5 Reasons Libertarians Will Never Win an Election

5 Reasons Libertarians Will Never Win an Election

4) The Party Is Being Overrun By Leftists

The Libertarian Party tried to capitalize on the #NeverTrump movement by working overtime to signal to the Left. Now the Party is being weighed down by Libertarian Socialists, Anarcho Communists and ANTIFA activists whose main objective is to abolish private property rights within the party. Private property rights are the very core of libertarianism, and entertaining these leftists is entertaining the idea of the party’s destruction.

The idea propagated during the 2016 election that Libertarians are socially liberal was a mistake, as Liberals champion a forced acceptance of behavior they approve of, and the abolishment of behavior they disapprove of by means of leveraging government.

Incrementalism, as I mentioned earlier, should work in the favor of the Libertarian party rather than in the favor of the Democrat party. Bringing in more Leftists who try to shift the party further to the left is not a win.

5) The NAP Is Fundamentally Flawed

I have always said the Non Aggression Principal (NAP) is an excellent guide, but makes for a poor pledge due to its flaws. The fact so much debate exists around The NAP should preclude it from being a pledge. Pledging different things to different people isn’t much of a solitary pledge.

Does abortion violate The NAP? It depends on which Libertarian you ask. Does allowing a child to starve to death violate The NAP? How about die from a diaper rash in a maggot infested diaper after being left in a baby swing for over a week? Depends on which Libertarian you ask.

What about getting behind the wheel when you’re black out drunk, swerving in and out of traffic? Is being a clear and present danger a violation of The NAP? How about firing a gun into the air? Again, it depends on which Libertarian you ask.

The fact any of this is even a debate horrifies anyone on the outside looking in.

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Austin Petersen


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