WW2 hero refuses medical care, so cops kill him in his nursing home (UPDATED)

Posted by Austin Petersen • 03 Aug 2013

Die for your country! Or they’ll do it for you!

UPDATED 4/14/14: A police officer involved in the shooting death of World War II veteran John Wrana has been charged with reckless conduct.

Officer Craig Taylor was charged with one count of reckless conduct in the death of John Wrana, who was killed at the Victory Centre nursing home on July 26, 2013.

95-year-old veteran John Wrana fought for America in World War 2, but he didn’t get a chance to die for his country. Instead, his country killed him with a beanbag shotgun blast to the stomach after a thorough tasering. The incident began after Wrana, who uses a walker, refused a surgery at his assisted living home. He grew agitated at the staff for pressuring him for medical attention. He was a war hero and didn’t like being pushed around. Soon the police arrived to subdue the senior citizen, riot gear at the ready to take on the wobbly old man.

Conflicting reports have emerged between officers and staff, with the employees of the home reporting that they asked officers not to harm him and requested to intervene. Wrana suffered from “degenerative disk disease of the thoracic and lumbar spine.”

Wrana's stepdaughter holding a picture of John (Credit: Steve Miller)

Wrana’s stepdaughter holding a picture of John (Credit: Steve Miller)

Police decided instead to taser the war hero and follow it up with a beanbag to the guts. Officers reported that a knife had been pulled, but no knife was found on the scene. The police used a riot shield, shotgun and taser on a 95-year-old man in a walker who arguably presented no threat to anyone but himself.

“Police reported top hospital staff, according to records we received that they tasered John, but ‘the taser didn’t take,’ then proceeded to shoot John three times with bean bags in the abdomen and that John ‘was about five feet away’ at the time,” said Wrana’s family attorney Nicholas Grapsas.

Investigations are ongoing, but it has been revealed that the officers who shot him have received training about the use of bean bag shotguns. They are issued guidelines about specific factors to consider before shooting their target. One of their factors?


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  • Tim

    The longer we allow this type of behavior on the part of “public servants”, the harder it will be stop this madness. For them, we should either “comply or die”. It is up to ALL of us to bring this type of behavior to an end in and very pronounced and final manner.

  • Jamie Coughlin

    Since when does Anyone, much less a 95 year old man, not have the right to refuse medical treatment? I could have subdued this man, WTH are these idiots tasering and shooting bean bags at him?

    • Tim

      They think they are our Gods. We are nothing, dare to question their authority, you die… that simple… Welcome to the USA.

  • Jill Fletcher

    Veteran or not, no one at the age of 95 should endure any of this. RIOT SHIELDS?! You’re dealing with a senior citizen, not a line of Columbian protestors.
    If someone wishes to refuse medical treatment, that should be their right. Did it occur to anyone that maybe this man wanted to live out his life without medical treatment and die gracefully?

  • Christina Mowatt

    What kind of pansy @$$ is worried about getting his @$$ kicked by a 95 year old man?!

  • Paul Reece

    I’m truly shocked at hearing this :-( My thoughts are with his family.

  • ConcernedClarkston

    Maybe knowing that you and your family will become pariahs in the community if your pull a stunt like that and your name becomes known publicly will help prevent a cop from doing something like that. The cop’s name SHOULD be made public.

  • ConcernedClarkston

    One of our neighbors called the police to help her get her live-in boyfriend who was mentally ill and not taking his medication to the hospital to get stabilized. He had a knife that he was using to threaten to harm himself. The local cops located him in the garage, opened the door, and he walked out (they claim he ran). They supposedly failed to get a taser to work, so they shot him multiple times and killed him. Lesson learned – don’t call the cops.

  • Agent 47

    I really, really hate this country. Wtf?. How did a proud independant country like the usa become such a disgrace? We have cops killing old people, teenagers punching old people… Now I see why the world hates us. Good job.

  • Orisha 19

    I am not a Libertarian in ANY way, but this is truly some disgraceful treatment for a Human Being which I know that I am regardless of my origin or color of my skin!! If you doubt that what does your “Washington Consensus” market oriented concepts do to the majority of the World???

  • Oliver St.John-Mollusc

    scumbag monkeys

  • Pama Bennett

    Interesting: he had no choice about refusing medical care, and yet our country wants to put us into socialized medicine which we definitely put us on ration lists and refuse care to selected people. Welcome to a police nation.

  • King

    This ignorant man obviously wanted death, why refuse medical care?

  • Boyd

    What we get when we militarise our police .

