3 Reasons Why You Should Have Already Started Using Work Time Tracker

The Covid-19 outbreak and the following life-threatening pandemic it caused have brought numerous challenges people around the world needed to tackle while battling the soaring anxiety and the feeling of isolation. However, remote work seems to be a positive thing among numerous imposed changes people were forced to adjust to. 

And this work model is here to stay long after the world wins the battle against this potentially deadly virus, according to the numerous surveys conducted among the global workforce. Namely the large percent of US workers, 22% to be precise, is estimated to continue working remotely by 2025. 

And this data doesn’t come as a surprise, knowing that this work model has provided employees with much-needed flexibility. Furthermore, remote workers don’t have to waste time commuting to the office, and they get to spend more time with their loved ones. 

Despite these indisputable benefits remote work offers, business owners still fear that their workflow will suffer, taking a toll on productivity.

For this reason, numerous managers turned to technology to seek ways to keep communication seamless and employees’ productivity high while they’re working remotely. Platforms like Google Office and Slack support flawless written and verbal communication. 

On the other hand, the work time tracker solution ensures you get insight into workers’ activities, helping you keep your business afloat and your employees happy. Keep on reading to see why you should include the productivity tracker in your workflow if you haven’t taken this step already.

You Can Keep Track of Their Attendance

When you have employees working remotely, their office may be steps away from their bedroom, and you don’t get to see when they come to the “office” or when they leave. This is where the employee tracking software may come and save the day by tracking your remote workers’ attendance. By implementing this useful tool into your business, you’ll be able to see when your employees clock in and out and how much time they spend working. 

You can choose an advanced tracking solution that starts monitoring activities from the moment a computer turns on until it shuts down. Or you may opt for simpler tracking software, and your employees will launch the tracker manually by clicking start when they begin to work. Whatever productivity and time tracking software you may choose, it’ll provide you with accurate attendance records.

Work Time Tracker Will Increase Productivity

Besides attendance, one other question has bothered numerous managers. If you’re among those wondering whether your employees stay focused on tasks or they can’t resist the charms of numerous distractions around them, the employee productivity tracker will give you all the answers you need. Namely, you can use it to find out how your workers spend time online. 

This will show you what apps and websites they use frequently and how this affects their productivity. Advanced tracking solutions divide these apps and websites into productive and unproductive, giving you real-time insight into their usage so that you can take on-the-spot actions to fix possible issues. 

For example, if you see that someone doesn’t use one of the productive apps optimally and this affects their productivity, you can provide much-needed training to boost their performance. 

At the same time, if you see someone’s falling behind because time spent on unproductive websites interfere with their workflow, you can point out how these sites run down their productivity, motivating them to limit time spent on unproductive sites. 

You Can Improve Project Management

Efficient time and project management lead to increased productivity and boosted bank account. The employee tracking software will show you how much time each employee spent on specific tasks, allowing you to delegate the right tasks to the right people. Furthermore, if you see that some employees are overworked and close to burnout, you can distribute a part of their workload to others who don’t have much on their hands.

Also, this valuable data will make it easier for you to predict the time needed for future projects. In this way, you’ll be able to set achievable deadlines and reasonable time frames. This will make your employees and clients happy. Employees won’t be stressed about meeting tight deadlines, and clients will be happy to see that projects are finished on time and within the set budget.

Finally, besides current tasks your employees are working on, the employee work time tracker will show you the progress made on your ongoing projects. This will ease the entire communication process because employees won’t have to check in and report on their work every now and then, enabling them to focus on their job and be more productive.

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