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“Why Can’t We Just Teach Men Not to Rape!”

Many feminists get mad when people try to give safety tips on how to avoid getting raped. I’ve experienced the backlash myself.

They say:

OK. Here goes:

(I was in a troll mood.)

But seriously, of course, people should be taught not to rape. Duh.

I acknowledge that it goes a bit deeper than this video but it’s pretty much common sense. If you’re not sure if the person is consenting, then ask. Passed out people obviously cannot consent. If you’re ever uncomfortable or don’t want to go through with it, speak up. Make sure it’s known that you don’t consent.

But guess what? Some people aren’t going to listen.

There are some mentally disturbed people out there!!

What about the people who slip roofies into drinks at parties?

I’m sorry, but “oh, no one told me that it wasn’t OK to drug someone so I could have nonconsensual sex with them” isn’t going to cut it. Teaching those kinds of people to not rape isn’t going to stop them from raping. It’s a morality problem, not an ignorance problem.

That’s why I don’t understand the problem with teaching people how to avoid getting raped. A lot of the tips are common sense too but it doesn’t hurt to repeat them. There isn’t the same backlash towards people getting tips on how to avoid theft or getting kidnapped.

To sum it up, don’t rape people and it’s smart to protect yourself.

We can teach both, you know.

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