily Ray Frisbie

        I don’t eat any gluten and restrict most carbs. I eat mostly protein and fats from meat and nuts. I don’t really have any kind of meal planning abilities, grocery shopping is overwhelming if I try to do a weeks worth at a time.

        • iceykola

          so sounds like your diet is pretty paleo-ish or LCHF-ish… did you start that before or after you were diagnosed? Have you seen any change in your condition with diet? I know i’m prying, but I’m really interested in this stuff and would like to hear from someone with the experience instead of just stuff i read. Thanks.

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            I have been diagnosed with ADHD since ’96, but I was diagnosed with a learning disability way back in 1975. I guess that was the best they could do for girls back then. My diet has been all over the place in 35 years and quite honestly I have never noticed a change in my symptoms. I’ve read all kinds of theories about ADHD and diet. I just never found them to apply to me. In the past I have avoided fast foods, avoided processed foods, avoided meat, ate low fat for awhile. I even gave up eating for a while when I developed an eating disorder. That was probably the only thing that ever influenced my thinking and it was short lived before the malnutrition caused the distractability to return worse than before.

          • Non of your business

            I was diagnosed in 96 as well. People with it understand, people without are clueless. I really wish I didn’t have a problem focusing.

          • heyheythere

            “I have been diagnosed with ADHD since ’96, but I was diagnosed with a learning disability way back in 1975.”

            I think ADHD may be overdiagnosed in typical children, but I absolutely believe in ADHD as comorbid with learning disabilities or developmental disabilities. (Will we find out one day down the road that it’s a symptom instead of its own disorder? Maybe.)

      • Dredge

        Nearly everyone in American eats “wheat or other grains and a high carb die” … you could make that a correlation with anything, making that statement proves nothing and supports
        even less.

        • iceykola

          my understanding is that grains and carbs actually have a physiological impact on the brain making it difficult to concentrate especially in combination with low-fat diets. I’m asking Emily because i’m curious about her experience with diet and ADHD.

          • Non of your business

            You really don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Angela

            Actually she does know what she is talking about. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. I took her off Gluten and Corn and boom, within days, no more ADHD symptoms. Modern wheat is 50% gluten, 20 years ago it was only 3% gluten. There have been major changes in the way everyone eats and the way food is produced. Of course what you eat will have an effect on your brain, I don’t understand why so many people refuse to see that connection. Food is fuel for our bodies, including the brain. Do your research, look up food allergies and intolerance and behavior changes. It might not be the case for every person but it was for my daughter.

      • Non of your business

        I also was diagnosed with ADHD I can stop taking medication anytime I want, usually on the weekends, but it greatly helps me at work. Also I eat a very low carb diet.

      • Guest

        The “ADHD diet” (shown to be moderately effective in reducing symptoms) includes wheat.

      • William

        I have ADHD, and I’ve been gluten free for years by necessity. It isn’t wheat that makes it hard to me to focus on anything that doesn’t capture the majority of my interest.

    • Alec James

      No mam, your personality is not a disorder…It’s your personality. If part of that personality is that you like to take drugs to correct your behavior, I’ll entertain that argument, and I feel you have every right to put whatever chemicals you want into your own body, but if you want to convince me that you have a “disease” and your drugs are a “treatment,” I disagree. Oh and by the way, I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar, and BPL disorders. The difference between you and I is that after being told this I chose to take control of my life instead of taking drugs, but like I said, it’s your life, your decision. YOU are in control.

      • Emily Ray Frisbie

        ADHD is not an axis 2 Personality Disorder or even a trait. There are difference that show up on functional MRI ‘s that prove this. I can’t diagnose you and you should avoid trying to diagnose others based on your own limited experience.

        • Lo Hinrichsen

          I don’t believe that he asked you to diagnose him, Nor do I believe he was trying to diagnose you.

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            He made the reference to it being my personality and not a disorder. If a mental conditon exists that effects one or more areas of life function it is a clinical disorder and not just a personality trait. I am glad this person was able to make necessary changes to their life. But they insinuated that I am just taking a lazy persons approach by using medications. I am offended that a stranger would make such statements about someone they have never met.

          • Alec James

            Like I said, if it works for you I’m not trying to condemn you for it. I just find it very insulting to be told that who I am is a “disorder.”

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            I’m not saying you or anyone who suffers from a mental illness is a “disorder” You are much more than that! I am much more than that. We are all part of the spectrum of humanity. Classification of mental disorders exists for only two reasons, research and treatment. They do not define who we are or what we can accomplish with our lives.

          • mgrafius

            Doesn’t seem as if you have any difficulty focusing on the comments and replies to this article for 6+ hours.

            Doctors are in the business of healthcare. If they can keep you dependent on their services then they would be foolish not to. Much like a mechanic who finds something wrong with your vehicle every time you visit the garage.

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            It’s not like it’s the only thing I have been doing all afternoon. I don’t like big pharma and our American health care system. In fact I prefer a recovery oriented approach to mental health. But, I know what I am like on medication and off. It works for me. I would be foolish to stop it. Kinda like a diabetic refusing to taking their medication.

        • Mario Lawrence

          There are differences that show up in MRIs for homosexuals too.
          Is homosexuality a disorder? Or a personality trait? Hm. lol

      • Mario Lawrence


      • Non of your business

        This has to be the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read.

      • Emmanuel H.

        This is the most honest thing I’ve ever read.
        People are always trying to come up with excuses for their behavior and shortcomings. Nowadays the trend is to take no responsibility for anything, so if your kids are too agitated it’s easier to label them as having ADHD and giving them sedatives than actually doing what good parents should do: making them exercise, keeping them from eating processed crap all the time and limiting their sugar intake in general; oh and spanking them when they deserve it. I know I won’t be putting my kid’s education into some doctor’s wonderpill, you can keep your “progress”. Anyone who suspects having one of those conditions should make sure they don’t have any nutrient and vitamin deficiencies. Big pharma wants you to believe that your diet and nutrition has no play in your health and that everything can be fixed with pills, instead of going to the root of the problem.

    • Patrick Kniesler

      Maybe you should read his work before condemning him outright.

      • capice2003

        And maybe you should actually do more research on actual ADHD before you just run with what someone says. After-all who said he was the final say so on this. I’ve struggled for years with this not knowing that I even had it.

        Only until I was evaluated at by a more than 5 doctors in and even when I got out of the Marine Corps was I able to come to terms that I had it.

      • Emily Ray Frisbie

        I have been reading peer reviewed literature for 17 years now. I have a debilitating condition that he claims I don’t have. I don’t need to read his work to know he is a quack trying to make some money off of a condition that is in the news a lot lately.

        • Patrick Kniesler

          He isn’t saying you don’t have a condition, he says its just not caused by a single thing, treatable by brain chemical alterations via pill.

          • Pearberr

            Not having read the book, nowhere does it say that the drugs aren’t effective in treating the group of sympoms he believes are considered a disease. These group of symptoms, regardless of cause, may well best be treated by drugs in Emily’s case.

            That said, he is ABSOLUTELY correct in that it is often mis or overdiagnosed. I was initially diagnosed ADHD, after a second opinion, the doctor discovered I had a sensory integration disorder. You all have a sense where you just know where your limbs are w/o looking or feeling them. I don’t. I was a twitchy kid because it helped me keep track of my limbs, not because I had ADHD.

            Just one example, but not a rule. And until academic literature completely trashes the book, I’d refrain from calling him a quack, but I doubt he’s going to gain much ground. He’s probably a quack.

    • Jody

      Thank Science someone here has a brain. These folks don’t understand what it is to be Libertarian… To be able to choose how to treat yourself and your kids medically, despite the Big Pharma we all hate. I find that the posts here are automated and repeated over time. There’s no real thought process behind them.

      • shy.tack

        Dude seriously. I stumbled here apparently 4 months late to the “discussion,” only to be reminded that idiots have infiltrated this party too.

    • Bill Taylor

      how is the doctor telling you this isnt a disease make him any money?

      • Emily Ray Frisbie

        He is selling a book. Authors get paid more the more books they sell, writing a book supportive of a popular yet unscientific view will sell many books. He will get more money than if he wrote about Parkinson’s disease which doesn’t have a great deal of controversy yet, probably made up a greater part of his clinical experience.

  • Autumn Imbrium

    I have diabetes. When my sugar is too high, I have restless leg syndrome, cannot sleep, and am hyper. When my sugar goes into a normal range, these disappear. I believe if those folks with these symptoms, and doubtless countless other symptoms, got out and exercised/worked, folks would be healthier and need few, if any, medications.

  • Brad Kirby

    Do you have a child with more energy then you have? Are they ‘playing’ and running around like a meth addict? Then your child has a disease. Never-you-mind that childhood obesity is a problem these days, give your active child a drug that will make them zone out on the couch instead of play so that you can be the lazy parent you have always dreamed of being. Remember, children shouldn’t act like children and actually run around and play. That is a misconception spread by Libertarians. Why be a parent when you can blame your rueful child on a disease?

    • Matt

      What are you talking about? In no way are libertarians spreading the lie of ADHD. The entire point of this publication was to denounce the legitimacy of the ADHD diagnosis, which is to say that it IS normal for kids to be wild, energetic and go out and play. You clearly do not understand libertarian ideology/what this article was saying.

      • Brad Kirby

        I’m not sure how to reply to that. I guess I should be nice. Notice there are currently 15 “up’s” and no “downs” on my comment so that means at least 15 people understand this was a sarcastic comment pointing out how idiotic it is to think a hyper child has a disease and isn’t just being a hyper child. Parents are using this as a way to get out of being parents (not hard to be a parent of a rock that just sits and stares at the wall) and doctors use it as a way to get kick-backs from drug companies. So, try reading that again knowing that I’m a Libertarian and that I was being sarcastic. It is a lot funnier when you are in the “know”.

        • purplediamond

          I am seeing more posts where people actually write: “Sarcasm” before & after the post. It’s hard to tell what is sarcastic without tone of voice or faces. I agreed with most of the post til I read the libertarian part & I thought you didn’t know what you were talking about…lol.

          • noleader

            I thought it was quite apparent that the post was complete sarcasm… If you have to label your post as sarcastic then you are doing something wrong.

          • Tannim

            No, it means making it clear for the ignorant dolts who can’t tell the difference, which is most of the world.

        • Alec James

          Putting air quotes around “playing” was a pretty dead give away as a satirical statement.

        • Abigail Moreno

          Am I smart for catching on to your sarcasm? Lol

        • Tannim

          You will find, as you mature, that text posts, unless stated clearly (and yours was not), are one of the worst ways to convey sarcasm. Hence hashtags are useful.

        • Amanda Lenart-Muhs

          I can say I am far from lazy! My child takes Adderal and I was very against it. I tried all natural ways possible, I got in yelling arguments with my son’s teacher, took him to a chiropractor/neurologist. Everything you can think of I did. As a nurse I know the side effects these med’s can have on a child and I was not putting my child on that medication. On of my coworkers recommended I take him for a medication trial. We went in to the behavior health clinic and they did testing on him (school work) and he had such a hard time. Couldn’t sit still and focus. I sat behind a glass window, I could see him but he could not see me. It broke my heart. They gave him a small dose of Ritalin and told us to grab lunch and come back in an hour. We came back and they did the same testing. He could sit there and do it all he was smiling and so proud “mommy look what I did” I cried my eyes out and felt like the worst parent ever! So shame on you for your comment and labeling it as lazy parents!

          • Brad Kirby

            Your case sounds valid. But, are you really going to tell me that the vast majority of the cases are legit? I was a child once too and I had trouble concentrating and if I had any other parent, I would have been on drugs. But, after discipline, I started doing my work. If that had failed then drugs would have been an option. The problem is that most parents (really hardly any) will try other options first. They go right to the drugs. I watched a handful of my friends (I grew up when Ritalin exploded) turn into zombies and get fat.

            The sarcasm in that post also seemed to escape you. You appear to be looking for something to be offended by. Maybe they make a drug for that.

          • Becky

            Unfortunately, many cases are not legit. I thought these meds were useless until my husband (who is in his mid 30s) was diagnosed with ADHD. He did horrible in school as a child and instead of trying to help him, he was just called an idiot and slapped in the head by his parents. He is now in his second year of college and has above a 3.4 gpa. If he had those meds as a child (and had parents who tried to help him) his school career at the time would’ve been much different. I also have a neighbor whose son has ADHD. My neighbors are EXCELLENT parents and did everything they could for a few years before resorting to medication. I have seen their son with and without meds and the difference is unbelievable. I truly believe that there are people out there who need these meds, but I also believe that there are WAY too many parents & doctors who look at Adderall & Ritalin as the “easy-way out”. I believe these drugs should be prescribed as an absolute last resort after everything has failed.

          • jeannette

            i can tell your a good parent though. you actually went through the testing and done what parents need to do before medication is administered. don’t sweat it. some ppl are not very well informed. labeling all parents as slackers isn’t cool.

          • Gabe Thompson

            People’s brain develope at different rates, I’m twenty three and still have trouble focusing but have came a long way from grade school and high school and am actually doing very well in school now. A big turning point for me was in the past year I went and got a Rx for adderal, ( because I need to try things for myself) took it for two months and while I could study like a boss it also made me lose twenty or thirty pounds and become very depressed. (I’m normally a very happy person) so I ended that pretty quickly and started listening to classical music with no words while I study and that helps me a ton. Bottom line, public school is a joke. I can honestly say I did not learn one thing in my 7 years. The little knowledge I have now is from being homeschooled at a very young age and from self teaching over the last two years. So I wouldn’t worry too much about your child’s performance in school. A human learns best when he/she feels a need for that skill. For some it just takes longer to value the importance of knowledge. Forced learning is no way to learn.

          • rosepetal57

            I believe there are some children that benefit from some “ADHD” drug therapy. Sadly, like most things, it’s become a crutch for many, and has been over-diagnosed. Glad you were so attentive & did due diligence when making such a decision. Hopefully great results long term. 🙂

          • blonde

            If you know the side effects, why are you giving this to your child, the effects are far worse than working with your chld and helping him learn through life.

          • Valerie Hawley

            the dr who came up with the ADD ADHD himself says he is sorry and that it really isn’t a disease….people eat chemicals all day long and then try to take a pill to counteract the side effects of the crap they eat

        • xystarch

          Just an FYI, Disqus no longer shows down votes, they don’t want to crush anyone’s feelings.

      • Mario Lawrence

        The sarcasm of that post has absolutely SOARED over your head. The sarcasm literally took the form of a manticore, spread its wings, and LEPT, into the sky… so high, that you could not see it. lol

        • Tannim

          Until it crashed into the Pegasus and both evaporated… #mythology_as_a_drug

      • Ty

        ergh…. it was sarcasm you spastic. They’re on your side.

    • grassy knoll

      should doctors take more care in prescribing drugs?

      Yes↑ No↓

      • dinkster

        Should people farm upvotes? Vote down for no.

        • Diana O’Hara


      • Orthospinedoc

        I’m a physician and I think this disorder is way, way way, over diagnosed and the drugs that are used to treat them are very powerful and how they work is they basically deplete you of your nuerotransmitters such as norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine…I bet as long term studies are done with twenty or thirty year folowups most of these kids will have a penchant for drug abuse and have long term depression and there are no long term studies looking at what these drugs do to the developing brain

        • HookemHelwig

          GP’s in general are way over doing the Rx’s in regard to depression, bi-polar and ADHD. I don’t take my Adderall and wish I had an alternative…..psychologist are (Phd”) are under used and psychiatrists are over prescribing…..bad combo. I am only grateful I didn’t know until 40 and looked at some of my symptoms as gifts.

          • Simon Randall

            You know…I’ve been to a few therapists in my time. Despite one or two recommending drugs, I never agreed and never started. After years of dealing with myself, I am pretty darn happy and all I needed was a path so I could focus my energy properly. Meds are over medicated but people always want easy fixes to life’s problems.

          • mark

            juice raw cannabis

          • Holly Becker Geier

            Best anti-depressant in the world is physical exercise. Not enough people do this and therefore are depressed and subsiquently obese!

          • John Doe

            Amen to that Holly. I had my first round of serious anxiety attacks around 8 months ago that led to mild depression. I could sleep longer than 5 hours a night for right at 3 months. I lost my appetite, lost over 20 pounds, no sex drive and had difficulty falling asleep.

            I became mildly agoraphobic and was so nervous & scared that I didn’t feel like a man anymore. THEN…I went jogging for the first time in a long time. I NOTICED RESULTS THAT NIGHT! I slept for 10 hours for the first time in 3 months! Anxiety symptoms started decreasing within hours and the depression or depressive feelings started leaving! I only took my anxiety medicine “as needed” rather than twice a day and risk getting hooked.

            I haven’t felt the need for medication in 3 months and before that I went for about 2 months without it.

            I feel like God answered my prayers by leading me to such a simple answer that gave me back my life.

            Exercise got rid of my anxiety & depression.

          • MarleneMoulthrop

            You do whatever works.

          • Himmicane Ike Survivor TX

            I got rid of my anxiety by using trans-dermal magnesium gel, and taking excellent amino acids like GABA, 5HTP, L-Tryptophan, and DL Phenylaline. I also drink a glass of “Natural Calm” at night before bed and get plenty of sleep. All of this is healthy and works like a charm for me. Most of the time, anxiety is caused by tired or exhausted adrenal glands. Remember the old term “nervous breakdown”? That simply means exhausted adrenal glands.

          • lizardman

            There you go. Someone with a brain. Holly. You Rock!

          • hmmthinking

            My step daughter is a physical trainer/dietician and works out all day, she is working towards a body building competition in April right now, and she suffers from severe depression. Except size may work for some but it is not a fix all for everyone. It’s not a cure for depression by any means.

          • Jonathon Howton

            There’s also a factor of self-confidence. I don’t know your step-daughter, but I am curious as to whether she’s got a self-image/confidence issue or two, and whether those issues contribute to her depression. If she does, then it’s easy to understand that her method of dealing with her own image issues might not be a fix for her depression.

            The human mind is a complex thing, and you’re absolutely right that there is not a “one size fits all” solution for many human problems, especially for those of psychological origins.

          • Amanda

            True, but I could bike 7-10 miles/day and my depression got worse. I went back to the doctor, got my anti-depressants and felt better. I’m not saying not to exercise, but is it a cure? No.

          • MarleneMoulthrop

            You are right Amanda.

          • Morgan Manning

            Exercise alone isn’t a cure, agreed, but you were probably actually making it worse BY exercising that much. Humans aren’t built for high energy long distance. We’re not designed to healthfully trek a long distance every day at an exerting level. There’s research proving this with marathon training vs. weightlifting/crosstraining, showing that excessive long distance work depletes the body too much and worsens mental/emotional health, whereas small amounts (say, a long hike or run a couple times a week) mixed with strength training and short-burst activity is much healthier and improves conditions.

          • MarleneMoulthrop

            The depression causes inactivity. There are other ways to help your kids that are depressed and I don’t mean pills.

          • monza79

            Oh, they aren’t actually in desperate need of treatment for clinical depression?? They’re just fat and lazy!! That explains everything!!! I had no CLUE suicide could be outright prevented with fresh air and sunshine! Thank goodness that happy fit people are there to inspire others! Let’s all throw out our meds and go outside to play!!!!

          • gmak5115

            Dude, Do your research, I am diagnosed with Bi polar, and I know for a FACT that a doctor that actually cares will tell you this right off, also should ask if you get outside enough and about your diet, cut sugar etc. I believe her point was that medication isn’t the only answer. And Yea I did through out the meds for a long while til I got physical issue that prevented me from my workouts, so If your doctor didn’t clue you in on these alternatives I suggest you get a second opinion. Not suggesting get rid of meds right away but, under doctors supervision( he knew I was going off meds) It worked great for me, better than meds!

          • Valerie Hawley

            change your diet…most of the problems come from the chemicals found in the foods people eat….flame retardants, chemicals found in explosives, rubber mats etc…all found in food from grocery stores

          • MarleneMoulthrop

            His gift was that he was very amusing at times, except when he had to do his homework. He doesn’t smoke, drink or take drugs. Sometimes he can’t focus but he has control over that. He never would have made it in a public school. They put him in classes for the mentally challenged. I insisted he be removed from such classes. It took a lot of money and patience and time, but as an adult, you couldn’t ask for a more intelligent, moral human being..

        • Emily Ray Frisbie

          Actually the evidence does not support that understanding! You are an embarrassment to your profession. You claim science as the base of your treatment, but don’t actually read any of the scientific studies. You are practicing outside your scope of knowledge.

          • ISawTomorrow

            ADHD is a real as Global Warming.

          • JO

            And you know this, how?

          • Janet Lee

            The man famous for the invention of this “disease” said it was made up. Google it! Dr. Leon Eisenberg the father of ADD

          • Valerie Hawley

            your an idiot

          • Guest

            @Valerie: What does that mean?

          • Lauren Ives

            I think it’s funny that she’s using poor grammar to call you an idiot . “you’re” * lol

          • Ken O’Toole

            Actually the evidence is OVERWHELMING that there is no such things as any so called “mental disorder”..ALL so called “science” theorizing mental disorders like ADHD or “bipolar”, “depression”, is cartoon consensus science at best, with ZERO actual Science to back up their cartoon theory idiocies.. .

            …. and yes by all means DIET is a primary factor in behavior often INSANELY labeled as a “mental disorder”.. That behavior that is if anything a sign the BRAIN (mental process) is function perfectly as designed. WE MUST FIGURE OUT A WAY TO STOP BEING IDIOTS.. AND WAKE UP!

          • wishladya

            Don’t tell me there is no such thing as bipolar! I worked for a man for years who went from hot to cold and back again. It isn’t imaginary. It is so clear that all I had to do was ask “did you take your meds today?” and he would say “Oh, no I didn’t. I’m sorry. Am I being difficult?” I hate to see anyone on meds because when I worked for him it was so stressing that my doctor put me on something that made my brain so “flat” I lost all initiative and creativity. I had to quit the job! But the man is bipolar. It is a disease. Exercise and diet helps everyone but you have to get them to understand how important it is to stick with it. Getting off the sugar and away from alcohol is a biggie. You can’t make anyone do what they don’t want to do.

