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State senator uses firearms-related words at random

by Ian Huyett

No one seems to know precisely what a “ghost gun” is. Definitions vary: some define “ghost gun” as a homemade firearm that can evade metal detectors. Others say that the term refers to any unregistered weapon.

What is certain, however, is that California Democrats think these weapons – whatever they are – are a dangerous new threat, and that regulations must be introduced to control them.

Democratic opponents of gun rights have a habit of sprinkling their rhetoric with scary-sounding but essentially meaningless terms like “assault,” “military-style,” and “close combat.” While introducing a new bill intended to regulate ghost guns, California State Senator Kevin de Leon honored this tradition, incorrectly stating the firing rate of a weapon and using words like “magazine” and “clip” seemingly at random.

De Leon’s bill would ban all-plastic weapons and require every Californian who owns a weapon without a serial number to apply for one with the Department of Justice. The state senator says that unregistered weapons are problematic because “no one knows they exist until after a crime has been committed.”

De Leon has not explained why someone who intends to use his firearm in a crime would register it with the Department of Justice.

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  • allenspidey

    I don’t know what all that is but I want one. Thirty mags and clips in 30 seconds?! Sounds awesome. Plus it’s 30 caliber which is pretty sweet too.

    • spongeO

      I can get you thirty ghost guns that shoot thirty thirty caliber clipmagazines in a thirtieth of a second. Interested?

      • allenspidey

        No way. After watching the video 30 time, I’m scared of this and find that he makes perfect sense. I can’t ignore his logic so I’m going to have to pass.

  • This is the most pathetic I’ve seen a Democratic politician be in a long time.

    • evlgreg

      Watch ANY Joe Biden clip, or Dianna DeGette describing how banning magazines will dry up the supply of ammo once users have shot the bullets out of them.

  • Slpg Dragon

    Maybe its because those who see people like his libtard ass is coming after their weapons they know they have the right to possess under the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. People are not stupid, they know that its not just a means to protect their families, or hunt that they need to cling to their means of self defense these days…anyone who register’s their weapon’s might as well post a sign to their yard saying “I am here come and get me!!” We in Cali, also know that the States Attorney General has her own goon squad already going out across the state and arresting people for possession of firearms if they ever had so much as a restraining order placed against them and have not turned in their registered weapons. We are not blind or ignorant…and we know they are calling those who legally possess weapons and have not registered them, “Intended Criminals” We are not and should not be listed as someone in a “Minority Report” as Potential Criminals…we are merely exercising our US Citizen’s Rights Protected by the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, which SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON!!

    • Debra

      I wonder if this fool doesn’t know that California can’t just ban guns with no serial number. They are allowed under federal law and the state can’t make laws that outlaw something federal law says is legal. The new law would be swatted down by the Supreme Court.

      I do wish it was in the constitution that any politician who submitted or voted for any law that was deemed unconstitutional would be automatically ineligible to hold any elected office ever again. In fact they should have to vacate their office as soon as a replacement can be appointed by the governor of the state prior to a special election to fill the seat. That would keep these buggers on their toes.

      • anomalyjustin

        I agree with the sentiment of your comment, but have one point of contention, for accuracy’s sake: States absolutely CAN prohibit something that is legal on a federal level. This is actually perfectly Constitutional. However, ANY form of regulation on firearms is patently unconstitutional, on either a state or federal level. Unless they want to repeal the 2nd Amendment that is (which they don’t really need to do, because they choose to just ignore it instead, and people just go along with this, no questions asked).

  • LiveFree

    Correction: Democrats have no clue how anything works.

    • E.J. Burger

      Correction : government (troll face)

    • James Alexander Rodriguez

      the republican vs democrat argument is equivalent to using a stone age tool. the problem is not democrat or republican parties, it is the people that take one side or the other thinking there is a massive difference in the two. a classic case of divide and conquer that has been effective for hundreds of years.

      • Dean Murdo

        I liken it more to the Lilliputians. Instead of arguing over which end of an egg is easiest to break, Republicans and Democrats argue over which form of slavery is ideal. In both cases both sides are wrong. An egg is most easily broken in the middle and liberty is better than slavery

      • LiveFree

        Yes. But, in particular, the democrat party has a tendency to attract really, really, REALLY stupid people.

      • Andy Kay


      • $336800

        No.. Democrat voters are definitely the problem. Issue by issue by issue, they are wrong.. education, healthcare, taxes, guns , unions, foreign policy etc.. all wrong.

