StG-44 Sold At California Gun Buyback For $200

LOS ANGELES, CA – A gun buyback program in Los Angeles, California turned up a person willing to sell a World War 2 $30,000 Sturmgewehr 44 for a $200 gift card. The StG-44 was the first modern assault rifle built by the Nazis, who would have likely been big fans of the LAPD’s tactics.

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This person gave away an antique  gun isn’t the only person to make this mistake. Another person in Hartford, Connecticut sold one at a police buyback but the officers were nice and told him what he had so he could sell it for what it was worth. “This is a gun that should actually be in a museum rather than in a shredder,” said one of the Hartford police officers.

Nazis loved gun control. That’s why they issued a nationwide registry in order to have a list of who had them so they could disarm and murder them when it came time for the final solution. Americans during World War 2 hated Nazis and their gun control tactics. In 1941, just before Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Congress reaffirmed gun rights by prohibiting registration. And in 1968 two bills proposed to register guns were debated with opponents recalling the days that Nazis asked people to register their weapons.

Nowadays, we don’t need registration because people are willing to turn over their guns, even antique pieces of history, for a mere pittance.  


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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

  • TomTomA

    The chief of police if a complete and utter idiot. Although the gun he’s holding is unloaded, he’s still pointing it directly at the head of the guy standing next to him. Come on, Chief: what’s rule #1 of safe gun handling? IDIOT.

  • Jordan Weikel

    Google is right there. Type in the model, figure out what you’ve got. People are so stupid.

  • Ben Edwards

    Good grief this article is written like a two-year old. I agree with the premise, but the writing is just atrocious.

    • Oh I wrote it so it could be at your reading level.

      • Guest

        You are a jackass who should never be allowed to write articles. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is you are incompetent and thin skinned like a little girl.

      • Cory Therriault

        The thing I’m trying to figure out is whether she sold the gun for a gift card or not, since the video is saying she will be allowed to sell the gun. Like they are giving it back to her or something.

      • Kevin Andrew

        Agreed, the premise is fine, but seriously, there isn’t a coherent flow of thought, structure,or pace. All the Nazi comparisons are childish. This is just over-the-top shill thrown on top of an amusing anecdote. If I were your teacher, you would get a failing grade.

        • WhoCares

          The Nazi comparisons are fine here. It’s a damned German WWII gun. This is one of the MOST appropriate places to bring that topic up that I’ve ever seen. Geez.

          • Kevin Andrew

            The logic doesn’t hold any water. German WWII rifle -> The LAPD are Nazis…great job there killer. Lets follow that logic further. The LAPD uses M-16s, so as a soldier, I am now a Nazi as well.

          • WhoCares


            non sequitur fallacy

          • Kevin Andrew

            But lets be honest, this article was next to an Op-ed on Justin Bieber,so I really shouldn’t be taking this site seriously anyways.

      • Phillip Burdine

        Your response proves Ben’s comment.

        • WhoCares

          But it was still funny.

    • Alec James

      No need to be an ass dude, this isn’t some complicated issue that needs an in depth explanation or philosophical delve into the complexities of true personal freedom. Some idiot sold a gun to the police for an idiotic price, through an idiotically pointless program. I think Austin did a pretty good job of sharing what needed to be said.

    • thedaynos

      I agree with Ben. This is written more like a facebook comment than news. Austin is right though, he probably wrote it that way because that’s how people read and write now. My 6th grade English teacher would shit if she saw how little we care nowadays about proper grammar.

    • Daniel Soares

      not to talk about the atrocity this article is in historical terms….

      • WhoCares

        How specifically? (Besides seemingly lumping Nazi + German together.)

  • Al Wolf

    shoot the pigs, keep your gun, live free and stop being a slave.

    • picnicfun

      Remember that when your car is stolen and you call the police.

      • Joshua Randall

        My car was stolen once cops did nothing it was towed after being abandoned. Then I had to pay a towing AND impound fee. Yeah they really helped. Then they found the guy (he lived in my neighborhood and my wife watched him take it) a month later. Called us in only to be told later that the charges had been dropped because he pled to numerous other crimes he had committed. Meanwhile the transmission was screwed up from his joyride and my stereo was gone. So tell me more about how the cops help people……….