          • banana

            Bipolar isn’t going from hot and cold to back again over the course of a day. mood swings are not a hallmark of bipolar disorder (although they can be worse if you have bd). its having both manic and depressive episodes, which are usually a week long (unless you are very quick cycling). So your boss having mood swings at work werent because of his bipolar disorder if he indeed had it. Be careful not to spread disinformation when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Ken O’Toole

            and you do ‘banana’??? THERE IS NOT SUCH THING AS “BIPOLAR” disorder… it’s pure pseudoscience quackery at it’s very best.. a pure idiot cartoon, that has not even a micro ounce of real science to back it up.. WE HAVE TO STOP BEING IDIOTS!!

          • banana

            haha o’toole is right.

          • ginamarie

            I go on a cruise for a week and am on a high for the entire week – feeling great – nothing matters – relaxing – having a few drinks here and there – gambling here and there – sightseeing – no cell phone and/or intrusions on my personal time and such. Then the next week I disembark and go back to work. All of a sudden, I’m not feeling so great and start to feel a bit down or agitated. Must be that damn Bipolar Disorder. LOL

          • Ken O’Toole

            No Wishladya, there is absolutely no such things as the idiot made up cartoon “Bipolar”..not one micro ounce of REAL Science behind this idiot cartoon!!!! NO SUCH A THING!! .. but yes there are all kinds of levels of “medical” chemical damage (a lot of it permanent) to millions of victims (you came close to being one yourself) of this PURE INSANITY called Allopathic “Modern Medicine” ..Rare occasions someone will have brain trauma and damage from ingesting a toxic poison, but today well over 95% of all toxic poisonings comes directly from INSANE Allopathic “meds” and vaccines. Your hot and cold boss you worked for sounds like he suffered from prescription psychotropic drug damage, that today are prescribed like Pez Candy.. WE MUST WAKE UP PEOPLE.. this insanity is not by accident, it’s totally by design.. ..

          • ginamarie

            Bipolar is bullshit too. Just look at your post…”Am I being difficult?” If the answer is yes, I guess we just drug the shit out of someone to make them, let’s say, more manageable! It’s a control game. There will always be difficult people, and those difficult people tend to think on a much higher level than most others, and most others can’t possibly comprehend what the “difficult” person is thinking. “Difficult” people are a threat to others. They voice their opinions and fight for what they believe in instead of being led like lemming. Can anyone imagine actually being extremely intelligent and actually thinking for himself? That will be against the law soon.

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            I’m so glad you don’t have a mental illness, but the disorders you listed or at least their symptoms do exist. Yes development of a system of naming them is concensus based. But the underlying symptoms exist before and after the name.

          • Ken O’Toole

            oh yeah sadness exist, anxiety does exist, being depressed about something does exist, all the symptoms for sure exist and have for thousands of years, but what in the world does that have to do with druging someone.. actually creating chemically induced depression and thousands of other chemical disorders leading to destroyed health, destroy body functions and a lifetime of medical dependency! You seriously are not attempting to defend something as horrendous as psychotropic meds !?

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            I have been in the hospital when patients have been brought in who were catatonic with depression. They laid in bed for days not moving. They could be led, but they didn’t initiate movement. After a few weeks of medication they were getting better. If you don’t have the experience of severe and persistent mental illness it is easy to deny it’s existence. But, that doesn’t change the fact that it exists.

          • Ken O’Toole

            I have been too, been researcning this field for over 30 years.. What you and I have witnessed ( myself hundreds of these cases) is chemically induced catatonic reactions and in well over 90% of these cases have been a case of pharmaceutical prior damaged.. Can more insane psychotropics control that prior chemical damage, and even manage it in the process of totally destroying the health and well being of that typical victim of so called ” healthcare”… sure, kind a the point $$ …. Again, you can’t possibly be trying to defend the insanity of psychotropic medications!!

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            I’m saying they have a place in medical care. I have a friend who suffered greatly by poor doctors using poly-pharmaceutical treatments. It was not the drugs that were to blame, but the Dr who was over prescribing them. Now she is on just one medication and doing great. I am only taking Adderall and I am doing better than I have in years without medication. I will be happy to take it for the rest of my life. It has improved my quality of life.

          • Ken O’Toole

            No place, never .. ever.. they are taking years off your life . you will most likely suffer from Alzheimer’s before they kill you, many kiledl brain cells, your brain is actually shrinking in size… your liver and other vital organs are being destroyed, etc. etc.. . you need to wean yourself off but be careful, the weaning process could take up to a year and a half.

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            Ken, I just started them again after four years of trying it your way. It was a disaster for me. I had 4 serious suicide attempts. Spent days in ICU and a dozen hospitalizations. None of that ever happened when I was previously on Adderall. It doesn’t matter what my end of life will be if I don’t make it to 45 and I won’t because I would rather die than live another day without treatment for my ADHD. That is my reality. I am glad it isn’t yours.

          • Ken O’Toole

            You so called “ADHD” was chemically created.. you say you were completely “med” free for 4 years, and I could just assume you never “self medicated” (alcohol) during that time, and we could assume you lived a healthy lifestyle and diet…But if you told me that I would not believe you for a micro second… WHAT you have is a chemical destruction problem.. and yes with more chemicals it can be managed, and yes derivatives of LSD do make you ‘feel good’ but you are on a train that will only keep accumulating a toll on your brain and body.. Again I would highly recommend a very slow weaning off process (of all pharma meds, all) and of course during this time ‘self medicating’ only delays your success..

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            Ken, if you are not going to believe what I say, we really have no need for further conversation. I am happy with my ADHD diagnosis and treatment. My quality of life is improving. That is good enough for me.

          • Feiryred

            Ignore him hun-my diagnosis was the best, but most painful thing that ever happened to me-we were born with it-myself only last year-chemically created? AHAHAHA! xx

          • ginamarie

            You’re HAPPY with your ADHD dx? Are you for real? Of course!!! There’s not a thing wrong with you that can be managed and treated by getting to the root of your problems….must be really nice to have a fictitious disease to blame all of your problems on. I’m sorry Emily, but you are your own worst enemy.

          • ginamarie

            There’s no nice way to say this, and I’m not one to just tell people what they want to hear to make them feel better. You need to get your shit together. As the saying goes, “shit or get off the pot.” You most likely attempted suicide when off the meds simply because the meds were masking the problem. You need to get to the root of the problem and DEAL WITH IT rather than running from your issues/problems and burying them in a drug induced cloud. The drugs used for ADHD make you not give a shit by numbing out your brain and blocking receptors that absorb dopamine….when you have too much dopamine, it keeps you nice and quiet and makes you not give two shits about anything. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away…it just makes it quiet for a while. You need to do some serious research here. There isn’t even a “range” of normal dopamine levels. Dopamine cannot be measured, and something that has no physiology cannot be treated by guess work. The entire world of psych is pseudoscience, it is NOT medical science. Please do some research…REAL research.

          • ginamarie

            i just want to add that those on statins will most likely also have a greater chance in suffering from Alzheimer’s, as those drugs also impair cognitive function. Let’s add statins and psychotropics together and is it any wonder we’re seeing an increase in Alzheimer’s? Not to mention the Type II Diabetes epidemic out there…all of those drugs have been proven to increase glucose levels!

          • Feiryred

            Oh when I was abused so badly by an ex I couldn’t move for 3 weeks because of the shock? What chemicals? There were none- just total pain.

          • ginamarie

            Being in a catatonic state and simple sadness, anxiety or showing more emotion (being more passionate about certain things than others) are two different ball games.

          • Feiryred

            People don’t get depressed? So why do they kill themselves? Poor diet? Not enough tacos?

            People have sudden uncontrollable urges to harm others, or themselves, despite not wanting those thoughts, that torture us? A tuna sandwich will make it better ofc!

            ADHD-try living with it-you’ll have fun I promise! OCD! Barrel of hilarity!

            As for science, I an a scientist, which means examining the actual evidence, to give you an example-if it

            goes ‘quack’, swims, has the ability to fly, likes being fed bread, yet tastes nice with orange sauce, I would surmise I’m looking at a ‘duck’.

          • Ken O’Toole


            Feiryred this is my response on another social blog to someone that though form my stance that there is no such thing as ADHD, or “Depression” that I was implying that these psychotic behavior don’t exist..):

            …….it’s important that you understand no one is saying there are not ‘damaged’ people out there, THERE ARE MILLIONS OF ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE DAMAGED PEOPLE, MILLIONS!! Millions that will, if they survive all the adverse reactions to these insane vaccines and meds, suffer a much poorer quality of life, live a much shortened life, and will be COMPLETELY MEDICALLY dependent during that much shortened life (if they continue and fail to start the long and tedious weaning off process of all Allopathic medicines)!

            And, yes, for sure People have sudden uncontrollable urges to harm others and then carry out those urges… But, in the THOUSANDS of actual case studies of these kinds of events that I have studied, I have yet to ever come across one where they was not prior chemical, toxic damage, and based on my studies, today 98.9% of those cases involve MD Doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals /psychotropics … Often occurring in the withdrawal period.. The other 1.1% of these kinds of events could be from a combination of other toxic or chemical damage, accumulative from abuse of other non prescription drugs, street drugs, alcohol or accumulative food poisonings

            THE NUMBER ONE LISTED (in their broadcast label warnings) SIDE EFFECT OF ALL SSRI/SNRI’s (insane psychotropic meds prescribed more off label than on) is chemically induced Depression and thoughts of Suicide..

            So, yes, for sure we in our Mass Ignorance in allowing any idiot MD prescribed pseudoscience quack(ing like a 5,000lb Duck) Allopathic medicine, can for sure destroy our bodies and our brains… But those reactions like these ‘thoughts’ and their resulting chemically induced depression are ACTUALLY signs the brain is functioning perfectly in warning us of the damage from this pure toxic poisoning it is experiencing.. .. .. WE MUST WAKE UP!!

          • ginamarie

            I don’t know what the hell you are examining, but it’s definitely NOT the research!

          • Bhuffff

            I don’t know what you do for a living, but you might as well be reading fairy tails talking about all of the research you’ve conducted on ADD. Listen, the dude that invented it even says it’s fake. Dr. Seuss wrote about The Cat in the Hat. Completely fictitious. Just because you like the idea of The Cat in the Hat strongly enough to believe in it doesn’t mean you can tell the guy who invented it that he’s wrong when he tells you it’s fake. Just like even though you’re thrilled with your orange bottle of Meth that the doc says is helping you, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. But man, you’ve got some balls telling a physician, a licensed medical doctor, he’s out of his scope of knowledge. I’m sure he laughed out loud in the driver seat of his Audi when the little tweaked out red head preaching about how great it is spoon feed people amphetamines piped up in his direction.

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            He is an Orthospine Doctor talking about a mental illness. The last time I checked the two were not identical! So, yeah he is spouting his untrained opinions as fact and I have the balls to call him on it. He may be a fine Dr, but should stick to what he has been trained in.

          • Bhuffff

            And what exactly have you been trained in?

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            I’m speaking out of personal experience, it can not be denied!

          • Ken O’Toole

            You don’t have to be a doctor, to know there is not such thing as “mental illness”.. You just have to study the science, and a 4th grader is capable of doing that.. Everything labeled as ‘mental illness” (if you want to apply actual Science (what a concept)) is actually a sign the brain, the ‘mind’ is working perfectly, as designed! WE REALLY need to stop being IDIOTS! .

            When you have an INSANE manual called the DSM as the bible on so called “mental disorders” (currently the poorly written DSM V) that is written by idiot committees of pharmaceutical executives and researchers you have a perfect storm for corrupt quackery.. And the DSM V is the epitome of quackery on steroids!!! ..Every listed so called “mental disorder” is custom designed to sell their LIFE AND HEALTH DESTROYING psychotropic meds.. WE CAN’T REALLY BE THIS STUPID!! . .. …

          • ginamarie

            Yep, they “vote” diseases/disorders into the DSM. The DSM IV was bad enough, and now the DSM V has classified just about every human behavior into a disease/disorder. Shyness is in the DSM V as a disorder. Give me a friggin’ break already.

          • ginamarie

            You don’t need to be a doctor to see the truth, and btw, most psychologists are not MDs. They are PhDs, and they’re NOT respected in the medical field. The world of psych has successfully medicalized all types of “mental disorders” through pseudoscience and deceit simply to get insurance companies to pay for all of these quacky treatments and drugs. The general public is being brainwashed into believing that all of these “diseases/disorders” medically exist b/c they are in fact easy to fool. The general public doesn’t know what to look for, whereas the medical professional does know. Once one really knows what to look for, there’s no fooling him. The problem here is that medical doctors that know their shit are fewer in number and are currently outnumbered by a bunch of idiots that cheated their way through med school and/or large groups of people that THINK they know what they’re doing. Beware of stupid people in large numbers. There is a much bigger scheme here than meets the naked eye. This is an entire control issue. You’d be surprised just how far government will go to get what they want, and they are in fact getting there. They want a controlled environment, and it’s much easier to control people when they’re drugged out the ying yang. Call me paranoid, but at least I’m not completely blind and stupid.

          • shy.tack

            By the way, you realize psychiatrists (the MDs) are the ones with the prescription pad, yes? Psychologists are the ones doing therapy nowadays, or getting to the “root” of the problem, as you put it.

          • guest

            Besides your own paranoia, your comments are ridiculous and misinformed. You are comparing apples and oranges. So, as a biologist (PhD) let me help you get a few things straight. Psychologists are not PhDs, although some have one, they don’t need one. PhDs do research. Medical doctors DO NOT. In fact, as you point out, you don’t need to be a doctor to understand this. In fact, there probably are plenty of doctors out there who don’t. The PhDs do the research that provides the information for all of the clinical people like psychiatrists (who of course are MDs too), psychologists and MDs and all other practicing clinicians. So, please separate in your logic the major difference between clinical practice/practitioners and scientists. Now that you have that baseline, you would then need to actually do your own research into the peer reviewed scientific studies of the brain and medications. In another one of your ridiculous posts, you demonstrate that you have NOT done that, or if you have you do not understand what you found. There are numerous studies of brain mapping, neurology, biochemistry, genetics and so on to support what science and medicine know. It does not matter what the DSM says or doesn’t say. The facts are that the sciences of biology, chemistry and physics as well as all of the sister fields of study show that you are completely wrong.

          • ginamarie

            I can guarantee you don’t read any of the scientific studies either. What you read are the interpretations. Try reading the actual study, not the crap they put in the medical journals or out there on the main stream media channels. The research is manipulated and skewed to the results that big pharma is looking for. You are really clueless.

        • Non of your business

          Please turn in your Medical license.

        • JO

          OR maybe those kids who are susceptible to becoming drug addicts are those who show signs of ADHD as a young child.

        • Valerie Hawley

          i personally think that the drugs lead to adult drug abuse and i think there is a correlation to the shootings and the drugs prescribed to these poor young, undeveloped brains. It’s sad how pharma companies don’t care what they do to the people, all for the mighty dollar

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            What scientific evidence do you base this belief on Valerie? Oh! You just pulled it out of the air? People with ADHD are very likely to engage in drug use without treatment? Treatment reduces the risk of drug addiction. Look at the research before spouting your beliefs, you look like an idiot otherwise.

          • Ken O’Toole

            Who looks like an idiot otherwise? You are totally talking out your ass indoctrination.. yes, based on peer review pseudoscience but I hate to break it to you there Emily, your ‘consensus science’ is the very antithesis of actual Science and the epitome of pure quackery.. There is no such thing as ADHD, but yes people insanely labeled that, and are on Pharma psychotropic drugs (derivatives of LSD) have no real incentive to use street drugs.. so what is the point?

            Just a little amazed there are still people out there so backward ignorant they would still actually defend something as insanely horrendous as psychotropic drugs, or any pharmaceutical drugs for that matter, that directly lead to 1.7 million innocent American deaths per year… just a little amazed! . ..

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            Whether you like peer review or not does not change the fact that it is following scientific principles. Yes, pharmaceutical drugs cause deaths. But let me tell you I have nearly died three times because I have not had those drugs you claim as evil. I know what my life is like on medication and off of medication. I will take the meds and tell you where you can stick your opinion on my nice smartphone that was developed based on science using peer review journals. I have ADHD or at least a cluster of symptoms that today is called ADHD. The medication I take for it has changed my life positively. You cannot deny my experience just because you don’t like the reality of it.

          • Joy

            Thank You Emily!!! I too have ADHD and am very Thankful I found a doctor that recognized it finally in my 50’s. Before that I was diagnosed as Bi-polar and tried all those drugs that never worked for me. The medication I take has also changed my life positively! I don’t care what this doctor says. IT’S REAL!

          • ginamarie

            See comment to Emily…

          • ginamarie

            You have behaviors that are simply what many others consider annoying and/or inappropriate. That is NOT a disease. You need to do some serious medical research on ADHD – no one can see it on an x-ray, in blood tests or even on an MRI/CT scan. All the testing done in conjunction with more condensed frontal lobes and all the other BS anomalies in the brain are skewed research. You can’t measure a brain’s size and general physiology of one who has been medicated against one who has not been medicated. THAT’S how they determined that those with ADHD have smaller/more condensed brains to begin with. Must be that mysterious ADHD causing the brain anomaly…couldn’t possibly be the meds!!! It’s so much easier to continue to believe lies than it is to admit being duped!

          • guest

            HMM…..I am a PhD biologist and have a sense you do not understand the research or simply haven’t bothered to look at it all. If you did, you would notice that there are neurological maps of the areas of the brain, not simply gross anatomic comparisons as you imply. So I find it ironic that you don’t know or understand the science and from that you come to your own conclusions? That just begs for me to say that you have no place interpreting science, since you don’t even know how to practice at the most basic level of logic and the scientific method. I suggest you read some of Russell Barkley’s work. You will find out how misinformed you are. Whether or not you or anyone else wants to call it a disease or a disorder or not is irrelevant by the way. What IS important is to understand that the behaviors or not simply annoyances. In fact many (like my own son) have symptoms that DO NOT include the hyperactivity. So, it has absolutely nothing to do with annoying someone. You are a simpleton if that is what you think. There are symptoms that are above and beyond what would be simply called annoying. Please read about executive functioning for example. Those with ADHD/ADD have excessively poor executive functioning. It is not simply a matter of someone who can’t do these things once in a while or a little bit. It is ALL THE TIME or most of the time and to excess. Those are the key things. To give you an example…..think about something long term, like reading this post. Did you read the whole thing the first time and get all of it? Some people might and some people won’t. But some people can’t! No matter how hard they try and eliminate distractions they can’t. The key is finding out whether or not it is simply them not being interested in it or if they actually just cannot do it. Please get more information before you postulate. You seem ignorant/VERY ignorant in this case.

          • Himmicane Ike Survivor TX

            That’s right Michele Ulino ! Psychiatry is junk science. There are no tests to determine many mental illnesses. The people on this blog who defend the use of these awful pharmaceuticals obviously haven’t looked at other alternatives.

          • guest

            Thanks Emily! My son just had some major issues in his life as a result of not properly treating his ADD. After some major medication adjustments and a new Dr. who specializes in these things, he is like a new young man! So happy, full of life, able to get his work done and be active and enjoy things! Many sadly seem to think the meds make patients stoic…..if that is happening, then of course there needs to be adjustments made to the treatment plan that is all. Thanks again! People with ideas like Ken are simply ignorant but are also sometimes the cause of grief for those who truly have a disorder.

          • shy.tack

            Derivatives… of LSD. Um. Yeah, you go ahead and continue your defense of “actual science.” Or get a dictionary and look up “psychotropic” while I compose this response, which you will likely ignore.

            MRIs have demonstrated that in ADHD children, the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex (the part that ‘filters’ out distractions) shows significantly lower activity during Stroop tasks. Of course, similar reductions are found in schizophrenics and obsessive-compulsives. If ADHD over-diagnosed? Yes, as a college student observant of her peers, I can unequivocally say, yes. But to say ADHD isn’t real and to discount the effects of a few stimulants–when it works on those *for which it was intended*–is stupid. Y’all sound like the BAN-OXYCONTIN-IT’S-EVUL!! when it’s a godsend for those in extreme pain.

          • Ken O’Toole

            Look Shy person, who ever you are, No one said the symptoms idiotly labeled “ADHD” don’t exist, of course we are medically (quack allopathic science, mostly from vaccines and other insane “meds”) destroying the health and minds of our innocent children.. but to observe this vaccine and med adverse effect damage and then prescribe more insane health and life destroying “meds” to chemically counter the prior “med” damage is insanity on steroids!

            And yes Shy person, all of today’s INSANE DEADLY HEALTH AND LIFE DESTROYING psychotropic “medications” that are MD quack Doctor handed out, on and off label, like Pez candy, are derivatives of LSD that was originally insanely introduced as a psychiatric drug by the INSANE Sandoz Laboratories in 1947. And believe it or not that LSD then was much safer that any of today’s phase II or III insane psychotropic drugs..
            You’re statement on Oxycontin leads me to believe you are a high school or grade school student, not in college, but considering what they ‘indoctrinate’ today in college I guess I should not be too surprised if you were… .

          • shy.tack

            How is amphetamine a derivative of LSD? Explain. And by “phase” I’m assuming you mean “schedule.”

            You think it’s “high school” to think that it’s stupid for an activist group to ban a drug that’s abused by a small percentage of its prescribed users? Pray tell, what would be a collegiate response?

            Is it a conscious decision to use “insane” that many times in one response?

          • Ken O’Toole

            Look ‘shy’ with that silly profile pic and your clever pseudonym (what are you afraid of?) along with the fact that you may not know the definition of ‘derivative’ i do question your obvious lack of education, but I am totally impressed with your (INSANE) high level of indoctrination. ….. ‘there is no such thing as a pharmaceutical drug that is not abuse’.. that would be an intelligent proper educated response..

            And yes I meant ‘phase’.. today we are INSANELY entering into phase III of these deadly INSANE health and life destroying drugs. Phase I was introduced after our sole enemy’s created WWII, totally destroying the lives of many of our returning servicemen.