        • poker25005

          The Democrat voters are not the problem. They are well educated on all issues. The problem is that the Republicans are mad because they buy their votes on issues like Unions, Jobs, Healthcare, Guns, Women’s Rights, Same Sex Marriage etc. When will the Republicans stop being stupid and learn that the majority of Democrat voters are wise to their lies and stupid tricks.

    • poker25005

      Correction. Republicans have no clue how things work. They never have and never will.

  • Johnny23

    These are the people we elected to represent us. We need to have our own brains inspected.

    • E Carl Binongcal

      Jojnny23 – A more appropriate question is: How many illegals voted to get him elected.. Nothing wrong with our own brains. Dumbocrats are just to dumb to know the truth. They are mostly habitual liars and masters in cheating and stealing an election. No one can deny that their POS leader has lied to them at least 29 times from my count I bummer care blunder

      • James Alexander Rodriguez

        the republican vs democrat argument is equivalent to using a stone age tool. the problem is not democrat or republican parties, it is the people that take one side or the other thinking there is a massive difference in the two. a classic case of divide and conquer that has been effective for hundreds of years.

  • Noah Mcguire


  • TonyWestover

    The teleprompter must’ve broken on him. Either that or the speech guy was out to lunch and it just keep saying “SCARY RHETORIC SCARY RHETORIC SCARY RHETORIC”

    • Teresa

      That is what the person that wrote on the teleprompter thought also. They are all idiots

  • Harry Myers

    Who elects these fools?

    • Dawn – Naturally Texan

      hacked democracy, dead voters, lost ballots and machines a high schooler can hack and change all thr votes.

  • Ben Anderson

    I’m never certain why Democrats feel they are qualified to talk about gun control and then turn around and tell Republicans that they’re not qualified to talk about climate change or women’s issues, or race or anything that they think they have an advantage on. Give up. Democrats are less qualified to speak on gun issues than Richard Sherman is to talk in a public setting.

    • Bill Fleming

      The down vote is for dragging Sherman into the comment.

    • Sowell caliber quote sir. Stealing it!

  • BobM001

    “Ponce” would better spend his time looking for the “Fountain of Intellect”. Because he is ONE DUMB SOB!

  • jabman549 .

    He’s an idiot, but I’m more disgusted with the police officer standing behind him letting him spew it. Without those willing to honor their oath, we are doomed as a nation.

    • ozlanthos

      Are you kidding me? Can you imagine the level of restraint it must have taken to keep from bursting into laughter? Of course then again, considering that this guy is Democrat, he probably had someone from his office play dress-up to make him look more “authoritarianative”…


      • James

        You assume cops are familiar with guns. Do all office assistants know exactly how computers work? No.

        Chances are the officer knows as little about guns as the moron speaking.

        • matt

          If you are given a gun that can kill people, they train you on how to use it and what it means…

          • Bill Garrett

            What about a knife that can kill people? A hammer that can kill people? A guitar string that can kill people? Police firearms training is typically far less than what you would get going to the farm and spending some quality time with a veteran.

          • David

            Right, just like when they give Police officers their cars they train them on how cars are manufactured, the history and modifications that can be done to the current model they are driving. Assuming that police officers know a lot about guns is foolish.

          • James

            Are you sure of this? The NYPD switched from revolvers to Glocks. Rather than train the officers on the new weapon and let them know that the trigger pull was slightly less than a revolver, they instead installed MUCH stronger trigger springs (at the cost of millions of dollars) in order to mimic the trigger pull of the revolver. As a consequence the trigger pull now causes it to be a miracle if you hit your intended target.

            There is mandatory range and qualification, that’s it, there is no mandate that they know exactly how it works.

        • matt

          You can’t kill a man with a computer in the sense you’re speaking

          • James

            I am not talking about its ability to kill, I am talking about knowing what it is and how it works.

        • ozlanthos

          Like I said. Chances are that he had someone from his office play “dress-up” (in other words “impersonate a police officer”).


        • Bill Fleming

          An LEO may not know every specific detail about a firearm but they sure
          as hell know enough to know this State Senator was as clueless as an
          earthworm when spewing out his idiotic diatribe.

      • Guest

        An LEO may not know every specific detail about a firearm but they sure as hell know enough to know this State Senator was as clueless as an earthworm when spewing out his idiotic dribble

    • Orionsrevenge

      I’m guessing the officer was required to be present because that is a NFA firearm.

