by The Libertarian Republic Editorial Board

The Libertarian Republic Editorial Board has decided to build a list of the most important libertarian figures in 2016. This amounts to the overall impact they had, how much visibility and exposure, and whether or not we were profoundly affected by their message. After much deliberation, we have narrowed down the list of the most important libertarians in 2016 to the following group:

Here are some of the highlights of the people who made our list (their rhetoric should speak for itself):

  • Austin Petersen:
  • John Stossel:
  • Larry Sharpe:
  • Thomas Massie:
  • Bill Weld:
  • Kennedy:
  • Justin Amash:
  • Julie Borowski:
  • Jeffrey Tucker:
  • Rand Paul:
  • Gary Johnson:
  • Glenn “Kane” Jacobs:
  • Marianne Copenhaver:
  • Nicholas Sarwark:
  • Penn Jillette:
  • John McAfee:


Now the vote comes to you – which among this list do you think should take the title of the single most important libertarian of 2016?