            In the 1950s they were MD pushed on the masses, and they worked ‘as designed’ destroying life and health, when INSANELY pushed on our unsuspecting public, (mostly to women who are always so INSANELY trusting of their idiot MDs). These phase I (‘typical’) psychiatric drugs called antipsychotics, or neuroleptics, were gleefully (for our sole enemy) destroying the health and lives of millions of victims of MD Doctor (and Psychiatrist) all across America. But they did have some really embarrassing (to these idiot MDs) OVERT side effects, (besides the direct side effect deaths, and some of their “med” victims like Charles Whitman who climbed up the Univ. of Texas towner and shot 48 people (killing 16) before he could be stopped),… primarily:

            Tardive dystonia – which causes the body to distort, upper body and held tilts to one side.. very embarrassing for this insane eugenic MD/Pharma loons.

            Tardive dyskinesia – which created involuntary body movements, shakes and twitches,

            So as blinded and ignorant as these people taking these INSANE MD prescribed psychotropic “meds” were they were not so stupid to not figure out that these MD prescribed antipsychotics were having these horrific Tardive effects… hence phase II (‘atypical’ introduced in the early 1990’s) which for the most part reduced much of these kind of overt adverse Tardive effects, but of course still have the psychotic, life, mental and health destroying effects that all psychotropic drugs have today..

          • guest

            Once again Ken, you have demonstrated your ignorance here but also exposed your biases. First, your details of these events leave out the MOST IMPORTANT facts, which is of course how anyone can use information in a biased and selective way to support a position. So, here are the problems with this portion of your conspiracy theory and why I posted elsewhere that you should become more informed about medical history. These early medications had and continue to have side effects in those that use them long term. The side effects are not found in everyone, but in nearly 30% of patients who use them LONG TERM. That seems to somewhat support your position, but that is about all you have going for you. Once they discovered these events, then major steps were taken to do something about it. Obviously most people on these meds did not climb a tower,etc….as you point out and seem to imply in your ONE EXAMPLE that everyone who took or takes the medicine is not helped. Quite the contrary when you look at the data. The problem was and is that the side effects were and are unacceptable, which is of course why they prescribed the other meds to suppress the motor problems. So, are you trying to say that you would rather have those patients be psychotic because you don’t want them to have motor tics? REALLY? Also, it is VERY IMPORTANT to recognize that your points are outdated. Since the mid 1900s much has been achieved to learn about how to moderate dosages and alleviate the side effects and EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY….without big pharma, there would not be the MULTITUDE OF more advanced medications they are using for treatments of these same disorders that DO NOT HAVE those side effects. I am not sure how you can continue to stay on this ignorant soapbox of yours. If a medication causes major side effects in people even after the 10 years of rigorous testing, they won’t approve the drug and if a mistake is made in that judgement, then corrections are worked on immediately in most cases.

          • Guest

            Once again I come across a blithering idiot troll that does not have the common decency to put a name to their ranting indoctrinated idiocy, much less an actual profile picture.. (WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF??).

            Look, I admit I’m not good at reaching blithering idiots, but I hate to break it to you there is no such thing as psychotic behavior outside of prior toxic poisoning to one’s neurological system, brain.. and 99,99999999% OF TOXIC poisoning damage today that we label a “disorder” comes directly from pharmaceutical vaccines and “meds”, especially any psychotropic DEADLY, HEALTH, AND LIFE DESTROYING “meds”. ANYONE that thinks any of these disorders ADHD, Schizophrenia, Chemical Imbalance, etc etc etc. JUST FALLS OUT OF THE SKY, well, you just could be the most ignorant human walking over the surface of the earth while breathing in air.. !!

            What is so ironic is you are spewing out yor pure indoctrinated idiocy standing over the dead bodies of literally millions of innocent (mostly women and children) and literally hundreds of millions of of innocent victim of the most INSANE PSEUDOSCIENCE QUACKERY ever devised by mankind, that of pharmaceutical “modern medicine” LISTEN YOU BLITHERING IDIOT .. YOU THINK PHARMA MEDS ARE GOOD OR ANY OF THEIR INSANE VACCINES EVER WORKED AND DID NOT CAUSE AT THE MINIMUM 10 TIMES MORE DAMAGE THAN ANY GOOD.. JUST NAME IT.. right here pick one and name it.. please..out of thousands upon thousands of these insane “MEDS” AND VACCINES and the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS they have bought in to your Big Pharma…. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO CLAIM ONE, you just have to claim one that worked…PLEASE NAME ONE!!!! or forever shut you massively ignorant pie hole!!

          • Ken O’Toole

            Look troll that is afraid to put their name on their diatribe of pure idiocy, much less your actual profile picture.. . I’M GOING TO MAKE this SO EASY FOR YOU.. NAME ONE!! ok… NAME JUST ONE!! YOU THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THAT ? just one is all you have to come up with, and you pick just name the one… ok.. thanks!!!

          • Ken O’Toole

            So TROLL who ever you are, hate to break it to you but there is just no such thing as a psychotic disorder outside prior chemical, toxic poisoning. And today that toxic poisoning 99.999999% ONLY COMES FROM INSANE BIG PHARMA “MEDS” AND VACCINES”.. If anyone thinks all these “disorders” like ADHD, Schizophrenia, so called “Chemical Imbalance” any so called “mental disorder”, and you can add thousands of other disorders caused by vaccines and “meds” like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, immune disorders, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. etc, etc, JUST FALL OUT OF THE SKY, YOU JUST COULD BE THE MOST IGNORANT PERSON WALKING OVER THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH WHILE BREATHING IN AIR.. !!

          • guest

            As I posted elsewhere, I am a PhD biologist Ken and in defense of Shy and others and to hope that you can rein yourself in…..simply put….you present yourself as an ignorant, idiotic conspiracy theorist. There are many amazing scientists who are not on a big pharma bandwagon and aren’t making these decisions lightly. So, get over yourself. You apparently seem to think that all scientists are simply in a big machine to overmedicate. Are you serious? First of all, there are too many examples of vaccines helping people for me to list here. So, on that note, I can simply state that the quackery exists in that realm only when there are extreme cases of someone having a reaction to them. There is no evidence that vaccines are harmful for the vast majority of people. Would you rather have polio? Smallpox? You seem pretty ungrateful to me. History does not support your rantings. You must think every developed nation is nuts to use medicine to protect people. Just a big conspiracy? If you think that, you are a moron. To your other point/rantings about LSD et al……are you serious? Most medications have been derived from plant sources in the past and so you are oversimplifying this. To really know what you are talking about you would need to understand the biochemistry of the derivatives and action on the body, which apparently you don’t. It is simply giving people psychotropics as you suggest. That is like saying that someone who has heart fibrillations is eating foxglove, which of course would kill them, when it reality digitalis extractions were carefully made and tested to ensure that the dosages are just right to regulate heart activity to HELP people. “Psychotropics” as you put it could include many things I am sure you ingest every day, if you want to stretch the definition as far as you have. There are many things that are both natural and artificial things in foods that would be psychotropic to humans at higher levels or in different forms. So you are making arguments based on ignorance apparently, which means nothing. So, please get over it and learn something before getting on that soapbox.

          • Ken O’Toole

            Who are you.. ? I never heard so much pure indoctrinated idiocy all in one post comment in my life… You don’t understand science, o.k. you are relying on pseudoscience, quackery.. you don’t have a clue what you are saying.. or you know better and a just another idiot troll shill ..Nothing on this earth supports your idiot comatoast like ignorant rantings.. If you do want to come out of that deep state of pure ignorance and your are not a troll shill, please name a specific thing I said that you don’t believe or understand.. then I can address that one or two points.. and maybe help you.. Also, if you want any Credibility whatsoever please at least put a name to your posted comments… So, just to repeat, name anything specific that I said that you believe is wrong, or incorrect, or you just don’t understand and maybe I can help you.

            Like you said “there are dah too many examples of vaccines helping people”.. LOOK, I’M GOING TO MAKE this SO EASY FOR YOU.. NAME ONE!! ok… NAME JUST ONE!! YOU THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THAT ? just one is all you have to come up with, and you pick just name the one… ok.. thanks!!!

          • guest


          • guest

            Anyone can spew out facts Ken. I can give you thousands of references to some that dispute every word of your post. Does that matter to you? Apparently not. You seem to be on quite a soapbox. As a biologist, I can assure you that there is plenty of real science behind this. I agree it is over diagnosed and there is likely too much medication. I also tend to be on the side of only taking meds when absolutely necessary. But, it is completely ignorant of you to think that all meds, as you imply, are bad. If you think that then you absolutely are a misinformed idiot. It is that simple. As far as ADHD is concerned, it is semantics whether or not ANYONE believes it should be in the DSM or a “real” disorder or not. The reality is…..they are real symptoms/behaviors in some people. The trick is to figure out whether or not someone is using it as a crutch. I can tell you that after several years of trying meticulous behavior management at home and school and all sort of other things….exercise, diet….etc. That there is no denying that the symptoms my son has are beyond simple explanations of typical teenage behavior such as disorganization, etc…..he is not hyperactive and is not overweight and is a very good kid. He simply cannot concentrate on long term things. No matter what! So, please think about the height and size of your soapbox before you proclaim yourself all knowing. Do you even know about real science? It seems not. I suggest you read some of Russell Barkley’s work and more….

          • Ken O’Toole

            Look you blithering idiot, who ever you are.. most likely a troll shill, but regardless.. YOU WANT TO MAKE THE CLAIM that pharmaceutical “meds” are good and heal, or even ‘help people’.. LOOK, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST NAME ONE.. CAN YOU HANDLE THAT THERE (who ever you are) JUST NAME ONE.. Post it right here and you can name anyone you chose, but just name one that does not do at least 10 TIMES MORE HARM THAN ANY SHORT TERM GOOD… JUST HAVE TO NAME ONE… O.K… thanks!

          • Valerie Hawley

            look at the chemicals in the foods….almost all of them cause neurological disorders….so then the pharma companies create a drug to fix the problem..even the dr that invented the ADD claims it’s all bullshit…when they are prescribed medical meth it can lead to drug abuse…the body becomes immune to the drugs after a while so people move on to street drugs..just like the problem with the pain medication and people ending up heroin addicts.

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            You are just telling stories now Valerie, people start using Street drugs because they become adults and loose insurance coverage or have difficulty finding proper care. They are self medicating to find the peace that they had when they were being followed by a psychiatrist or neurologist.

          • Ken O’Toole

            Emily, you can’t be a real person? .. come on now.. come clean what big pharma are you shilling for?…no one could be that consistently ignorant! They are “self medicating to find peace”.. They are “self medicating” because they want to rid themselves of the CHEMICALLY INDUCED DEPRESSION THAT ALL big pharma PSYCHOTROPIC MEDS CREATE, or they can’t afford the insane meds anymore, that ALWAYS, NO EXCEPTION create chemically induced depression, addiction and total chemical dependency!!..

            NEVER EVER TAKE ONE OF THESE MEDS… EVER! it’s pure INSANITY and will totally and absolutely destroy your life, and your quality of life in its now much shortened version…. If on them now, please see an expert on weaning off them.. it’s a long process, 6 to 18 month if done right.. Once completely weaned off this pills of chemical insanity, you will be blown away on how much better and healthy you will be and feel..

          • guest

            Here you go again Ken with your simplistic, impulsive overgeneralizations. You seriously believe that everyone in big pharma is in a big conspiracy? I alone might not be able to change your mind. The only way is for you to become informed about what medications and vaccinations have done to help people. The stats are greatly against you Ken. So, really it is a matter of you not simply reading about what someone thinks about additives to foods or vaccinates and jumping on a bandwagon against big pharma. You need to be better than that. My note of condescension is only because I grow tired of reading and hearing the garbage people like spew out. Become informed of the data and history before you take a position or at least admit you don’t know what you are talking about and stay out of this type of discussion. Because it is apparent that you have no clue what you are talking about.

          • Ken O’Toole

            Here you go again (who ever you are) spewing out troll shill idiocy.. Again, who ever you are, you have ZERO credibility, ZERO.. If this is flying over you head there (who ever you are) I would suggest you address the parts you don’t understand, that is the only way I can help you .. I am real tired of troll shills trying to spewing out idiocy and lies.. find another sting to troll.. you again HAVE ZERO credibility here your moron!

          • Ken O’Toole

            WHAT IS THIS INTERNATIONAL TROLL WEEK?? Look you blithering idiot, who ever you are.. most likely a troll shill, but regardless.. YOU WANT TO MAKE THE CLAIM that pharmaceutical “meds” are good and heal, or even ‘help people’.. LOOK, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST NAME ONE.. CAN YOU HANDLE THAT THERE (who ever you are) JUST NAME ONE.. Post it right here and you can name anyone you chose, but just name one that does not do at least 10 TIMES MORE HARM THAN ANY SHORT TERM GOOD… JUST HAVE TO NAME ONE… O.K… thanks!

          • guest

            As I mentioned before, I am a scientist and am not in big pharma but am familiar with many in it. It is not a conspiracy. Most of these people are wonderful, caring and hard working and truly want to help people. It is horrible for you to insinuate otherwise. You obviously don’t know science but it seems you also don’t know basic history of medicine.

          • Ken O’Toole

            You are a ‘NOTHING’ you have ZERO credibility, you can’t even put you name to your idiot dripples ..

          • Lisa Rammell

            I’m sorry Valerie, but you are lying whether you know it or not. I was a totally normal kid but I still got involved with drugs in late teen/early twenties. It had nothing to do with prescriptions or an ADD diagnosis. As an adult I realize I may have been self medicating because I seem to exhibit minor symptoms of ADD. I would not take meds now because I have for the most part learned how to deal with it. My daughter however had issues in school and we ended up having to seek medical help after years of diet change and supplements. I cook just about everything from scratch so don’t give me your crap about it being the chemicals in food. My kid is on the lowest possible dose of the most mild stimulant and the only effect she reports is that it clears her mind of the static and makes it possible for her to pay attention in class. Here is the other thing, I had a friend growing up in the 70s who was ADD before ADD was the diagnosis, they called him hyperactive and his mom gave him coffee a couple times a day to calm him down. Before you spout off about how we are doing something wrong, try walking a mile in our shoes.

          • ginamarie

            See reply to Emily

          • guest

            As a PhD in Biology, I can assure you none of what you have posted is supported by anything tested or researched. What you have is your opinion as well as, in some cases the untested opinions of others who want to blame everything on food additives, etc. I agree to stay away from excess, but there are NO DATA to support any of your claims. To give you a simple example, there is arsenic in potatoes….does that mean everyone should stop eating potatoes? Of course not! There is such a small amount you would have to eat a roomful of potatoes to get enough to cause any problem. Don’t exaggerate and don’t spout out blanket and broad-based conclusions based upon ignorance.

          • Ken O’Toole

            First off I seriously don’t believe you are a PHD in anything.. but if you are, you have on your own chosen to turn a blind eye to the very principles and essence of science. DO NOT make an accusation like “dah none of what you have posted is supported by anything” and not even mention one example.. GIVE US just ONE EXAMPLE of what in the bleeding hell you are talking about!.. I don’t think you would know ‘Science’ if it was a truck and ran you over!

          • Ken O’Toole

            You’re a “PhD in Biology.. well I’m a PhD Rocket Scientist .. Look, who ever you are You are a ‘NOTHING’ you have ZERO credibility, you can’t even put your name to your idiot dripples .. Find another string to troll, you have ZERO credibility here you idiot!

          • Ken O’Toole

            Look you blithering idiot, who ever you are.. most likely a troll shill, but regardless.. YOU WANT TO MAKE THE CLAIM that pharmaceutical “meds” are good and heal, or even ‘help people’.. LOOK, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST NAME ONE.. CAN YOU HANDLE THAT THERE (who ever you are) JUST NAME ONE.. Post it right here and you can name anyone you chose, but just name one that does not do at least 10 TIMES MORE HARM THAN ANY SHORT TERM GOOD… JUST HAVE TO NAME ONE… O.K… thanks!

          • Code_Hack

            She said she “personally think”s….if you think research suggests otherwise, then tell her WHERE to find that research. You state “evidence does not support that” but don’t provide what the evidence states…which tells me you are only making an opinionated argument and you have no understanding of WHAT the research actually states…argument for the sake of argument. Anyway…have fun trolling the Internet and thinking you know more than anyone else.

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            Google scholar is a great resource. Search terms like ADHD Addiction Treatment Stimulants will bring up the papers. I have been reading on this subject for almost 20 years it would be difficult to tell someone where I learned what. When I first started I had to go to the University Libraries and read the journal in person. Nowadays, that is not necessary and anyone with an interest can find the information. You just have to look for it online.

          • txcajn

            “Although not even named as a distinct condition until 1968, by 1996 ADHD accounted for at least 40% of child psychiatry references.” – reference fiengold dot com

            I do not believe ADHD exists in a true sense. I believe the chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and processed foods we eat contribute HEAVILY to the many ailments, and emotional issues described today. My son was ‘diagnosed’ with ADHD and Tourettes at 5. He was to be put on meds for both. More research on my part showed the medications had an altering affect, and while they ‘might’ have fixed the problem they could have also created different, more severe issue. He was medicated once, for 2 days and it turned my kid into this evil, angry, emotional kid and I yanked him off. 7 yrs later he is still doing fine. He is on a ketogenic diet, all organic, pesticide, chemical, and hormone free. Do a little more research, you’ll come across articles such as this one… EPA bans Dursban and Lorsban. Do you know how many things the EPA allows into your food that are BANNED in other countries because they know what the potential is to the human body and care more about whether you are healthy. If you think the pharma companies aren’t getting big bucks to keep you sick, you should probably think again. Their primary goal is to make money. That money comes at your expense.

            I’m glad you are content with your ‘diagnosis’. Wouldn’t you rather be content being healthy?

          • Emily Ray Frisbie

            I have spent over half my life trying to get to a point where I am happy and I would rather be happy than healthy! I exercise, I have no major health problems, I have healthy relationships. Those are the things that I value and taking a pill allows me to continue to have them. So I will continue to take the pill.

          • guest

            Nice! I have posted elsewhere the name Russell Barkley. He is one of the leading authorities. I have spoken with him personally and gone to a few of his talks. Lot of great resources from him are available. If you aren’t familiar, check him out. Very helpful stuff.

          • Bob

            WOW!! Why so nasty. Valerie has a very good point. You should run with it instead of burying it.

          • Ken O’Toole

            WOW!! what are you taking about.. you think making blanket false accusations is making a “very good point”.. ?? Let me try that you.. Valerie, everything you said is wrong and there is no data supporting any of your clams.. ” hows that.. now should I wait for the “data” to back up every thing she has said on here?

            Or maybe since I’m not a dumb ass moron and if I wanted to address any of her idiot claims I would maybe (crazy as this may sound to you) mention what that is?? You know maybe as an example, maybe? She can’t Bob, it’s that simple..and if you or your friend Val notice anything I’ve said anywhere on this string that you believe can’t be backed up with facts PLEASE tell me what that is… that’s not asking too much is it there bob? MERCY!!

          • ginamarie

            What scientific evidence do you have that ADHD even exists? It’s NEVER been medically proven to exist! It’s a theory.

          • Himmicane Ike Survivor TX

            I believe Emily Ray Frisbie is the idiot here.

          • alan_1969

            That is why I don’t take medication, for anything. One drug that is over sold is any thing for lowering cholesterol. High or Low Cholesterol is not the problem, but a symptom of a problem. Cholesterol is a necessary for cognitive function. Being dehydrated can cause cholesterol to read bad on test. Drugs for cholesterol inhibits cognitive functions.

          • ginamarie

            There is a HUGE cholesterol scam out there. Cholesterol’s main function is cell repair, and it is also needed for brain function and it boosts the immune system. Back in the 80’s a total cholesterol level of up to 300 was acceptable, then it dropped to 250, now they want it under 200. Yeah right. You’ll find many doctors who’ll tell you cholesterol should never fall below 200. Statins were made for people whose cholesterol was 400+. When they saw how fast it could be dropped, big pharma started skewing its research to make lifelong patients out of perfectly healthy people. The CEO of Pfizer has been quoted numerous times as stating, “We will make lifelong customers out of perfectly healthy people.” As you said, cholesterol is a symptom of a problem, not a cause of heart disease. Since cholesterol’s main function is cell repair, many researchers are starting to study the theory that cholesterol is actually a symptom of heart disease, as it is trying to repair damaged cells opposed to viewing cholesterol as causing heart disease. Just keep handing out statins like there is no tomorrow, so on top of lowering cholesterol to ridiculously and dangerously low levels, people can’t think clearly AND they’re immune systems are compromised…big pharma now makes even more money on antibiotics and such because you’ll get sick easier, and since it impairs thinking, no one will give a shit. Add to this mix that statins have been proven to increase glucose levels (as well as antidepressants/anti-psychotics) and that explains the Type II Diabetes epidemic…..I’m not even going to get started on Type II Diabetes…that’s not a disease either, it’s simply elevated glucose levels – then again, if we were to get rid of Type II Diabetes, big pharma would lose a fortune in those meds to treat it, and the world of bariatric surgery would lose a fortune on selling lap band, gastric bypass and vertical sleeve surgery too. If people only knew!!!

        • alan_1969

          I agree with you. From articles and books I have read from other doctors on this same subject, you are right. However, there will be those that will disagree, especially if they want to remain blinded to the situation.

          • ginamarie

            It’s easier to continue to believe lies than it is to admit being duped!

        • Parmenter

          You are a physician, and you don’t know that Strattera is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor – that is, it increases norepinephrine levels?

          • ginamarie

            I’m NOT a doctor, and even I know what the functions of SRIs, NRIs and SNRIs are!

        • Hey Doc, are you an O.D.?

          While on the topic, what about fluoridation as a contributor to symptoms?

        • lizardman


        • MarleneMoulthrop

          My son had ADHD and there was no doubt about it. It was obvious and he was diagnosed by his physician and tested by two psychologists plus the school psychologist. I had to teach him after he came home from school, I had to hire tutors, went to NY for acting lessons to improve his skills, and placed him in special classes at the University, put him in a private school, but after all this, he graduated from college. The difference is, I never put him on medicine. .

        • monza79

          REALLY???? Psychostimulant medication depletes norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine??? Wrong. You think the disorder is overdiagnosed?? Is that your “feeling”? Did you learn that in “The Medical Professional’s Guide For Throwing Out Facts in Favor of Opinion”? Wow, you’re putting money on children who are legitimately learning disabled growing up to be depressed drug addicts, thanks to members of your profession??? Bravo!!! Kudos to you!!! Not cringeworthy at all. How about you do your “job” and become part of the solution- instead of spewing misinformation, stigma, and bias devoid of fact- to the general public? Wait… You’re not a doctor!! You just play one on the internet. Thank god!