        • fiat128

          Same here, like Ice-T said on the Bodycount album “Fuck the police” (yea LAPD, that was for you)

      • Al Wolf

        im betting you are not aware of the pig violence. if you call them you have a high chance of being raped or murdered. remember they are not your friend.

  • Jarrod E. Sammis

    Where is this? I want to buy it back from them!

  • William

    Not sure if I want to hope that it was stolen before being sold…
    On one hand, it would mean that there is someone in the world who had the desire to hold on to such a relic and then sell it on what seems like a whim. On the other, it means someone treasured that heirloom and some stupid (more so than usual) thief got a hold of it. Not sure which one I want to have happened.

    Either way, someone’s grandfather is rolling around in their grave.

  • Paul Bartomioli

    Welcome to the low information America. There are legal businesses that buy and sell firearms. We call them Gun Shops. However, the “media” and their anti gun associates in law enforcement have created a meme that :guns are bad,” “guns are evil,” “nice people not own guns.” So, when the “nice policemen and nice politicians” offer you a nice way to get rid of your firearm, you jump at the chance. Gun was made in 44. Probably taken as spoils of war in 45. So, how many people were killed by this evil gun in the ensuing 68 years?

    There was a time in CT, prior to the Hoplophobe Hysteria, that the State of CT would auction off firearms seized by the police, or turned in by citizens. The firearms by law had to be purchased by eligible persons. With current laws, any purchaser must have a valid CCW, hold an FFL; in other words NOT be a criminal. After the past legislative session this is even more depressing.

    • James Tappan

      Not trying to be pedantic, but if he took that firearm to a gun store and tried to sell it (“Hi, I’d like to know if I can trade this in for a Glock?”) would they, legally, be allowed to accept it? Yes its pre-1986, but its an unregistered / stamped fully auto firearm. I believe it can be made legal, but per my understanding (and I am open to correction) it is not legal at this time. Is that correct?

      • Paul Bartomioli

        Thank you for proving my point. This particular firearm, made in the 1940s is regulated under the NFA 34. It is known as a Class III firearm, capable of full automatic fire. NFA 34 regulates any firearm capable of full auto, even assault rifles; although true assault rifles were not defined until later in the 1940s.

        Your average firearm dealer CANNOT buy or sell Class III firearms. However, there are people that deal in Class III firearms. Scenario, as it should have happened at the Local Firearm Shop:
        Owner walks in and says he wants to sell this firearm that belonged to Gramps, from WW II. Upon inspection of firearm, dealer and perhaps an Internet search for information, dealer tells customer that this dealer cannot buy firearm; however, he knows of someone that can legally buy and sell this type of firearm. Average firearm dealer gives customer contact info.

        Your final statements are true, however, finding of WWII full auto firearms still happens, even in CT. On the face of it, an owner, ignorant of the law, is now a FELON in the eyes of the CT and the ATFE. Welcome to “gun control.”

        It can be made legal for ownership, all you need is lots of time and money. Let me see if I can get info from a Class III dealer in CT. Anyone on this discussion, with a Class III, want to weigh in?

        • James Tappan

          Proving what point?
          & Thanks for the data.

          • Paul Bartomioli

            People are not aware of the laws concerning firearms. How many people do not know that Class III firearms can be bought and sold by private citizens? How many people do not know the legal hoops you jump through to do this legally. CT law does appear to offer protection to the owner in that the firearm can be transported to a dealer for sale/repair.

