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Lucky Officer ‘Friendly’ Didn’t Get Killed

FORSYTH COUNTY, GA – Surveillance footage revealed a police officer pulling a gun on a teenager who was innocently waiting for his food at a McDonald’s drive-thru window. Ryan Mash thought he was going to be killed when a police officer approached him with his gun pointed at his face.

Police Sergeant Scott Biumi of the DeKalb County Police Department was arrested when the video emerged and the officer was charged with felony aggravated assault.

Biumi was reportedly upset with the customer ahead of him because he had to wait for his food. “This flies in the face of decency and police professionalism and you can quote me on that!” said Ken Vance, the Executive Director of Georgia’s Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.  “His certification will be suspended immediately.”

Mash recalled the incident, saying: “And we were waiting on them to cook the food. And the cop — I didn’t know at first that he was a cop — pulled up behind us and waited about two minutes, two to three minutes…. And he got out and started yelling, yelling at us, ‘Stop holding up the drive-thru line,’ this that and the other. He walked back over to his car, got back in, and I said, ‘Sorry for the inconvenience, Sir.’ And he goes, ‘Who has the loud mouth?’ And I was, like, ‘I said that,’ not being smart or anything. He’s like, ‘Well, you never know who you’re messing with.’ And I was just like, ‘No, Sir, I don’t.’ He goes, ‘Keep your mouth shut.’ I was like, ‘I’m sorry.’ He’s like, ‘Well, you don’t know who you’re messing with. And there’s some crazy people out there.’ And that’s when he pulled the gun on me, and kept on yelling at me for about thirty more seconds. And then walked off.”

  • Sam Howitt

    He will get a slap on the wrist, like 6 months unsupervised probation. You or I would get 5 years prison sentence

    • John Busse

      I disagree. It’s 2014. Check to see if the Sheriff or DA are up for re-election or either aspires to higher office. If that’s on the horizon, they will make an example of this officer and send him to jail for the rest of his life. They’ve done it before – in Georgia. He deserves to lose his job and get a 2-5 year sentence. If there were a semblance of “justice” in our supposed Justice System, this would be the case. I assure you, that will not be the case.

    • flila

      10 years probation, community service and banned from police work for life.

      • Skrilla Mcskrillerson

        That’s great. Too bad regular citizens would still spend a mandatory amount of time in prison before being released on probation. Less preferential treatment than some, but he still was treated with preference.

    • Jack Perry

      The incident occurred April 9, 2013.

      He was arraigned on released on a $22,000 bond and his first court date was May 23, 2013.

      According to CBS Atlanta by Dec Dec 23, 2013 he was sentenced to 10-years probation, ordered 120 of community service and barred from owning a firearm and or working in law enforcement.

    • Kevin Fyfe

      yea and that is seriousely messed up if i had done this, it would be to prison most likely., pulling a gun on someone is crazy pycho all sherrifs here ive met have maajor problems. cumming abd forsyth cops are bad news,

    • theghostofxmasfuture

      Too bad kids in car not packing. Assault, brandishing/threatening other’s lives justifies a thug with a tin badge gets lead poisoning.

      • Joe Woo

        True. Although in a society like this, the kid would have done jail time for defending himself.

  • cjmit

    What a jerk, seriously. Surprised this didn’t happen at Dunkin Donuts.

  • poetwarrior

    Unbelievable. Too much of this now. Is it because their hands are tied with real bad guys or is it because of the DOGS training videos distributed last year?

    • JudgeRoyBean25

      a cop like this guy would probably shit himself if he had to deal with a real criminal

  • poetwarrior

    DHS, not dogs. Auto-incorrect.

  • penisvanlesbian

    if ken vance gives a damn about decency, this guy should not receive special treatment. you can quote me on that.

  • Jared B

    Address and phone number for Scott Biumi in Cumming, Georgia. 4410 Beckwith Pl Cumming, GA 30041-5667 770-205-7630

    • Rob Vessey

      That is awesome!