        • DP2010

          There are studies. Kids who are treated for ADHD end up having the same level of drug abuse as the general populations, whereas children with ADHD who go untreated end up having higher levels of drug abuse than the general population.

      • Valerie Hawley

        i read somewhere that the dr who came up with the ADHD, ADD disease said he is sorry, that it is bullshit, not really a disease. I tend to believe the guy. It all leads to the big Pharma industry

        • Emily Ray Frisbie

          Dr Leon Eisenberg didn’t say that exactly, he advocated for a deeper examination into the psychosocial environment before handing out a pill to rule out other causes of the behavior. Some of the best research in ADHD comes from Boston General Hospital where he was on staff and head of pediatric psychiatry

          • ginamarie

            Try reading what Dr. Thomas Szasz and others say. He’s a neurologist.

          • guest

            This is almost getting hilarious. You take someone out of context to support your position. Most that you point out as strong dissenters did not say it does not exist without qualifying it. Because “in their experience” (which by the way is a ridiculous statement anyway in science, because a doctor’s many years of experience cannot possibly follow any scientific method nor mean anything in terms of testing anything) they are not sure they believe it. In part, that is because there are people self-diagnosing improperly and “wanting” a diagnosis and meds. Also, it is because the symptoms of ADHD/ADD are commonly found in situations that are not ADHD/ADD. So maybe you should really also look at HOW it is diagnosed PROPERLY today, rather than just look for things and extract them if they support your position.

        • ginamarie

          He confessed on his death bed. Last minute absolution!

          • guest

            As I have posted elsewhere, you are using apples to explain oranges. Dr Thomas Szasz is a practicing neurologist, not a scientist.

    • Jennifer

      My child is a child and I expect him to behave like one. I don’t give him medication on his days off from school (weekends, holidays, summer vacation, etc), but I do give him medicine for ADHD on school days. He saw a psychologist for a year before I allowed his doctor to prescribe, hoping that the psych would be able to help him learn how to focus at school. He was doing very poorly at school and the teacher couldn’t get him to stay focused for long enough to even take a normal test. His grades jumped from D’s to A’s after beginning his medication. We eat healthy at home and rarely ever go out to eat (I’ve had people suggest changing eating habits, but we eat healthy). My son has a problem, and even though I hate him having to take medicine it has improved his attention at school and his grades. Stop talking BS about something you obviously don’t know anything about.

      • Sue

        I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but eliminating yellow and red food coloring can be just as effective.

        • SomeGuy1984

          And in my professional experience just about everyone says they eat healthy… but almost no one really knows what a healthy diet is

        • Keltoi

          Good start. Personally, I believe that wheat and sugar is the root of all evil.

          • Scott Chichelli

            wheat (unless you grind your own) is horrid and very bad for you. and its many things you would not expect it to be in. and yes sugar even worse corn syrup type sugars bad bad bad. any processed foods period.

          • JO

            The structure of wheat has changed over the past 30 years. Grinding your own still doesn’t change the structure. We either need to go back to the original genetic wheat or cut it from our diets.

          • Stacey Borenstein Clay

            Our bodies were never meant to digest grains and with the genetically modified stuff we have now, God only knows what it’s doing to us.

          • Scott Chichelli

            yes well aware but grinding most certainly is far better.
            any flour you buy is processed numerous times, is “enriched” and has had all the good nutrients removed.
            plus the wheat I buy is certified non gmo I can also buy ancient grains.

        • Valerie Hawley

          and BVO, PGPR, TBHQ, BHT…all found in everyday foods people buy at grocery stores…pure poison…and people wonder why there are so many diseases

      • Zach S-L

        Or maybe just take him out of the unhealthy environment of school. It doesn’t surprise anyone that these medicines help your kid focus, that wasn’t the point. The point is more that your kid not being able to focus on school is not a real problem.(Which with common core, I don’t know how anyone pays attention, because what they are being taught is pants on head retarded.) Its certainly not a disease. It might be that your kid is fine the way he is, and not everyone learns or develops the same way.

        • rosepetal57

          OMG— SOOO true!

      • riveter12

        Have you checked your food for additives?

      • Keltoi

        I have a relative that had been on Ritalin for years. His parents took him off it and let him start drinking coffee. Strange, but, problem solved and he is no longer on the meds.

        • Becky Shaulis

          not so strange. Coffee is a stimulant… I am a licensed counselor and also have mild ADHD. I use coffee to help regulate my energy regularly among other coping skills. I took coloring books and crayons to class all through college and in my current job am on of the few workers allowed to do multiple things during staff meetings because my supervisors understand that as a kinesthetic learner, I NEED to be doing other things with my hand so that I can focus on what is being discussed. I have actually suggested coffee and black tea to some of the parents of kids on my case load as a “natural” way to help the kids stop bouncing off of the walls.

          • Margaret Thew-Balcos

            You ought to learn how to knit so you can keep your hands busy.

        • JO

          What Becky said. ADHD is LACK of adrenalin. Taking stimulants actually gives them the adrenalin they lack, normalizing them.

      • Christine Agin

        I have a child that is a kinesthetic learner. They actually have to be active to learn (since they learn with their hands). If I make her sit still, she is so focused on sitting still, she can’t take in what is being taught. Public Schools are not designed for kinesthetic learners. They are often misdiagnosed as having a learning disability or ADHD. I Homeschool. When we are doing lessons, I incorporate active learning. During reading comprehension, I read to her and have her draw the story. When she is old enough to read herself we will adapt this method for her. I taught her ABC’s by having her build them with blocks and craft them out of play dough. The problem is public schools are one size fits all and your child just might not fit.

        • Christine Agin

          You can have your child’s learning style tested.

          • teacher mom

            Have you tried to be a public school teacher with a room full of students who you are required to teach a bunch of things to? It is nearly impossible to teach to each one’s learning style. When you have one child at home you can do it. Don’t dis public school teachers until you have tried it and been there. I also have a child with issues focusing at school. He had major issues with reading; until he started taking Adderall. Now he is an A/B student!

          • KJUU

            So medicating the kids a teacher doesn’t have time for is the answer nowadays.

            That doesn’t dis the teacher, it brings the entire system into question. That’s uncomfortable.

          • JO

            Sensitive? Where did she dis public school teachers, she was merely pointing out a fact.

          • ginamarie

            They need to go back to grouping kids in classes by their reading and math abilities. They don’t do that anymore, in general, and when you group kids that are at the same levels into one class, it’s much easier to teach them than it is to have advanced kids, average kids and others somewhat below average all in one room.

          • guest

            Here is one place where I agree with you! We don’t want to label kids, and so we just group them all together (inclusion is big in our local schools). This really does an injustice to those who need to be more challenged as well as those who can’t cope with the mainstream status quo. Teachers mostly I think, do the best they can do with what they are given. The question is, how should the system be altered to support the most variations at the best possible level. Inclusion does not necessarily work. However, that does seem to lead to lots and lot of “individualized education plans” so that is just another way to approach it that seems to work. Why can’t a “kinesthetic” or any other kid get what they need from taxpayer supported schools?

          • Brad Kirby

            My childs’ learning style is Gangnam Style.

        • Holly Becker Geier

          Christine, this is my son to the letter. His 4th grade teacher let him stand in the classroom all day, let him sit on the floor, but he was off to one side of the room, so he had the room to do this. She was his saving grace. From them on, he knew where he needed to be in the class and she forwarded this on to his latter teachers. He is not above a 3.5 in a dual major pre-med curriculum in college. She knew exactly what he needed…

        • Chris Olson Phillips

          Christine, would her teacher allow her to sit on a stability ball instead of a chair? Sometimes just having that outlet to gently “bounce” during class helps them focus on their lessons. At the school where I teach PE, some of the teachers do this.You will see a couple of stability balls instead of chairs at the desks.

      • Carolyn Spring-Baker

        back in 1990 I had my grandson eventuated for everything… He was asked to not come back to Head Start… He was asked not to come back to day care. He was suspend from Kindergarten and in 1st grade (after going thru 3 teachers) a teacher finally took time with him and said we should have a doc look at him as she believed it was ADHD.

        I read every book I could find on this topic and I went thru diet evaluation (to see if it was an allergy to foods) I went to his classroom daily to see what was going on…..

        As back in 1990 no one knew of long term effects of ridlin I was very skeptical on this… we eventually did try it and his behavior in school became much better.

        We never used the drug when he was not in school. He received counseling 2 times a week in school. He took the drug until he was 16 and then he quit on his own… Today he seems able to handle it on his own.

        But I encourage all parents before you go to drugs… eliminate everything you can that be be causing the problem It is all trial and error. but in the long run your child will be better for it.

      • Heather James

        IIRC, (I have read other articles about Dr. Saul),Dr. Saul is one of the doctors who described ADHD as a syndrome in the first place, decades ago. Public schools fail to account for developmental difference in otherwise normal children. Also, their instruction methods are very much geared toward kids who sit well and learn well via one method. Many children are just plain not designed to learn this way. Remember, we have only, as a society, been requiring children to all sit still all day, 9 months per year, for 13 years or more, for a century or less. And, until even 20 years ago, kids were way more physically active outside of school. For the other eons of human existence, sitting still wasn’t a big part of much of anyone’s life.

      • rosepetal57

        Eating healthy is different that eliminating foods that may cause him a problem. My son was diagnosed “borderline” ADHD in Fourth grade, and I refused to drug him. He’s now 21, college, work, intelligent, kind, and does well overall in school. Refocus.

      • Rand McGuire

        Would you give your child crystal meth? Because if you are giving them Adoral or especially Ritalin, that is EXACTLY what you are giving your child…in pill form.

        • Page Hall

          not true. The one-in-thousands of kids who are prescribed ADHD meds actually DO have a medical condition that CAN be controlled. The rest of them have poor doctors or too-busy parents. Aside from that… you clearly have not experienced friends and family members who’s entire lives and families have been destroyed by meth. If you did you would know it is a FAR more dangerous drug. Not even close. Go look up “the face of meth” and tell me these kids on Ritalin are on the fast track to death. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Only ONE thing in common, that is, considered stimulants… however the kind cooked up in trailers with drano etc… that’s just plain life-ending stuff. Not to be compared to a stimulant that is much like caffeine.

        • Linda Z

          really? My son was diagnosed at 18 after years of failing in school. I just want him to pass college and get a good job so this is what we’re trying. As an “adult” it is CLOSELY monitored every month by his doctor. Meth isnt anywhere NEAR adderal.

      • Mary Albert

        Evidently you are the one talking BS.. You cant give them that kind of drug on 5 days and then switch them mid stream to not give it to them on the weekends.. And Anti Psychotic drug has to make it self manifest in the body before it will even work. If you dont keep giving your child the drug during the weekend you are playing with a time bomb.. Dr.Of PHD Psychology speaking here.. My friend is Mary Albert I am Dr. Russell Taylor…..

        • JO

          Dr.s don’t know everything. Have you ever RAISED a child with this disorder, then I hardly think you are fit to tell others who have, what they should and should do. I drink coffee M-F and DON’T on weekends, because I don’t need it on weekends. ADHD is lack of adrenaline, if you did your research correctly you’d know this. Giving a child adrenaline M-F and not on weekends is no different from what my coffee situation. YES, I do have a child with ADHD so I do have my doctorate with experience.

      • ginamarie

        You just proved how ADHD cannot be classified as a disease, and you didn’t even know it. Try holding a diabetic’s insulin back on days off, weekends, holidays and summer vacations. See what happens. Diabetes and/or its symptoms do not diminish or mysteriously disappear on days off, weekends, holidays and summer vacations. However, the symptoms of ADHD and/or the disorder itself diminish or simply disappear on days off, weekends, holidays, and summer vacations. That is not how disease works! BTW, you are putting too much emphasis on focusing and doing well in school. NOT EVERY CHILD IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN ACADEMIC!

    • Ulfric Thorsson

      I think you meant LIBERALS spread this misconception

    • Jay Smith

      amen i been saying for years that this “adhd” is just bs and a way to label and drug normal kids being kids to make them more “compliant” when the time comes they don’t want anyone to think for them self anymore

      • David k

        Im 35 I have adhd. The drugs level me. Get rid of my anxiety and allow me to concentrate on one task. Till its done. With out it like the last year. I have 134 on going projects in my garage none will ever see completion. It becomes very frustrating not being able to concentrate on a given thing or see the end. People who do not have adhd are very lucky.
        It may be over diagnosed but it is real. Kids should be left alone. And diagnosis should be done in adulthood.

        • Bill Taylor

          can you drive a car? if you can then indeed you CAN focus your mind when YOU decide you want to.

        • Heather James

          Dude, I’m a Mom with 3 little kids. Any housewife works on a dozen different projects all at one, all day, every day. I just finished up a sewing project that I started last spring, but git put away when summer got too busy (luckily, the recipient kudvstill fits in her new nightgows!). Normal people do that, too.

          Most ADHD medicines are what used to be called “speed” in one form or another. The reason amphetamines were first developed was to help overtired soldiers remain focused. That’s what it does, for everyone. But it I sn’t without its share of undesirable side effects.

    • noway Jose

      I like you.

    • Jason C Politicalpage

      wow if that aint the second biggest lie told by a liberal. All parents have been lied to by the government machine long enough and they push these drugs so they can dumb down the population. This in turn makes it easier for the machine to push more dumb down products down our throats. This isnt just a liberal problem, or a conservative problem, or a libertarian problem…its an american problem. People just need to reverse the effects of their rectal cranial inversion and so something about it. Its also a parenting issue, parents (in general) are too damn lazy and thats why they wants kids as lazy as them. So when kids have more energy than their parents or teachers, they automatically have to dumb the kids down by getting them high on LEGAL narcotics. WAKE UP AMERICA, take back your kids, take back your health.

      • Brad Kirby

        Heh, heh, “rectal cranial inversion”, heh, heh.

    • Ohala Nomar

      “That is a misconception spread by Libertarians. Why be a parent when
      you can blame your rueful child on a disease?” LOL Wow !! You didn’t
      read the article did you ?

      “ADHD first came about in 1980 and diagnoses have skyrocketed since then
      from 7.8 percent in 2003 to 9.5% in 2007 and to 11% in 2011. Basically
      one in nine children and two thirds of them are boys.”

      Libertarians were not taken seriously in politics all the way up until the tea party came into being.

      The name of this website is, “the libertarian republic” .. If this
      rhetoric was brought about by libertarians, why would they be
      undermining their own hype ? This would be as logical as MSNBC reporting
      on how Global warming is a fraud.

      You aren’t very bright are you ?

      • Brad Kirby

        I’m not sure how to respond to that. I am sure that anyone that ‘gets’ the joke I made would be laughing at you. You didn’t ‘read’ the comment I made, did you? Why would I question the parenting skills of myself (and others with active children) in the first half of a sentence and then point that a parent is just looking for an excuse for their child’s’ behavior instead of taking responsibility? Oh, I know, sarcasm!

        • Ohala Nomar

          I guess I misunderstood. My apologies. Sarcasm doesn’t carry too well in forums.

    • Shane Mayfield

      Spread by LIBERALS not libertarians! There is a BIG difference!

    • I took it the book is more about adults than children.

    • Eodsam

      Not LIBERTARIANS Brad, try LIBERALS…there is a giant difference

      • Brad Kirby

        We have a winner for “Doesn’t read other comments before posting” award. It was sarcasm (hint, quotes) and it was also pointed out to be sarcasm by several other people right after the post.

        • Eodsam

          I did read it all, and the libertarian thing at the end didn’t make any sense, I read the other comments and realized you were attempting sarcasm, not a very good attempt, maybe you should keep practicing

    • Jay P

      ADHD is mostly due to nutritional imbalance. They are being fed way too much CRAP, way too much SUGAR, and not enough nutritious vegetables and fats and proteins.

    • Angie

      a misconception spread by Libertarians?? well isn’t that quite the stretch. I’m sure every Dr. that has diagnosed these cases are all Libertarians as well as the parents of these kids.

      • Brad Kirby

        Wow, Angie. You just focused on that one part, didn’t you? The obvious self-contradiction and the quote marks and the other comments escaped your attention? Try reading it again, this time read it the way a sarcastic smart-ass would say it. It’ll make more sense.

    • JO

      Apparently you haven’t had a child with ADHD.

    • Lara


    • Page Hall

      “spread by Libertarians”??? Look if you think politics and labeling a/k/a prejudice is going to help this serious subject you have a problem yourself. You pretty much had a point until you threw your warped political garbage into the mix. So… which political party is it with the perfect parents and children? You need help.

      • Brad Kirby

        Uhh, none of them. That is the beauty of Libertarian’s. We don’t all agree but we tend to have open minds. Libertarian isn’t so much a political party as it is a way of life. Basically, we leave people alone and let them sort out their own problems. If they ask for help, they get it. Help isn’t forced upon them. I haven’t met or heard of a Libertarian yet that votes party ticket. So, the political ‘garbage’ doesn’t really exist. It is something you created. I never blamed or insinuated that any one political party was/is better at parenting than the other. I simply pointed out that Libertarian’s don’t tend to follow like sheep and believe everything they are told and don’t let someone else do what they should do for themselves. Hence, the lie is spread by people that don’t think drug companies and/or doctors usually have your best interest in mind. I’m sorry if that was over your head.

    • Soothsayer

      It makes sense that you are on a libertarian page then Kirby – not. Are you a CIA plant to interrupt a decent page? We already have your opinion because that’s all we hear about – the tripe every day in the media and its the other way around we don’t think kids should be put in jail half their life for being kids and making kid mistakes like possessing a doobie. If you think Rs and Ds agree with what you just said above, then you are at least mildly down syndrome.

      • Brad Kirby

        Yes, I’m the one with Downs Syndrome. So is everyone else that got the sarcasm in that post. I think the syndrome that labels the people that give a hostile response to that post lacks a name and needs more research. What’s clear is that it is much more disabling than Downs Syndrome. What’s worse is just how many times I’ve pointed out (and how many times others have pointed out) that the post is sarcastic and meant to poke fun at people that run and get pills for every ailment without trying anything else, first. Worst still is that you were is such a hurry to post about how much smarter you are than I am that you didn’t read any of the other replies that would quickly point out you are the dolt in this scenario.

        • Soothsayer

          Glad you have a diagnosis for your syndrome then at least. Keep it factual and informative rather than sarcastic. Those of us with kids on a cocktail of meds are still trying to decide where we stand on the issue – otherwise its just pollution.

    • Woodyandjack

      @Brad: “That is a misconception spread by Libertarians.” ??? Where the heck did you get THAT misconception from?

      • Brad Kirby

        Please, please, please read the other comments/replies before you post. It helps you look as intelligent as you really are when you don’t post something that so many other people have and then find out they were wrong.

        How the sarcasm in that post escapes people is something I just can’t figure out.

    • mperhaps

      I’m reading this Brad Kirby clown and I’m thinking this guy makes a hell of a lot of sense. He’s right on target. Then you get down to the second from last sentence and its immediately revealed: Bradly is a complete lunatic. The fact that he’s right about parents being too willing to drug their children is obviously a coincidence or luck. How on God’s green earth he got the story so twisted that he is able to believe that misinformed and/or lazy parents is a symptom exclusive to a political party. Wow whats really on your mind Brad. Brad have you noticed liberals only buy blue cars. Yep its just as much of a fact

      • Brad Kirby

        I find that Liberals like the blue Prius the most.

        No matter how many times I read it, I can’t find where I said or implied that lazy parents are exclusive to a political party.

        I would also point out that “Libertarians” aren’t so much a party (I haven’t met any that vote straight “Libertarian” as group of individuals that hold to the belief that people should try to get by on their own, be left alone, and helped when they ask for it.

        You are right about one thing, I am a clown. I’ve got my big nose, water flower, and big red shit-kickers on right now.

    • Mike Sonefeld

      Well Brad I agree for the most part but having raised two kids through college and on to marriage with out anymore than the normal raising kids challenges of school work, and normal discipline. I now have a daughter that is “different ” She is nine and I have spent the last 3 years trying to figure out what “I” am doing wrong. Its real but I don’t know what the hell to do. The normal kid raising book aint working and I have tried everything. I’m not lazy, something has changed. Spending 20 years not doing real research has let us to this point. Everybody has ADHD so drug them. What a great road we are on!

    • Stephen Edwards

      I was ‘diagnosed’ with ADHD. I guess I’m diseased.

    • yourmathteacher

      Not every person with Attention Deficit Disorder displays hyperactivity, and not everyone diagnosed is a child.

    • herb chef

      Um mm dude I think you got your shirt wrong libertarians are more apt to question doctors about diagnosis then spout off bulls hit like what you said ..I think you have the libertarians confused with the democratic liberals

      • Brad Kirby

        I think you are just confused. Try reading the other comments, first. How anyone misses the sarcasm in that post is beyond me.

    • TheRef65

      Most of these drugs cause a loss of appetite. They don’t have the kid relax but enable them to focus more on a single task. I’d like to see the book and see how many doctors agree and if there was any peer review or if he just got his information from Jenny McCarthy.

      However, I would believe that the term ADD and ADHD are often used as scapegoats but that does not mean they are not a valid diagnosis.

    • Guest

      ”Do you have a child with more energy then you have? Are they ‘playing’
      and running around like a meth addict? Then your child has a disease.”

      Uhm, NO, that’s literally just being a fucking child. That is what a child is– energy! Same goes for puppies, kittens; literally every single baby animal. If you can’t keep up with NORMAL CHILD BEHAVIOR, then YOU are the one who needs to be looked at by a professional.

      • Brad Kirby

        No shit?!

  • Mindy

    my son has ADHD and a mood disorder, My son was first diagnosed when he was two. We did therapy for three years with no meds. My son only got worse with his anger and outburst. My son can not sit still for more then 10 seconds. My son has done things like destroy my house with breaking things to putting holes in walls. He also hits and beats other kids up. He is now 5 and is on meds for his moods and his ADHD. He has been tried on many different meds and none of them have worked. It took them months to find a med to work. He is on a non stimulant and a mood med and he is doing wonderful. He is able to focus and now has no anger or outburst. He still does therapy and we do different things at home to keep him on track. He likes the trick of feeling how fast his heart is beating and he says mommy I better chill out because my heart is beating really fast and it is going to break…lol. love him to pieces. But you know for a long time I didn’t want to believe something was wrong with my child and I didn’t want meds for a while either but now that he is on these meds and the things that we do with him, he is doing wonderful. He is still very active and plays like a normal child. He is not sitting on the couch eating or watching tv.

