Judge Napolitano: Mike Pence is a Statist — “As Most Conservatives Are”

Judge Napolitano

In an interview with Reason TV‘s Nick Gillespie, Judge Napolitano offered some of his thoughts on Donald Trump’s presumptive choice for his vice presidential running mate — Indiana governor Mike Pence. When asked if the governor was “the type of person America needs at this time to reign in constitutional chaos,” the judge responded with the following:

Probably not, but he will help Donald Trump with credibility among mainstream republicans and if elected he will help Donald Trump in his dealings with the congress. But this is another example of, “let’s not preserve protect and defend the constitution. Let’s find ways around it to achieve our ends.”

To which Gillespie offered the follow-up question: “So, Mike Pence is a conservative statist?” Napolitano replied:

“Yes, absolutely; as most conservatives are.”

What do you think? Is the judge right about a majority of conservatives? Watch the clip from the Judge Napolitano interview below and share your thoughts with us on Facebook.