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TLR’s Eric July is Dropping a New Single; Receives Praise from Fronzilla

by I, AnCap

Nowadays, most entertainers, be they singers, songwriters, or actors, are notoriously left-leaning. Lately, it’s been hard to sift through Hollywood’s liberal entertainment industry to find pro-liberty content.

Thankfully, The Libertarian Republic’s very own Eric July and his band BackWordz are fighting hard to change that. Their band isn’t just some garage-based indie rock piece. Their most recent hit, Statism, featured Escape the Fate‘s Craig Mabbitt and even entered’s Battle Royale Hall of Fame after its fifth consecutive week on the top of the board. These guys not only know what they’re talking about, they’re great musicians.

July released this video on the BackWordz Facebook page on Wednesday, August 17:

The video, which is just under two minutes in length, contains July rapping to a piano track. July reps a “Taxation is Theft” hat for and an Anarchyball t-shirt. At the end of the video, July announces the track is named “Be Great” and will drop on August 26.

Of course, the liberty community was abuzz with praise for the new preview. While Minarchists and Ancaps alike showed their excitement for the video, many elsewhere took notice of its existence. One such person was Attila‘s Fronzilla. Fronzilla’s twitter count is an impressive 192k, and he tweeted praise at Backwordz shortly after the preview was released.

More updates coming soon.

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