    • Alec James

      Well we used to use this crazy thing called discipline back in the day, but it did tend to form a strange habit in children called “respect.”

      • Emily Ray Frisbie

        I joined the Marines thinking that they could help make me disciplined. They did. They also taught me “Respect!” Children with ADHD are not lazy and undisciplined. Neither are adults with ADHD. There is something innately different about us. 200 years ago we had a place in this world as wanderers, explorers, trappers, traveling salesman and other jobs. But, we don’t live in that world anymore. Our impulsiveness that would have made for a great gunslinger or sheriff in the old West leads to problems with the law and imprisonment today. For a person who lives in the now, balancing a checkbook and not spending impulsively are challenging. The best decision I ever made was to give all my money to my mother who pays my bills and gives me spending money every week. It keeps me off the street with lights and heat. I usually only go hungry for a few days at the end of the month.
        The worst part of this condition it’s inherited. That means parents are often no better at dealing with the modern world than their children. Not treating it in adults and children can lead to cycles of poverty and criminality. Treatment has recently been shown to change that outcome.

        • Alec James

          I’ve watched over and over, time and time again as the same parents who are throwing their hands up and yelling “I don’t know what to do, he/she is out of control!” Are the same parents feeding their kids whatever garbage food they throw a hissy fit over, not teaching them to read BEFORE they go to school, plopping them in front of the TV instead of teaching them real moral values, and just constantly giving them their way instead of standing up to them. I understand that it’s hard in modern society when all of us are working our hands to the bone just make a decent life for our families to find time for these things, but if it’s important, you make time. You don’t just cop out and stuff drugs down their throat until they’re “normal.”

          • heyheythere

            You must just sit around and watch other people’s families all the time.

          • wombat

            So moral values are the way to treat ADHD.
            How about a broken arm, or diabetes?

        • thedizzle

          This is an outstanding and inspirational post. I, too, suffer from ADHD… I practiced martial arts and eventually joined the military looking for that discipline, too. My ADHD is fairly mild, and I’ve never had behavior issues. But, I am restless and impulsive, I’m always in trouble with the tax man, I’m always late (because I walk in circles before committing to leaving my house), I have to auto-pay all of my bills or they won’t get paid, I’m never content with staying in one place..

          • tomas__86

            you should really give yoga and meditation a chance, just try a 10 minute yoga session + 10 minutes of meditation every morning and see what happens, it helps tremendously

        • Heather James

          One assumes you are giving thought to a backup financial plan. Planning to depend on a parent for such long term when you’re past 40 usn’t a good idea. Likely as not, you are going to need to keep track of her finances before too much longer. Just a thing to pay attention to. From what you have said, you’re my age or a bit older, and my mom has been` gone 5 years already.

      • Non of your business

        Yeah my dad beat me all the time, it didn’t work, the only thing that did was in my mid 20’s getting diagnosed with it. Getting sick of ignorant idiots like you.

      • Jer

        Yeah, I used to think just like you. So confident I knew what it takes to raise successful, well-disciplined children. I thought that all child behavior was a result of parental discipline, or lack thereof. I looked down on parents of children with poor behavior. Then I adopted two children of my own, each with behavioral challenges the average parent never imagines, and learned very quickly that things were not as simple as I thought. Every day has been a challenge, in which the most strong and consistent discipline and demand for respect is of very limited effectiveness. Things are always improving, but it’s still been a very humbling experience. You act like someone who hasn’t had many of those.

      • wombat

        Discipline is not a treatment for a disorder.
        Is this supposed to be a joke, or do you really believe this?

  • Jessica Knorr

    I believe that ADHD is a real disease which affects some. I believe in others there are other causes which could be discovered that do not need to be medicated. For instance growing up I was in trouble a lot. I could not sit still in class. I was bored. I did not stay on task. It was not until the third grade that my teacher took enough time to realize that A. I could not see well enough to do the work when it was on the blackboard and B. the work bored me. I got through most assignments in 1/4 time of the rest of my classmates. She recommended I be tested for gifted and I passed the initial screening test. I was sent for further testing and they discovered I needed to be moved to a more advanced lesson plan in addition to going to gifted one day of the week. Once I got to middle school I had gifted class everyday. Once I was being challenged a little more with the work even though it still was not overly difficult I found I was less bored, apt to misbehave, get off task etc. Getting glasses helped as well because I was embarrassed to admit I could not see the work on the chalkboard even sitting in the front row. So I think doctors really need to check their diagnosis on this carefully. Just as some people need medication to treat things like depression, anxiety and other mental diseases/disorders so too could those effected by someone with ADHD or ADD

    • Emily Ray Frisbie

      I agree that not everyone who has the symptoms has ADHD. There can be many causes and a good differential diagnosis should be done and let’s face it, that’s not always happening. But, this book is denying the existence of a distinct population of people who have the symptoms and get better when treated with a targeted therapy. A group that has been proven to exist with functional MRI exams. That is the problem with this book and the authors statements.

      • guest

        can i just ask a question many of you here who have been diagnosed come from a single-parent home or an environment that was traumatic/stressful in one way or another? same goes for those with anxiety or panic attacks..were there perhaps things bothering you that you were/have not dealt with consciously? just a theory

  • Tressia Langston

    A TEACHER tried to diagnose my son with ADHD when was 6. I told her he was a boy, he was a child and he was learning discipline…I was NOT going to medicate him and set him in front of some video…I was going to have to be disciplined MYSELF if I wanted a disciplined child. I then told her when she got her medical degree to call me and we would talk again. He is 22 now, Takes NO meds- a wonderful well rounded young man and Iave much more patience than I ever realized!

    • Dew2

      Your story sounds a lot like mine. My son is 24 and never took a drug and is doing just fine.

    • Non of your business

      Teachers aren’t qualified, neither are MD’s, you need to go through testing.

      • Ann

        There is no official “test”. It’s all a farce. Follow the money. Kids act like kids and kids act like wild kids with bad nutrition. LAZY PARENTS.

        • Non of your business

          You are full of crap.

  • Woods

    Sorry folks. If you have it, you know it’s real. Otherwise, as is made plain from many of these posts, you have no idea what you are talking about. I love the unique and powerful perspective it gives me and have been lucky to have built a career on that. I would not trade adhd away for anything. The lows are truly debilitating though and I can barely connect to the outside world. Haven’t been diagnosed with anything else. I’ve tried and still do many non-med treatments, but they really have minimal effect beyond just being healthy in general. Two things have made a big difference. The first is just knowing what the hell is going on. I was forty when I found that my inconsistent behavior was not just because I was lazy, inconsiderate, anti-social, etc. It didn’t absolve me from responsibility of being a good person, but it was a huge relief to know why it was so hard to control myself compared to others. Losing even that degree of stress and guilt is no small matter. And it made it a little easier to walk away from self destructive situations simply through recognition. The second is the meds. They’ve been very effective with few side effects besides that I’m a bit less playful and bizarre on the good days. But the meds have their limits, they tend to fade with overuse, and on bad days, nothing helps.

    • Steven Kaufman

      Right, and then I see this is your one and only comment anywhere which is always the case for shills. Your post reads like a drug commercial just without the legal disclaimers. So, what big pharma company do you lobby/work for?

      • William

        That’s a rather poor response. Why is it so common in liberty-minded websites for people to fall upon such accusations when someone challenges a particular view?
        On your accusation; there has been many times I felt the urge to comment and made an account just for that purpose. Not everyone who disagrees with you falls into the “sheep or shill” category.

      • Woods

        Hilarious. Yes, I did join this site just to respond to the off base comments. And I actually do happen to work in pharma marketing. Doesn’t make anything I wrote less true. Be warned though, NSA-style web crawling technologies are emerging that help big pharma scan social media for discussions on their drugs and related diseases. Besides farming for adverse effects and other real world evidence, these will also capture trends and opinions to help adjust marketing campaigns to doctors and patients alike. Haven’t seen any plans yet for A.I. shills, but I’ll share the idea with our programmers tomorrow.

        Moving on, I’m pretty sure my teenage daughter
        has adhd. She’s top of her class in athletics and anything creative, but for subjects requiring desk work, not so much. She’ll spend 8 hours at her desk cramming for a test and only get about 30 minutes of studying done. She has an array other symptoms as well. I’m fairly positive that meds would greatly improve her studying efficiency and get her off the failing borderline, but my wife and I’ve decided against it. My daughter knows what’s going on and hasn’t shown any interest in meds from her side either.

        When I found out about myself at age 40, it was a relief in some ways, but also a strange type of regret. If only I’d known sooner I could have avoided so much trauma. Still, I think it is too early for my daughter. She needs to deeply learn her true nature, what she is capable of, how to find natural ways to cope, and to let her true mind pull her in optimally aligned directions. She can decide for herself what’s needed after finishing school based the challenges and economics of self-sufficiency.

        I met with a psychiatrist and discussed my daughter’s situation and options besides medication. He was very direct and said that if she as adhd, there are only two options: 1) Medication, and 2) Have her study things that interest her. My wife was somewhat angry and called him lazy, but I thought his answer intriguing. How much does all this other bullshit really help? This article and many in this post are attacking big pharma, doctors and lazy parents, but what about all the companies
        pushing utterly unproven or at best marginally effective remedies on stressed-out parents who don’t want to medicate their children? Shouldn’t we also consider and condemn “Fish
        Oil Salesmen” of the adhd world who bad mouth clinically proven drugs in order to push their own shallow products/services? And for those who focus on better parenting, perfect, but you should realize now that it is not possible to parent adhd out of a child.

        • wombat

          I agree with
          “When I found out about myself at age 40, it was a relief in some ways,
          but also a strange type of regret. If only I’d known sooner I could have
          avoided so much trauma.”

  • Robert Timsah

    How about a pill that stops people from thinking they have ADHD.

    • Guest

      Stupid comment.

    • Guest

      How about a pill that could make the gears in your brain work?

    • Weisheit77

      You made me laugh! Thx

    • dude


  • Faithkills

    ADHD is ‘disease’ invented to fit a drug prescription.
    IE Speed.
    What causes ADHD? How do you know if you have it? You have it if you got a speed Rx from the doc. That’s the only objective standard.
    There may be some few people that ‘need’ speed to function, but if you think the fact that a young child doesn’t like to be locked in a classroom and forced to sit still for many hours a day means he has a ‘disease’ your punishment for your ignorance will be drug addict children who think problems are to be solved with chemically altering your feelings.
    For nearly all people that have the ‘disease’ of ADHD they in fact have an entirely different disease. Chemical dependence. For most people it needn’t have been. This addiction is the intellectual property of the pharma-medical industrial complex.

    • wombat

      You seem to be talking about many bad diagnoses by doctors, and not that ADHD is not real for some people.
      get on topic, take your meds (that is a joke).

      • Faithkills

        It’s real for everyone. People feel better when they take dopaminergics. See how I feel if I don’t get my 4 cups of coffee a day. But if ADHD is a disease, the cause is being human. There may indeed be some people with some neruopathology that causes chronically low dompamine levels, brain tumors or whatnot. But not every other kid in the country.

        We’re giving people a drug that increases dopamine a lot. This causes natural levels to fall back to compensate back to the level your body thinks you should have. This means when you go off the speed, you feel lower than normal. This causes addiction. Everyone knows full well how this works from coffee or tea or red bull. I have no problem with doctors handing out speed if the users know what they are taking. The problem is people are getting a lie along with their speed. The lie being they are ‘treating’ a ‘disease’, and not the truth that they are feeding a habit. Now my starbucks is low, so I gotta go.

  • Steven Kaufman

    Anything for pharma companies to legally sell speed I guess.

    • I’m confused. Why on Earth would you prescribe a stimulant to treat a hyper-activity disorder?

      • Papi

        Because people with ADD/ADHD, like myself, don’t produce the dopamine that the brain needs and the stimulants help. .

      • Emily Ray Frisbie

        It is a difficult and not clear answer. Some believe there is a problem in the dopamine circuit. Speed increases the dopamine level and restores impulse control and ability to control focus. Other theories exist. The evidence is supports that 80% of patients who received stimulants see a reduction in their symptoms.

        • I suppose, just based on the term, hyperactivity, it would seem at first glance that a stimulant would make it worse. I’m no doctor though. It just sounded backwards to me.

      • wombat

        It does seem reverse about.
        Valium can hype a person with ADHD – ADD.
        Amphetamine helps them to focus.
        I am not hyper so cannot comment on that (though that has not stopped so many ignorant people from commenting).

  • Alden Smith

    Alright I have ADHD meaning and both left and right brain dominate which in English means my brain can’t make up its mind where to send the signal to be interpret by my brain. So its harder for me to learn and I get easily frustrated

  • Bill Goode

    By this article it seems Richard Saul thinks the rest of the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is valid. It’s not. The entire manual is false, and ADHD is just a small part of that big lie in the DSM. Items which are called diseases in the DSM get voted into existence at the annual APA convention that’s held in May of each year. None of these “diseases” or “illnesses” have any clinical research behind them. They are all based on emotions concerning the issues. No lab tests, blood tests, urine tests or MRIs are ever done in any attempt to verify these things, because psychiatrists know that they will not show anything.

  • Iam

    Stimulants only speed the ones that don’t have ADHD. If a person with ADHD takes a stimulant, they will actually slow down and focus on what they are doing instead of getting sidetracked

  • cookielee

    In the UK they have a warning label on Kraft Mac and cheese may cause ADHD because of red dye 40. 90 for life try it. 60 minerals 16 vitamins 12 aminos 2 EFA’s. feed your brain instead of putting chemicals. Please.

    • wombat

      ADHD is not caused by food or additives.
      They may cause symptoms that look like ADHD to the untrained eye.
      One dodgy label does not disprove a disorder.

  • Abigail Moreno

    If this so called disease would’ve been popular when I was a child, I might of been diagnosed with the highest level of ADHD! They probably would have added a few more letters to this sickness because of me. Fortunately my (Hispanic) parents never ever took me to the doctor so I was never diagnosed with something weird like this and I would say I’m pretty normaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal. So yeah….

  • Guest

    Don’t dare say this is a Libertarian stance. You don’t represent us with your inability to talk about things you understand. Libertarianism is about one’s freedom to choose how to treat their children as they require it for the good of their own children. You pretending to know what ADHD is is repulsive. I just defriended you and your associated FreedomWorks on Facebook and Google+ and I recommend all freedom lovers to do so as well. You think we can’t tell that your posts are automated? They aren’t even relevant to the news. You’re a sore loser and a small-penis prick. You don’t represent me or true Libertarians anywhere. Big Pharma has nothing to do with children having a condition. Drugs have good uses you illiterate idiot with balls the size of raisins.

  • Jody

    Don’t dare say this is a Libertarian stance. You don’t represent us with your inability to talk about things you understand. Libertarianism is about one’s freedom to choose how to treat their children as they require it for the good of their own children. You pretending to know what ADHD is is repulsive. I just defriended you and your associated FreedomWorks on Facebook and Google+ and I recommend all freedom lovers to do so as well. You think we can’t tell that your posts are automated? They aren’t even relevant to the news. You’re a sore loser. You don’t represent me or true Libertarians anywhere. Big Pharma has nothing to do with children having a condition. Drugs have good uses–you’ll rely on them someday whether you like it or not.

  • HunkeeMonkee

    I was diagnosed with ADD in college 20 years ago and have taken a low-dose (10mg) of Dexedrine ever since. My symptoms were not hyperactivity (i.e., ADHD), but actually somewhat the opposite, mostly what is called “brain fog”, like your brain just won’t fully wake up in the morning, no matter how long you slept. Anyways, recently I started seeing an Osteopath and got some tests done, and found out I was allergic to dairy (casein protein), had leaky gut syndrome, and a candida yeast infection in my body, and hence I couldn’t absorb nutrients we all need to function (which is why I realize now why my hair started going grey at 22years old). Long story short, in addition to the new diet plan (basically a Paleo diet), probiotics before each meal, daily 90 mineral/vitamin supplementation, I also did a 10-day cleanse, and found that by around day 8 on the cleanse the brain fog was gone when I’d wake up in the morning and that I didn’t need the Dexedrine to jump-start my brain. This lasted for about 5 days, but then the brain fog returned, although it is not as bad as it used to be. The point is that there is some connection between one’s Gastro-Intestinal System and one’s Brain. A poor GI system can lead to poor brain function. Never realized that the key to a man’s head is his stomach (!), but there is something to it. I don’t claim to have found the magical cure/solution to my ADD (or “brain fog”), just that it may have something to do with what one eats/drinks relative to what one might be allergic to. This may explain why in many European countries before they resort to putting a child on some ADD/ADHD drug like Ritalin, Adderall, etc., they first check out their diet, what they’re eating, etc.

    • HunkeeMonkee

      Oh, I forgot to add that since going on a Paleo diet 8 months ago, cutting out both dairy and gluten, very limited sugar, it has not only improved my brain function to some extent, but it has had immense benefits physically: Lost 40 pounds so far. The irony is that I eat more now than I used to, lots of protein (I eat 7 eggs every morning), and haven’t really done any cardio. I also have a much better skin complexion, and no sore joints anymore (something I heard gluten can cause). You basically feel at least 15 years younger. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to follow, but when you see that chocolate cake, just go grill a T-Bone to cope. 😉

  • Woods

    This article and many comments in this post are attacking big pharma, doctors and lazy parents, but what about all the companies pushing utterly unproven or at best marginally effective remedies on stressed-out parents who don’t want to medicate their children? Shouldn’t we also consider and condemn the “fish
    oil salesmen” of the adhd world who bad mouth clinically proven drugs in order to push their own shallow products/services? And for those who focus on better parenting, perfect, but you should realize now that it is not possible to parent adhd out of a child.

  • Bert Hansell

    Of course you don’t have ADHD, you are normal, every one else is just slow. 🙂

  • Dom

    HOW ABOUT YOU DO A BRAIN SCAN YOU IDIOT! ADHD shows clearly the overactivity of multiple areas of the brain at once. Ask the patient to focus on one subject and they have a clear inability to do so. Do I think it is treatable without medication? Yes, especially in children. They can be coached to understand long-term reward. Once that child reaches adulthood, there is a much more difficult problem at hand which will require serious reconditioning and behavioral therapies.

    • wombat

      “They can be coached to understand long-term reward.”
      What rubbish.
      in my experience (and I am not saying that this applies to everyone else) people with ADD – ADHD are not competitive and long term rewards are meaningless to them. rewards are probably good for non-ADD people.

      • Dom

        Rubbish? How about you read “How Children Succeed” by psychologist Paul Tough. I have been researching and comparing studies on this for the last two years. Young children who have problems seeing long term reward, have a lot more trouble in school. They cause problems, and can’t focus. Sound familiar? Tough argues that it has to do with the way children are taught. We do not teach enough “skills like perseverance, curiosity, conscientiousness, optimism, and self-control” to our children pre-kindergarden. (coaching them to understand long-term reward) Children who don’t learn this skills do poorly in school. Interestingly enough, it is all related to the development of the pre-frontal cortex. But don’t take my word for it – that can all be explained in the book by Tough. Not only that, but the studies of Dr. Daniel Amen, who is a psychiatrist, explain how the pre-frontal cortex is affected when a person has ADHD. He has done hundreds of SPECT scan on people’s brains that show areas of activity and inactivity. Some may not believe him, but I think the guy is a complete genius. ADHD might not exist to you, but there really isn’t any other name for it right now. Children are being raised by cell phones and television sets. They’re listening to music with lyrics that would make your mother cry. It is no wonder we all have ADHD all of a sudden. But we can’t control how we are raised. Why should I have to suffer my whole life? I am not saying I am going to take meds forever, nor will I argue that they are good for me, but I cannot make it through college without them. I have the smarts, I just cant hold it together long enough to study material that doesn’t interest me. I am teaching myself to focus without them, but it is a difficult process. Sorry if it offends you that I have ADHD, but those who didn’t have television and cell phones around them 24/7 during their youth, will never understand it.

        AND by the way, there is more to ADHD than being a hyper child. Yes, maybe some parents are abusing medications. Perhaps a better option would be to put an age restriction on the medication, rather than condemn it and ban it from everyone it benefits.

  • edav38

    This Doctor is a M.O.R.O.N.!!!!
    You cannot refute me.
    YES there IS Abuse, but Learning Disabilities are a VERY REAL THING, ADHD IS A LEARNING Disability.
    Until you Start Recognizing this FACT, you WILL Continue to have Children that Cannot Succeed,
    EVERY Child Learns Differently, Some More so than most, Those DO HAVE a Learning Disability, Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD are VERY REAL Genetic Differences. This has been Proven Over and Over and Over and Over and Over.
    If you Do Not Care if your Child Succeeds, then you Will do as this Doctor has done, and Discount REALITY!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Renzema

    As the husband and best friend of two ADHD sufferers, and the witness on the par of years of their systematic dysfunction, and the ensuing cascade of emotional self-harm that comes from their inability, I utterly reject this article.

    ADHD is very real and can be seen on brain scans, it is very serious, it is life damaging, it is practically untreatable, and the arrogance of someone saying that something which is plain as day on brain scans doesn’t exist should be sufficient to get their credentials as a scientist yanked.

    My friends don’t want drugs. What arrogant garbage.

    What kind of inept fools do you take them for? They need an Rx for drugs? Last I checked all you need is money for drugs.

    • Weisheit77

      Not many people are capable of reading are they? Saying that something is not a disease but just a collection of symptoms is not the same as saying that there is no such thing as ADHD. Maybe you could use some Adderall.

      • Guest

        To be fair, the title of this guy’s book intentionally skews his point (that ADHD is actually a collection of symptoms or whatever). I mean, he named his friggin book “ADHD does not exist” which essentially is the same as “there is no such thing as ADHD”. The phrase “does not exist” is the same as “there is no such thing”. So even if the author does eventually go on to say that ADHD is a collection of diseases, it’s still pretty slimy of him to use a bait title like “ADHD does not exist” in order to get people all hot and bothered for no reason.