    • Charles Green

      Why would you post that?

      • Rob Vessey

        Because he can!

      • Ann

        Why NOT post it? The Internet is the ultimate leveling of the playing field. He thinks he has power with a badge???

        • Josie

          Do you remember when Spike Lee posted a name and address in Florida thinking it was for George Zimmerman, and it turned out to be an old couple? That’s why you don’t post idiotic things like this. Duh….

          • melaniable

            Spike Lee has been making a lot of mistakes lately apparently.

      • theghostofxmasfuture

        Unintended consequences fool.

    • Ann

      already disconnected

    • Tom Stricklin on Strava


    • Sam Vndrpul

      damn ! that was fast I need to acquire your services

  • sp2580

    The police state of Amerika!

  • Kevin M. Koop

    He deserves to be fired immediately and placed in prison! What an jerk!

  • Rob Vessey

    Just another sexually frustrated cop with a tiny penis abusing his authority. Just shows that most cops were usually the ones with snot running down their nose and the last ones picked on the kickball team.

    • JenMalice

      Rob, I am guessing you identify with their angst. Lol

      • Rob Vessey

        Not really. Albeit average in penis size I was usually the captain of the team. And I have nothing but love in my heart Jen.

        • JenMalice

          LOL Rob! Thanks for your sense of humor. Touche!

  • mikesbuffalo

    they got aggressive with the officers after being asked for id , and it escalated from there , when the kid moved forward the officer put his hands up to start to move him back,and the office then got his hands slapped upwards and a fight started, these kids are real lucky the cops did not know how to fight , because a ass kickin was due here, were they profiled in this case, from what i seen yes,

    • Austin

      An officer doesn’t have a right to conduct a traffic stop or ask for ID when off duty at a McDonalds. These kids have every right to be smart asses about it if things are even slightly like how they sound.

      • Tommy Wilson

        I am a Deputy Sheriff in Ohio with 26 years service and counting and I agree with you. He had no right whatsoever to act in the manner that he did. Hopefully they will convict him in a court of law. I would say that he will end up losing his job after everything is said and done, to which he most definitely should. It is sad that the bad actions of a few put a negative light on the good officers too..

        • Jack Jitsu

          The actions of a few are constantly covered up by the actions of many. Cops would get respect back if they would start immediately applying the law to fellow officers, who should be held to a higher standard anyway, and ARREST them when they break the law like this. You almost never hear about this, and you never seen it on video. Be we see lots and lots of videos where officers are clearly abusing people, breaking numerous laws, while their buddies watch them do it and sit idly by. Even worse, stories are common of cops being abuse by cops who turn other cops. Whistle blowers are punished. Most cops are COMPLICIT in this behavior and until I start seeing cops arresting other cops for blatantly breaking the law, respect should not asked for or considered. There shouldnt be two sets of law in the land, but there clearly are. There are kings and serfs in this country now, and were sick of it. Either implement the law for everyone, including cops, or you dont have any business being a cop.

          • Real shit.

          • JenMalice

            Jack, you are a great example of what’s wrong with the general public. TV is not real life. It is bits and pieces taken out of context. Have you EVER seen a video of a cop doing a good job? So, you make judgments based on TV? You probably believe “reality shows” like Lizard Lick Towing are real, too. I have a friend who played a criminal in that show – NOT REAL!

          • Jack Jitsu

            NO, youre the problem. Making terrible assumptions and being cluess about what I know. I dont watch TV, its rare. I definitely dont watch cops on TV.

            I READ a lot. Cops kill over 5000+ people a year in this country. You would know that if you read and studied. Cop abuse is out of control. There are numerous youtube videos every week of abuse. Is that fake? Many are unedited and completely in context.

            And yes, there are videos of cops doing the right thing too. So again, you are wrong. People now video tape cops doing the right thing to show other cops what a good cop looks like, because its becoming rare.

