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Robot Makes 360 Gourmet Burgers In An Hour

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Small business owners in Southern California have struggled against high taxes and a rising minimum wage for years. But a new robotics startup in San Francisco called Momentum Machines wants to sooth the burdens created by oppressive government by designing a machine that will solve these problems.

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hamburger-machine-11According to Momentum Machines, making burgers costs US$9 billion a year in wages in the United States alone. A machine like the burger robot could revolutionize the fast food industry. The company’s website reads: “Our alpha machine replaces all of the hamburger line cooks in a restaurant. It does everything employees can do except better.”

But don’t think that the makers of the burger machine are necessarily anti-worker. Their website reads: “The issue of machines and job displacement has been around for centuries and economists generally accept that technology like ours actually causes an increase in employment. The three factors that contribute to this are 1. the company that makes the robots must hire new employees, 2. the restaurant that uses our robots can expand their frontiers of production which requires hiring more people, and 3. the general public saves money on the reduced cost of our burgers. This saved money can then be spent on the rest of the economy. We take these issues very seriously so please feel free to tell us how we can help with this transition.”

The automatic device will still require some humans to put the ingredients in, but once it’s loaded it can crank out up to 400 burgers per hour. The machine stamps the patties, puts on the toppings (cut fresh to order) and then bags the burger. The company believes the device will pay for itself in just under a year.

Momentum Machines is hiring for certain positions. Do you think they pay above minimum wage? 

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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

227 Responses

  1. Tina Thomas

    See what happens when workers at entry level jobs start calling for a “living wage”…Now they will have no choice but to improve their skills. The line cook will eventually be phased out.

    • derpleton

      I think this was inevitable regardless, but yeah they don’t have much time left.

    • saholt

      What people fail to realize is that these entry level jobs were never meant to be careers! You should have the drive to WANT to improve your skills and get a better paying job.

      • Shadowxsx

        Frank while that may be true, also loosing your job to someone in Mexico who earns 1/10th your pay also is a hindrance… If you disagree look up the local business that has been around since before I was even born, after a competitor “opened a factory in Mexico” providing the exact same product for far less (due to the pay difference), well they had to close their doors on Christmas eve (fabriform was the companies name).

      • JoeD

        So, Shadowxsx were unable to read the article or you just don’t care about economics? Yours is the kind of bullshit thought that generates protectionism for special groups and businesses. Much like the rest of the brain-dead public you look at the seen and never the unseen. You look at the jobs lost and not the positive effects that can ripple throughout the economy when the production of something is able to be done more cheaply. The money SAVED by the majority (and not the small group that works at some business that is no longer profitable unless it moves its production elsewhere) of consumers who now can buy their good cheaper have more money to spend elsewhere. Plus the company that produces the goods now has more money to invest whether it be internally or externally thereby creating more jobs. When you “save” jobs with stupid policies that forbid companies from “outsourcing” (which, by the way is exactly what you do when you buy anything, or go to a restaurant to eat!!!) you hurt everyone and ONLY benefit the people in that one “special” industry. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp, especially if you’d ever take the time to pick up an economics book and give it a read.

      • trilene

        JoeD you forgot some thing; government regulations. As an example I can’t drive machinery through a creek because I will stir up the bottom and create silt or mud but I can fish in a river that’s been there longer than the state its in; Its called Mud River wounder why? Plenty of fish and other aquatic species also looks like mud especially after a rain, must need silt fence hundreds of miles or less idiots in government!!

      • JoeD

        I never forget gov’t regulations, Guy. They’re the monkey wrench in the works.

      • Paul Markham

        Until it’s your job that’s out sourced it all works fine. Then BOOM!!

      • John Staszak

        Wow, even though I agree with everything you’ve got to say on this issue, I think the seething anger and arrogance isn’t going to help you convince anyone who doesn’t. Oh, and I looked up Fabriform. They didn’t go out of business. They were bought by a larger company in July. It seems like the two plant closing were part of them consolidating their production capacity at their other U.S. plants. Its unfortunate, but pretty normal after a merger.

      • JoeD

        Your right, John. But it wouldn’t have mattered. I’m angry because people should know better AND that kind of mindset, which is subsidized by our failing school system and lying/ignorant politicians culminates in the theft of my property and my freedom. Just because they outsource their theft to an entity who maintains a monopoly of force does not make it any less evil than if they walked into my house and stole it.

      • 405Wrecks

        Wow, I was about to rant about the ignorance of his post but I now see you already did it nicely.

      • Shadowxsx

        While that may be true saholt, after I got into the “fast food industry” when fresh out of school. If I had stuck with it and not moved on to “better pay” . I would be a restraunt manager or even a district manager by now, who would be earning more than I am currently. If I had not been “trying to better myself” with a college education (doing night schooling) and taken the management position I was offered (which was a store opening position) , I would be making more now than my current pay rate for a college education, but it was may fault for thinking a degree would improve my life, instead the debt has hindered me.

      • Defendyourself

        Or you could have been fired in a buyout and on unemployment. They can never take your degree away from you!

      • JoeD

        What’s your point? And if I were you, judging by your grammar, I’d get my money back from that college.

      • Worker

        Your job will be the “entry level” job next. Enjoy the ridicule and the wage.

      • Tina Thomas

        And with this coming into play, they are put in a position where they must do so, I think…

      • Cliffhuxtable911

        Exactly, they are entry level jobs, a stepping stone if you will from having no job to starting a career. Unfortunately these individuals forget to go to college and expect that they will be working these entry level jobs forever. So much FAIL in these new generations. There are so many people out there that would be happy to have a job, step aside and let them work rather than kill off your own jobs to technological jobs that none of the entry level workers will be able to do. They have no motivation to learn robotics, killing entry level jobs for generations to come. Thanks libtards!

      • Akamar

        With what money am I supposed to go back to college? If I can hardly afford my living expenses as it is?

      • Cliffhuxtable911

        People before you did it. We had 2 to 3 jobs while going to college. Sure we complained, but we didn’t kill what starter jobs were out there. You only shoot yourselves in the foot if you take those entry jobs away. You take whatever jobs you can get. Raising minimum wage just makes all goods and services that much more expensive which neutralizes any wage increase you think would have helped you out. You only increase inflating prices of goods and services. Or put more big and small businesses out of work because they can’t afford to pay for labor. You end up defeating the very thing you need, a JOB!

        If you want to look at the real culprit you can thank inflation for that, the devaluation of the dollar, and thank the over paid professors for making education so expensive. Stop voting for the liberals and the liberal RINOs and start voting for individuals that don’t sell their souls to the highest bidder of lobbyist choices that add more damage to our current economy. Stop voting for those that print more money, devaluing our dollar. Stop voting for those that don’t have the American people in mind when passing legislation. Stop voting for those that keep adding to our deficit. It’s time to stand up. We are Americans, and if you want real change, change for the better and not the worst. Then start voting for constitutionalists. Start voting for those that aren’t making the rich richer and the poor more poor like our current President in charge and some of our past presidents. Start voting for your rights! It’s a losing battle out there, raising taxes, making the poor more poor. The war on poverty for the last 50 years is dead. It hasn’t worked, instead of penalizing the poor to buy health insurance that can’t afford it in the first place, why not lower taxes to let them live? Let them be able to afford an education. Let them be free, and not slaves to our government. Start holding those accountable for voting against our rights! If you give up and say voting isn’t for me, or what good is it? Then you have already let them win. They have beaten you. We need to raise our voices and speak up. Complain to the media when they don’t report things of interest, especially tyranny in our government. Always question your government. Just because they say it’s law, and it is unconstitutional, doesn’t mean you have to accept it. FIGHT IT!

      • Akamar

        I’m so glad you have taken the opportunity to assume as much as you have concerning my voting trends. Actually, i tend to vote in the same republican leaning as my parents.
        As it stands, I would be happy to even get a second job for the sake of affording bills, much less anything else. It hasn’t happened yet.

      • Akamar

        and, mind.. I personally don’t think raising min wage does any good. Might be good for a month or two.. then everuthing else catches up.

      • Akamar

        Assuming one can get them, and assuming they even cover enough to be worth it. I’ve gone through this… I had loans, i had grants. I had scholarships. My parents were STILL paying about 1k a month out of pocket, and it eventually just became too much. I went overseas as a contractor to pay the loans off. Hell, I saved and invested, put money into IRAs… Then, 2008 hit, and most of what I’d saved vanished.

