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To Serve And Protect… If They Feel Like It

Alexian Lien in the hospital

Alexian Lien in the hospital

An off-duty NYPD undercover officer was among the biker gang that chased a family and beat the father mercilessly. The unnamed policeman stood by and did nothing as a biker gang pulled a man from his car and beat him in front of his family. The officer waited three days to come forward and has been placed on modified duty. He turned his gun and badge in on Friday.

Alexian Lien was beaten by a biker gang last week after a single rider brake-checked him, causing him to fear that his life was in danger. He bumped into one biker, which caused the entire group to stop in front of him. Lien feared for his life and for his family who were in the car with him so he drove forward, smashing into motorcycles and running over one. When the bikers finally caught up to him down the road, he was beaten within an inch of his life, and one NYPD officer was there to watch it happen, but did nothing.

“It is does not appear that he got involved at the scene, He didn’t want to blow his cover,” said a source. The officer was not involved in an undercover investigation of the bikers that day.

Footage of the event


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