Swift Justice

WATCH: Armed Robber Get Bodyslammed!

Wow. Such Justice. Much Bodyslam. Wow. 

Regular readers of The Libertarian Republic know that we just love us some swift justice. As much as we appreciate a proper justice system that protects the rights of the accused, sometimes when a video camera is rolling, and a thug pulls a gun, you just can’t wait to see him get what’s coming to him.

That’s just what happened in Richmond, California when a robber named Michael Corbin armed with a revolver tried to stick up a convenience store on Wednesday morning. Thanks to the clerk grabbing the gun and a quick-thinking patron, the thief was quickly disarmed and then received a WWE-style body slam that definitely must have rattled the teeth in his hollow head.

Lucky for this thug that no one was armed. But it’s California, so what can you expect?

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