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By Kody Fairfield


Republican Congressman Justin Amash, hailing from Michigan’s 3rd district has been in Congress for about 6 years now. In his time there, he has been a steadfast leader for liberty issues. Whether it’s a snooping Orwellian government surveillance program, or President-elects making asinine comments about protected speech, Amash’s voice can be heard by authoritarians everywhere! Here are the top 5 times he let freedom ring.

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About The Author

Kody Fairfield

Kody Fairfield is a 26 year old from Orange County, California. He attended the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse pursuing his degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Kody found his passion in politics early, connecting first to our third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson and expanding his activism for liberty with his introduction to the Paul (Ron and Rand) family. In 2016, Kody was a delegate for the Libertarian National Convention, and helped to support Austin Petersen in his bid for the nomination. As a staunch believer in free markets, individual rights, and limited government, Kody began writing for Liberty Viral and The Libertarian Republic in 2016. He believes that with the right messaging, the ideas of liberty will continue to grow. Alongside being named the Editor-in-Chief of TLR at the start of 2017, Kody is also currently is the Ambassador At-Large Chair for the Libertarian Party of Orange County, Ca.

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