KKK Member Sought To Build Anti-Muslim Weapon Of Mass Destruction 

Eric Feight pleaded guilty to domestic terrorism related charges on Monday and could now face 15 years in prison for trying to build an anti-Muslim X-ray cannon.

Feight, a member of the KKK was reportedly soliciting money from Jewish businessmen in order to build the X-ray cannon, which would be a radiological dispersal device and classified as a weapon of mass destruction. Feight and his co-conspirator Scott Crawford were charged with attempting to produce and use a radiological dispersal device, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, and distributing information relating to weapons of mass destruction.

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Investigators claimed that: “Crawford planned to create a mobile, remotely operated, radiation-emitting device capable of killing people silently from a distance with lethal doses of ionizing radiation,” according to the indictment. “Crawford’s intended targets were Muslims, Muslim-related organizations and persons Crawford believed were contributing to the demise of the United States.”

Feight was caught after he met two undercover FBI agents posing as Klansmen. He had reportedly phoned the Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York trying to speak to someone interested in financing technology to defeat the enemies of Israel. Then he scouted out a mosque as viable targets for his X-ray weapon.

Crawford “described to the [undercover FBI agents] his radiation emitting device, his remote initiation device, mobilizing the radiation device and discussed operation security concerns,” a criminal complaint filed last June said. “Crawford again solicited money to finance his scheme (primarily to fund the purchase or acquisition of an industrial strength x-ray system).”

Feight was captured and arrested before he could build the device.

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Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

  • Chutzpah! Jewry needs no x-ray cannon to defeat the Ismaelites. Besides, even if it were to be employed we wouldn’t give the money to a goy. All your bases are belong to us!

    • Abby Normal


    • SAK68

      Why not? Jews give money to goys all the time to build weapons systems. Where do you think 3 billion in US foreign aid goes?

      • SAK- you obviously aren’t thinking about the direction the dollars are traveling- from USA to Zion- which is quite normal and unavoidable. The idea of a Jew giving money to a goy even for the purpose of pitting him against our enemies would be an offense to God. There are exceptions of course- if said goy were to repay with interest and throw in some shiksas for good measure, we would let him destroy our enemies. I repeat… Jewry has no need of x-ray cannons. It’s not our way.

        • SAK68

          I meant Jews, as in US taxpayers, giving money to goys, meaning the US Gov which in turn gives the money to … Oh I see what you did there. 🙂

          • Only with great discomfort do Jews tolerate the paying taxes to goy governments… we fix this by making sure that eventually all the money comes back to us with interest added. Besides, you could hardly call USA goy government anymore.

    • dinkster

      So many words I don’t understand, but it does sound like a great start to a Broken Lizard comedy movie.

  • voldkoff

    thank goodness he didnt take the door off the microwave…….geez

  • Charles W. Bell

    I think this two guys are taking the FBI and Eric Holder for a ride

    • J.James

      Actully It was in the local news when this happened it was the fbi that not only talked these tow retards in to it they gave the what they thought was some how a real working devise. and a remote control that was really a pager or some kind that alerted the FEDs when they actually pushed the button thinking they were turning it on… But what Im really finding hard to unser stand is how IF THESE guys thought they were going to build a weapon that was in there minds going to kill the bad guys IE Muslims and enemy’s of America why they are at all in trouble. Or how wanting to kill terrorists is a crime. If it was at all possible they should of been giving a grant from the goverment to develop it. Oh wait thats right killing terrorists is counter to Obama and the bushs plan to bring them all over here in th efirst place and there phony war on terror which isnt about terror other then terror against the American public and to use it to strip us off our rights and freedoms.

      • kerston

        The article never mentions “terrorists” or enemies. Just Muslims and Mosques and anyone having anything to do with them. Maybe a mention of an assumption that Muslims are wanting the demise of the US, but he was trying to make a “Muslim” death ray. Not a “terrorist” or “enemy” death ray. Think JJ. Are you of the mindset that Muslim =Terrorist just like the two retards ?

  • Aztec01

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Iran…

  • White True Patriot

    All non-Whites and non-Christians should be exterminated. A strong KKK is a strong USA that God loves!

    • Giuliano Taverna

      I don’t know which is more hilarious. that you believe in god, or that you believe you and your wolf skin wearing barbarian ancestors are a fucking master race.

    • John Ash

      Who let the Democrat on line??? Steve, was that you?

    • Josh Lalonde

      You’re an idiot. God died for all, white, black. We’re all sinners. No part of the Bible justifies hating Black, homosexuals, or anybody else you want to discriminate against. Christians are sinners, too!