            I make judgments based on unedited videos that show an entire confrontation of cops abusing civil liberties.

            I make judgments on stories about cops reporting bad officers and being punished by their managers and “the system”.

            I make judgments on cops being caught writing false reports, blatantly lying, and rarely being prosecuted for it.

            I make judgments on personal friends who have been screwed and mistreated by lying cops. THESE ARE DIRECT EXPERIENCES of people close to me.

            So dont tell me im whats wrong when youre clearly clueless about what I know and have experienced.

          • JenMalice

            As for the media, they rarely show anything positive about any demographic. Our nation’s recent downfall into ugly divisiveness is evidence of that. I am just left wondering who you are friends with and what your occupation is that you have what you truly believe is such unquestionable evidence of corruption. Why are you not bringing this to a government agency or are you employed by the D.A. or Police Internal Affairs and have to keep it secret? Do you also see black helicopters and wear a tin foil cap? 😀 Please have real stats defining good cops being “rare”. That is purely opinion and THAT IS FACT. I will have to look up the 5,000 deaths by cops because that would be considered an epidemic by medical standards. It would most definitely make the national news. Unfortunately, anybody can make such unfounded claims because no one bothers to research it from sources anymore reliable than Wikipedia or Snopes. Your rant is suspect when you refer to “cops’ managers” which is not even an accurate term for a law enforcement supervisor, ie. Lieutenant, Sargeant, Captain or Chief. LOL I think you are probably F.O.S., but I am sure some bozo here will believe you.

          • Jack Jitsu

            Misconduct is rampant. Funny seeing someone talk about tinfoil hats when they are wearing a dunce cap and have their head in the sand.

            Want some stats???

            Tons of misconduct and excessive force right here:


            The 5000 death number is since 9/11 and the militarization of the police force, not yearly.

            Cops do have managers, im soooooooo sorry I didnt use the technical term, are you going to cry now? Your little feelings have been hurt? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he didnt use the word I wanted!!! BOOO HOOO.


            Now go stick your head in the sand and dont you dare do a search on youtube for police abuse, you may find thousands of videos of cops brutalizing people that would make you look as naive and ignorant as you really are.

            Funny watching someone be so ignorant with evidence piled up all around. There is this magical tool called google, use it.

            This site is full of made up stories too, right?

          • $47757257

            You can spin a story however you choose. People never admit their role in any story here. In every case, they were minding their own business and a mean, bullying officer just busts in and ruins their life. Yeah, right. Maybe not made up, but definitely biased and one-sided. Even a video can be out of context. The name of the website says it all.

    • JenMalice

      Good point, Mike. There’s always 3 sides to a story. People just prefer to ALWAYS see cops as bad…until they need them.

  • Frank_in_Spokane

    “Was arrested … bonded out …” Does this douchebag still have his duty weapon? Hell, does he still have ANY guns, including his own?

  • regis49

    Give a punk a badge and a gun and he thinks he’s God.

  • this is what gives good cops bad names

    • Tim Rafferty

      How long have his fellow boys in blue covered for his sorry ass?

      • More4les

        There is the real problem. All you “good policemen” out there only seem to comer out saying don’t judge us by a bad apple after stuff like this happens – on camera non the less. Well start outing these people yourselves. Maybe you would get more respect.

  • SuperFly2000

    Yes! Another crooked Dumb-ass Cop DOWN! This idiot needs to be sent to jail for doing such a disturbing thing. I am glad the Teens did something about it — Their rights were totally abused that day. I hope the judge locks the idiot up and throws away the key. Meets one of the people he put behind bars and well you know the rest…When are the Cops in the Country going to understand they are not the Military, they are NOT above the LAW, they are here to protect and Server. I am just happy this is one cop that is off the streets…Perhaps they need to look at his arrest history to ensure there was not wrong doing there as well — Constitutional Rights being violated.