      • JoeD

        They don’t fail to realize it. They just don’t care. They want a know-nothing, half-assed job that requires little effort and even less thought and want to be paid the salary of the CEO of Sony.

      • jtak101

        That was a couple generations ago…welcome to the disaster progressives and liberals brought us. Why bother with drive and ambitions if you can sit on your butt and complain for a living!.

      • Worker

        Is Mcdonalds a “liberal” company? I thought it was a just a hamburger place that brought us hamburger jobs. Why bother working for them at all? Maybe the staff should all just quit working for those liberal hamburger places!

      • jtak101

        Where did I say McDonalds was a liberal company?? Changing the facts to fit your agenda is what we expect from your type.

      • Paul Markham

        What they are and what they are meant to be, are two different things.

      • alex

        If I ever owned a fast food joint, I would only hire high school kids. The one who are supposed to be working there!

      • alex

        If I ever owned a fast food joint, I would only hire high school kids. The one who are supposed to be working there!

      • AuroraBird

        So who will run it during the day when these people that are “supposed to be” working there are at school.

        Critical thinking is NOT your forte, is it?

      • alex

        You know not every teenager goes to regular 6 hour monday – friday school right?

    • rachel gilmore

      you should have some pride in your work and many who do entry level may have that pride …$15 is a bit steep but a compromise of $10 an hour seems workable to me… i have been a supervisor and if you care about workers you can get more out of them… and technology is inevitable anyway so perhaps these people could be upskilled with training …

      • John Gardner

        and restaurants are free to pay their employees $10 or $15, but there’s no legitimate reason for the gov to get involved in the contractual arrangement between 2 consenting adults.

      • Don

        if Hardees or McDonalds raise the min- to 15 dollars they would go bankrupt. Folks ask someone who is a economist and let them explain it to you..

      • Shadowxsx

        Don I doubt it, they may take a “short term” decrease in profit, but in the “long term” they would be making the same profit by the percentage of the dollar value, because the prices would raise per product

      • riles123

        Then due to the price increase, less people would buy less of the product. Got anymore ‘fixes’?

      • Phil Asophical

        And the people who’s wages went up would also pay more so where did they benefit? everyones cost goes up yes even the people on min wage they won’t gain anything in their pocket just on paper. The cost at all business will rise increasing the poor burger flipper with wanting more $$ to pay his bills.

      • Worker

        Good then when they go bankrupt some young men and women can open up their own burger places. Lets get rid of them!

      • riles123

        Brilliant! Yeah lets have these clowns who aren’t motivated enough to increase their skill set to anything other than fast food service, borrow money, with little or no collateral, to open a restaurant.

      • derpleton

        You are painting with a pretty wide brush, 90% of the workers wouldn’t be able to operate their own restaurants but plenty of great restaurants were started by low level employees of other firms. Just because someone is uneducated doesn’t mean they aren’t smart or hard workers. They may be ignorant or misinformed but they are not worthless.

        I can understand castigating people for advocating increased minimum wage but plenty of entrepreneurs were called no nothing clowns by the likes of you.

        A.)the smaller restaurants these people could hypothetically open increase competition and give customers a wider variety of choices.

        B.)unsurprisingly, many of these local firms can pay their employees a little better because they don’t have the massive overhead that their competitors do.

        C.)a bank isn’t going to give Billy Bob the Burger flipper a loan if he has a crappy business plan.

        D.) Many of the big places you see in food service today were started by people with little to no means or education.

        E.) I believe that the minimum wage is unlivable, and I as a consumer choose to support local businesses or local franchises that treat their employees well as often as I can, the ultimate goal being that the business that cant survive without paying their employees crap do go out of business and someone else takes their place, that is the core of a free market based ideology, that you can and will be replaced. Sure I cant get a Cheeseburger for 99 cents, but I can get a pretty good meal for a comparable price as a value meal.

        Get off your high horse. I really get tired of the people who embrace Libertarianism just because they like the view looking down their nose at everyone. The GOP is calling you back….

      • riles123

        It’s not a high horse, it’s reality. The poster that I was replying to stated, “Good then when they go bankrupt some young men and women can open up their own burger places. Lets get rid of them!” His plan is ridiculous. The Federal Govt. raises minimum wage until all chains go bankrupt. Then this will be the catalyst in which these workers, who have no aspirations to create wealth other than having the government force their employers to raise wages so much the company fails, will then rise from the ashes to create their own restaurants. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry before, and running one is a ton of work and a ton of sacrifice. Then you finish with, “Get off your high horse. I really get tired of the people who embrace Libertarianism just because they like the view looking down their nose at everyone. The GOP is calling you back….” So you judge me and my reasons for embracing libertarianism, complaining how your tired of people looking down their nose at everyone. Oh the irony….

      • derpleton

        ugh please, the pathetic attempt to project your own faults onto others that is the trademark of the sanctimonious and delusional.

        Firstly that clearly wasn’t his plan, he was just excusing the inevitable failure of said businesses, and the plan to increase minimum wage so much, by stating he believed that this would cause other businesses to rise which could pay a higher wage, that is not a plan, that is an argument. You don’t even make any attempt to actually support your assertion that the workers are lazy and have no aspirations, you just insult his supposed “plan” as a means to segue into making a statement that is begging the question. Because you then assume you are correct that NONE of these people have aspirations. Not most of them, not some of them, all of them have no aspirations, yes every one… please.

        Secondly who cares if you’ve worked in a restaurant industry, more than half of america has worked in the restaurant industry, I’ve worked in the restaurant industry myself, and guess what plenty of people have. Even then its completely irrelevant that you worked in at a restaurant and know that it takes sacrifice and hard work to your argument that the people in question have no “aspirations” because you don’t use that experience to support any argument you make, its just a meaningless truism that you think supports your argument because you think it makes you sound more credible. It doesn’t.

        Thirdly my judgement of you was based on your own statements, it was a criticism of a clearly condescending viewpoint and you can sit there and try to pretend you are the victim all you want and that I am just as judgmental as you but that is simply inaccurate. Every bully cries foul when it starts to come back around.You made a judgment of an entire group of people with little to no basis, I made a judgement of a single individual, you, based on your own statement. There is no irony there, unless of course you are an idiot. Especially since the term you would be looking for is Hypocrisy, it may be a little hypocritical but I really don’t care..Oh yeah its You’re not your.

        Your entire argument, if you can call it that, is just a collection of fallacious arguments based on anecdotal evidence and specious claims. You really do very well represent the GOP defector class of Libertarian. Don’t worry bro, just pretend I’m a Democrat/Liberal/communist and blame Obama for everything. You don’t even attempt to address the fact that banks aren’t lending any joker off the street money, that not every fast food worker is lazy, or that every restaurant really has to pay the low wages they do. You just sidestep that entirely and prattle on about nothing.

      • riles123

        You seem very upset by my post, begs the question, what time does your shift start at Jack’n the Box?

      • derpleton

        ahh yes you have nothing to say so you go for the old “You’re clearly upset” technique followed up with a tired ad hominem insinuating I work at a Jack in The Box…. I’m hardly upset but if it makes you feel like less of a loser pretending I am raging out at your stupidity then feel free. I would bet that zinger went over very well at recess.

        Now what *I* find interesting is that you very clearly have a negative opinion of food service employees, You baselessly insinuate they are all losers and then compare me to one in an attempt to hurt my apparently delicate feelings, are you really so pathetic that you have to look down on some teenager flipping burgers to feel better about yourself?

      • riles123

        Well you’re obviously upset since you typed 9 paragraph responses to my comment. My opinion is that those that want to raise minimum wage to a “living wage’ (bankrupting the restaurants in the process) are losers, as those jobs are not meant to be careers. Those workers with aspirations, move on from such jobs, to bigger and better things. But you have taken this personally for some reason which seems to hint that your or yours works at one of these dead end part-time jobs causing you to feel insulted. I just hope that you’re able to find some ambition, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and find a career. Best of luck, Derpleton!

      • derpleton

        Since when does the amount of words I choose to use quantify the level of anger/resentment I feel? I personally have never heard any evidence of that connection, or even a loose correlation….You made a terrible point with a great many flaws I was addressing them as they came up. I’m not sure about you but I use a computer at my office all the time, I can type very quickly. I also post online frequently for personal reasons and vocational. So this just kind of flows. I didn’t spend more than 10 – 15 minutes on any of those responses. I can be quite long winded though, I will freely admit that.

