img_sasha_greyFamous porn star Sasha Grey celebrates the burning of the constitution by the NSA’s domestic spying program. The adult film actress invites Americans to indulge in their voyeuristic fantasies. After all, why not allow anyone to listen to our darkest secrets if we have no reasonable expectations of privacy anymore?

Grey’s commercial is here:

Grey makes a serious point here despite the comedic approach. After all, NSA agents spying on the American public are humans and prone to the same urges and desires that the rest of us are privy to. Just because you are a government agent doesn’t mean you necessarily are acting in the public interest. Libertarian comedians, skeptical debunkers and Las Vegas magicians Penn & Teller illustrated this concept beautifully in an episode of their famous Showtime Original show, “Bullshit!”. The entertainers gave average citizens the opportunity to spy on their neighbors in the name of national security. Have a watch to see how the average citizen reacts to surveillance power. (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE, NUDITY & SEXUALITY)

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