  • Tony

    I agree that this is severely over-diagnosed; most people who claim to have it often don’t. However, ADHD is still a disorder that does exist. For example, I had no hyper-active symptoms. I was the most calm out of all my brothers. In fact, I went 17 years without being diagnosed. When I was diagnosed, I didn’t just go to a doctor and asked for a prescription (hell, I could have had my father–a physician–write me prescriptions). Instead, I went through roughly 20 hours of testing. I found my grades drastically improve with putting in LESS work than before. It wasn’t just academically. In social situations, I was a better person having the ability to focus. Physically, the inability to focus actually hindered my fine reflexes. Taking medication also helped me control my body better and fulfill my athletic potential. It’s not an attention span that one lacks, rather the ability to simply reach the point of focus. Personally, this diagnosis entirely changed my life around in all aspects, not just in the classroom.

    • Weisheit77

      You used the word disorder, he used disease. There is a difference.

      Also, coming from a college environment… are you sure that these aren’t just steroids for the brain? I mean the “study drugs”.

      • Tony

        Well, Wisdom77, due to the effects on my physical ability, I would say it’s more than just a “study drug.” For example, reading a short paragraph with and without medication, for me, produces quite different results. This is more than just “a short attention span.” Also, during the summer–away from the college environment–I take it equally as frequently, as nearly all daily activities require focus (eg driving or athletics). Hell, people can even notice when I don’t take medication in everyday conversation (not my personality changing, but how I articulate

        • Weisheit77

          You almost got my name right, but you fell for the trap that I wanted you to fall in. It actually means Whiteness.

          I write as someone who was dosed with massive doses of Ritalin in the 80’s because of purported ADD. I feel that this has had a negative impact on numerous areas of my life. The fact that 50% of public school males are on this stuff is frightening.

          • Tony

            I agree that this is a tremendous problem, having so many kids on amphetamines. It’s often a result of successful parents being upset that their kid is not.

            But with your name, Weiß=white and Weis=wise. White has 2 s’s. Also, the more common word for whiteness would be “Bleichheit.”

          • Weisheit77

            Was… jetzt denke ich dass ich verrückt bin! Ich schwöre, ich hab es mit ein ß geschrieben. Aber das stimmit… Wissen und Weiß. Verdammt. Ich danke Ihnen für die Hilfe. Jemand aus Deutschland hat gesagt, dass Weißheit Whiteness bedeuten könnte, aber jetzt sehe ich dass niemand so was sagt. Hab was gelernt.

  • conservativemom36

    Absolutely amazing! I do absolutely have ADHD…I lived my whole life without meds and I will say life seemed to kick me an awful lot but I survived. I dealt with depression, anxiety, skewed perception, moodiness, forgetfulness, and just felt like a failure even though I have a high IQ and worked my butt off for everything I ever accomplished. After I lost my hair for 8 months and then broke out in hives due to how I was dealing with stress because I couldn’t let it go, no matter what I did I finally went to see my Dr. she prescribed Vyvanse in a low dose and I had no idea that I could feel that good. No I wasn’t high, I was finally functioning like people do that have the proper neurological wiring so that when stress comes their brain stimulates the receptors in the frontal lobe the control norephedrine and dopamine and now I take a pill that does it for me too. This article is ignorant and so is the person who said these things. Dr. Russell Barkley said in a clinical seminar last year “…there isn’t any other mental illness that is more debilitating than ADHD other than schizophrenia”. It affects almost every aspect of our lives. This is just sad.

    • Non of your business

      Yeah I’m pretty astounded by this article.

    • Weisheit77

      Ever heard of throwing out the baby with the bath water? Also he says it’s not a disease just a collection of symptoms, so that’s not quite a denial of its existence. For every one of you (well I don’t know the stats) I’m guessing that there are 20 males who are misdiagnosed and have their “proper neurological wiring” rewired. So take another Ritalin or Adderall and carefully reread what he said.

    • drowsyangel

      I love Dr Russell Barkley!

  • Cindi Hill Walker

    My child fidgets till his fingers are raw along with several other symptoms. He has been diagnosed with ADHD. I do NOT give him drugs. He is on fish oil and pycnogynol (which is an herbal supplement that helps to promote circulation in the brain). I really resent someone telling me that all I want to do is put my child on drugs. These are all individual cases. I would not care if he acted up in class and talked or goofed off. THAT IS NOT ADHD. What MY child has, IS ADHD. Do not judge….

  • Corky

    umm, well,, whoever in their life never showed any symptoms of ADHD without considering themselves ADHD, please raise your hand,,, because i sure as hell can’t !!

  • Kaleinani

    I have noticed quite a few of you bashing people you don’t know, let alone having no idea what they go through day in and day out. I have ADD, have been diagnosed with it since ’97. I don’t take anything for it, have not since about 3 or 4 years ago. However, I do believe alot of people do try to claim they are “ADHD” when they have no ever loving clue as to what that intails. Try to imagine if you will, being in a room where one wall is lined with telivisions, and all of them are on at full volume, then being told to focus on one of them. That is ADD. I have encountered several people in my life who claim to have it, yet I doubt many of them do cause they are after the drugs, or they are after people’s sympathy. I also believe many children are misdiagnosed as well, just cause they are kids, they naturally have a short attention span. I personaly think this so called doctor may want to go back to his drawing board, and most of you need to stop judging others and focus on your own life.

  • FrankHerbert ✔ ᴾᴬᵀᴿᴵᴼᵀ

    i have what could be called attention “disruption” disorder. i’m not hyperactive, nor manic or bipolar.

    this is what happens: i’m working merrily along on a project, when my thought patterns are interrupted for no real reason. nothing happens externally, yet other thoughts “invade” my head, disrupting my “train of thought” or concentration. random thoughts about other things going on, news; things unrelated to the current task. this happens randomly. it can happen because of outside stimuli like a phone call or personal interruption, but not predominantly. it is normally internalized.

    about 8 years ago or so, after taking a friend’s adderall i sought treatment. I tried adderall again under medical supervision, but it made me feel “jittery” and anxious. we switched to a Ritalin patch. THAT worked MAGIC.

    i no longer had interruptions of thought, and when interrupted by people or phone calls during work, i could return to the task at hand without difficulty. i kept using this for about 6 months, but it became too expensive (400 a month with no insurance) and I stopped it.

    now, several years later, concentrating can sometimes be difficult without it, but i cannot deny that in MY particular case, this was (and probably still would be) beneficial.

    so – while this “affliction” may be an overused “excuse” to obtain drugs for recreational abuse – there ARE legitimate cases like this.

  • differentlydriven

    I’m sorry but that simply isn’t true. My son has ADHD he also has dyslexia. For years I resisted putting him on medication because everyone told me how awful it is. His teachers begged me to at least try it. So finally after years of struggling and trying to get him to learn and pay attention I finally gave in. I finally got some medication for him. It was like night and day. Instantly his mind slowed and all the things that he learned came rushing out. He could never get it out. My resistance did nothing but hold him back. He still takes medication today. He only takes it during the week on the weekends he doesn’t take it. It gives him the ability to focus, to take in and let out the information that he is learning. I will never agree with anyone who tells me that ADHD doesn’t exist. It does indeed exist.

  • Pamela

    Take sugar out of the kids diet and adults, too, and see the difference in a very short time.

  • Mindmech

    We don’t have hyperactive children. We have hypoactive adults who are to lazy or out of shape to deal with the energy of a healthy child.

  • Shan

    True ADHD is NOT about hyperactivity and “running around”. True ADHD/ADD is more commonly factors like; inability to focus which impedes daily life, impulse control issues, and a variety of other co-morbid factors. It isn’t diagnosed in a 2 minute questionnaire. My son, who has always been “hyper”, also had poor coordination and eye contact. By the time he started Kindergarten, though he knew ALL the letters, numbers to 20, colors, and shapes, he was out of control. He couldn’t stay in his seat more than 2 minutes, ran around the room “bonking” people on the head, rolling on the floor, running out of the building. We are conservatives who did everything else first; diet (gluten-free, sugar-free, dye-free, clean eating, preservative free), exercise (tumbling, swimming, running, playing, etc), behavior modification (therapy, reward/consequence, environmental changes), and NONE of it worked. As a last resort, his psychologist recommended seeing a pediatric behavioral specialist. She did some brain scans and in-depth tests as well as behavioral observation at home and school before prescribing him an incredibly low dose (5 mg) of ritalin. The day AFTER he started the meds, it was like a different kid. His teacher asked us about it. She didn’t even know we had him tested or started meds. Schools do not diagnose. By law they aren’t allowed. He is now in the 1st grade and aside from some questionable handwriting skills, he is thriving. The 2 times this year I forgot to give him his meds he ended up in the counselors office for impulsive behavior. And we don’t give it to him every day, either. On the weekends, if we’re at home, he’s not on them. We rely on parenting and discipline. Meds were a last resort and we still use behavioral therapy to help him so he can eventually go OFF the meds. I’ve got it and I’m on a non-stimulant med therapy because the stimulants make my tics worse. My dad also has it, reinforcing a possible genetic link. Say what you want about ADHD, or how my family treats it, but for some (and yes, it is WAY over-diagnosed), it is a heartache that often goes untreated and leads to angry, un-motivated, and frustrated/disheartened kids. And the low dose he’s on is less addictive than caffeine, by the way. Sorry for the book, but simple answers don’t cut it.

  • alycat

    I couldn’t agree more with this article. I have a completely “normal” 15 year old son doing fine in school and with friends, etc. I remember in kindergarten his teacher telling me that although he was on track academically and socially, there were serious concerns because of he had organizational and time management problems. He was 5 years old. What are we doing to our kids?

    • Shan

      alycat, I agree that time management and organizational programs does NOT an ADHD case make. But for us, we did everything else we could before meds, including blood work and brain scans, and it wasn’t for his hyper behavior, either. His learning was being impeded. Now he excels at school and has stopped calling himself stupid. I’m glad your son didn’t need meds. You were probably told that by a teacher who didn’t know better. Sadly, some teachers and doctors are like that. For us, meds were a miracle. I won’t tell you all the things we tried first, because it’s a long list, but it helps my son so much. Best wishes.

  • Actually, people on low carb, high protein diets actually starve the brain of it’s ability to focus and/or concentrate. So although I have no belief in low or high carb diets doing anything to effect ADHD, the theory, as I’ve understood it, is the exact reverse of what you are claiming. I personally have ADHD and I have a very balanced diet. My entire life I always wondered why I felt extremely anxious before I consumed high caffeine drinks. Once I drank nearly a pot of coffee, it had the mysterious reverse effect of calming me down. Crazy right? It was only in my early 30’s that I shared this information with my doctor, and he was the genius who finally put two and two together and realized I may benefit from Adderall. Well guess what? I got on Adderall only one year ago, and it was a life-changing, no, a life-saving occurrence for me! I was able to get off of all of my anti-depressant medications (turns out my whole life I wasn’t depressed, just had ADHD) which elevated my mood, my sharpness, focus, and work ethic was boosted tremendously, and I even experienced the odd side effect of it helping out with my physical pain from spinal cord cysts I have that are destroying my spinal cord from the inside out. I was able to get off every single medication I was on, including the terribly addicting narcotic pain meds they had me on. I have not found Adderall to be habit forming whatsoever. The key is, people with ADHD that take Adderall do not feel euphoric, it actually serves to lower our excess energy, instead of boost it into the stratosphere, which is what Adderall does to abusers who do not have true ADHD. So there you have it! You can try and say I’m full of it, that’s fine. I don’t need to convince anyone of the truth, because this is my truth! It saved my life and in my unique case, prevented me from becoming an addict hooked on pain meds and any other substance I could find that would lower my constant desire to calm down. I’m calm now, I’m focused, and I’m the proof that ADHD exists! I am convinced because I’ve lived it. That’s my story and it’s 100% truth.

    • Becky

      Exactly. It is a very real disorder, and there are people out there who honestly need that medication. The problem isn’t the medication. The problem is that there are too many parents and doctors who give it to people without testing to see if they need it instead of ruling out other issues. My husband went through 2 years of different doctors and tests before he was put on Adderall. His response to it is a mirror-image of yours. He doesn’t get “high” and fly around the house. He is able to focus on things and concentrate on his college work. We can only hope that parents & doctors will use medication like this ONLY if it is truly needed (for people like yourself & my husband), and not as an easy-way out.

  • CynthiaStine

    I also do not believe ADHD is a disease. Children are hyperactive their tension span is short, what else is new. For centuries no one drugged up children just because they were active and you couldn’t keep their attention. You change the types of food they eat and the sugar intake. My grandson was on that and I had my daughter take him off of it and he’s just fine, in fact the medicine made him angry and act out. We need to stop medicating our children and creating a new generation of drug dependent people that society will complain about and blame the parents for.

    • Shan

      I’ll let you read my post without reiterating, but I’m glad your grandson didn’t need meds. I’m guessing it wasn’t true ADHD. We tried (and still continue) to do all the other things (diet, exercise, discipline, behavior modification, etc), but it wasn’t until a brain scan showed how his pre-frontal cortex shuts down when he tries to focus on meds, did we put him on meds. A low dose was all it took and he’s a different child. It’s also such a low dose, caffeine is more addictive. Again, glad your grandson didn’t need the meds, but for REAL ADHD, it is a life saver.

    • wombat

      I have ADD and I am NOT drug dependent. I actually have to set alarms to remind me to take my pill.
      At work, I can notice when my work falls off.
      Drug use is the opposite – people with ADD / ADHD often self medicate and that can lead to drug addiction.
      Many of the ‘I know a case of …’ quotes are about a bad diagnosis by a doctor.. Hmmph.

  • Neil K. LeBeau

    lol ADHD clearly exists but is much too often used to label people who don’t have it

  • Khan

    Doctors do not seek a cure, rather they treat symptoms with drugs, not to achieve wellness or a cure, but to act as pill dispensers for big pharma. Most doctors are nothing more than scrip writers. The world knows very few doctors. Most are nothing more than trained mechanics taught to do what the AMA tells them to do.

  • Khan

    Most of what doctors and “modern medicine” purport is total garbage and bullshit. The current state of the medical profession is a joke.
    Doctors no longer cure anything all they do is prescribe pills.

  • I personally have ADHD and I have a very balanced diet. My entire life I always wondered why I felt extremely anxious before I consumed high caffeine drinks. Once I drank nearly a pot of coffee, it had the mysterious reverse effect of calming me down. Crazy right? It was only in my early 30’s that I shared this information with my doctor, and he was the genius who finally put two and two together and realized I may benefit from Adderall. Well guess what? I got on Adderall only one year ago, and it was a life-changing, no, a life-saving occurrence for me! I was able to get off of all of my anti-depressant medications (turns out my whole life I wasn’t depressed, just had ADHD) which elevated my mood, my sharpness, focus, and work ethic was boosted tremendously, and I even experienced the odd side effect of it helping out with my physical pain from spinal cord cysts I have that are destroying my spinal cord from the inside out. I was able to get off every single medication I was on, including the terribly addicting narcotic pain meds they had me on. I have not found Adderall to be habit forming whatsoever. The key is, people with ADHD that take Adderall do not feel euphoric, it actually serves to lower our excess energy, instead of boost it into the stratosphere, which is what Adderall does to abusers who do not have true ADHD. So there you have it! You can try and say I’m full of it, that’s fine. I don’t need to convince anyone of the truth, because this is my truth! It saved my life and in my unique case, prevented me from becoming an addict hooked on pain meds and any other substance I could find that would lower my constant desire to calm down. I’m calm now, I’m focused, and I’m the proof that ADHD exists! I am convinced because I’ve lived it. That’s my story and it’s 100% truth.

  • Theresa Sassone Comar

    I have a child with ADHD. I waited, researched,tried diet alterations,all kinds of behavioral mods,rewards, punishments etc. All to avoid the use of medication. My child was unable to sit still for any period of time, he could not control his impulses, he was unable to concentrate in school, he was having problems establishing relationships with his peers, the list goes on and on. I am all for my child to act like a child. I strongly believe childhood is only once and should be enjoyed! I am a Parent! My child was unhappy and unable to be successful, no matter the intervention I gave him. My son is now on medication, the difference is amazing! He is happier than ever, he is safer, and he is finally enjoy success in school and with his peers! How dare anyone of you sit back in judgement! I am a mother who has given her all to raise her child! I would never do anything to cause harm to my child. Is ADHD over used by doctors? I would say absolutely, but that does not rule out the very real existence of this disorder! Is medication over prescribed for certain! I know in my heart I have made the correct,loving and responsible choice for my child. The medication has been an answer to my prayers! Until you walk a mile in my shoes, you better make sure you can even get your foot in my shoe! A truly ticked off full time, home schooling, hardworking, small business owning, divorced(and doing it on my own) mother of five!!!

  • Did any of the people posting here even bother to read the article? Or did they just read the first two paragraphs and start ranting about the difference pills are making?

  • Orthospinedoc

    I am a physician and have always thought this was a crock of bullshit…when I was a child I couldn’t sit still it wasn’t because I had an attention deficit it was because I was bored to death and not challenged enough and had to sit in a classroom listening for eight hours learning nothing…once I was enrolled in the right classes and started playing sports everything changed. If I would have been drugged on that crap I would have never excelled or had the motivation to learn and not only that just the stigma of having a “disease” would have been stifling unto itself. If parents played a bigger role and actually tried to find the root of the problem there would be no role for these drugs. I feel nutrition ie…sugars such a high fructose corn syrup and lack of parental nurturing and guidance…a good ass whipping once in a while when due would surely lower the rates of this truly rare problem. It’s too easy to chemically sedate and suppress your child when you yourself don’t have the patience or the wherewithal to actually be a good parent. Point in hand, how many children in the fifties, sixties, seventies and even early eighties never had the drugs and turned out just fine as adults…the vast majority. And to think all of a sudden kids just start popping up with this “new disease” that symptoms pretty much fit every child in America at one point or another. It’s called quackery and the American Psychiatric Association should be ashamed of themselves. Let me tell you what I think about psychiatry…first most aren’t smart enough to get a good residency or are too lazy to actually work their asses off like the majority of other physicians…secondly, their guru Dr. Freud was a coke loving freak whose theories were mostly based on his case studies of his male a female patients mostly who were homosexual prostitutes that he slept with…and this is what a large proportion of the psychiatry is based on his theories…today the asshole would be arrested and thrown into prison for that crap…so that’s what I think of psychiatry…

    • Bill Taylor

      my degree is in psychology and i never worked in the field while in college i recognized this is NOT about treating folks and helping them be well, it is about finding lifetime clients and supplying them with drugs.

  • Brad

    Mr. Kirby, that’s one of the DUMBEST things I’ve EVER heard.

    As a
    die hard Libertarian with medical training and being the father of a
    VERY active boy, I don’t feel ADHD exists either. ADHD is not a
    misconception spread by libertarians, it’s a misconception far more
    likely to be spread by liberals who think everyone should have something
    or someone else to blame.

    The problem is perpetuated by the
    schools and education system (which is overwhelming run by
    democrats/liberals) who expect little boys to sit still and act like
    little girls. They expect that behavior because it makes their life and
    job easier and gives them a crutch, rather than deal with the fact that
    little boys are little boys and little girls are little girls and both
    have different behavior patterns and learning styles. GIrls tend to be
    verbal / aural learners while boys tend to be physical / visual
    and with a education system that constantly reduces physical activities
    and recess and is set up favoring a verbal / aural learning
    style, what do you expect? Boys tend to be more active
    and physical than girls and that make some people’s jobs harder, so it’s
    easier for them to to refer the kid to the school psychiatrist who then
    recommends they be medicated. Apparently this is easier than giving
    more recess and allowing boys to act like boys rather than expecting
    them act like little girls.

    When I was in school in the early
    80’s, they tried to label me ADHD, thank god I had parents who didn’t
    believe in it either and refused to medicate me. Instead they directed
    me into physical activities like martial arts and football which gave me
    the physical outlet and discipline I needed. Will my son be medicated
    when they try to do that to him, HELL NO he won’t.

    • wombat

      Are you saying that ADHD does not fit your political views, or are you talking from a medical-scientific view?
      I lost track somewhere in there.

      • Brad

        both, the political part was in response to ssomeone who stated sdhd was perppetuated by libertarian

      • Brad

        both, the first part was in response to someone who stated ADHD was perpetuated by people with a libertarian mindset. the second part was me agreeing that ADHD is not a medical problem and is more of a discipline problem and a problem in the way our education system is set up.

      • Trina Scott Gatlin

        I do not think he was trying to say that at all, he was calling out the other guy who brought his political views in to this forum, I agree, what the heck does being a Libertarian have to do with this, people of all polital views are having to deal with a society that wants to label children with ADHD and medicate them.

  • HookemHelwig

    I was diagnosed with it at 40. Always knew something was different, the smartest guy in the class but lucky to make B’s. BUT I hate taking Adderall and don’t anymore…..not worth the sides. …it is real but it is way over-diagnosed and takes away from those folks who do. I want a fix but not speed.

    • HookemHelwig

      ADD is real, but it is also way way misdiagnosed (with bi-polar) and over/wrongfully diagnosed…..No child should be on stimulants until after HS, in my lay opinion.

    • drowsyangel

      Try Aplenzin

  • Jannifer McReynolds

    My son was diagnosed with ADHD. The Dr. Put him on meds. All it did was make him sleep he was grumpy tired and honestly I personally didn’t think anything was wrong with him. A family member we were staying with at the time said I needed to take him in. The problem with my son is he is extremely smart and needs to stay busy. He has to be doing something with his hands constantly. And he reads like no other. Doesn’t matter how thick the book is, it will be done in a day or two. I took him off the meds shortly after he started at the age of 5. He is now 12, and he’s doing amazing except when he talks back evey once in awhile. Those meds do aweful shit to your kids. Challenge your kids. Get them into karate. They have to learn discipline in order to participate. And they give them goals to reach and they have to follow rules at home and laws or their instructor will discipline them. Its a great way for kids to learn respect on all levels.

    • wombat

      Your suggestion may work for some people. I personally think (and this just my opinion) that it would probably not work for a person with ADD or ADHD.

  • Angelica Matthews

    My doctor has also questioned the number of children diagnosed with Autism. He feels it is way too high.

