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UPDATED 4/14/14: A police officer involved in the shooting death of World War II veteran John Wrana has been charged with reckless conduct.

Officer Craig Taylor was charged with one count of reckless conduct in the death of John Wrana, who was killed at the Victory Centre nursing home on July 26, 2013.

95-year-old veteran John Wrana fought for America in World War 2, but he didn’t get a chance to die for his country. Instead, his country killed him with a beanbag shotgun blast to the stomach after a thorough tasering. The incident began after Wrana, who uses a walker, refused a surgery at his assisted living home. He grew agitated at the staff for pressuring him for medical attention. He was a war hero and didn’t like being pushed around. Soon the police arrived to subdue the senior citizen, riot gear at the ready to take on the wobbly old man.

Conflicting reports have emerged between officers and staff, with the employees of the home reporting that they asked officers not to harm him and requested to intervene. Wrana suffered from “degenerative disk disease of the thoracic and lumbar spine.”

Wrana's stepdaughter holding a picture of John (Credit: Steve Miller)

Wrana’s stepdaughter holding a picture of John (Credit: Steve Miller)

Police decided instead to taser the war hero and follow it up with a beanbag to the guts. Officers reported that a knife had been pulled, but no knife was found on the scene. The police used a riot shield, shotgun and taser on a 95-year-old man in a walker who arguably presented no threat to anyone but himself.

“Police reported top hospital staff, according to records we received that they tasered John, but ‘the taser didn’t take,’ then proceeded to shoot John three times with bean bags in the abdomen and that John ‘was about five feet away’ at the time,” said Wrana’s family attorney Nicholas Grapsas.

Investigations are ongoing, but it has been revealed that the officers who shot him have received training about the use of bean bag shotguns. They are issued guidelines about specific factors to consider before shooting their target. One of their factors?



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  • Gil Lopez

    What the hell. This is so sad on so many levels. Im and the son of an 89 year old man, ive never had any “police training”, however if my father were to come at me with a knife, real or false, i would not panic and respond with violence. This country is out of control. Stupidity is rampant, government is bloated and law-enforcement is on edge and out of control. So fucking sad.

  • Shiloh

    Even if he did have a knife they could have subdued him without violence. He was 95. Smfh!

  • Cheranne Lyn Willoughby

    WTF talk about over doing it!!!! No need to tazer or use a bean bag gun on a 95 year old person. They should be fired and serve jail time for their actions.

  • Mouse Killaz

    and we call cops “heroes” pfft.

    • Zachary “Crash” Ronson

      Your comment is douchey as hell. There are plenty of good cops out there that could qualify as “heroes” despite things like this happening.

      • American

        yeah there are.. but it dont take them long to get run off the force..

      • born2think

        Yup, they must be the ones who never go out on these calls. We all are furious at the cop who shot him, right? And all the good cops that accompanied this bad cop and said nothing? Oh, they are the good ones, right? Go drive the getaway car while your buddy robs the bank. Then tell the public that HE is the bad guy, you didn’t rob a bank. Guilty by association, unless you’re a cop. Then the public is quick to say, “But, but, but, there’s only a few bad ones. The good ones who watched were helplessly along for the ride….”

        • William Dillingham

          do you know how many calls for service cops get a day? only the ones where they mess up end up in the media.

          • born2think

            William D, It is patently false to say ONLY the ones where they “mess up” (nice words for “killing an old man in a chair,” btw) end up in the media. Perhaps you meant to say, “Only the ones with public witnesses, be it video or seen by many, end up in the media. Considering NO cop even brought this incident to the media as an outrage when he found no justice in his department is evidence that many cops saw, yet none did anything to prevent or punish the wrong.

      • Rob L Witt

        There are some good cops but they are vastly outnumbered by the evil and power corrupt ones who commit brutality and then wait 3-4 months after wards to make any decisions regarding the incident to give the public time to forget. For every 1 story involving a cop “hero” I can show you 10 about police criminals and MURDERERS.

        • Eddie Eger

          The day a good cop arrest a bad cop then i will say there are good cops.So far that day has not come.

      • Eddie Eger

        Yes and the good ones always protect the bad ones.Whats your point Screw head.The bad ones are making the good ones look bad.So they need to stop the bad cops in their tracks.Other wise they are all bad cops.

  • StarBorne

    Seriously? What kind of threat did they think an old man posed?

  • Dan Ritter

    I hope the police who shot him see this. You are all a disgrace to the uniform you peaces of shit. A 95 year old man? Tased and shot with bean bags? Are you kidding me? A war hero none the less….he was protecting your sorry asses and ensuring your freedom before you were even a sperm in your fathers nut sack. She should be all be stripped of your badges. I’ve had calls in nursing homes for elderly patients with knives, you know what I did? I fucking talked to them, they consciously put down the weapon and came with me willingly. The thought of doing anything more then that didn’t even cross my mind. Your all filthy fucking savages.

    • iamnotroysten

      I think law enforcement in general is separating into two schools of thought. Those that protect, serve, and respect our freedom; and those that just like having power over someone else’s life and are preparing to be the jackbooted thugs that want to be on board with President Skidmark war on the freedom of the American citizen.

      • JLou2

        The ones there to protect and serve are vastly outnumbered by the power hungry ones.

    • brett r

      Hey. They have a right to defend themselves. If he would have submitted meekly everything would have been fine. This is the new normal. We bend at the knee to our betters and thank them humbly for their service.