        I wasn’t upset I was almost thrilled, I enjoyed myself and am continuing to do so. I wholeheartedly agree that raising the minimum wage is the wrong position, but I personally do believe that they need a higher wage, and the right way to get that is by supporting businesses that pay their employees well so that eventually those restaurants that don’t go out of business. This would go for any business. You would never catch me walking into a Wal-Mart unless it was an absolute necessity, but do I cheer on the leftists who want to force Wal-Mart to pay their employees better or take money from the Walton Family? No. Do I laud the Waltons as titans of industry because they can deliver cheap Chinese crap to their stores on the backs of their employees? No.

        The notion of using legislative action to force these companies to pay better is absurd, but the notion that those companies should go out of business and be replaced by better companies is absolutely not absurd and I believe is about as “Free Market” as you can get. But you would rather make belittling comments about fast food workers right?

        If you must know I am a Network Admin for a small Medical software company. I have, to use your quaint terminology, “pulled myself up by the boot straps” quite a while ago. Your strange insistence that because I disagree with you I must either be a low skilled worker or have a personal connection to one is yet another cheap and specious argument that people like you (simpletons) make and ultimately only reflects upon yourself and your own insecurities.

      • riles123

        In paragraphs 2 and 3 I believe we have some common ground, although I think that raising minimum wage would not only cost jobs, but also allow those who should be moving on to greener pastures, just enough to justify staying at a dead end job (oh, and most likely to be replaced by a robot). Glad to see you’ve taken my advice and found a job in IT! And lol @ “people like you (simpletons)”, clownish…

      • Robert Jackson

        What most people don’t know is that you can’t borrow money to buy a franchise, most require you to invest your own money, they also don’t allow groups of investors to buy restaurants

      • Worker

        Clowns, I was talking about “motivated” people who would like to take a crack at capitalism, you paid slob. Your paid to be a slob on the internet. Millions of unemployed people and none of them would want to open their own hamburger places? Is that how you think about “everybody else” your paid to do this aren’t you? Your just paid to safely sit in your chair with your goblin logo and push the fight your way! All you unemployed people who would like to open up your own burger place click up. Or if you just a clown push down.

      • blindsight

        Not sure if you were aware of this, but Burger King/McDonalds/Wendys/etc were a creation of young men and women who opened up their own burger places… just sayin’.

      • Cliffhuxtable911

        Yeah, that’d work great wouldn’t it, when they try to hire someone in for 15/hr as well. It’s the never ending cycle of FAIL! Think again.

      • JoeD

        Said that guy who doesn’t support fee markets.You must be kidding.

      • derpleton

        To be honest there are economists on both sides of this debate.

      • Tina Thomas

        I happen to agree with your assessment. Check my response above. As for my work, I do have pride in it as I too am a supervisor. Like you said though, they are going to have to be trained on the machine, but there will still be a cut in the work force because not as many workers will be needed. I think in some areas, I can see why they would need $15 an hour. Some areas have a very high cost of living. My workers know I care about them. The key to keeping a good work force is good communication and honest feed back. Above all, never expect them to do something you cannot do. None of us have gotten raises in a while, but we love where we work. We are a good team. Can’t beat that. I don’t understand why you got down graded for being honest either. Jeez…

    • Worker

      You have no Idea where money comes from! Now you get to learn what happens when you have a society of people who don’t understand how money gets made. Tina.

      • Tina Thomas

        Hmmm…I think I make enough to know how it gets made. These people are going to have to learn how to improve upon their skills to enable them to run the machine. It won’t run itself, and they still won’t get paid more. Some jobs will be cut because of this as well because there won’t be as many workers needed. The real money is going to be made by those who maintain the machines and repair them, and by those who make improvements on the technology…I find it interesting that you sound so familiar but being an expert in economics does not make you an expert in all fields any more than my expertise in my two fields would make me a corporate lawyer.

    • Worker

      See what happens when the general public has no concept of economics? Next they phase you out.

      • Woolf_Petra

        One can improve upon their skills without ever setting foot in a classroom. I started working at 13 and everything I have learned, I learned from watching and observing others and asking questions. However there are some people who want to make the higher pay without the responsibility of accepting a higher position. The original poster did not mention education. Perhaps you should rephrase your question since you made the wrong inference.

    • Su McD

      It may be phased out, but let’s look at the big picture!! this could be a great opportunity for business and people! Let’s say Joe and Alan were the line cooks. Mgmt introduces robot, who then takes the job of making the burgers. Joe and Alan don’t want to lose their jobs, so they put their heads together and go to management. They suggest that since burger production will be 50% greater than before, why not expand into burger delivery? Joe and Alan not only will earn tips for delivering the burgers, but they will bring in new business and gain people/customer service skills they might not have gained in the back kitchen breathing in greasy fumes all day. The robot is not intended to be a job eliminator, but an innovation to help re-allocate resources.

  2. Larry Miller

    All part of Obummer’s plan. Raise min wage which in turn will cause them to be unemployed which in turn will get them all the generous govt benefits and in turn they will vote Democratic until the economy fails and the U S is no more.

    • Vikrant1993

      Funny how you forget how Republicans take away these people’s money and use them for things not in the best interest of the US. Hence, the US economy will fail. Stop blaming it all on one guy, when shit goes right. We all of a sudden give him credit. Give credit where it’s due, and blame who have started it from the beginning. Its time to end the blame game, and start taking responsibility. If we let the Middle Class collapse, we let America fall. Both Dems, and Repubs tend to blame each other for causing the collapse for the US economy. When its pretty clear, both are responsible for imposing bad policies that clearly dont work. This was gonna happen right now, or 5 years from now. There are many jobs that no longer exist, because of innovations of machines. That doesn’t mean those people stopped working altogether, they had to adapt and learn to do something else. While these types of jobs come to an end, another form of jobs will rise to take its place. FYI The Economy is set to fail, even if they vote Republican. And btw before you start yelling and saying Im a Liberal. No, I don’t side with either side. I side by whats right. And well, its just clear that the US will collapse not because on Party is in power. But the fact people are unwilling to responsibility. And keep in check of the governments they “elect”. Massive overspending, and ignoring major problems by both parties will ultimately result the downfall of the US.

      • Michael

        It’s very clear to most people who is to blame here – workers who demanded skilled wages for unskilled work. It’s as simple as that.

      • Vikrant1993

        Hmm true. But did they get what they demanded ? I dont think so. So how are they to be blamed for it. If you think that all burger flippers believe what a few asked for. Than you’re wrong. Not all of them want to be paid more. They know for a fact, that their jobs are Part-Time and they will receive what they get,for what little they do.

        Dont forget that, some skilled workers lost skilled jobs during the recession. Where they took up most of these part-time jobs. Not all of them are their, because they dont want to become something greater. And if you want people who flip burgers to go higher places, than we have to realize something. The cost of living is expensive, and we need to find ways to reign it back. Or we will see more and more people complain how they want minimum wage to be set higher.

      • TJN

        Take a look at the cost of living in the us vs the eu. We are better than all of them. Take a look at median and average incomes we’re better than most and close to all those above us. Look at average taxes we’re lots better than all of western europe and much of eastern. Reality and truth. The us still has the best living for a very large portion of it’s population. We still fair very very well.

      • Worker

        Even our people living in ghettos without heat, running water and transportation agree. WERE # 1.

      • TJN

        do you think the EU doesn’t have ghettos? You need to experience the world. That doesn’t change a single point I made though. The us still has the best living conditions for the largest majority of the country and our poor are no poorer than any where else.

      • JoJo58

        You mean how the democrats created the progressive tax, the IRS and the “war on poverty” which has made poverty worse? Obamacare was designed specifically to gut the middle class. The poor already had medicAID. The numbers that were always tossed around always seem to line up with the number of estimated illegals.

        What is happening now is nothing more than your basic Cloward Pivin. Overload the system, watch it collapse and fill the void with will ultimately become communism.

      • Jeff Dowdy

        Your flimsy argument has been repackaged over and over since the 60’s by narrow minded conservatives. The new Chicken Little…”watch it collapse”.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        The war on poverty has not made poverty worse.. it has been a great success in aleviating poverty.. preventing millions of people from suffering severe malnutrition, inadequate housing, & lack of medical care. The increase in poverty over the last ten years is due to tens of millions of people losing their jobs to offshoring, automation, and Bush’s financial/ economic collapse.

