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By: Elias J. Atienza

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort apparently faced a blackmail attempt, Politico reported. It was a text message sent to Manafort’s daughter, which appeared to be from Ukrainian parliamentarian Serhiy Leshchenko, trying to reach out to Manafort.

The text message has poor grammar and spelling. Stannis Baratheon would not be pleased.

“I need to get in touch with Paul i need to share some important information with him regarding ukraine investigation,” the sender wrote in the text message to Manafort’s daughter.

“I actually have proofs that he received money…If I dont get any reply from you I am gonna pass it on to the FBI and Ukrainian authorities including media…As soon as he comes back to me I will pass you documents.”

A note attached to the text claims to have discovered “bulletproof facts regarding the person – Ukraine resident whose signature is inside the Yanukovich accounting book and who was responsible for rendering assets to you  personally for your consulting services during organized meetings.”

“One of such meeting with Donald Trump took place on 06.17.2012 with close Yanukovich affiliate – governor of Cherkassy – Mr. S. Tulub,” the note reads. “Considering all the facts and evidence that are in my possession, and before possible decision, whether to pass this to [the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine] or FBI I would like to get your opinion on this and maybe your way to work things out that will persuade me to do otherwise.”
Manafort said that the texts were sent to his daughter, but denied arranging the meeting between Trump and Tulub in 2012. He also said he has received texts from the same sender in the past.
A White House official cast doubts on the claim Manafort arranged the meeting, pointing out that Trump didn’t work with Manafort prior to the 2016 campaign. Leshchenko, the alleged sender, denied he sent the messages.


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