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  • Star Wars Highlights America’s Libertarian Spirit2

    LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: By Jordan LaPorta Forty years ago, pop culture was changed forever by a film most people thought would be nothing more than an ephemeral summer flick. The movie’s mastermind had minimal acclaim prior to its release, and his biggest hit before 1977 was American Graffiti. But in 2017, Star Wars

  • No, Garland Was Not Robbed of Seat on Supreme Court36

    LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: By Jordan LaPorta Liberals are in a tizzy today, and more so than usual.  After successfully filibustering President Donald Trump’s immensely qualified Supreme Court nominee, Senate Republicans announced their intention to use the “nuclear option” to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch. Senate Democrats such as Chuck Schumer (NY) and Elizabeth Warren


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