      • Carney Layne

        It has not aleviated poverty. While it has fed millions it has gutted the American poor of desire and ability to advance themselves through solid moral character, ambition for education and a strong work ethic. Very few have gotten out of the system, while multiplied millions remain on the dole — in some cases 6 generations know nothing else.

      • Vikrant1993

        As much I agree with you, but lets also put in the factor. That how are they going to get out and advance further? It costs money to go further in our nation, if you dont have the money. Tough luck!You’re staying where you are.

        We need to work on lowering the cost to live in the US. Lower the cost to gain knowledge, reform our Education system which doesn’t profit on people. But gain more by helping advance everyone in our society to where they want to be.

        Don’t forget most want to get out those situations, but how are they. When no one gives them a chance, and when the few people on top dont award hard work. Whats the point? We need to fix out nation the way it was before, where handwork and dedication was award. And we need to make Education vastly important if we want to solve any of these issues.

        As I stated before, the education system is the key to fixing most the problems we face. We need to put an end to the bad education system we have in place now, where they teach to be rich,and like everyone else rather than be a responsible person.

        What annoys me the most is, we only talk about these issues only when there is a election. But never do we actually with a mass following ever try to change something is broken. But we waste more time on idiotic things, like watch stupid ass shows.

      • JoJo58

        When you reply to thom paine, you might as well be talking to a rock.

      • JoJo58

        LOL seriously? What drugs are you on so we can all live in delusionville.

        You are the perfect example of what Lenin referred to as a “useful idiot”. There’s so much you know that isn’t so.

      • bapdco

        You actually sound like you know what you’re talking about, but then, I read your message and realize you don’t!

      • Phil Asophical

        Bush finacail collapse? If I am not mistaken the Democtrads were in control of Congress

      • ThomPaineJr12

        The President directs the regulatory and law enforcement agencies. Bush & Co. rejected the request of the assistant director of the FBI for 200 agents to crack down on mortgage fraud.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        Dems didn’t legalize mortgage or securities fraud, and someone with Bush & Co rejected the FBI assistant director’s request in 2005 for 200 agents to crack down on mortgage fraud.

      • Phil Asophical

        Please tell me you can provide proof of this or you another Bush Blame gamer.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        I apparently can’t post links here, so Google search “chris swecker investors hub” and click on the second result listed.

      • Vikrant1993

        And how Republicans constantly spent more money than we actually had, increased taxes to fund wars abroad. Oh dont forget about, how they introduced bills to deny your constitutional rights.Also remember Obamacare existed before Obama even was in office. The only difference was, it was in the hands of the GOP. Obama care, can actually work. Only if they fix major issues in it. It shows its full intention, and that is to allow people with pre-existing conditions get insurance, but yet it does not do what it needs to do. And that is lower the cost of Healthcare, and prevent other people’s premiums to go up.

        The GOP allowed many companies to walk on the workers rights, and treated them as shit. The fact is, too much of Liberal polices and too much of conservative policies either leads us towards Socialism or Fascism.

        The greatest problem we face, is not that people want high wages for jobs as bugger flipping. But, the fact that our nation no longer follows the ideals that made it great. At one time, we award people who worked hard, who went above and beyond to do something. Now, its more like “You work harder, while I take your benefits, and give myself a bonus, and while I’m at it. The position you deserve, I’m giving it to my relative.” That’s our greatest problem, people who are great assets are being fired, while morons are given opportunities. Remember not all these burger flippers are there by choice, most of them have valuable degrees, and skills. They landed there, because of them getting laid off during the Recession. Just throwing it out there, under a Republican President.

        Stop the Blame game, Take some god damn responsibility. Who cares, who did what to get us here. The question is, what are we going to do to get ourselves out of this mess. And we need to do it together! Not as Liberals, or Conservatives, or Libertarians. But as Americans that want to see our nation back on the top.

        Just throwing this out here also,no where in the Constitution does it say we’re a Democracy, where the majority rules. We’re a REPUBLIC. In a Republic, every individual has rights that shall not be taken away, and no law shall be imposed on the nation. Unless it benefits every individual. And to do that, it sounds hard. But, it’s very simple. And that is by doing something both sides never try, and that is compromise.

      • Bob Marley

        A complete downfall is a bit far fetched. If there’s one thing that’s true of this universe, things always balance out. As the money changers get more bold, they also bring themselves to the edge of failure. It’s happened before, and it will happen again. The great recession was just practice for what’s really coming. We’re more vulnerable and exposed now than we were in ’07, and all it’ll take is one trigger to bring it all down again, just like the 30s.

      • Worker

        Yes! And it won’t be a politicians fault, it will be an uneducated public that is to blame. The people were supposed to control capitalism, not let capitalism control them.

      • Vikrant1993

        More like ill informed public, which are led by misinformation.

      • Vikrant1993

        When I mean “downfall”, I mean how the USSR collapsed. We’re going to fall down to rock bottom, where we have to start at square one. We will lose our Superpower Status, and will be another first world country. Thats what mean by downfall.

      • Shadowxsx

        It takes “common sense” to see reality, and unfortunately that is not so common, to see the “entire picture”. Just like the faux news junkies who believe “fair and unbiased”, they may not know the entire picture ( … a anti Obama site that shows fox in legal ownership truth)…I am sure some will call “BS” but facts state otherwise

    • woot

      I laughed at your silly comment. Then I thought about how you probably really believe that. Then I got sad.

      • John Grey

        Thought the same thing, Woot, but then after contemplating this awhile I think Larr Miller hit the nail right on the head.

      • Worker

        Who is larry going to vote for in 2016? Have you heard of a candidate running against Hillary Clinton? If no, then I would rather hear republicans pumping up a candidate instead of another decade of complaining about how obummer ruined their country. So who is the candidate?

      • woot

        No, it’s Tea Partiers like Larry Miller that make me not want to call myself Republican. Because that is just ridiculous.

        So what Obama has different plans for America than we would like? He got elected, so fucking deal with it.

        He doesn’t have some silly ridiculous antichrist-ish plan to make America dependent on welfare. That’s insane. He just wants to make poor people be less poor. Instead of saying, “Ok, that kind of makes sense, but here’s why it might be a bad idea,” we have to make up that silly garbage. And what’s more, just judging by the likes, most of my party actually believes that! What the fuck is wrong with you people? I’m just going to start calling myself independent. The Republican party has become too much of an embarrassment for me to associate with it anymore.

    • JoJo58

      Not just obama’s plan. The progressives and communists have been working on destroying this country from within for almost 100 years. They picked up the pace in the late 1960’s when Saul Alinsky etc hit the scene.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        “..progressives and communists have been working on destroying this country from within for almost 100 years.” Fine example of over-the-top reactionary ranting.

      • Vikrant1993

        He has a valid point, even if we disagree with another group of people. Doesn’t mean we take away their rights as citizens. No matter how wrong they may be, but they have the right to speak.

      • Bob Marley

        And when we take away their right to speak, we become them. Some of the people posting here are frighteningly stupid. Scary.

      • Worker

        It’s as if they have all been drinking, watching the world go by on television and yelling “Were #1” Over and over again.

      • derpleton

        Dumb Republicans always like pretending to be Libertarians because they like to see themselves as “Intellectual Mavericks” rather than morons that even the GOP doesn’t want around.

      • Carney Layne

        Not so, TPjr. The ACLU was founded in 1920. Much of their work in the early days was defending Communists. This is 2014. Would it have been better if JoJo had said, “for exactly 96 years”?
        A down vote for you.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        I know this will probably get your panties wadded up, but Communists have a first amendment right to free speech too.

      • CalledUntoLiberty

        They may have the right to speak, but do they have the right to force their beliefs at the point of a government gun? I can promise you that they want to do more than just speak.

      • Shadowxsx

        Ok future who “has the right” then? So many minorities have dictated their views upon “the majority” that it is not funny. And unfortunately some of them may even oppose your views or even mine

      • derpleton

        And when did the ACLU advocate they can do that? Everyone has rights even dumb Communists. The ACLU having started off doing much of its work for communists is not evidence of conspiracy, they also did work for Black Americans, and immigrants.

        People dislike what communists have to say, and rightly so, and they very often as all people do attempt to trample on their civil liberties because of that.