    • JenMalice

      It’s sad that you would lump all cops together. My husband is a good cop. Former arrestees actually give him respect when we see them around town. There are rogues and a-holes in every profession. Like all unions, theirs is powerful enough to keep them employed, even the bad ones. Union contracts are the reason the punishment is minor. BTW, losing your certification, as was mentioned as a real possibility means you would have to move to another state to get re-certified. His record would likely follow him therefore, he would no longer be able to be a cop. anywhere.

      • SuperFly2000

        JenMalice – I do lump all cop into the same group. Its very hard to sort out the good cops from the bad cops. The ones that truly understand their Oath, If your husband is one of the good guys then I applaud him for being such an outstanding Man Serving his community, and Salute him for up holding his Oath to the people. I too know a few good cops like him. I also know quite a few cops that are good but have chips on their shoulders and the power of the badge they wear prides them too much and they get cocky and bullish. These are the cops that make all the good cops out there look bad, and I am sorry for that.

        • JenMalice

          Eric, agreed. Thanks for your respectful response. I also know a few bad ones. I actually know of one that did something very similar in a small town and faced NO PUNISHMENT. He was a good friend of the chief and although it was reported, it never went past the department. He lost the respect of the rest of the department and eventually left. At the bigger department, he behaved just as stupidly and was fired. He delivers bread now and that is the best career for him. Law enforcement is a career (like my career, medicine) where immaturity and a big ego can literally cost someone their life. I wish all police departments required a psych exam, like the state police do. It doesn’t weed out all the nuts, but it does keep a lot of them out.

  • And the gun grabbing left wants only these thugs to carry firearms? …Really?

    • melaniable

      your blanket statement is as ridiculous as you thinking you can lump people into groups such as the ‘left’ and ‘right’…

      • canamm

        We can.

        • Guest

          Who is ‘we’? If you truly believe that you can simplify things to this basic level than you are a fucking idiot and I hope you do not breed.

          • Wow..such language coming from someone as “enlightened” as you lol. I like how you can’t come up with a logical rebuttal; you just aimlessly rant like a gun grabbing lunatic would -all emotion, no logic. Good luck with that and keep on attacking people on forums instead of talking about the issue at hand lol…so smart! (sarcasm, since you seem kind of special)

          • melaniable

            Logic went out the window when you started lumping people into the ‘left’. Wake up little girl.

          • Uncle Arty

            You’re the one that needs to wake up, the vast majority of the voting public votes strictly along party lines, and we have not had a 3rd party president in over a hundred years, that tells me people who VOTE are lumping themselves left or right.

          • melaniable

            Yeah its called lack of a better choice and lobbying.

          • Logic says that liberals are the ones pushing the hardest for gun control – do you ever a newspaper?

          • melaniable

            You really don’t know how ridiculous you sound do you? Some newspapers very well may say that, however based on my everyday interaction with reality I know better. Don’t be so gullible.

          • No idea where you’re getting your info from, but most people are very well aware that the vast majority of democrats are pushing the hardest for more gun control legislation and even disarmament (Piers Morgan and Maddow and Maher, anyone? -the 3 Migraines of media). You’re the one being ridiculous, not I. Please, do educate yourself..I can’t do it for you.

          • melaniable

            I am familiar with the gun control issue, it is impossible to live in the United States and not be. However it is completely absurd to think everyone in that party is buying into it. Again, as I said before I am not one of those people nor do I know one person who is for stronger gun control.

          • Not everyone, but the grand majority -I run into the opposite “problem” -too many liberals demand more gun control (especially after a shooting) or outright disarmament..And I’m not the only one, otherwise I Wouldn’t have so many agreeing with seem to be the only one not observing reality. Good luck -I’m done with’re ridiculous.

          • melaniable

            The targeted market for this website agreeing with you doesn’t prove a thing other than how blinded by ignorance some people can be. Get over yourself.