  • Germ

    Can say this guy is full of it, I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age. I never took any medication, and still don’t. And it’s defiantly been a problem my entire life, now that I’m older though, I don’t really have the hyper part. Life has sucked me dry of energy, so now I’m just left with the difficulty of not day dreaming or having things go in one ear and out the other. Most of my problems is when it comes to studying, I can’t stay focused for more than like five minutes at a time.

  • Billy Plante

    Thank fucking god somebody is writing about this!!!!!!!!! When I was in grade school (in the 80s) not a single kid in the class was “afflicted by this”. Suddenly every other kid has it, drug companies are making money, schools are getting kickbacks as well as doctors and shrinks. I’m 37. In my entire life, I have only seen ONE kid with ADHD, and it is un-fucking-mistakeable. The kid could NOT sit still, and I don’t mean fidget. His sentences ran over each other, he did not stop talking, and the 5 minute car ride dropping him and his mother off at home was agony!

    And now, I have had the very unfortunate experience of meeting 20 year old guys who are now so messed up because of these medications that they cannot function normally anymore.

    • wombat

      You seem to be talking about many bad diagnoses by doctors.
      i wish that I had amphetamine in school and university, it would have made life better for me and everyone around me.

  • The good doctor overlooks the increasing neurotoxin load to which we are subjected, from industrial pollution, factory “food” production, drug, and most certainly vaccine, toxins, fluoride… Thus the dumbing-down of Americans, to produce a more compliant population.

  • Canegirl

    Spend a few hours with my 17 year old without her Concerta; you will be singing a different tune. She was diagnosed at the end of 1st grade; she’s a senior now, was my 3rd child. Her father a “Marielito” which I did not know when we got together in early 92, had ADD and (many other psych disorders); I figured this out after we were divorced in 2000, our younger daughter was diagnosed in mid 2002. Ourfirst and older daughter was diagnosed with ADD and Bi Polar disorder as a senior is high school just over two years ago;is non medicated but lives away at college. It took multiple tests, interviews etc for the younger to be diagnosed and the older lots of pscyh and counseling visits.

    Yes, I believe that some kids and adults do not have ADHD and are too quickly medicated but do not tell me ADHD does not exist. This is not just about a kid not sitting still; it’s so much more. I have a son from a previous marriage no psysch issues and a daughter turning 8 next week from my current marriage of almost 10 years no psych issues.

    I would not be shocked if Castro did all types of things to the people he left out on the boat lifts of the 80’s. I married one who came at 11 and was a nut job. Most in his family that came there were 4 plus a stepfather had all types of issues ranging from depression to ADHD. He killed himself 5 1/2 years after we got divorced and during those same years, in his 30’s died his hair blonde, put about 10 earrings in one ear, just about never saw his kids, stopped driving and rode a bike in Miami, became a semi Buddhist and then homosexual before he blew his brains out at 35. It’s in the genetics and how many in our population are walking around with this and other mental disorders procreating children with ADHD and other mental disorders? I love my two daughters from my crazy dead ex but dispite counseling and medication on the younger one and the older who goes untreated, neither one should have kids.

    • Drake

      Wow listen to yourself going on and on about you’re x and how it’s all his fault that your kids have problems even ~14 years after your divorce and years after his death. What goes on at home is a huge factor and I know your just giving your side. I’m pretty sure you have drilled it into your kids head oh it’s all your dads fault your this way while complaining about him all day. You say they shouldn’t have kids your despicable. The blame game solves nothing and the fact your not over to this day shows just how immature you are as a person.

    • Canegirl

      Drake, don’t judge me,you don’t know me nor are you a mother of 4 kids; two of which have mental disorders genetically passed from their father. The other two have a different father and are fine. Obviously hiding behind your computer makes you feel supreme judege;you are clueless. I don’t need to defend myself;I’m a good mom. Not once did I talk my girls father down when we were married or divorced. The girls were told when they asked years later that he became bisexual, blew his brains out at the age of 35 because he could not deal with his own issues and drug addictions. He never wanted to be part of his kids lives when we were married and certainly not after were divorced.He biologically fathered children but had no clue about being a Dad.In his own words: I had kids to prove I was a man” I forgave him years ago and moved on with my life thankful to be alive. I am the one who encouraged his girls to attend the funeral even though they said they did not care about him.
      I deal with my girls mental issues everyday. so get over yourself. The article was about ADHD being real or not; it exits and often with other mental disorders, Bi -polar Depression, Anxiety. OCD, learning disabilities etc. This is fact not fiction. I am a medical professional with the knowledge of these conditions, are you? It is proven to be a genetically linked disorder. My kids have always had healthy diets none of them have been loaded up with processed sugary foods often blamed as the cause of ADHD. If I had anything to do with their having ADHD, then perhaps taking Tylenol, the only medication deemed safe during pregnancy would be my fault. FYI….(Now it is being investigated for possibly causing ADHD).
      Finally, why would I want my two girls with all their issues to have kids when both have said they don’t want kids? They both say they don’t want to take care of anyone else and want to enjoy life. Biologically the older can’t have kids; the younger prefers pets,yet forgets to feed and water them at almost 18 years old.

      Selfish people should not have kids because it requires sacrificing your wants and needs for theirs and putting them first I’ve been a mom for 25 years putting my kids first. No matter what, I love all of my kids despite their challenges. By the way, since you’re so sure of yourself “that I’m so bad and dispicable” my ex’s own attorney told me he felt bad for me having to have been married to and deal with my ex at the final hearing of an almost 2 year divorce.
      My ex was crazy. Not only did he try to kill me, he body slammed my older daughter and broke her arm when she was about to start Kindergarten; that’s when I filed for divorce. But you’re so sure of yourself that I’m the bad one. Have you had a loaded gun put in your mouth or against your head while holding your child in your arms?

      Never did I trash talk him to my kids because I did not want to psychologically hurt my kids, they would figure things out on their own. Oh and Drake, their father was a Satanist at some point, I’m pretty sure God has judged him for who he was and the evil things he did on this earth; I let him and his problems go along time ago. The ADHD and other issues my daughters suffer from continue each day, they don’t go away. So have a nice life; may God grant you the ability to be less judgemental of others.

  • Jessica

    My son was diagnosed with ADHD late last year, AFTER close to 4 years talking with pediatrician. With that being said my son doesn’t just sit in front of the TV, he’s still very active but more attentive to people. He’s on the lowest possible dose of his medicine and he ONLY takes it when he’s going to school. After just a short time being on his medicine his school work and attitude has changed for the better!

  • dfgkjklsdjf

    Seems like every story on here with someone praising the effect of these drugs on their kids, refers to the kids as my, not our…how many of these ADHD kids are being raised in single parent homes?

    • Jessie Frary

      How does that have to do with anything? My parents divorced, yet still remained friends and lived across town from one another, when I was six. In 5th grade at the private school I attended, they tried to convince my mom to put me on Ritalin. Why? Because I was a happy child that enjoyed fantasy novels about dragons and unicorns and wizards, (and got made fun of for it) and would rather read those than do algebra (yeah, the school was a little presumptuous), and I would randomly whistle or softly sing while doing school work. She immediately pulled me from the school because she wasn’t going to drug a happy kid. I came out just fine and I am able to focus without meds.

  • PhilChance

    It seems many are commenting based on what they read in media not research. The first thing that popped into my head “why isn’t Mr. Saul taking his peers to task via professional channels…well it wouldn’t sell books.”
    People do try nutrition, lifestyle changes, life coaches/modification without medication. Read their stories, learn about their lives. Attend a seminar yourself & ask questions.

    I consider it a mental health condition, not a disease. I believe in avoiding medications & doctors. The problem w/ mental health is that it is difficult to figure out, there isn’t a blood test. It will be wonderful when we have more advanced testing, with results so people can believe. It will also be helpful if they can test themselves and decide if they want to pass these things on to their children.

    • Drake

      It’s a one size fits all scenario and thats the problem

  • Kristine Bowles

    I found through personal experience that sugar and red food dye were responsible for my son’s symptoms and not ADHD. When I took him off of the sugar and red food dye he became a totally different kid.

  • Kristine Bowles

    Also coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and just any type of stimulant will tell you if your child has ADHD. If you give them a stimulant and they calm down they have it.

  • Scott Youngs

    I agree that it’s over- and misdiagnosed, but I also think that when properly diagnosed, it can be a lifesaver (or a career saver, or sanity saver). After taking an exhaustive 300+ question personality test, and multiple visits to the psychologist, I was ultimately diagnosed with ADHD as a 29 year old. Fortunately I learned different cognitive mapping skills as a child, etc that helped me cope, but they didn’t ultimately solve the issues (and the ritalin didn’t either…but it helped).

    Just like any chemical imbalance, certain chemicals (or drugs) can help bring back balance (what do you think of a bipolar person who isn’t on their meds?). It turns out, the ritalin was not allowing me to sleep, but I can tell you that it changed my life and possibly saved my career. And I react differently to it that others…it levels me out rather than making me hyper, which people with no imbalance seem to experience.

    My point is this…improper, lazy, irresponsible diagnosis and treatment is the same here as it is with doctors that are over prescribing antibiotics (to which some diseases now use as food). It’s all about practicing medicine responsibly…and with our society becoming so much less focused on personal responsibility, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  • evidenceplease

    I have been a HS math teacher for 37 years. Each year I have approximately 180 students at any given time, and I can count on two hands the legitimate ADHD kids (it is fairly easy to identify). 99% of the time it is simply BS. Poor diet is definitely a growing problem that does affect behavior, and I applaud parents who have done a good job making changes in this area.

    • Daniel

      but it is real in your view?

  • S. Granite

    Of course this is true but all symptoms are the new diseases and disorders because doctors are not willing or able to do a complete clinical diagnosis or treat anything that an insurance company won’t recognize. This is the number one reason why socialized medicine won’t work in the USA. It’s a sick care system.

  • JimSmith

    The whole Big Psychiatry industry is a giant fraud–medical quackery on steroids. Did you know these morons “vote” to decide what “mental illnesses” are? This is not medicine or science. It’s a money making fraud enabled by criminal government.

  • Daniel

    ‘ADHD first came about in 1980 and diagnoses have skyrocketed since then” …. so before ADHD was a diagnosis, no one was diagnosed with it…. how strange.

    In Ireland it take over a month of testing and background info to be diagnosed. So I guess, bu the authors logic, it is real here… right?

  • drowsyangel

    Dumbest thing I have read on the internet in a long time.

  • Theresa Bouvier

    My son was diagnosed in 3rd grade. He would drop books and not pay attention. Well they tested him and found out he was just bored. He tested at genus level, and was too big for their small desks. Being very tall and lanky he was just clumsy. Today he is 6ft. 6. and doing very well without the drugs they prescribed for him in school.

    • MissSterious

      School is like prison now. They can’t talk in the mornings, they can’t really play on the little recess time they have, they can’t talk at lunch. They can’t talk on the bus. I can’t stand what school has become for these kids.

      • Drake

        EXACTLY it’s prison training through and through. Indoctrination of children just makes me mad to no extent bureaucrats brain washing our kids to learn their ideology. Look at all the cases of BS zero tolerance, your kid made a gun with his hand EXPELLED!!

  • Rich Simpson

    You have to think of the money factor as well in this, I know far to many parents getting disability for their children under the guise of ADHD

  • phil wills

    Has anyone noticed that all the school shootings have been done by children who stopped taking psychotopic drugs

  • Joel Neve

    My kids homeschool. If they have difficulty focusing, concentrating, and/or sitting still, then we send them outside to play for a while. They focus on their schooling much more effectively after that. It’s amazing what can happen when a kid is not institutionalized in a citizen factory and allowed to be a kid!

    • Drake

      Yet is so complicated for the school system to figure it out it’s pathetic.

  • MissSterious

    This is so true! The school “diagnosed” 2 out of my 3 sons with with ADD without hyperactivity…he seemed to daydream too much. And the other with hyperactivity. I refused to put either on meds for what I thought was normal behavior. When my youngest was in Middle school they told me if he doesn’t get meds then he’ll have to be held back. Goodbye school! I home schooled for a year and half. We moved in the interim, he started 8th grade in the new school and they could not believe he had any issues prior to that. It’s called MATURITY!

  • algebra

    I was never treated just ridiculed for not having an attention span long enough to eat breakfast (family joke 50 years ago) my now adult children talk about what it was like to grow up with a mom with ADD. I got used to having them snap fingers in front of my face to regain my attention. No need for drugs other than caffeine.

  • Dan Souza

    I have a nephew who was diagnosed with ADHD due to behavioral issues. I’ve always said that he’s just a brat and nothing that a good whoopin’ wouldn’t cure (which is something he’s never gotten by the way). Of course, my sister vehemently disagrees. The problem is it’s easier to medicate than to discipline.

  • Neecy514

    A lot of this is caused by an education system which insists the only way to be intelligent is to be book smart – Take my 13 year old for instance who is on the autism spectrum. He hates books and hates book work yet tests at an IQ of 130 – There are several different kinds of intelligence and several different ways of learning. Every one will not and cannot be a writer. Unfortunately, being a good writer and reader is what gets you through the school system successfully because much of the way things are taught and tested is based on one’s ability to write. We keep trying to pound square pegs into round holes and they will never fit. The solution is not drugs. The solution is teaching to people’s strengths.

    • Manius

      Not only that, but state-run school systems also brainwash people against trade school/blue collar work and anything else they consider “lesser” job roles–even if they pay more than the “higher” job roles. These education establishment propagandists won’t stop until everyone is going to college and taking out a mortgage (but no house) to pay for it. Then they’ll say everyone needs a masters degree.

  • disqus_zXLbNfw1Yi

    I definitely agree that it is over diagnosed, but I think it does exist, although it seems to be rare based on my limited experience. In my long life, I knew one child that was unquestionably ADHD. Let me just say that anyone who doubts the existence of ADHD would have their doubts erased after spending 5 minutes in a room with this little girl. She would literally bounce off walls.

  • Garye Madison

    How about feeding your children a healthy breakfast, instead of the sugar coated fast food that they are now being fed. Unless you want your kids to be druggies?

  • If we as libertarians oppose prohibition, and advocate adults’ ability to make informed decisions concerning their own health, wellbeing, and preferences, then we should support unhindered access to desired medication. How is it libertarian to support government restrictions on what adults can put in their body?

    • Justin Myrick

      No one is saying that Ritalin and Adderal should not be available. They are saying that the disease is far over diagnosed and strong habit forming prescription drugs should not be the go to script for KIDS. It’s also not very libertarian to let Big Pharma, in collusion with Big Govt., to push strong dope on the youth of America.

      • Nothing in this blog post mentions children. All of that chatter comes from the comments.

  • WilhelmtheSad

    ADHD is a condition and people both children and adults need medical help to cope with the symptoms. I for one am very tired of the random bozos slithering into public forums desperately seeking attention. Much like worshipers of “Albert the false prophet” they want and seek three things, attention, power. And control. In fact just wait one month and the same group will slither back and claim the opposite of what they claimed the month before and they will demand new things and sell new BS books touting their newer claims.

  • Drake

    I haven’t trusted pharma since I was about 11. I was put on ritalin at age 6 because my parents didn’t know any better I was to “distracted”. In high school they kept me in special ed. Then that changed after a younger teacher started talking to me and wanted me tested because he saw no problem with me. Come to find out I was super smart did my Comprehension test and tested off the charts was ranked among 40+ y/o(which was as high as those tests went) at 15. They then concluded I was bored out of my mind and wasn’t being taught anything. My parents decided to remove me from school I got my GED in 3 days and started college that summer graduated by the time i was 19.

    Now that I have young kids if any of these teachers say anything of the sort about my kids they are going to get an earful. Then again I may just home school, they say the indoctrination and the killing of creativity starts in middle school. Even though I’m sure it starts earlier.

    • Gorba

      If you are able to, homeschooling is better. You are correct, they are indoctrinating our children.

    • Trina Scott Gatlin

      Drake, I could have have written your story myself. The Teacher’s thought the same of my Son, However I refused to put him on any type of medication as I come from the medical field and know the dangers. My Son as well was testing off the charts, He was so bored as he was so far ahead of the other kid’s in his class. I do not believe in placing children in “grades” as every child learns at a different pace. I am so grateful I did not give into the ADHD thing and found him a much more challenging school, by 17 he had his AA and is now working in his Bachelors, as soon as I realized the real problem, he was able to be placed where he needed to be.

      • Drake

        Glad you caught it with your kid!! Ritalin is prescription meth for the most part. It’s like those toys where you have to fit different shapes in the box, the school system only knows how to jam kids into the square slot and if you don’t fit something is wrong with you not the system. Being bored in school is the worst considering you listen to someone talk 45-90 min about stuff you already know and teachers wonder why some kids have 0 interest. There is academic and non academic and schools only cater to one and if you are the creative sort they frown upon it and say something is wrong with you and you need to be medicated.

  • Barbara Ann

    Here is another article written by someone who has never experienced ADHD with himself or anyone close to him…nor has any of the other ppl making negative comments…If u don’t know the situation…MIND YOUR OWN P’S and Q’S!!!

    • Michael

      To say he never experienced ADHD with someone close to him is obviously an ignorant statement. The article is based on a doctor’s findings, who has experience with HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of patients potentially with ADHD or the symptoms mis-diagnosed as ADHD So his hundreds or thousands of cases of experiences trumps your one experience. So you saying he has no experience makes you a total fool. YOU have nearly no experience.
      And it makes you an even bigger fool to assume EVERYONE commenting has no experience with the symptoms, or the diagnosis, real or mis-diagnosed.
      Maybe you’re just stupid? You sure make stupid statements. The symptoms would be similar to ADHD…. If 11% “suffer from ADHD” but 50% of society is stupid, it’s much more likely you are merely stupid.

  • Matt Webb

    I’ve been saying this for YEARS

  • Becky Bridges Gary

    I get so tired of seeing these books and articles claiming there is no such thing as ADHD. Just because you have never experienced it with yourself or your child doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It is NOT normal for a person to have no control over their own impulses. It is NOT normal to not be able to focus on your assignments to the point of not being able to complete them. It is NOT normal to continue to misbehave in class even after being given warnings of consequences. It is NOT normal to want to have a good day in school only to disappoint yourself and your parents by making bad choices. It is NOT normal for a child to not have any friends because they are so disruptive in class that no one wants to be associated with them. Yes, you have to check and make sure that there are no other factors that are distracting the child, like poor vision or hearing, or thyroid issues, etc.before using medications. If you don’t have ADHD or have a child with ADHD then Lucky YOU!! But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Many of us tried all kinds of natural treatments, changed diets, elimination diets, supplements, etc. hoping beyond hope that we could find something that worked….all the while the child is suffering and wondering why she can’t behave at school, even if she tries her best. Yes…lucky you if you have never experienced this heartbreak. ADHD is not something that you can “beat out of a kid” as some of you have suggested was necessary. You can no more beat the ADHD out of a kid than you could beat the Type 1 Diabetes or Asthma out of a kid. It is only because you haven’t personally experienced ADHD with your child or yourself that you don’t believe in it. If you don’t believe in it, so be it. Why belittle people who have experienced it? Beware….your ignorance is showing.

  • Noy Hadar

    So the girl needs glasses instead, and you call this “No one does [need Adderall]. That’s lame. I am certainly aware of how the drug can enhance performance, focus, attention, etc. I’d love to have that naturally, …but I have 20/20 vision, so what else ya got?
    Noy Hadar Miami

  • Bill

    It’s all about the drugs and the drug-healthcare connection. What is a doctor, anyway?

  • marian

    If there is a pill, it is the answer for most doctors…Good way to dismiss his patient….Sad, as it is drugging a youngster and teaching him to rely on crutches…..If he is hyper or too active, that is the way it is…Each child is different….Most of us dealt with it…..Too much medicine given as an easy remedy….

  • Matthew Reynolds

    While I agree that at least half of ADHD diagnosis are crap and can be solved with discipline and other such avenues. It is real. I was diagnosed with ADD as a child and I went without meds because my psycho religious father said it was “the way god made me”. Needless to say, I failed in school, I had low self-esteem, I failed in almost every social situation imaginable, which led to chronic depression and self-medicating drug and alcohol use. Everything was either boring or a jumbled mess in my head that would consistently make me stress out for no apparent reason, often resulting in emotional outbursts. Even exciting video games only grabbed my attention for mere minutes. Life was overwhelming, and I couldn’t handle it.
    People should not be quick to place their children on drugs for any reason, and a lot of these children are products of their environment being misdiagnosed by irresponsible doctors. But going on meds really changed my life.

    Although I scored very high on IQ tests in my childhood (136), I used to constantly question whether I was smart or stupid, now I know I am extremely intelligent. I can gather thoughts and create opinions and arguments that don’t fall apart the second I am challenged or my mind drifts away on it’s own. I can finish tasks. Before I would start 15 chores at once and finish none while making a mess in the process. All of this as an adult male, combat veteran, in his 20s.
    It can’t all be disciplinary. The military gives you plenty of that and I still struggled everyday.
    So. It’s agreed that doctors are misinformed and irresponsible when prescribing addictive stimulants and the problem needs to be address. But it is just as misinformed and irresponsible to say it doesn’t exist.
    BTW. This C- outcast high school student is now entering medical school. NO WAY I would be where I am today without my Adderall XR.
    The easiest way to solve this misdiagnosis problem is make it illegal for ANY doctor to diagnose for ADD/ADHD except psychiatrists and possibly neurologists.

  • Kristin

    My baby girl was super hyper. I really think it had a lot to do with being in a NICU for 5 months after being born VERY pre-mature. Instead of medication (that doctor was pushing since she was FOUR b/c she couldn’t even maintain eye contact, it was so severe) I took her to neurodevelopmental therapists (the one I went to is called Little Giant Steps). They had me do 1 year of intense neurodevelopmental therapy (it was intense enough that I only did it 6 months when I was happy with her progress). Her main issues were eye tracking (eye problems are common with premies) and she was both hyper sensitive (from not having enough touch in the NICU) and hypo sensitive (from having so many pokes and prods in the NICU). She was also using the wrong hand (she is left handed but when I taught her to write I coaxed her to write with the right hand to make the world easier for her, big mistake – handiness is very important). Working through all of those things she’s now doing well in the 1st grade at 7 year old. We home school, I did hold her back a year to do this therapy and it was well worth it. We also picked a curriculum that works well with her learning style – Sing Spell Read and Write. She is definitely not hyperactive anymore and can sit and learn and concentrate, maintain eye contact, eye tracking is perfect, etc. I don’t think doctors presribe this type of treatment for 2 reasons. They either don’t know about it or also because a lot of parents wont take the time to help their kids in this way. For those of you out there who will,I hope this helps.