  • HeartlessXx

    Investigation??? or time to think of a different word other than “murder”…
    Like maybe “resisting arrest” or “self defense”. Naaah it’s gonna a have to be something fancier than that you fcks…

  • Jeandark

    Did you hear about the homeless former Marine Corp soldier, who suffered from mental illness. He was cold so he went to sleep near the top of a building to sleep, he was arrested for (I guess) vagrancy and put in Rikers Island. He was supposed to be checked on 2-4 times an hour because he was considered suicidal. Well, no one came by until 4 hours later — he died because the temperature in the cell was 100 degrees (F), and it heat up his internal organs. Doncha just love the way we treat soldiers, homeless, and mentally ill….
    This story you have told is also sick beyond belief. We have no right to judge any nation, because of the way we treat our own people.

  • MagicRay

    That cop deserves to be shot right between the eyes, not with a bean bag but with a bullet. If I was terminal I’d go there and shoot every one of those filthy pigs… I hope somebody does, hear that pig? die you scumbag, please…

  • Mark Stuber

    re” “Officers reported that a knife had been pulled, but no knife was found on the scene.”

    For crying out loud! What a lame excuse. It was a 95 year old man!

    A man in 20s even without any traininng should be to disarm a 95 year old man. Sounds like these police need some Kali lessons.

  • robrecord

    Oh my god this website is making me cry (technically speaking) … The embedded video auto-plays (BIG no-no), with an ad which blasts out of my speakers, I not knowing where it’s coming from. Plastered with ads for superficial stuff… some part of this page also loads-in a bit of my local development server, how is that even possible?!

  • marlio


  • Joninokc007

    This is a horror show. A 95 year old man would most likely not survive surgery…because he is is 95 and too frail to do it. The anesthesia would have most likely killed him.

  • Courtney Larissa Pittman

    95 years old? Who is he going to hurt??? This is just sad and extremely horrible… so sorry this had to happen to you

  • Shaeri

    I guess the cowards didn’t think they could handle this 95-year old man without weaponry. Where’s the psychological testing to weed out these “Napoleons”?

  • FlyNavy72

    You want to subdue a hero for not wanting medical attention????? Damn, Just step back and wait 30 minutes till he cools off, sits down from over exertion, and takes a nap.. What’s the hurry, the doughnut have a special on. Jesus H. Christ, you have got to be the biggest bullies that have come out of the system in years.

    Police officer: Job description

    Police officers work in partnership with the communities they serve
    to maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their
    property, prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the
    quality of life for all citizens.

  • CELT1

    Shameful. If any police officer is unable to handle a 95-year old man without resorting to force, they should find another line of work. God bless Mr. Wrana. May he rest in peace with his fellow veterans.

  • Matheus Grunt

    ALL cops are dangerous to us and all of them enforce unconstitutional statutes anyway. Kill them and take them down, because that’s our right and duty in this war. This is a war people and until we freaking stand up and FIGHT BACK, this will never end. People want to be nice and water down their rhetoric regarding these badged crooks because we got family and friends out here who are cops but I say, SO WHAT? The bad guys who worked for Hitler had families, what’s the point? Our lives and our country’s future is at stake here and we’re supposed to keep taking it up the arse? All because a minority of the population who wear badges and suits decide for us how things will be but we’re supposed to take this? Battle of Athens, TN, 1946. THIS is what we need to do.

    • Jon Jonn


      • Matheus Grunt

        And people like you are exactly the problem with this country, Mr. Nah. Apathetic, lazy cretins who want freedom but don’t want to do what it takes to take it back and secure it.

        • Jon Jonn

          Sorry bud, we aren’t the problem. Battle of Athens? Go for it. I’ll be living my life while you waste your time. And honestly, who cares if I’m apathetic? This entire event that occurred doesn’t concern me. Why should I even care?

          • Matheus Grunt

            No, you are the problem. And living your life?!? LOL. What life? Without liberty and justice, there is no living here. You are a slave to this just as I am. You think you’re not? Good luck willingly being a slave.

            • Jon Jonn

              What life you say? A life where I spend time with my friends and play games with them? I know I am a slave. I have known that for a long time but so what? It’s nothing new. I’m still enjoying my life. Honestly, if you want to do something about it then go ahead, be our guest. I won’t judge you. Thanks for wishing me good luck though, everything is going great for me.

              And no, we are not the problem.

  • toomuchuselessinfo

    This man had a right to refuse any surgery especially at his age. Why didn’t they just leave him the hell alone?

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  • Jon Jonn

    -reading comments-

    Woah, The anger is real