      • Bob Marley

        And they defended many people who were wrongly accused of being Communist or had no one else to defend them. As a Democratic society with equal protection for all under the law, everyone is entitled to legal representation, which is what makes us BETTER than a Communist nation.

      • Phil Asophical

        A Democratic society is one where the majority has the say, we live in a Constitutional Republic

    • moonsongtx

      hahahahahahahahah (Let me catch my breath here…) hahahahahahahahahahaha Um… let me guess… you want to blame everything bad in the country on Obama? Have you no idea what has happened in years past in the US?

      This robot has been a long time in coming. First robots that were developed for the workplace came into life in the 1950s. Now since Obama wasn’t born until 1961, I fail to see how this is “all part of Obummer’s plan”.

      Take off the foil hat and actually do some investigating sometime.

      • TJN

        Remember McDonalds was made on the automatic multi milk shake maker!

    • Worker

      Obummer isn’t the problem, who is your favorite candidate? Oh yeah, that republican guy….what’s his name? Oh that guy? Hmmm I don’t like obummer so I’m going to vote for ?

    • Drew Aires

      But remember, the employees have to set up the ingredients for the robot to make the burgers…plenty of time for “stuff” to make it into the burgers…

  3. LonLofgren

    You’re not supposed to make a living wage flipping burgers! It’s a stepping stone job on the way to better jobs! If you’re not moving on, you’re standing on the stepping stone and others can’t get by! Grow up, and move on!

    • TJN

      Eventually we’ll all be replaced by a machine and/or a program. That’s the end game. Communism will be the end result but until then communism won’t work. When every human is replaced by a machine resources will be pooled and distributed equally and equitably.

    • Worker

      Fast food places aren’t supposed to make rea food, it’s a stepping stone to a better restaurant. If your eating at a fake restaurant you need to be moving to a real restaurant. Grow up and go eat at a real restaurant.

      • Worker

        Is English your first language? Focus on your inability to “get” sarcasm. Who pays you? Well either who…they pay you too much.

  4. Clay Cromer

    Yeah. These workers really deserve $15 an hour … Now I can pay 3 times as much for a f**cked up order. I’ll tell ya what .. if You want to pay them 15 an hour… cut the staff in half & double the work load on them. Then it wont hurt so much.

      • Clay Cromer

        no. I’m actually very kind & considerate. You see. My job pays $14.65 an hour. I produce Kevlar for military applications. We also produce fiberglass for air planes & other military grade weapons. It’s a very demanding job & everything has to be accurate. It requires a great amount of skill to measure the materials among a multitude of other things. Peoples lives are on the line with what I do.

        Flipping a burger ? $15.00 an hour ? And not only that. every time I place an order some dummy working in the place can’t seem to get My order right. Every stinking time. So I say again.. 15 an hour ? Give me a break..

      • gringo_1

        Why go to a place where somebody cant get your order right? 14.65 an hour doesn’t sound very rewarding if it requires so much precision and skill and is as demanding as you say ..why don’t you demand more ? i know people parking cars that can earn 30 plus an hour..
        Groceries ‘ rent utility bills cost the same no matter what job you do
        There are lots of food joints making massive amounts of profit and can well afford to pay their workers a decent wage but wont because they don’t have to..

        if there was peace on this earth and the USA stopped invading other countries and we brought all the troops home what would you do then ? You would have to look for another job that pays the same to keep your lifestyle going and I’m sure there would be a lot less jobs around if the military industrial complex took a hit wouldn’t be complaining about 15 bucks an hour for flipping burgers then would you..

      • Clay Cromer

        The problem itself is not so much what people earn. The problem is with the purchasing power of the money they earn. The Dollar today has lost 98% of it’s purchasing power. This is due to reckless over printing, over spending, & fulfilling entitlement programs that the government dipped into & borrowed against.

        The only thing that has kept the dollar afloat after Nixon disconnected the dollar from gold was oil. But those days are almost over. The Dollar today only has the purchasing power of 2 cents as compared to 1913 currency.

        The tech bubble, The housing bubble, & the gold bubble are all a reflective result of the loss of value of the dollar. Everyone has been conditioned to think that if something costs more that it’s more valuable. That’s not it at all. It is the symptom of a sickness in our economy. For some reason most people cannot grasp the concept.

        A 1200 sq ft house in 1913 could be purchased for $3000.00. Today that same house or the equivalent would cost $294,000.00. A 98% mark up. A new car in the early 80’s was selling for $5000.00. Now it will cost you $24,000.00.

        What do You think would happen to the price of a burger if all of the sudden McDonald’s had to pay people $15.00 an hour for a starter job ?

        If McDonald’s if the highest a persons aspirations go, then maybe they should be reevaluating their own life & principals. Because if the greatest you aspire to be is a burger flipper. Maybe $15.00 an hour is the least of your worries.

      • gringo_1

        i know all about the fed and the cooperate takeover . and its not looking like its going to get any better for the ordinary Joe (its only getting better for the greedy scum at the top of the pyramid) ..aspire to be a burger flipper? when there no other jobs and you have mouths to feed i would do most anything that’s legal to feed them ,and would not be too proud to flip some burgers..and i wouldn’t look down on anybody that does that kind of job..i suppose its the way i was brought up and being thought good values and respect for my fellow human beings..

      • Clay Cromer

        There are no other jobs because they have all been sent over seas in an effort to wreck out society by a bunch of usurpers & traitors in the ranks of our illegitimate government. This mess is not happening by mistake. Every bit of this was orchestrated. We need to quit denying the facts. If McDonald’s is the only jobs left. Why aren’t we all coming together & bringing the megalomaniacs who created this mess to justice & taking out country back ?

        Why ? Because everyone is focusing on the small fries. they are focusing on keeping their heads above water. We cannot have an economy based solely on fast food. Raising the wages at places like this will do nothing to solve the problems We face. It will ultimately make them worse.

  5. Michael

    And the machine won’t get hair in your burger,
    spit on it, drop it on the floor and still use it. This is a lesson
    that has been played out MANY times – try and force companies to pay
    MORE than simple economics allow and you destroy jobs.
    unions ran the textile industry overseas, many manufacturing jobs, many
    automotive jobs. And now RIDICULOUS wage demands have led to a machine
    that, I’m sorry, replaces idiots who think flipping burgers should pay
    the same as a trained mechanic, plumber, electrician, IT technician,
    nurse, etc.
    Good job democrats, now one of the few jobs within the
    skill set of many democrats may become a thing of the past. Welcome to
    economics 101…

    • redrooster73

      Also look at how the longshoremen and their union were up in arms when they were all replaced with container ships. Workers are pricing themselves out of a job for demanding high wages for occupations that don’t warrant it.

    • Worker

      If the unions never existed the corporations would have paid everyone fairly. They wanted to plant flowers along every highway and give everyone high paid textile jobs that allowed them to afford fancy red sports cars and scenic trips to fancy beaches. If the unions hadn’t been here to run away the cuddly CEO’s that only wanted to shower the American public with whipped cream and caramel. It’s too bad the unions happened, it’s too bad we can’t go back to the past to change that. Oh well I guess there will be no future now. History 101….

  6. JoJo58

    And you don’t have to worry about whether or not the person preparing your food washed their hands, or spit in your food.

  7. gringo_1

    I’m going to be boycotting any place the uses one of these!

      • gringo_1

        I stand up for people not machines or corporate greed..i don’t care if somebody wants a higher minimum wage all i care about is that people have a chance to make some kind of living and that jobs are out there in order for them to do so.. you have a problem with that . .whats the world coming to if there are that people have a problem with that?

      • John Gardner

        This machine doesn’t just magically come into existence. People thought of it, designed it, and constructed it. Are you standing up for them too?

    • Arlan Poer

      Well, be prepared to pay twice the price for that same old burger.

      • gringo_1

        How do you make that out? you think a guy with a burger machine is going to cut his prices in half?

  8. vkaku

    They claim that a machine like this could revolutionize the food industry. Does that mean: inventing new foods – making food more accessible to more people – making food much healthier – getting more people involved in the food industry – making any of them smarter? I don’t see this machine causing any of those things. How COULD it possibly revolutionize an industry which is already running on high profit / low wage margins?