          • You first. You can’t even talk about the issue at hand, just aimlessly rant and call people who don’t agree with your leftist line of collectivist garbage “ridiculous” -and NO evidence to back your really lame attempt at discrediting someone up. You’ve got nothing -just denial.

          • melaniable

            Do you know who Noam Chomsky is? You might want to look him up and read a few of his books (you might learn something outside of your blinded bubble, slim chance I know).

          • paul

            Be carefull

      • 53 people seem to think it’s not ridiculous. Maybe my statement has a wee bit of truth to it. =)

        • Guest

          53 brainwashed idiots

          • ter

            Without the right to security within your domain, you are not free or safe. The chance that someone may have a gun in their home, stops potential crime from cowards looking for an easy victim. Further it solidifies a community that can protect itself in times of catastrophic events, times when the government is unable or unwilling to help. Finally there is a difference in carrying a gun outside from your domain, and having one inside and on your property. Everyone has the right to security and no one has the right to invade your privacy, including the government or the assumed authority figures, you have rights or the social contract and all security is in jeopardy, and that right includes owning a gun.

          • ajay

            That’s sort-of funny that you’d ‘clump’ 53 people together and call them all brainwashed.. Socialism is the new collective endeavor in this Country.. Our Constitution gives us:
            (a) The right to free speech.
            (b) The right to carry a firearm
            (c). The right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.
            (d) The right of Due Process.
            (e) The right to defend our life, liberty, and property.

            To be quite frank, had that had happened to me. I would’ve shot the cop. I live in GA, the Castle Law extends to your vehicle. Unidentified man with a gun aimed at my face is grounds for lethal force.

            And yes, that cop is a thug.

            So, in all regards — we’re all ‘conservative’ and based off 200+ years of traditions..

            Progressive Liberals are like that fungus that snails eat.. They wait on plants to be eaten, infect the snail and literally create a ‘zombie’. Manipulate the snail by cognitive takeover and force them to the open air for all winged predators to see and be eaten.. All to be reiterated by being shat out after having multiplied in the intestinal tract.

            Which really does mirror the liberal mentality.. Self destructive morons that infect all who eat sh!t and can’t think for themselves..

          • Sam Vndrpul

            well put my man . I wish I was living closer to you so I could buy you a beer.

          • Guest

            I never said I was against citizens carrying guns, I’m actually all for it and your zombie snail analogy is a good one, granted it is directed ignorantly.

          • Hex

            For anyone who decides to be a bad ass cop in the future.. I carry a .40 in my car console. If anyone approaches me in this manor cop or otherwise. One of us is going to be hurting really bad.

          • ajay

            +1. I have the realization that even though I were legally ‘correct’ in a situation such as this, I’d be prosecuted.. Honestly, I have kids.. I have kids and that is exactly why, I don’t think I’d show restraint. I don’t want my kids growing up in a Police State.. This shit has to be resolved by bullet or by ballot. Fed up.

          • Craig Miller

            How much do they pay to troll the internet nowadays melaniable?

          • melaniable

            a lot more than you make

          • Craig Miller

            You are making a lot of assumptions little girl.

          • melaniable

            this was a very safe assumption

          • Craig Miller

            We know what happens when we assume.

          • ajay

            Why do people insist online that they make an exponentially large sum of money? Chances are these people live in basements at home. Again, it’s usually Democrats that make these claims as well.. Something about the Democrats and numbers; rarely are they ever correct and they are generally “over estimated,” unless it’s pertaining to something the other party does that’s supposedly positive.. Then it’s grossly underestimated.. LOL..

            I’m in school for a BBA/concentration in IS|network-telecomms; I’m broke as hell.. Loan me some $$$ if you make so much.

          • melaniable

            Eh, wrong I’m not a democrat and I did what you’re doing in school 12 years ago. I’ll let that sink in and then you can try to imagine the exponents.

          • Sargeist

            You’re in the minority here, retard. Just piss off already.

          • melaniable

            Ah, yeah minorities eh? I see where your mind is at.

