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7 Weirdest Things Ever Sold Online

By: Laura Meyers

You think you’ve seen everything, until the Internet comes along and proves you wrong. The online market has opened doors for international, efficient, and open trade everywhere. But of course that means that some weirdos will want in on the deal; and you know what that means… they’re going to try to sell their weirdo stuff on Ebay.

1. Serial killer’s fingernails

In 1979, two serial killers named Roy Norris and Lawrence Bittaker rode through southern California on a killing spree that resulted in at least 5 victims. At just $10 a pop, Norris’ and others’ fingernails could be yours, found on one of many online stores that sell “murderabilia” of famous serial killers.

2. Jesus face toast

The seller had accidentally burnt his toast, and before throwing it away, he noticed that the face of Jesus was burnt into it as if by a miracle. He then posted it online with a starting bid of $.99, but the holy toast never sold.

3. Pope hat nacho cheese Dorito

The “Pope Hat Chip,” as it came to be called, drew 41,000 visitors to its eBay page before it was purchased for $1,209 by Internet casino In a press release, casino chief executive Richard Rowe described the chip’s resemblance to the papal topper as “phenomenal.” He said it would make a “perfect addition” to the casino’s collection of quirky artifacts. To see more, here is an entire site dedicated to the pope hat chip phenomena they even have t-shirts.

4. An imaginary friend

This is the actual photo that the man used in his online post for his imaginary friend.

A man in the UK sold his imaginary friend, Jon Malipieman, for $3,000. He said he was selling Jon because he felt like he had outgrown him.

5. Banana guard

What is worse than packing your banana for lunch and having it bruised and smushed after your commute to work?  If yes, then the banana guard is for you. Its website says, “Our unique, patented device allows for the safe transport and storage of individual bananas letting you enjoy perfect bananas anytime, anywhere.  The Banana Guard was specially designed to fit the vast majority of bananas.” Always protect your banana.

6. Urine powered batteries

Leave it to the Japanese to invent urine powered batteries. These are apocalypse-friendly batteries that can be powered by liquid, including human urine. Just suck the liquid of your choice into the syringe, and squeeze it into the battery. Yum.

7. Baby wigs

Featuring everything from Lil’ Kim to Samuel L. Jackson, these miniature wigs are the perfect accessory for your little one. It’s not abuse, is it?