      • Gary Effner

        Really Brett? They had the right to defend against a 95 year old with that kind of force? No weapon in hand? I have dealt with the elderly. I drove ambulance and transport years ago and had many incidence with agitated elderly patients. Unless they are suffering dementia or some other illness that impairs their ability to think clearly, they can become confused or as the gentleman in the story, agitated by the treatment they are receiving. The best thing to do is to leave them alone and just make sure they don’t harm themselves.Talk to them nicely.Not the usual rude, ignorant blather that most facility staff exude towards elderly patients.Show some respect! They are old. A lot of them are not happy with their surroundings, the staff, which is a whole other story, the fact they are in a facility rather than their home, they lost their independence and a multitude of other situations and emotions. For law enforcement to treat an elderly man in this fashion is unconscionable. All involved should be permanently relived of duty.

  • Jim Howell

    This infuriates me! And don’t give me any crap about not knowing all the facts. Worst case scenario, if cops cant subdue a 95 year old man without killing him they are thugs! Charges need to be filed. Police state jerks!

  • Jessy Matthews

    This fuckin cuntry NEEDS to be Fixed imideatly

    • Brandon Rolland

      Probably because we have idiots like you who can’t fucking spell.

      • John Stanton

        read between the lines dumb ass

  • Rebecca Estrella

    Some people are just not meant to be cops, i dont know how they pass the tests! So wrong in so many levels! This police officer should be fired. Simple. No excuses.

    • iamnotroysten

      Some probably aren’t interested in being a cop. They are looking forward to being a soldier in President Skidmark’s war on the freedom of the American citizens.

  • PatrickHenry

    Guidelines?????? Cops dont need to read no stinkin guidelines. You did not obey their orders so you will be dealt with.

  • sidney

    Who shot this man? If i find out i dont care if they are cops or not.. when ur not on duty i wanna beat ur fucking ass..

    • born2think

      Sidney, if this cop’s name became public, can you imagine the torment that his family would endure? I mean, think of his 12 year old son at school: “Hey, Jimmy, your dad is a pussy and kills old men. My whole family agrees and I don’t want to be your friend.”
      See? How awful. And his wife would be so embarrassed too.
      Oh, I suppose this dead man’s family might have some feelings too. But BeanBag shooter with a shield wasn’t thinking about that.
      I am ALL in favor of PUBLIC shaming. If I knew the public would know about my lapses of judgment or plain character flaws, I’d think twice. But the average cop simply does not have to think. He is special.

  • sidney

    i want to to fucking know who shot him.. if theres a way to find out. tell me please.

  • LaurieLynnGrammer

    HORRIFIC. The militarization of the police has GOT to be stopped. It is illegal to use the military domestically in this country- but what is the difference if the police are militarized? This sickens me and I hope the officers involved go to prison for a long, long, time.

  • kjunwolf

    only we shoot to kill, not the fucking pigs. r.i.p brother

  • John Stanton

    Cowards Cowards Cowards

  • born2think

    Where are the usual comments: “The cop was doing his job”? I’ll keep waiting. They will show up. Too many of us have been conditioned to give cops a pass with this excuse. So who is going to say it this time?

  • LibertarianLeftWarriorHA!

    Never call the pigs. Pigs are good for one thing and one thing ONLY; target practice.

  • Gracie Meagher

    Don’t we have the right to refuse medical treatment? Or has that been removed from society along with respect for our elders, military, and neighbors in general. We used to take care of each other in this country, now we’re shooting vets and knocking out strangers on the street?!wtf

    • Sarah Ortiz

      I totally agree. Especially since the condition he had was Degenerative Disc Disease.. which I would imagine ALL people have by the time they’re 95! Why they would even operate on a man that old is beyond me. And from what I hear, most of the time that surgery doesn’t even work and causes additional problems. Everyone has the right to choose what type of care they receive.. even if that means the lack thereof.

  • Sally Waters

    OMG…that is the most horrible and outrageous thing I have ever heard pertaining to excessive force…and I am almost always on the law enforcement’s side in such issues…somebody better sue the hell out of those officers and their department…what in the hell were they thinking?

  • Delbert Thrash

    hope they are convicted and put in general population for 50 years….they gonna get the VIP TREATMENT ….they love bad cops

  • Jeremy Yoder

    I feel a good recourse in the community for this is to document these occurances and start petitions to dramatically cut the law enforcement budget in the community. If this is how they are going to act, we are better off saving the tax money and buying a gun.

  • Sarah Ortiz

    Why were the cops involved at all? Were they called by the nursing staff? Even if the man had been unruly, there are typically protocols in place for situations like this. Any nurse can tell you that patients frequently get aggressive, combative, etc. (especially patients who are older or who have dementia), but what was the last straw for this place that they felt the police had to be involved? And what type of knife do you even think the man could have gotten his hands on? A butter knife from his dinner tray? Give me a break.

  • Abraham

    All I have to say is, the police should feel shame for what they have done. They will be sinned for the rest of their lives and do not deserve a happy life. ” Oe eye for one eye”. What I have to say to the brave and courageous 95 year old man is,” You lived weel, fought well, and took part in saving our country, only to have your country brutely kill you in cold blood. You took pride in this country, and I take pride in peace. Live among the angels in heaven, brother. You have deserverd with our deepest contempt. Rest in Peace John Wrana, brave soilder and brother.”
    -A fellow patriot

  • billiegirl

    this is happening way too much and it is because Obama is turning our police forces into military enemies of citizens…DHS bulletins are designed to brainwash, instill fear, and detach cops emotionally from humanity…calling the cops would be a very last resort for me specifically because of these incidents…

  • Mardorang

    When the heck did it become a crime to refuse medical care?