  • TBBB04

    My daughter was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 7 and has been treated with Concerta for the past 5 years with great results. If you do not believe in medicating your child, fine. I agree that children generally have boundless energy and can run adults into the ground. However, if your child cannot sit still, keep their hands to themselves and continually disrupt class on a regular basis taking time away from instruction, you aren’t doing anyone a favor.. especially your child, who cannot control their behavior on their own. There comes a time when you have to accept the fact that arguing with teachers and doctors isn’t going to help your child.

    • Manius

      Did you try a few nice ass beatings first?

  • Pacna

    You think that everyone was born with the exact same ability to focus? You think some peoples’ ability isn’t far lower? That’s all ADD is. I agree that it’s over diagnosed, but it’s not a myth.

  • Sarah Frances Wyatt

    I have a child (9 year old son) that has been diagnosed with ADHD. I am also against drugs. I catch myself getting “too many oars in the water” and I have a hard time focusing sometimes. I believe that the extra energy should be let off in the yard…that’s how it was done when I was growing up. I am, however, concerned with his performance at school. His grades are going down and his teacher tells me that she has to set a timer for him to complete tasks. I have requested that he be put in Special Ed to see if that would help. He is not a dumb child…has an IQ of 115. I am wide open for suggestions. I need to get a handle on this before it ruins his education. Anyone with helpful tips, please email me at [email protected] .

    • KJUU

      Sarah, he’s nine. Completing tasks isn’t the same for a child as it is for an adult.

      Follow your gut instincts and listen to your child, not the arbitrary standards we’ve set on a nine year old kid to make measuring and categorizing people easier for bureaocracy.

      How many timers have you used in your life to complete tasks that didn’t interest you one bit?

      • Sarah Frances Wyatt

        I also blame the school and teachers for not helping him understand what he needs to be doing. If I tell him to do something, he knows I am serious and does it. When the teachers tell him to do something he knows they aren’t going to do anything to him if he doesn’t do it and he’s too young to realize the importance of passing grades. I tell the teachers to be more firm with him and they just send me notes home when he doesn’t do right. smh

  • JeffreyFuller

    When I think I have ADHD, I slow down, smell the roses, back off on the caffeine, and whala! I’m curried. Where there is self diadnosis, there is self cure.

  • ISawTomorrow


  • minbarone

    I have been diagnosed with ADHD in the past….I think it’s BS My personal opinion is that the behaviors identified are a result of the TV and now the internet culture. If you watch children’s television, the commercials are approximately every 8 mins. I believe that this “wires” young minds’ attention span to be unnaturally short. One of my nephews allegedly had ADHD and my sister didn’t opt for drugs. She limited television to 1 hour a day and he had to read two books (of his choice) a week. He magically graduated in the top 1 percent of his High School class and was in the top 5 percent of his class at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Food for thought… He is also going to be a Dad this week!

  • Jt


  • Jt

    You guys have it all wrong.. I am 42 years old. What saved me is growing up in a major City. I never watched TV when I was young. I knew I had energy so I would hang out with the kids that have 200 kids per block I would always find someone to hang out with my energy.Luckily for me I had more than 200 kids that I can hang with day and night. With this type of behavior you need and outlet to release energy. I played sports after school, I went home to get to eat and went back out into the neighborhood and hang out with all the kids then after 9 or 10 p.m. I would hang out with girls and ladies til dawn and yes they were older than me but they loved my energy. I saw this more of a gift then a curse so I took advantage of this natural energy. Just make sure you have plenty of rubbers. I look back and wow I sure did alot of cool things.. I have owned two business and I dd go to college and yes I still have alot of energy and yes I live in the suburbs now . However I do go back to the city to hang out every day. They have a large pool of people to hang out with. Each club usually holds 1,000 people so plenty of people to meet and waste energy. It’s that simple.. In the suburbs parents see kids with energy as a problem. In the city It is normal to have energy and plenty of people to meet. We are all humans with different needs. Genetically I think it is a gift to have energy it is a matter of how you release that energy.

  • AJ_Olding

    Trying to explain this to my parents, who put me on Adderrall when I was a child is super frustrating.

    • Jt

      I totally understand AJ. I had teachers trying to tell me and parents I had anxiety at 14 and 15. Luckily my parents understood the basic fundamental of Genetics and biology. My parents sat down with me and said ” understand that you have a gift and hang out with kids that have the same and yes we had fun…and still having fun with this gift.

  • Mike H1776

    As a child i had a hard time paying attention in school and this was way before ADD or ADHD was ever even thought of, I had a hard time because my mind tends to wander when reading or anything else, I wound up quitting school in the 10th grade, Took the GED test past it with higher than normal scores and joined the Navy and that’s when I started learning because I was learning something that I wanted to learn Electronics and wound up in Avionics dept. yes I had to work harder than the others because of the mind wondering thing but if you give a kid something to learn that he is interested in he will apply himself. That is just my take on the ADD ADHD stuff, Kids have lots of energy that’s just life, Give them something to do that puts that energy to use. Maybe his first class for the day should be Gym then sit him down and try teaching him after they have expelled some of that energy, better than giving them a drug. I still have to write things down to learn them, when writing I have to slow down my thought pattern and it sticks in my brain that way, I always carry a small notebook for important stuff, but all this took time to figure out by myself, had someone that understood been around when i was younger maybe it wouldn’t have taken so long for me to get my life going in right direction.

  • Kim Hulsebus

    My son is diagnosed with ADHD along with other disorders. I personally was a bit offended at some of the thoughtless rants in the comments section talking about being a “lazy parent” and “children shouldn’t act like children and actually run around and play”
    I am anything but a lazy parent. I am out playing with my son all the time, we are active and have healthy diets. I want nothing more than for my son to be active and want to be outside and play, and do things that he enjoys. But when I was getting calls daily from day care that he was being defiant, aggressive and hurting staff and other children, I knew something needed to be done. I had him accessed by a Psychologist, and he went through the early child hood screenings coming back with low scores. He started seeing a Psychiatrist, and after about 2 months of seeing my son (and getting reports from me and the day care) suggested medication.

    It took me a good 6 months after his psych suggested it to agree to meds. I wanted to try all other options first, but things got really bad and I agreed. We have done many med trials for him, as he has so many dx, it’s a matter of finding just the right ones that will work well together. My son is an active child with or without the meds, but he is a much calmer, happier child and able to regulate his anger/aggression which is a big part of his dx as well. He still runs and plays and does things that kids w/o dx do. He still has aggressive episodes and gets over stimulated, but we also have other non medication methods of helping him (weighted blankets, Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Brushing etc) All of these things help aide in his dx and I couldn’t be happier with the progress he is making.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions but please check facts and think about what you post before you post it. Not every person is a “lazy parent” who has their children on medications.

  • School told me that my son would no longer be accepted (due to tardies) without a diagnosis and prescription. Had there been a man in the room, practicing medicine without a license, I would have served time for assault.

  • Bri Michelle

    Lol it said fro ADHD…”Saul told the tale to the New York Post of a girl who was being treated fro ADHD because she was being disruptive in class due to not being able to see the blackboard. “

  • Richard StJohn

    I remember sitting in class as a child unable to concentrate. i wasn’t running around or disruptive. I simply couldn’t focus. This in the era before ADD was even a concept. No one has this condition, it’s just a collection of symptoms? Okay I was a Psych major about 25 years ago, please refresh my memory. What psychological condition isn’t just a collection of symptoms? Depression, Bi Polar, Panic Attacks, anxiety? All psychological conditions are characterized by behaviors. When a physical test can be done they are no longer psychological. Those are now medical. So sounds to me like another anti stimulant crusade from the government is coming like we had in 2011 – 2012. Well maybe if the DEA wasn’t allowing Mexican Cartels to obtain weapons and import drugs I’d take them more seriously. When the brand name drug that’s been around since WW II costs over $1000 for a months supply I’m pretty sure medical necessity isn’t the issue.

    • You say, “When a physical test can be done they are no longer psychological. Those are now medical.” But isn’t that the point? Why treat a psychological problem which admittedly cannot be tested physically with a chemical which will alter one’s brain chemistry?

      • Richard StJohn

        For the only possible legitimate reason…. it works. I know many people consider ADHD an excuse for poor parenting. In some cases I’m sure it’s true. I’m sure some parents try to get their children diagnosed so they can get money from the government as well. But I’m a 50 year old man who enjoys the benefits of things most people take for granted because of treatment. In the end psychology will always be a science that fails to have mathematical exactness. Because all people are different. Whenever some person regardless of credential comes forth and makes a blanket statement like this condition does not exist it always sets off alarm bells in my head. For it is the height of arrogance to state ones opinion as fact and assert that no one benefits from treatment. In this case I can state with absolute certainty he is wrong.

  • Autumn Sadler Zawadzki

    My child was diagnosed with ADD in 2nd grade, not because she was disruptive but of her inability to pay attention. She was missing almost all of her class room instruction because she was always in “wonder land”. The school was reccomending her to be sent to special education classes, which I didn’t feel she needed. Whenever she could be worked with one on one she grasped the information easily. I ended up taking her to the doctor and she was put on Concerta. After a few adjustments (we started her on the lowest dose) she is now getting 100’s on tests and all of her subjects have gone from unsatisfactory and needs improvement to progressing and satisfactory. I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be an expert but something was definately wrong and Concerta helped tremendously. I do agree that this diagnosis is used as a crutch for a lot of parents but in a matter of 2 weeks of adjustments with no side effects other than loss of appetite my child did a 180. I am ever so grateful.

  • Jim Dicken

    I was diagnosed years ago with ADHD. It is real. I even wrote an article about it and how differently the brain works. When I am on Nuvigil my concentration and memory are much better. Not on the drug and I have lousy short term memory. On the drug I CAN SLEEP… sort of hard to do if it is going to AMP YOU UP… Explain why people with ADHD take a drug that amps up others and yet we take it and it causes us to slow down, and to concentrate better. It does not keep me awake like most people… PLEASE explain how this happens?

  • wishladya

    When I was about 11 or 12 years old the doctor put me on amphetamines for weight loss. Up to that time I had “fuzziness” in my brain. The meds cleared out my brain and I felt like a different person. I never put two and two together until years later when I read about ADHD being treated with the equivalent of amphetamines. It made perfect sense to me. I do agree that exercising, especially aerobics is great for making your brain healthy and getting rid of the “jitters”. It’s great for curing depression. But there are children who have “fuzz” in their brains that makes them lethargic and unable to think clearly. Perhaps getting them off the couch and making them run laps might work, but no one ever thought of that. I liked to sit around and read a lot when I was young. Still do, but I also walk/run a couple of miles every day and do yoga every night (I’m 73 now! and healthy).

    • Weisheit77

      That is how everyone feels when they do speed or cocaine. Try some cocaine and see how focused you feel.

  • tootaxed1

    I and my daughter have adhd and this doctor is a quack some of these doctors get that god complex just before senility

    • tonymengela

      nope just a drug problem, or perhaps you are not reading it clearly, because of your drugs. Maybe he is right in some of the syptoms are from something else but Dr.s are either to lazy of get kick backs to write those scripts. I have been around the medical field and 85% is a scam to keep you coming back for more. Those drugs arent helping you but real medicine like Cannabis is your best bet not amphetamines, take it from a person who got off of amphetamines and was extremely addicted

  • Joe Ruisi

    I know for a fact (death in the family) that those drugs are just as much a gateway to deadlier drugs as marijuana.

  • Guest

    My son, in fifth grade was given adderall, then concerta. He did not like it and said to me “daddy I don’t want to take this anymore, I don’t like the way it makes me feel” I stopped it. He got through and is now a productive adult without any need for any drugs.

  • Karen Taylor

    hmmm.. most of this disruptive behavior could have been stopped when the child was still at is called DISCIPLINE!! Most of these kids have had NONE.. for some kids time out chairs don’t work. I had one who you could talk to and she would straighten up..the was useless.. but a swat on the backside and she straightened up! it is NOT abuse, spare the rod and spoil the child has alot of truth to it! many of us were spanked and we turned out just fine, working hard, being responsible and could behave ourselves! Like Barney Fife said.. NIP IT IN THE BUD!! We need to go back to the old-fashioned ways..they worked!! what is better?? drugging them into some sort of stupor, sitting them in some shrinks chair, who can’t even control their own lives??

  • wishladya

    Banana know it all, the argument was whether or not there was such a thing as bipolar which the article says there isn’t. My description could have been more precise but I didn’t have all day. He WAS bipolar and one never knew how he was going to behave. But forgetting his meds did cause bad behavior, one day he would be fine and if he forgot hismeds he’d go off. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Hot and cold if he forgot his meds. End of argument.

  • Steve Shannon

    Years ago, doctors had no good diagnostic tools for ADD. They developed a set of questions that they could present the patient and assess them by the answers they gave. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. Dosing meds was difficult and time consuming because every patient was different and responded differently. Many doctors didn’t take the time to get the dose right and over medicated. There are other treatment approaches that should be explored along with meds that was not frequently used. There wasn’t a wide array of medications to treat the conditions.

    That has all changed. Many doctors will not attempt to diagnose ADD today. They allow psychologists to conduct a thorough assessment of the patient to rule out something much worse…and develop a treatment plan that fits each patient much better.

    ADD is a chemical imbalance in the brain where the brain has insufficient levels of a chemical called norepinephrine. Norepinephrine affects the area of the brain that controls attention and focus. Drugs like ritalin (methylphenidate) improve norepinephrine levels in the brain. But other meds do to by using different mechanisms…each with different side effects. Every child has to be thoroughly assessed and treated uniquely.

    Moronic statements like this guy’s (not you Jon) are harmful to children. It’s like saying cancer doesn’t exist because he doesn’t know the cure.

  • Guest

    “Although not even named as a distinct condition until 1968, by 1996 ADHD accounted for at least 40% of child psychiatry references.” – reference fiengold dot com

    I do not believe this exists. I believe the chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and processed foods we eat contribute HEAVILY to the many ailments, and emotional issues described today. My son was ‘diagnosed’ with ADHD and Tourettes at 5. He was to be put on meds for both. More research on my part showed the medications had an altering affect, and while they ‘might’ have fixed the problem they could have also created different, more severe issue. He was medicated once, for 2 days and it turned my kid into this evil, angry, emotional kid and I yanked him off. 7 yrs later he is still doing fine. He is on a ketogenic diet, all organic, pesticide, chemical, and hormone free. Do a little more research, you’ll come across articles such as this one… EPA bans Dursban and Lorsban. Do you know how many things the EPA allows into your food that are BANNED in other countries because they know what the potential is to the human body and care more about whether you are healthy. If you think the pharma companies aren’t getting big bucks to keep you sick, you should probably think again. Their primary goal is to make money. That money comes at your expense.

    I’m glad you are content with your ‘diagnosis’. Wouldn’t you rather be content being healthy?

  • Jennifer C

    Saying people use ADHD as an excuse to get drugs is absolutely ABSURD!!! Not everyone does this!!!

    My daughter and I both have ADHD. the biggest hurdle for BOTH of us is memory problems. Not LONG-term, but SHORT-term. We both have trouble staying focused, are both “hyper” in the sense that neither can sit still for very long and always have to be doing something (we can’t just sit and do NOTHING). Even when “relaxing” in the evening, we both have to be doing something with our hands, and are constantly “multi-tasking”, as my husband puts it.
    BUT – NEITHER of us have EVER been on medication. The schools FORCED my son to be put on medication for ADHD when he was little, after the doctor saw him ONE TIME and diagnosed him. You can NOT diagnose ANY mental disorder in just ONE visit of 15-45 minutes!!! I don’t care how good of a psychiatrist/psychologist you THINK you are. You have to get to KNOW the patient FIRST, learn what they are like on a DAILY basis for a LONG period of time, and WITHOUT MEDICATION!!! My son was put on medicine, THEN evaluated by a psychiatrist!!! Not ONE doctor ever saw him WITHOUT his medication. They always demanded he was ON it when being seen.
    I took my son OFF his medication AGAINST the doctors’ advice when he was 13 and I’m GLAD I did. At 13, he was only the size of a SECOND to THIRD GRADER. Now, at 18, he is 5’8″. And he grew to that height within a year and a half of stopping his medication. He’s no longer a “zombie”, like he was on the medication. He’s actually a happy, energetic, young adult with a personality.
    Now, HAD the jerks who so PROUDLY BOASTED their psychiatry/psychology degrees BOTHERED to actually get to know him and PROPERLY evaluate him, they would’ve found he does NOT have ADHD – he’s AUTISTIC!!!
    My daughter and I both have ADHD, my younger son and his father, ADD, and my oldest autism. Do we go begging for medication from our doctors because of our “disorders”? HELL NO!!! Not one of us is on medication for them. My daughter, younger son and I are on inhalers for asthma and COPD (me), and my daughter is on medicine for her thyroid disease. My husband has to deal with high blood pressure and pain from a severe back injury from the Army, but he limits himself to ONLY when he HAS to take the medicine. Not one of us is on medication for behavioral/mental disorders. I will NOT have any of my kids on that stuff again… It destroys their bodies and minds, and it’s just an excuse for schools and society to not have to try to work with (or help) them.

    • Weisheit77

      I sometimes wonder if Ritalin stunted my growth. It only makes sense as it totally killed my appetite when I was a growing child.

  • Wing_Zero_75

    I have been saying this for years now. I had a friend who was supposedly add/adhd. The problem with that was, when there was something to do that he liked, he could do it for hours. This kid, sat down and taught me how to play chess, and knowing me, thats no small feat in itself. We would play video games all day while our mothers were at work. It was only when he was told to do something he didnt like, was when the problems would surface.

  • Feiryred

    ADHD? Have you tried it?

  • Anne Matthews

    I think perhaps it is over diagonosed but there is real ADD. The best way to see is if you try medication and it makes a phenomenal difference in concentration. I have seen students where it makes a huge difference in their ability to do well in school. They have new medication now too that are not based on stimulants. Also there are diets such as the Feingold Diet too that some parents wish to try. Its all good as long as the children are allowed to reach their full potential.

  • Juel92

    Well if ADHD can be a collection of symptoms not a disease wouldn’t that need the same medication to? And wouldn’t it be a simple matter of changing the definition of ADHD to that?

  • Rob Garren

    Sure, ADHD is over diagnosed but I never seem to see the suggestion that it is not a real condition from anyone with a child that actually has ADHD. This is akin to parenting advice from non-parents. So here’s a doctor who says that ADHD isn’t real. You can also find doctors on TV telling you that you can lose weight and become fit using mail-order pseudo-medication. We’ve had some positive results by eliminating gluten from my son’s diet and a few hours of high-intensity activity helps somewhat, but medication changed my son from a disruptive kid who was about to be held back a grade to a kid with report cards with all A’s and one B…instantaneously. There are “side effects” to going through life with untreated ADHD too, right?

  • countto10

    Shame on this Dr. for titling this book the way he did. What he should have said was that ADHD is being diagnosed without proper consideration and testing. He says, “ADHD is not a condition on its own, but rather a symptom complex caused by over twenty separate conditions—from poor eyesight and giftedness to bipolar disorder and depression—each requiring its own specific treatment”. Ok so what name should he give this “symptom complex”? I have 3 boys. The youngest around age 2 behavior was so different than his brothers. To say he was completely hyper, unfocused, distracted, irritable, frustrated is a HUGE understatement. Lazy parenting? What a crock, there is no time to sit on a couch! We have taken out dyes, preservatives, tried gluten free, casein free, We buy GMO free (when available), organic (when affordable, lol), Read countless books, participated in parenting webinars, tried many supplements to naturally boost dopamine and norepinephrine levels (these neurotransmitters are what allows you to control your impulses etc). We have taken our son to specialists etc. I never drank or smoke while pregnant, (and no one does so in the home). Long story short, we have not been lazy! At age 3 my son once exclaimed while in the bath that “my brain is quiet,” I asked him what it usually is and he put a hand on each side of his head and rocked it side by side and said “boom boom boom.”
    Fast forward, he is 10. He does take medication, including ritalin. He is happy, he can participate in school, (without medication you cannot read what he writes) he plays, swims, runs etc. For everyone who thinks parents want to make their lives easier by medicating their children, try they want to make their child’s life easier. My child realized early on that he was not liked by other children due to him interrupting, getting into people’s personal space, getting angry and frustrated. He now has many friends. And heres the thing, If someone without ADHD (or cluster of symptoms or whatever you call it), was to take stimulant medication it would wound you up, NOT do the opposite.

  • Misty Higgins Wolfe

    My son was “diagnosed” with ADHD and ADD in the 3rd grade. He was on adderal for four years until he started having hallucinations on the meds. Once I stopped them the hallucinations stopped. He is a lot calmer and pays more attention now then he ever has. I think some kids are just more high strung than others and just need time to outgrow it..

  • Resist_Tyranny

    I had it and it was hell. A few years of adderall cured me. It’s rather silly to say something doesn’t exist simply because you never had it. Quacks like Richard Saul are a problem in our society. I wish I had known about it when I was in school. I would have had much better grades.

  • Nick Belezos

    They still have their place though, especially during Finals. They’re definitely a necessity in college. Young children, not so much. I do not think these should be prescribed to anyone under the age of 18

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  • reallyerica

    Summary: Many people who actually have a different problem are wrongly diagnosed as having ADHD. Therefore, ADHD does not exist.

    Okay, then.

  • Himmicane Ike Survivor TX

    My neighbor has been saying this for years. She was a pharmaceutical sales rep for many years before she got married. She told me that most of these “disorders” or “diseases” are made up because they are a huge cash cow for the pharmaceutical companies with the cooperation from the psychiatric community. She attributes the characteristics of “ADHD” in both kids and adults as the effects from tired adrenal glands which cause anxiety, poor diet, too much sugar, and lack of exercise and sunshine. She also said it is unnatural to expect kids to sit still in desks all day, so she home schooled her 3 kids. She also never had them vaccinated because she knew the dark side of that. Her three kids are grown now and are all awesome young adults. The oldest has studied at Oxford in England, and the two youngest are college students on the dean’s list.