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Bernie Doesn’t Understand Why People Need to Work

Just when you thought Bernie could not get more economically clueless, a post from last June indicates, he wants to not only decrease our work year by 12 entire weeks, but he’s willing to raise taxes on all people to do it. Ignoring what this would do the economy, it seems more apparent each passing day that Bernie is more fascinated with intent rather than results.


For those who don’t know, 12 weeks in practically a quarter of the year. That means, not only will employers see this as yet another barrier to hiring people, but on top of that, if everyone took 12 weeks off it would be a 25% decrease in work production. That’s a quarter of our GDP down the drain. Not only that, but employers are required to pay people for not generating anything; another hit to profits that could be used to hire new people. Workers are hired to work. Why would employers want to hire someone to go on vacation?

This also raises the question: who’s going to pay for it? According to Sanders, working families. He said in an interview that he will raise the payroll tax to fund this plan. As if taxes aren’t high enough, who knows if this will even be worth it? What does “small increase” mean? 10%?

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Sadly, there was no huge backlash like the previous Tweets he posted. Hopefully, people still recognize how harmful ideas like this would be to the finances of our businesses.

Some will say family and medical leave is only for specific instances. Right– people aren’t going to come up with excuses to take advantage of 12 weeks paid leave their employers won’t be able to legally decline.

Businesses should be free to decide what time off, if any, they are going to pay for.

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  • barleywheets

    Bernie Sanders is a DECLARED socialist/communist. He intends to turn the American people into the governments SLAVES.. We will have NO rights.. the government will tell you where you will work, what you will say, what your child is allowed to learn.

    Simply put, communism is the idea that everyone in a given society receives equal shares of the benefits derived from labor. Communism is designed to allow the poor to rise up and attain financial and social status equal to that of the middle-class landowners. In order for everyone to achieve equality, wealth is redistributed so that the members of the upper class are brought down to the same financial and social level as the middle class. Communism also requires that all means of production be controlled by the state. In other words, no one can own his or her own business or produce his or her own goods because the state owns everything
    People criticize socialism/ communism, stating that the two systems would distort or remove price signals, slow or stagnate technological advance, reduce incentives, and reduce prosperity, as well as on the grounds of its feasibility and its social and political effects
    Communist regimes tend to impose harsh restrictions on the freedom of movement. Communist rule stressed abridgments of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and equality before the law.
    Communism provides low standards of living and commits numerous human rights violations, including millions of deaths caused directly or indirectly by the government. Estimates of the number of such deaths, in particular those that occurred in China and the Soviet Union, vary greatly depending on the source and methodology, with numbers ranging from under 30 million to 145 million worldwide
    They ensured the survival of their own regime by sweeping away the tsarist secret police and replacing it with a new political police, though of considerably greater dimensions. The new regime continues practices of censorship institutionalized under the old regime; indeed, the communists themselves had most often been the targets of this previous censorship.
    Communism also holds forced labor as a legal form of punishment for certain periods of time, and, again, critics of these policies assert that many of those sentenced to forced labor camps such as the Gulag were sent there for political rather than criminal reasons
    Communist regimes were responsible for tens or even hundreds of millions of deaths. These deaths mostly occurred under the rule of Stalin and Mao. Therefore, these particular periods of communist rule in Russia and China receive considerable attention in The Black Book of Communism, though other communist regimes have also caused high number of deaths, not least the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, which is often acclaimed to have killed more of its citizens than any other in history.[
    These accounts often divide their death toll estimates into two categories:
    1. Executions of people who had received the death penalty for various charges, or deaths that occurred in prison.
    2. Deaths that were not caused directly by the regime (the people in question were not executed and did not die in prison), but are considered to have died as an indirect result of state or communist party policies. Courtois, among others, argues that most victims of communist rule fell in this category, which is often the subject of considerable controversy
    3. communist states, the death penalty was a legal form of punishment for most of their existence, with a few exceptions. (The Soviet Union, for example, formally abolished the death penalty between 1947 to 1950, though this did nothing to curb executions and acts of genocide) Critics argue that many of the convicted prisoners executed by authorities under communist rule were not criminals, but political dissidents. Stalin’s Great Purge in the late 1930s (from roughly 1936-38) is given as the most prominent example of the hypothesis.
    4. With regard to deaths not caused directly by state or party authorities, The Black Book of Communism points to famine and war as the indirect causes of what they see as deaths for which communist regimes were responsible. The Soviet famine of 1932-34 and the Great Leap Forward, in this sense, are often described as man-made famines. These two events alone killed a majority of the people seen as victims of communist states by estimates such as Courtois’. Courtois also blames Mengistu Haile Mariam’s regime in Ethiopia for having exacerbated the 1984-1985 famine by imposing unreasonable political and economic burdens on the population.
    In The Politics of Bad Faith David Horowitz painted a picture of horrendous living standards in the Soviet Union. Horowitz claimed that in the 1980s rationing of meat and sugar was common in the Soviet Union. Horowitz cited studies suggesting the average intake of red meat for a Soviet citizen was half of what it had been for a subject of the Tsar in 1913, that blacks under apartheid in South Africa owned more cars per capita, and that the average welfare mother in the United States received more income in a month than the average Soviet worker could earn in a year. The only area of consumption in which the Soviets excelled, according to Horowitz, was the ingestion of hard liquor. Horowitz also noted that two-thirds of the households had no hot water, and a third had no running water at all. Horowitz cited the government newspaper, Izvestia, noting a typical working-class family of four was forced to live for eight years in a single eight by eight foot room, before marginally better accommodation became available. In his discussion of the Soviet housing shortage, Horowitz stated that the shortage was so acute that at all times 17 percent of Soviet families had to be physically separated for want of adequate space. A third of the hospitals had no running water and the bribery of doctors and nurses to get decent medical attention and even amenities like blankets in Soviet hospitals was not only common, but routine. In his discussion of Soviet education, Horowitz stated that only 15 percent of Soviet youth were able to attend institutions of higher learning compared to 34 percent in the U.S. Today however, large segments of citizens of many former communist states say that the standard of living has fallen since the end of the Cold War, with majorities of citizens in the former East Germany and Romania were polled as saying that life was better under Communism.
    So you REALLY think Bernie or hillary is someone decent to vote for? Well communism is what you will be voting in. LOSS of all your rights and freedoms, rights to decide for yourself where you will live what job you will work at and how much you can earn. What type of food you can have and much you will get to eat. What your children will learn will all be decide by the communist government not by parents. Doctors make the same amount as a hamburger flipper. The liberal/socialist democrats have the equivalent of communism

  • Sean

    Bernie Sanders is concerned with looking out for worker’s rights. He wants to make sure if an employee has a newborn child or is struck with a surprise medical problem, that the employee is financially protected against an otherwise impoverishing situation. People first, as it should be. Less poverty is better for the economy overall. Take your peripheral blinders off and start thinking beyond your business’s balance sheets. You and your business are part of an interconnected society. When we treat individuals with rights they deserve, we will benefit as a whole. Bernie’s payroll tax increase to cover this benefit is $1.61 per week. That is very little to pay for what it will accomplish for our society.

    • CJS3

      It will accomplish nothing but more unemployment. The result of this policy will be to fire all employees and replace them with contract workers. A person will contract for a specific job and nothing else. The job may last a month, a day, or an hour. Once done, bye “I’ll call you if anything else pops up”. No benefits, no withholding (pay your own taxes dimwit), no payroll or HR department. I guarantee this will happen. I’m the one doing the hiring and my lawyer has already worked out the details. I guess you college graduates never read Aesop’s fables.

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