    • redrooster73

      Restaurants running on high profit? Far from it. The corporation might make money, but each restaurant doesn’t. They are all locally franchised and locally operated. Try opening one up yourself. They are the most failed start up business out there. Lucky if they make 3% on their earnings. Have fun with that $10 Big Mac.

      • vkaku

        On the contrary, if local restaurants wanted to be like the corporations, they would have to hire workers at lower margins but competitive salaries. As for your margin numbers, let’s work some details out: most restaurant food comes in the ballpark of $5-$10. Rent/electricity/gas per hour would be $13 ($10000 a month) and food ingredients cost per hour would be $15. With one worker cost of $15 an hour – to break even, you’d need to sell just about $43 worth of food – 4.3 burgers. Most people can make 15 burgers in an hour – that literally means $150 an hour per $43 spent per employee. And yet, they get paid less than 1/6th of what they should be getting. And you call this a 3% margin? Honestly, I’d be happy to see 4-5 McDonald employees teaming up and running an independent burger business – with/without this machine.

      • Donald Dodson III

        You forgot the additional $15 an hour for the person working the register. The cost of an accountant, and most importantly… While a person can make a Burger every four minutes, The place is probably not selling a burger every four minutes. When its busy they might be averaging 5 Burgers every four minutes. Oh but you have to have extra staff during that time, so that means you are only selling 2.5 burgers per line cook every four minutes. Since you will only do that during rushes, 3-4 hours a day, out a 12 hour day, (Assuming 11am – 11pm) you don’t make enough burgers during that time to average it out. Then there are benefits that need to be paid out, and unemployment insurance, and Payroll Taxes, Should I go on? Why do you think most Mom and Pop Burger joints charge you $9.00 for the burger that would cost you $6 at McDonald’s?

      • vkaku

        I’m saying that if there’s just one cook to run the show by themselves, they are still very profitable … Assuming they sell 2.5 burgers per line per four minutes for 12 hours, and if each burger were to cost $10, that comes to 2.5*15*10 = $375 an hour. At peak, $750 an hour. My original estimate is actually more conservative than yours. Now according to me, if one cook is selling that much per hour, that’s more than enough to pay for insurance, taxes, rent, electricity, food per person. Even if the guy at the counter is getting paid $15 an hour, they’ll still save enough money! If they try the same product selling tricks as corporations do (prices, offering fries, drinks, toys) perhaps they may do a better sale and have more profits. The deal is that if mom and pop stores went fair market with the corporations they’d still make money – without being mistreated. If they are charging higher, it just means they want better margins. They are definitely paid much much higher than a McDonalds employee if they own that business.

      • Donald Dodson III

        They can make 15 burgers, That is 1 burger every 4 minutes, per your original post. I increased their efficiency by 150% during peak hours, which brings them to 2.5. Assuming 1 line cook, means you are looking at 37.5 multiplied by 4, the number of peak hours, (I think that is pretty darn good line cook, and probably worth 15 an hour) which brings us to 150 burgers… now lets add 5 burgers per hour for off peak sales, and you are looking at 170, unless you are going to pay OT to keep the cook past 8 hours a day. So a total of 1700 income, assuming you charge $10 a burger, which is expensive. $1700 minus the salary of $120, Rent and other expenses of $104, then you say that each burger is going to cost only $1 per burger, which I highly doubt. since Ground beef is about .54 wholesale for a quarter pound. So lets say $1.50 per burger, which is about $255. then there is other costs such as Healthcare, Insurance, Other employees, since you cannot cook and clean and serve while making 37 burgers an hour. The 4 hours of additional man hours making only 5 burgers an hour, Suddenly for your 12 hour day, your company made you only $12 an hour, which would be below minimum wage…. And that is what a successful restaurant would look like in an ideal world… Now lets be honest, most Mom and Pop shops sell their burgers for $5, because most burgers at Fast Food sell for that. None of the other costs go down, because you based those on more realistic figures, though I am not sure about the $10,000 a month, that actually seems high to me, so lets say its $15 an hour including all other over head. Now we are looking at 1 line cook bringing in $850 if he is really good. If Average or just out of High School, he will be making burgers at the rate of 15 an hour, your figure, So he brings in a Whopping $400.

        400 – 120 = $280 (after Wages)

        280 – 120 = $160 (after Overhead including Benefits)
        160 – 120 = $40 (after cost to make) ($5/hr)

        For sake of argument lets say you hire both cooks and a server/busser. One cook is good, the other average. Overhead increases per employee, so we will say with 2 more employees we are at 21 an hour for overhead. Assume good scheduling where the cooks are working during both rushes. (Not likely but lets say that one works a swing shift or something)

        850 + 400 = 1250 (Income from burger sales)
        1250 – 360 = 890 (after wages)
        890 – 252 = 638 (after Overhead, for 12 hours)
        638 – 375 = 263 (for the day after cost to make)
        …with a successful store. Meaning on a $5 burger, the company makes $1.05.

        Average cost to operate per hour: $82.25
        Average cost per burger: $3.95

        The problem with your math is that you assume that a restaurant sells 15 burgers an hour, and keep its cooks busy 8 hours a day. When in reality, there is a reason why many places do Lunch or Dinner only, or are open only from 11-2 and 4-9. I work in a downtown area so I see the kind of traffic the local shops get. Its great during lunch or an event, but the rest of the time the cooks are out talking to the regulars because there is no one to cook for.

        (edited because I screwed up my numbers)

      • vkaku

        The 15 burgers an hour was not based on selling 15 every hour – but between 25 and 5 an hour and averaging it based on traffic.

        Secondly, i’m talking about professionals who’ve left McDonalds to run their own places, and doing 25 burgers an hour. But if you’re bringing in College kids, be prepared to not earn in the initial days until they become Pros.

        Thirdly, the math proves they can get much more than $15 an hour if and only if they could scale linearly. If these are more on the take-out side they would be definitely more profitable to operate without a busser.

        What i’m saying is that people ought to work on these options first, and the money they get from this could be put to better use by investing in more people and tech. Which means, as you start earning more money, you can re-invest it back to scale very well.

  9. Think about it

    One should aspire for learning skills for higher paying jobs, instead of aspiring for higher pay for their entry level/unskilled jobs. Sad..

    • String_Bean

      i don’t even know where to begin there’s so many things wrong with you.

      • David Christie

        Says the person who can’t see the wisdom of the comment he is looking down on.

      • Think about it

        I have worked below minimum wage in the restaurant business and that inspired me to learn a skilled trait as in a maintenance technician and I now make $15.75/hour full time and now I’m in college and working at the same time to acquire skills and qualifications for a higher paying career.. sorry I feel no sympathy for others who cannot figure life out jobwise and instead yell “gimmie more”. Go get it!

  10. xmrax

    and looking at the up side of this, may be the illegal moochers will go back where they came from.

  11. I_am_Q

    There shouldn’t be a minimum wage for jobs, there should be a maximum wage. If you want to flip burgers for a career welcome to $10/hour. You will never make more than that! Do you still want the job are would rather stay in school? (Either toward a college degree, technical apprenticeship or invent something ).

  12. The Liberty Disciple

    Nearly every automation in your life, has led to a direct technological benefit that increases efficiency, and further job creation.

    When vacuum cleaners replaced brooms, cleaning a home took a fraction of the time. When cars replaced the horse and buggy, travel took a fraction of the time. When machines replace line cooks in fast food restaurants, you can have a fresher meal for less.

    This is awesome.

    • redrooster73

      Don’t leave out the container ships that replaced all of the longshoremen.

  13. Jeff

    Geee I wonder how many of them in that hall vote Democrat …

  14. Phyllis Ringstad

    Okay, I’m ashamed of myself for making this comment, but based on the hygiene problems in restaurants these days, perhaps this isn’t a bad idea……like I said, sorry.

    • David Christie

      Why be sorry? It is what it is and these people are demanding $15 an hour? What are they smoking? They need to share because that is good stuff. Don’t be ashamed for speaking the truth. More people should do it more often.

  15. Louis Meadows

    I see a couple of things the local county health inspector will not like and need to be corrected before first customer installation, French Fryers now are automated, why not burger making. Makes sense to me, payroll is a major expense in the restaurant and fast food business.

  16. Lisa Vacula

    They were planning on this ages ago.. but because the workers did not demand beyond the company’s pay structure.. they never went ahead with it.. this was something designed in the 50s along with the automatic coffee dispenser at work and the pizza makers in the airports. those demanding higher wages outside the definition of their jobs, the companies decided to rush this ahead a bit. What I mean is, they are working for a company that does not require much man power as compared to what I am doing in a warehouse, they want more than I make and I do more work in regards to manpower.