  • Joshua Shumake

    Why would a reasonable gun owner need or want or trade in anything that is “untraceable”? That only seems useful when comiiting a crime.

    • Doug Farris

      A reasonable gun owner knows that registering any gun is foolish.

  • munacra

    What a MAROON!!!

  • Paul Allen

    If my company moved out of state I would beat them to the new location. CA sucks. The politicians here are f’ing morons. The people here that vote them into office are even worse. Getting about time to look for a job elsewhere and pull up my roots and leave this pathetic state. America’s Finest City my ass!

    • Hence why democrats don’t want an ID to vote. If a person is too stupid to know how to get a free photo ID, then they are stupid enough to vote for a democrat.

    • Bill Fleming

      My brother picked up and left CA 10 years ago and moved to a quite and free town in Idaho. He has never looked back even during the long cold winters. Get out as soon as you can

      • Paul Allen

        I’m considering leaving everything and going very soon. Even though I have a decent job, there is little else for me here. I have a couple of friends in other places that may be able to help me out until I find another job. This place is so out of control and the majority of the people here are just so stupid (all the illegals certainly doesn’t help).

        • Bill Fleming

          Yes there are barriers to overcome. To bad you are not the Paul Allen” then you could pretty much write your own ticket. Good luck out there.

          • Paul Allen


            If I had a dollar for every time someone thought I was then I’d be as wealthy as him. 🙂

            I have the same initials as him (PGA), am not much younger, and I am a Software Engineer.

          • Bill Fleming

            Too funny

  • huh_monkey

    Idiots are literally running the asylum.. GOD help us!!
    I think the space cadet is confusing this weapon with a Phantom Phaser Gun.. which fires 30 greegons at half a parcycle per nanofractions ( I made that up..elect me to office)

    • James

      Little less god, little more education, might help here.

  • darryl

    The sad part is that so many uneducated people will see this and take it as the truth especially if the mainstream media plays this

    • Bill Fleming

      MSM won’t play it. It has already received enough press indicating what an idiot he is. Now if it was a statment by a Republican it would be front and center on the 6 o’clock news for a week.

  • Michael John Naretto

    Wile E. Coyote is less dangerous than this guy.

  • Peter Toth


    The real scary part…the anti-gun crowd would view what he said as intelligent, insightful, and meaningful.

  • These idiots are supposed to be political leaders??? The analogy of a plumber doing brain surgery to these politicians comes to mind. Except a plumber actually has to be competent in his field and reasonably literate.

    No, California State Senator Kevin de Leon is more like a baboon than anything else. And those who elected him are neither plumbers nor brain surgeons.

    • Jimbo

      Excuse me. As a journeyman pipefitter I take exception to your analogy. Apprentice fitters have to complete 4 years of college tech courses, with a minimum C in all classes. This is in conjunction with 4 years OTJ training. Plumbers have no such requirement. Guess what? Industry looks at us as equals. As far as brain surgeons go, they bury their mistakes. I do agree Demopols are idiots and should be buried after a botched brain surgery.

      • Doug Farris

        All I can say about that is that a pipefitter will not put his hands where a plumber will put his head…

        • Jimbo

          True, I’ve never put my hands up my ass. (or anyone else’s)

    • Ronald Reiman


  • Debra

    Am I the only one who feels like she’s in the movie “Idiocracy” when you see this kind of idiocy? Why is it so difficult for these fools to at least TRY to learn something about the things they want to ban BEFORE they try to ban them?

    Oh, that’s right, I forgot politicians can’t be bothered to actually investigate the issues before they vote on them, especially if they are the ones that introduced the bill. Criminy, how much effort does it take to learn the difference between a clip and a magazine, or to figure out the difference between an automatic weapon and semi-auto, or to learn a rate of fire is and what it is for any firearm? This fool politician (sorry for being redundant) only needed about ten minutes with Google to look these things up and educate himself to things I knew when I was ten years old. Imagine that. A ten year old little girl knew more about the rifle in his hands than he does. Most men would find that really embarrassing. But, politicians also lack something else; shame.

  • Andrew Vernon

    I’d like a .30 caliber that fire 30 magazines in a second….sounds sweet, but it must be damned expensive for ammo…

  • Nfld

    Kevin – You would have been much better off keeping your mouth shut and letting people think you are an id10t.
    Now you’ve gone and confirmed it.

