Comparing The President’s Speeches Side By Side has a thrilling short video out that puts the speeches of Presidents John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama side by side. Although only a minute long, the piece succinctly evokes the general character of each man’s approach to governance.

Kennedy, the sentimental optimist draws strength from a citizenry united behind a man’s dreams to go to the moon. That dream would be completed. (Although, this author agrees with Ron Paul that we don’t really need to go to the moon, but we should send some politicians up there.)

For Reagan, there was the dream of a “Shining City on a Hill,” that would act as a beacon for the free people of the world to seek to achieve to. The video shows Reagan as he calls out to the communist prison masters of East Germany to “tear down this wall!” Truly inspiring!

And for Obama, the technocrat? Well, let’s just say that this his legacy will be remembered as the man whose dreams of national healthcare involved him providing tech support to a very confused American public.

Still, much history to be written yet. Enjoy and leave your thoughts below.