    • String_Bean

      ya! and if you can’t afford to go back to school then why don’t you just die or go back to mexico! I’m a red neck tea bagger!

      • TJN

        String-bean thanks for being such a bigot. A racist bigot throwing racial slurs around.

    • Dennis Boylon

      A really bad idea. Most college grads are tens of thousands of dollars in debt and can’t find a job. Best thing to do is study what interests you and find approriate work in that. Take an unpaid internship until you have enough skill and value to be hired or start your own business. College is expensive and a waste of time unless you are studying engineering or medicine.

      • pGfwabf2013

        True, Dennis. You have a good point. The education must be worthwhile and relevant and income producing. Unlike Gender Studies, or a myriad of other utterly non-sensical, feel-good degrees that online line the coffers of small, overpriced universities. I could better restate: Want a raise? Do something that warrants one.

  17. String_Bean

    This site is a parody right? Like The Onion? You guys don’t actually believe that paying people a living wage is bad.

    • AesopsRetreat_Com

      Pushing Burgers out a drive through window is NOT a “Living” job. That is a job that allows you to pay a few bills while you look for a Skilled job. If you decided to party instead of gaining skills, that’s called FREEDOM. Others obtained Skills instead of partying. That TOO is FREEDOM. And its nobody’s problem but your own if you chose to just party. Good luck tossing burgers.

    • David Christie

      You sir are a parody of an intelligent person. You want to make the money, get off your butt and learn whatever skill you have to learn to get a better paying job. Your employer is not responsible for your “living wage”. You either become more skilled or employed by more companies. That is the adult way to do it.

      • Jake

        LOL. How are you supposed to become more skilled if you cannot afford schooling on such a meager wage? How can you work multiple jobs when full time on this wage is not enough to support your family? Not everyone has the capacity to do skilled work but they still deserve a proper living wage.

      • Woolf_Petra

        Even in an entry level job, there are skills that people can learn to move into higher positions. I know for a fact fast food workers often have to check in trucks. They have to do monthly inventories–etc…All of those skills are easily transferable from the service industry to the retail industry. They just need someone to show them the way to do it. However working at an entry level job does not mean you are going to make as much as a welder or an oil field worker. These are considered low-skill/low-knowledge positions. Once they learn how to do the trucks and such, they can apply critical thinking skills in order to move into a higher position and thus make a better wage. However many do not want the responsibility of the position yet want the same pay and that is ridiculous.

  18. Lonny Wilcox

    But what about the mystery of wondering what someone has done to your burger? Takes all of the fun out of life.

  19. CalledUntoLiberty

    Nearly every job done today has a tipping point for when automation becomes cheaper than actual labor. What liberals don’t seem to understand is that you can’t change economics by just picking an arbitrary number. The higher they push the labor wage, the closer they get to that tipping point and the quicker it becomes to recoup the capital lost in investing in automation.

  20. finishstrongdoc

    Socialists need a lot of things to fail so their interpretation of human history will work out. They need for capitalism to fail. There MUST be a “class struggle” for the socialist narrative to seem logical and historically inevitable. Marx was wrong about history; not all workers are dissatisfied with working, and many out of work don’t want to be idle, and both groups wouldn’t want to destroy any system that creates jobs for them to strive for.

    People are natural problem-solvers, and most are willing to wok to make their narrative of life work out for them, and like to work to solve problems, and don’t want other people to decide for them how to solve their own personal problems or decide for them what their life goals are.

    If an entrepreneur hires you for a job, he is helping you to achieve your life’s goals, just as a man or woman (the Marxist who needs for there to be a “Class Struggle’….the Community Organizer) who wants to destroy your prospective employer is trying to achieve his own life goals. The struggle isn’t with job-creators, but with job-destroyers. As this article points out, jobs are being created by automation, not being destroyed.

    • TJN

      You’re a racist bigot jake thanks for showing you prejudices. I hope your employer finds out how bigoted you are and cans your ass.

      • Woolf_Petra

        I actually know people who lost their jobs for posting that type of commentary too…Employers frown upon it. You are correct.

  21. Robert Ethridge

    i bet if you tell the robot no mustard you get no mustard..

    • Robert Ethridge

      who cares about these jobs? My profession was taken from me by technology, and I picked up myself and started something new,thats just what you do if you want to make it in this world

  22. Jerry Hirsch

    What people here fail to realize is just how poorly most employees are
    paid. The median wage, the paycheck the lower 75 million American
    workers receive is just $27,519.10 or less. That’s about $13.43 an hour
    or less. The true middle class worker, the middle 40% to 60% of the
    workforce make about $20,000 to $35,000 a year. All facts documented by
    Social Security Administration Statistics compiled from W2 records.

  23. Mick-Doscious

    When it sets at 15 dollars an hour then I’ll be ordered to cut my part time workers hours in half and just work the rest myself as a salaried store manager. When you add it up the store manager doesn’t even make 15 bucks an hour, and he/she is the one that has to deal with the slack jaw minimum wage minimum effort employees…and I doubt they’ll raise everyone elses wages along with the minimum wage hike. These jobs aren’t meant to sustain a fully independent lifestyle; they are empty themselves, which is why burger-bots like this would actually be a GOOD idea. Unemployed burger flippers will get the hint that their jobs were NOT that important, and did NOT require any type of work ethic or skill, and the ones with two braincells to spare will get educated and create their own work ethic or waste away due to the cuts in unemployment benefits. Even the employees that work for me give the same plaintive cry…”We want hours” then when I offer or schedule them for those hours its “Not THOSE hours!”…America needs to get over it, clean the sand out of its panties, and get some dirt underneath the fingernails and some grease for the elbow.

    • Woolf_Petra

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You make a very good point on the fact that managers and assistant managers work longer hours and people don’t seem to realize in the end they are paid less because there is no overtime for them.

  24. rob combs

    Don’t worry the EPA, IRS and the other goon squads used by the Dems will tax this machine out of business in no time at all.

    • Tina Thomas

      Not if their cronies came up with it and want to implement it.

  25. Milton Helmke

    Let the burger mechanics learn how to maintain and fix this machine and then they will get the good pay they cry for.

  26. Defendyourself

    Throughout history, automation has always transformed jobs from one industry to another. You can’t stop new inventions and eventually we will be living in a star trek world where computers can almost do anything.

  27. Amy

    Where do these people think this money is going to come from?? Do they seriously think that a business hasn’t already considered paying their employees more? Do they have any idea how difficult it is to find reliable workers to work for the current minimum wage? Business owners DO understand that by paying more they attract harder working and more reliable staff, but they are also restricted by the their profit, they can’t just pull magic money out of the air and pay everyone $15/hr for flippin’ a flippin’ burger!! If you want more money, learn how to do something more VALUABLE!

    • woot

      Compare Walmart’s and Costco’s min wages then get back to me k?

  28. Cliffhuxtable911

    This is what happens when you raise minimum wage to $15/hr folks! Enjoy

  29. FifeAndDrum

    Let’s just raise the minimum wage to $100/hour and WE’LL ALL BE RICH!


  30. ELLE

    What are we going to do when they have machines to do every job?

    • tvonthebrain

      someone’s got to repair the machines, program the machines, come up with new machines, etc

      For dead end jobs like this, perfect solution. The ungrateful individuals (barely) working these jobs are pretty much sealing their own fate here.

  31. Petar Posavec

    I see some people still live in a pretty illusion that people can just ‘pucker up’ and improve their skills.
    You are forgetting something crucial: many people work on minimum wage jobs because they cannot find anything else.
    University graduates are working on minimum wage jobs because they cannot find anything else, or the job requirements in a different field are enormous.

    Furthermore, when you are meeting ends meet (or are just below that) with a minimum wage job… just HOW exactly are you supposed to improve your own skills if you don’t have the money to do it?

    We still live in a monetary system people… so you need money to improve your skill set, or even gain further education.
    Also, government sponsored education is rare and only reserved for a very limited amount of people – which in the end won’t guarantee you a job… and we also live in a time when technological automation is being implemented at an exponential pace (no one is ‘irreplaceable’) and by the time you might actually finish education in a different field (if you have the money to afford it in the first place), then quite often, those positions will already be automated because today, its easier, cheaper and faster to automate than it is to hire a person.
    From a purely monetary point of view, automation is cheaper and up to hundreds/thousands of times more productive than a Human (who needs rest, sick days, etc.).