          • Just jumped up close to 100. the downvotes are the brainwashed idiots who belong on HuffPost.

        • Skrilla Mcskrillerson

          and in other news, the cop who pulled his gun out on this teen is a Republican himself. Funny how that works.

          • ajay

            Like the ‘poem’ goes: “Republicans are Red, Democrats are blue, neither of them give a fu*k about you.”

            GOP establishment and Democrats, both parties are filled with treasonous plutocrats. However, the cop being a Republican has far less to do with assaulting a teenager with a firearm, than it does a “COP” assaulting a teenager with a firearm.

            The point was: “The Gun grabbing left,” wants firearms banned; personal politics aside and marinate in the toxic stew that it was a COP that did this and a political party wants cops and military alone to be the sole entity to have possession of offense/defensive weapons.

            But it is the left that is indeed, pushing to remove firearms from Mr. and Mrs America. Which, I’m sure Rep/Dem or regardless of political preference; these incidents would skyrocket if that were to happen.

            wo ist dein papieren ?
            Oh, Du habe kein papieren ?
            Ahh, Sie werden jetzt abgefragt werden. Nehmt ihn fest!

            Coming to an American town near you.. Soon

          • canamm

            NEIN! Nicht, solange ich bin ein Amerikaner! There are militia’s in this country for this very reason and people are signing up by the thousands. It’s time to fight back. Time to toss the Dems and Rhinos out of this country and take it back. Concealed Carry is one more way to protect us from these idiots, if that moron would have come at me with with a gun, he’d be six foot in the ground by now.

          • And in other more important news, people actually die when democrats have guns. Lanza, God hating Colombine teenagers, Chris Dorner and his truck covered in Obama stickers. funny how that works.

      • astrummagister

        I lump you into a group called “imbeciles.”

        • Guest

          I lump you into a group called “losers”.

    • Nick Pellegrino

      Jesus, you’re both right. The left lately has made it more of a focus, however there are some on the left that oppose it. There are some on the right for gun control too, but the right hasn’t made it as much of a theme.

      • melaniable

        Exactly, I never said I was for stricter gun control.

        • And I never defended republicans…but the liberals on here sure got their manboobs in an uproar

    • Skrilla Mcskrillerson

      Meanwhile the Lieutenant who did this is a republican.

      • And Adam Lanza and Chris Dorner were both Democrats -what’s your point? Oh -and they actually murdered people.

  • Josh Kline

    Awful, awful this officer is a traitor to his fellow officers. He needs to be fired immediately and criminally charged. This is another reason I favor more surveillance for police officers.

  • Tim Rafferty

    But he is a modern day Samurai, the kid should have had the respect he deserved and got out and put his forehead to the dirt.

  • Tommy Wilson

    looks like he will be standing in the unemployment line very soon..and, rightfully so..

  • Tommy Wilson

    Looks like the Sergeant will be standing in the unemployment line very soon! Don’t judge all cops on the actions of one ass. Hopefully they will convict him and hopefully he will get some jail time.

  • Scoobert2

    He bonded out of jail . He should be locked up and evaluated immediately .

  • Leftbehind

    Someone should Shot this Sorry Excuse for a Human

  • W Dawes

    They forgot “….with a deadly weapon” because if any civilians did that, that would be the charge, along with intimidation, because he came back twice, and a terrorist threat, “you don’t want to mess with me.

  • Rando

    Badge or not, pull a gun on me for that BS and you’re going to get shot.

  • DoCoHoLiO

    Doesn’t he know that Dirty Harry is just a fictional character?

    • Sam Vndrpul

      u mean Rod Farva … I want a litre of cola.

  • GypsyDanger

    Proof cops are just thugs with a badge.

  • juggernaut866

    I hope that idiot former cop spends a long time in jail with a couple of other folks he put in there. Should be fun.

  • Police will probably declare it a lawful use of a firearm and arrest the “teen” for impeding official police business.

