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By Kevin Daley

Democratic Sen. Chris Coons regrets the Senate Democratic caucus got rid of the filibuster for presidential nominees, as Republican Donald Trump prepares to enter the West Wing.

Under the leadership of outgoing minority leader Sen. Harry Reid, Democrats amended the rules governing the chamber to require a simple majority to bring executive branch nominees to a vote. Previously, 60 votes were required to bring a candidate’s nomination to the floor.

Speaking to CNN Tuesday, Coons admitted that the maneuver may have been short-sided, now that Republicans control the Senate and the White House.


“I don’t want to get into the weeds, but Democrats made it much easier, so a simply majority could push through presidential nominees,” a CNN anchor said to Coons. “Democrats did it for themselves, and now Republicans can do it as well.” (RELATED: Schumer Warns Trump: Pick A Mainstream Supreme Court Nominee)

“I, frankly, think many of us will regret that in this Congress because it would have been a terrific speed bump, potentially emergency break to have in our system to slow down the confirmation of extreme nominees,” he responded.

“We’re instead going to have to depend on the American people, on thorough hearings, and on persuading a number of Republicans in those cases where President-elect Trump might nominate someone who’s just too extreme for the American people,” he continued.

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