  • opsman

    I swear, these guys have no clue as to what they are talking about. They throw out firearm related words thinking they sound as if they are subject matter experts when in actuality they have no idea of what they are talking about. Much the same as the laws they are passing.

  • Fiddy

    This video is hilarious, but it’s clearly something made by The Onion or similar. Nobody is that stupid in real life.

    • Conservativesniper

      Ever heard of Joe Biden?

    • Victor_Decurtis

      Yes, Fiddy, they really are that stupid! They make it a point of pride to see which one can utter the most inane and idiotic sentences.

  • Shoone

    So wait, his point is guns are dangerous, and your point is the bullets are more dangerous and the gun is a little less dangerous? Great defense…30 rounds in 2 seconds is still pretty devasting in a crowd of 50-100 people.

    • cjleete

      The point is that this creature on the podium is an imbecile, and was put in office by imbeciles. His daddy had a piss hardon when he was conceived, he came from the shallow end of the gene pool, his family tree is straighter than a bamboo, you surely get the point by now? Or have you been swimming in that same pool?

      • Shoone

        I think you misread my post…His point (being the politician) is guns are dangerous. The counter argument is he’s wrong about the terminology, the bullets are actually bigger, and “no it’s not 30 in half a second,” it’s 30 in 2 seconds, as if that somehow disproves the dem’s point that guns are unnecessarily dangerous.

        I think you’re the one that’s been swimming around in that pool, bud. Your best arguments against the basis that guns are more dangerous and destructive than they have to be is childish name calling and insults. How about you formulate a logical rebuttal next time you decide to reply to somebody’s post?

        • Shoone

          Fucking lul. I ask for an effective argument in favor of more automatic firearms and I get downvoted. “Conservatism”

          • Scott

            Other than the military and a rare few others, “automatic weapons” are already illegal (terminology). The argument to the pols statements are that registering guns will not stop gun violence. Criminals will not register their guns and law abiding citizens who do not register their guns will therefor be put into the same category as truly dangerous people with not a care for human life. The Feds and States can make all the laws they want to try and take guns away, it isn’t going to lower crime. On the contrary, it will increase crime. How? Law abiding citizens will no longer be able to protect themselves or their families. Gangs have Uzi’s, fully automatic bought on the Black Market! You would think that with the hundreds of gun laws already enacted, crime would be lower and these guns wouldn’t be in the gang’s hands. The reality is, use the laws we already have to stop crime/criminals and stop trying to enact feel good laws that punish good people yet do nothing else!

          • Shoone

            And yet we still have mass shootings. Shootings that wouldn’t have happened if we paid attention to the warning signs or had a little more regulation/control on who got their hands on a gun…

    • Doug Farris

      Vaeth, If a gun fires 30 rounds in 2 seconds and you say that will be devastating in a crowd of 50-100 people, can you tell me how many of the 50-100 people might be hit by any of the rounds?

      • Shoone

        Depends on the gun and caliber, but bullets can travel through bodies with enough momentum to hit other people, in a crowd of 50, I’d say about 9-12 people before reloading and wasting another group of people because magazines are fast to reload and easy to carry. And let’s be real, isn’t just 1 person getting shot a bad enough tragedy? Or do we need multiple people killed at the scene to feel bad for the family/ies?

  • mikesbuffalo

    well to shoot 30 bullets in a half a second would mean all the bullets went to the same place. thats just stupid. and so are you.

  • Idar Olsen

    The world is run by morons. It used to be by the people for the people…But now it is by school for industri…..morons….

  • chichachachi

    Gotcha journalism at its most… lukewarm.

  • Hush Hillstreet

    look at these folks running around like a headless chickens, trying to peddle as much fear as they can “scary scary Evil evil!”

  • sebastianwoof

    These idiots love to use the term
    “Semi-Automatic” in their reference to guns
    when they have no Fkg idea of what it means.

  • Churchillis1

    “De Leon has not explained why someone who intends to use his firearm in a
    crime would register it with the Department of Justice.”
    Best line of the article. And, it applies to just about ANY idiotic gun control law a libtard can introduce.

  • Josh Foth

    It’s a combination ak-57 uzi radar lazer triple barrel double scope heat seeking shotgun named betty lou!

  • Gary

    I like the look on the cops face, it’s like: “Huh, a half second?!”.


    That’s faster than my Ray Gun which takes 1 hour to power up & turns armored tanks into chocolate pudding!!