    You want a solution?
    Get rid of the monetary system.
    Its unsustainable – and we have already developed more than enough technology to automate virtually every possible job you can think of (because Humans do either highly specialized or repetitive work – and automation SURPASSED humans in both areas over 10 years ago – bottom line is: you don’t need general AI to do the work in question, merely specialized hardware, and that exists aplenty).
    Furthermore, we also live in a day and age where Humanity is producing abundance [more than enough for everyone on the planet] but artificially restricts access to this through ‘money’/’purchasing power’ (neither of which are representative of physical resources or our technical ability to produce abundance in a sustainable manner without damaging/destroying the environment).

    This notion of ‘working for a living’ is an archaic one, and its effectively killing us because science and technology have gone WAY beyond that a long time ago… social awareness however as well as social institutions and existing socio-economic system never kept up (and now we are seeing a clash between a society that finds itself in a highly technologically developed world and ‘traditional’/outdated perceptions that you need to work in order to survive – whereas people could instead do work they love doing, when they want to, however they want and in whatever quantities they feel comfortable doing it – provided with the ability to participate in society directly and real-time data coming in from the environment, not only will we be able to act immediately to solve problems, but also, our technical and scientific development will literally skyrocket and continue to increase by orders of magnitude – we are talking continuous ‘quantum jumps’ going on indefinitely.

  32. Jan-Erik Vinje

    Very few professions either at low skill or high skill can hope for increased wages as automation, clever algorithms, clever scalable networked computing systems and obviously the new class of cheap flexible nimble blue collar robots replace jobs all across the global labour markets be they regulated or not. There is no lower limit on sight for how much cheaper machine labour is than chineese vietnamieese or mexican employees and the general market price of labour is destined to fall further and further as new technology provides becomes ever cheaper and more productive and more sophisticated. A few decades down tje road wages account for so little of the economy that the financial circulation starts to dry outsidr the financial sector. People will increasingly have to aquire productive technology themselves in order to survive.

  33. Stu Chisholm

    I wonder, though, how adept these ‘bots will be at the specialty sammiches and special orders. Will “have it your way” be replaced by “have it THIS way or go home hungry?”

  34. Clay

    But…will the burgers STILL taste like Cardboard? Maybe the Flippers will improve their skills an build the ROBOTS,,,or will that JOB go to the ILLEGALS?

  35. buckofama2010

    GOOD, let’s get one of these in every fast food place and get rid of the lazy, whining, illiterate morons demanding $15 an hour

  36. OkiePC

    I always fantasized about having a bunch of fanuc arcmates and some omron mini deltas behind a big clear window with about ten G315 HMIs in front with card readers, so you build your burger on the screen while your kids watch the robots put it together. Just a couple of people to keep the place clean and a programmer and maintenance guy to make about $30/hour on stand by for their brain power.

  37. Mathew Brafford

    And u think the burger joint will hire more people??? Yea right.u want more money go get an education… Learn a trade…

  38. Mathew Brafford

    And u think the burger joint will hire more people??? Yea right.u want more money go get an education… Learn a trade…

  39. Mathew Brafford

    What I want is someone taking my order to understand f””””king english..if u cant understand two chicken sandwichs plain eith cheese one of us has a problem and its not ME!!

  40. Mathew Brafford

    What I want is someone taking my order to understand f””””king english..if u cant understand two chicken sandwichs plain eith cheese one of us has a problem and its not ME!!

  41. Debbie Redington

    So let me get this straight? They want $15.00 an hour for keeping the machine loaded? Fine, but shouldn’t they also know how to also repair and fix the machine when it jams or needs maintainence to keep it running? Or will they have to hire someone for more money to do those jobs? I suppose this means that the MickyD’s will all charge more for their $ menu, It will soon transition to the $3.00 menu, and no fair supersizing your order.

  42. Debbie Redington

    So let me get this straight? They want $15.00 an hour for keeping the machine loaded? Fine, but shouldn’t they also know how to also repair and fix the machine when it jams or needs maintainence to keep it running? Or will they have to hire someone for more money to do those jobs? I suppose this means that the MickyD’s will all charge more for their $ menu, It will soon transition to the $3.00 menu, and no fair supersizing your order.

  43. Brandon Broze

    The assertions conservatives and libertarians make about the impact of higher minimum wages on the economy ARE JUST ABSURD! OTHER NATIONS WHO’VE HAD MUCH HIGHER min. wages haven’t seen these ‘effects’ you speak of in abundance. It’s all much rarer! There are PLENTY of big companies in those countries, and nations like France and Germany actually have MORE citizens owning small businesses as a percentage of population than even here in the U.S. Besides, the claim that a $15/hour min. wage would “bankrupt” firms like McDonald’s and Walmart? lol

    McDonalds would only be paying a total of $20.6 Billion in wages with it, an $8 Billion increase for sure, but it’s still at least $7 Billion shy of total profits. Sure, they’d lose a fairly-large chunk, but they’d still be at probably $1-2 Billion net income. I think McDonald’s can do just fine with a billion or 2, don’t YOU?

    OECD inflation rate data (ACTUAL data, not bs claims you pulled out of your a$$ that are THEORETICAL) don’t show this “huge rise in prices”, even in places like Australia, where the minimum wage is over $13/hour. Even THERE, the inflation rate, as of late, has hovered around 3-4%. In SWEDEN, the inflation rate has been at about 3% as well. Spain? 3.2%. Germany? 2.1%. France?? Also 2.1%. Even DENMARK (highest minimum wage) has an inflation rate of only 2.8%!!!

    WHERE are you guys getting this silly idea that higher minimum wages would, “raise prices significantly”, at least for LARGER companies with tons of money? It hasn’t happened in nations with FAR more left-wing economic policies. I mean, perhaps $15 is a “stretch”, but how about $9-10? SURELY the so-called “equilibrium wage” for low-wage workers has gotten to THAT POINT by now.

    I hate to break it to you but… your THEORY-BASED ECONOMICS CLASSES AND BOOKS WERE MOSTLY FULL OF SH*T, as far as I can tell. It’s just a lot of rhetoric, models, and graphs, really. VERY little actual, empirical evidence is discussed that “proves” most of the claims economists generally make in said books. The real world is not that simple! Telling someone to “take a economics class”, most of which HAVE NO EMPIRICAL BACKING TO PROVE THEIR CLAIMS- much less any actual citation of studies- is just rich. You goofballs…

  44. Su McD

    I can’t believe everyone here is so focused on arguing that they are really missing what all this means… this is a fantastical opportunity for business!! Let’s say Joe and Alan were the line cooks. Mgmt introduces robot, who then takes the job of making the burgers. Joe and Alan don’t want to lose their jobs, so they put their heads together and go to management. They suggest that since burger production will be 50% greater than before, why not expand into burger delivery? Joe and Alan not only will earn tips for delivering the burgers, but they will bring in new business and gain people/customer service skills they might not have gained in the back kitchen breathing in greasy fumes all day. The robot is not intended to be a job eliminator, but an innovation to help re-allocate resources.

  45. Erin Tarn

    Why are people still eating fast food? Do you really want something served directly to you by a machine?

  46. anon

    Why, give everyone minimum wage for nothing! seriously money isn’t real and now we have machines who don’t want paychecks doing the work , let the machines work and give the bums a modest income to stimulate the economy we will still have a need for human tradesmen and specialists. keep it that way . life shouldn’t be about making money.

  47. anon

    I mean that makes sense to me, if we have a slave workforce of machines why cant we socialize the minimum money that would otherwise just be ripped away by corporations that are already making 1000+% gains.

  48. giveandtake

    Of course they were never meant to be a living wage jobs, but since the EPA, and Environmentalists who are Billionaires have closed down many businesses that do not meet their standards these entry level jobs is about all that is available to them. Yes, education is very very important and can move people up the ladder, but their are fewer jobs available and you must have degrees. Sadly the rich can do just about all they want because they donate large sums to those politicians who will think as they do and will vote for their programs. If there has been a duming down just look at what is now available on television. It is foolish reality that entertains but has little to offer those who need some education and stability in their lives. Much to much stupidity and violence. .