  • Free2Ride

    Should have just shot the Bastard!!

  • Mike Golden

    Law enforcement is the largest organized crime group in the US, hands down. They literally have the ability, because of their job, to kill people without consequences. They will lie and cheat to protect each other to make sure the real story never gets out.

  • Debra RN

    He HAD to be on drugs…I am guessing coke…what a short fuse.

  • Joseph Pianta

    even white listing the sight the ads are to much and the videos do not play

  • Frank

    immediate termination for this unprofessional moron. A criminal with a badge.

  • beachmike

    Sergeant Scott Biumi needs a tune-up.

  • paul

    Why would anyone be surprised….things like this, and worse, happens all across America..cops are the worse trained professionals in the entire world…..thugs with guns

  • Nick Pellegrino

    This is bullshit! How about aggravated assault of a MINOR? He was a kid with a GUN pointed at his face! This really is serious!

  • Uncle Arty

    why is he not in jail with no bail?

  • CMJO

    The lesson we all must learn from this is that McDonald’s needs faster customer service.

  • Wormselectro

    The Mc Rib is back

  • DesertSun59

    My money is on the cop not being tested for being on drugs.

  • Richard Vickers

    they will not hold this guy accountable. he will get less than half the sentencing any other citizen would get. time to remove all these people from their positions and start over.

  • Shaun Allen

    It’s a shame one of the passengers in the car didn’t have a pistol. They could have shot the worthless thug and made the world a better place.

  • Pk Mitchell

    Prosecution, arrest, loss of job, civil suit, massive loss of personal wealth… thats what this “cop” should have coming.

    More and more citizens are RIGHTFULLY arming themselves, turds with badges like this should keep that in mind if they enjoy breathing… after all, “you never know who you’re messing with.”… could be an armed citizenry.

  • Kevin Fyfe

    i live in this county eat there soometimes this is messed up. the police here are corrupt as it is,,, this is crazy

  • truth
  • Jackie Elora

    “Allegedly” pulled a gun??? NO HE FUCKING PULLED A GUN!!! IT IS ON TAPE.

  • JoJo58

    He was LIKE, and I was LIKE…GAWD, I wish people would learn how to speak English.

  • bobfairlane

    Roid rage

  • sntduke

    Why in the hell is this allegedly. You got the dang video he did it, case closed.

  • I had a cop do something just like that to me about 35-40 years ago. I went down to their HQ the next day and the Captain lied to my face when I identified the jerk from a photo. He said that couldn’t be him. He’s on vacation. And they wonder where the hatred comes from!

  • John Johnson

    I bet the kid was a smart ass.

  • Dora flores

    This is a great lesson for this youth. Now he knows it is ok to question authority, he can see for himself that the thug culture has infected our law enforcement and that these guys are a bunch of abusive, corrupt wackadoos in a costume. Another sector of our population that has lost all integrity through their disregard for The Rule of Law. These are the actions of desperate people who just want to hold on to the power a little bit longer. They know their days are numbered, the masses are waking and we will demand a restoration of The Rule of Law. Be prepared for the transition, it is sure to be bumpy.

    • jackryanvb

      It’s one bad cop going bady off.

      Not all cops are this way.

      Not everyone associate with the police, military o just the government is your enemy.

      We have no problem with drone attacks on regular Americans.

      Don’t like this incident (I don’t), work with the local Sheriff to see that it doesn’t happen again.

  • Louis Becker

    Sorry for the inconvenience sir?. He’s lucky he didnt get shot.

  • rocket625

    that pig must be fired immediately

  • Target4Tyrants

    pigs are pigs

  • carlos

    We the People have allowed this Lawlessness to transpire upon us. We are afraid of the government where it should be the opposite, they should be afraid of us. Time to take our country back people.

  • he really wanted his bacon…

  • Zach Brewer

    At 2:04 in the video, question: Does he have a gun in his right hand? If so, why?