  • Joe Chagnon

    well technically an unregistered weapon still isnt known to exist after a crime because they are going to check for registered ones and have no idea about the unregistered one, hence the term unregistered.

  • yura1968


    …and government must employ ghost hunters to find the victims of those murdering 30-magazine-of-30-cal-bullet-that-shoot-all-in-30-jiffy-second guns so we can bring them to trial…

  • Jason Smith

    You know what’s really funny? Obama and the Democrats are the best things that have ever happened to the gun industry 🙂

  • Alden Smith

    Guns and Democrats two things that should ever be allowed in the same room

  • Cory Tyler

    Here it comes, the response to 3D-Printing, that is what this retard is trying to target.

    • Erin Tarn

      It’s been possible (for at least a century) for a person with moderate skill and access to tools, to build a firearm at home WITHOUT a 3D printer. Cheaper too. 3D printers have hit a markup phase and are 3 – 4x as expensive as they were even a year ago for the same product. Tools to build a fully metal firearm could be had for much less.

  • David

    ZERO credibility! State Senator De Leon … you have now voluntarily
    revealed your stupidity, exposed yourself as undisciplined, and are
    therefore granted the status of LOOSER. Congratulations on your new
    achievement! P.S. Next time you may want to consider educating yourself
    about a subject before you engage the press.

  • Spmscks

    Wow you know you can build lowers with jig’s purchased online and as long as you build it for yourself with no intent to sell it. It’s Legal.

  • bubba2001

    Why didn’t one of those cops step forward and stop him?
    Unless they’re equally as ignorant.

  • Big Enos

    Because a gun with a serial number can’t possibly be used in a crime. That’ll fix it!

  • Hanna Fate

    Good luck enforcing that one.

  • AesopsRazor

    The day that speech hit the news I googled “ghost gun” to see if anybody was actually calling printed guns that. Just out of curiosity. At that time the only hits you’d find on the several first pages of results were all about “Call of Duty: Ghost”

    If you google the word now you see it popping up everywhere, just in the past few weeks. This dumbass babbling on camera actually coined a word.

    So the article reads “No one seems to know precisely what a “ghost gun” is. Definitions vary: some define “ghost gun” as a homemade firearm that can evade metal detectors. Others say that the term refers to any unregistered weapon.”

    A few weeks ago it didn’t mean anything, because it’s not a word. It’s not any type of gun at all. It’s something dumbass over here and whoever writes his speeches came up with because it sounds scary and makes their point for them.

    We just witnessed the invention of the new “assault rifle.”

  • Frank Linda Whitson

    Stupid just plain stupid.

  • rst1317

    ““no one knows they exist until after a crime has been committed.” ~De Leon

    One can say that about all sort of things beside guns, for example, illegal immigrants.

  • Erin Tarn

    He should be arrested for waving those firearms around in an unsafe, threatening manner.

  • Its equipped with a… nuclear solar powered red dot iron sight and… its capable of… 600 ft/lbs per second squared of… tactical ummm hollow penetrator shells. They’re widely available and… the terrorists use them to take down buildings. Have you seen the movie “Eraser” yea these are 10 times worse.

    “Ghost gun…” get this dumbass off the stage.

  • fugazi71

    Kevin De Leon looks like a dirty high school spanish teacher. Then again, that is exactly the type of people that get elected in this fine state. All you need is a hispanic last name and a complete lack of integrity and real world skills.

  • Aaron Mayeux

    Go home de Leon, you’re drunk.

  • dennis

    It is a shame what they elect in California and call their representative. This guy obviously has experimented a little to much with drugs. I wonder what color the sky is in his world?

  • Tread7


  • Thomas A MacPherson

    I am going to demand the reverse: lift all limitations on open carry Black Powder guns anywhere and everywhere: especially in government buildings! You can’t do ‘rapid fire’ or even ‘large capacity’ when dealing with black powder, but it gives every one a fair shot for at least one shot! Talk about total equality for everyone! (Won’t see them want that, they want their own personal protection and disarm everyone that can get near them! As for anyone else, they are supposed to wait for the police to come by afterward and file reports about who killed who, even if some laws are broken!) No, let everyone (legal citizens, and not current felons etc…) carry (black powder weapons) as they want and see what that does to firearm deaths!

  • Brian Murphy

    Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of
    authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made
    to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are
    men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They
    promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.Daniel Webster