  • Wesley Bruce

    I suspect it was a jewish organisation that tipped off the FBI. Israel does not need such weapons, too imprecise, Israel like to pull its punches hitting with accuracy and precision or not hitting back at all. Israel bagged eight missiles with Iron Dome last week. They let one through because the computed that it was only hitting an empty field. Zapping a mosque and anyone behind it is a bad idea. Its not a technologically hard weapon, all that lead at the hospital X-ray suite is there for a reason.

  • Giuliano Taverna

    so… how much crystal meth was required to convince these idiots that building a death ray was possible, and how many laugh related injuries did the Jewish federation suffer as a consequence of the sales pitch?

    • J.James

      two guys got federal funding and also the FBI are who even talked these
      two KKK retards in to trying to do it and even Gave them a machine
      they told them was an xray machine to try and do there deed with and
      what they thought was a remote. Tho when they pushed the button to
      activate it . it actually notified the feds when they pushed the button.
      I dont know if that was reported in any of the national coverage or
      not but it was here in the local news. It happened just a few miles from
      were I live. But the feds said there was no way there plan was ever
      going to be any thing that would of endangered the public being it was a
      bogus devise the feds gave them. which is good considering I and
      others I know drive past the garage they rented out that they were
      intending to run it out of. But basically the feds found to stupid low
      IQ freaks and convinced them to make this imaginary death ray machine.
      Were I thought if some one was that retarded they were safe from
      prosecution being no one that stupid could even be able to ever be able
      to even understand the charges on them or be able to put up a legals
      defense if they were innocent. But its just one more never going to
      happen terror plot thought up and busted by the same goverment that put
      the ideal in there heads in the first place.

      • Varuka Salt

        Do you even English?

  • John Ash

    Okay, if this brainiac can actually have a prayer of building such a device, someone please explain to me why he isn’t working for the Pentagon right now.

    I mean, thank god he didn’t try to build a phaser or he’d be put to death already.

  • WayneJ

    Really? I am not sure who is the idiot here….but I am leaning toward the FBI

  • Gus dis_one

    Seriously? A death ray? An invisibility cloak or a transporter would have been more realistic. Meanwhile, back at the Fed they are still trying to figure out how to pump more than 85 Billion a month into the markets.

  • George

    ….Klansman contacting Jewish groups for aid…isn’t the Klan anti-Jewish? Oh, well….

  • The last line is the best part of the article.

  • Paul Wappler

    One question… How often does the FBI get caught coming up with these schemes themselves so they can get the credit for busting the very thing their agents created? I could post a few examples of the FBI themselves setting these stunts up… but kind of afraid to in this police state that’s bearing down on us… So instead I’ll pose questions from now on that have easily researched results =D Our 4th branch gov’t organizations aren’t good enough to magically pop up on a guy trying to make a “death-ray”. Sounds more like they had agents infiltrate a Klan branch and push someone who was unstable to try something outlandish so they could bust him. It doesn’t really add up any other way… seriously think about this one. The only way they could have known is if the Jewish businessmen reported it, then they’d have to go through the steps of joining infiltrating and drawing this information out. Sounds like the infiltration was done beforehand and they found someone unstable to manipulate.
    Wouldn’t be the second, third, fourth or fifth time either.

  • A. Edelstein

    The propaganda power of this story is undeniable: dividing Muslims and whites so they cannot organize against the Jewish power structure. All the while us Jews appear as the heroes by reporting the conspirators to authorities. I like it.

  • Shoulda tried sharks, with frikkin’ lasers.

  • Conservativesniper

    I’d be surprised if the klansman could spell satellite.

  • Linda Masterson

    Really? A death ray? We’re spending federal law enforcement time and dollars pursuing a couple of retards who think they can build a death ray? Is the FBI that hard up? Why not go after fictional tv character Sheldon Cooper, who would have a much better chance of building an ACTUAL death ray. ROFLMAO. What a bunch of geniuses the FBI has working for them.

  • mtent57

    “Feight was captured and arrested before he could build the device.”

    As if he ever had a chance of building the device.

  • watkinsfred

    So basically, this guy has been prosecuted for having crazy ideas. He didn’t actually have a weapon to threaten anyone with. Again, the FBI has saved someone from certain what?

  • xanderdyson

    Um. What?

  • sparky

    Sounds like this guy just wanted to burn a jew, wouldn’t be the first time.

  • Joel Stoner

    I don’t see the crime here, they must be keeping something from us. It is not illegal to want to do something, nor is it illegal to try to build a weapon, or to actually build the weapon even. It is illegal to use such a WMD. So basically the Feds convinced these guys to do something stupid, then provided the fake weapon, and busted them for trying to use it. When you can’t catch real criminals, create them.

    • aintnorest

      I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to conspire to kill people with weapons of mass destruction. The article clearly says that HE brought his plan up to the undercover agents.

  • Don Oberloh

    shouldn’t this be a case of insanity?

  • Mike

    Will lowes or Home Depot carry them?