          • JEFF_777

            Thank you Paul for that VALUABLE information! MOST Americans,(unfortunately) believe that only the military can and should own MGs/full-auto! It’s a VERY SAD time for our country with the treasonous slime within our government and their propaganda-machine, the main-stream MEDIA, with their clueless, COWARDLY puppets and their overly dramatic fear-mongering which turns any firearm into a living, breathing, killing-machine in the paranoid minds of the naive, uninformed public! It’s unfortunate that the public is only fed the sad tragic incidents committed by a few mentally-unstable people or criminals, or some believe a co-conspiracy by our govt. and a few within our SO-CALLED intel-agencies! They are almost never shown the MILLIONS of crimes that are stopped EVERY YEAR! Of course they will NEVER be shown why the Second Amendment was TRULY written! Let’s face it, the ENTIRE government is filled with traitors to this country and they OWN AND CONTROL the media! They do the bidding of the CRIMINAL, FRAUDULENT monetary systems and the huge multi-national corporations and they USE/SACRIFICE the blood of our sons and daughters to STEAL the resources of other INNOCENT nations! And THAT is why we MUST educate ignorant, naive, oblivious Americans as to WHY we have a 2nd Amendment and WHY we MUST defend it! THAT is why we need FULL-AUTO and 30-round OR MORE magazines! Sorry for the rant Paul!

          • Paul Bartomioli

            the lack of knowledge concerning NFA 34 and machine guns.

        • AnointedSword

          Actually, I love how people quote illegal laws and live by them. You can call me crazy, but the Constitution never said to make this law for the government, and this law for the people.

        • Matthew Whited

          If you are a FFL dealer you are class 3. So any legal dealer of firearms may buy or sell fully automatic weapons.

          • Jungle Jim Miller


      • Brakechute

        Unless I am completely mistaken, which is possible, unless this was registered before May 1986 there is no way for it to be legally owned by a common man, and simply having it could subject the owner to 10 years/$250K in penalties for owning an antique souvenir. Last I checked there is no way on the books for this to be made legal, other than maybe as parts (less the receiver). If that is the case, I would think trading jail/fines for a gift card was a good deal. All that said, I am completely against this restriction and believe it should be overturned no matter how much money is on the line as a result of the artificial supply reduction.

        • JEFF_777

          Please correct me if I’m wrong but, I think it depends on state laws,(all are different) for instance, I know they have yearly “Machine-Gun Shoot-offs” in MANY states and owners of vintage MGs bring their weapons for others to shoot. I have also heard in some states you have to get special permission from the Police Chief in that city/town etc. Also, I believe I read somewhere that they are not allowed to manufacture anymore MGs in the U.S. so the ones that are out there are VERY valuable and the only way to get one is to buy one from a previous owner and of course they are kept track of by the FEDS! That being said, there are MANY foreign made full-auto! 🙂

        • JoelM

          Well hopefully it was registered, but considering how much $200 was worth back then it’s unlikely. It’s just too bad this weapon was brought to light at all. I hate to say it but she would have been better off finding a private buyer and keeping it in the shadows. Stupid hurts, as they say.

        • WhoCares

          So, if grandma has a gun like this from grandpop’s war days sitting up in the attic for 30 years, and then the government discovers this arms “violation” – grandma goes in the slammer for 10 years? Fucking stupid politicians.

  • nochickenlady

    so, will these guns all be destroyed?

  • Guest

    It gives me so much pain knowing that this gun probably will end up as scrap metal, if anything it should be donated to a museum. It is a very important historical artifact, there are so much history behind this weapon and it inspired the developments of so many other guns.

  • Daniel Soares

    Sry man but read history, gun control laws and the nazi final solution were not related at all….

    • the one

      Is your bong half empty or half full?

      • Daniel Soares

        Well if you could be kind enough to explain what you mean i would be able to answer you

        • Frank

          I believe they are saying your high if you think what you wrote is true.

    • The 1938 German Weapons Act[edit]
      The 1938 German Weapons Act, the precursor of the current weapons law, superseded the 1928 law. As under the 1928 law, citizens were required to have a permit to carry a firearm and a separate permit to acquire a firearm. Furthermore, the law restricted ownership of firearms to “…persons whose trustworthiness is not in question and who can show a need for a (gun) permit.” But under the new law:
      Gun restriction laws applied only to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition. The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as was the possession of ammunition.”[3]
      The legal age at which guns could be purchased was lowered from 20 to 18.[4]
      Permits were valid for three years, rather than one year.[4]
      The groups of people who were exempt from the acquisition permit requirement expanded. Holders of annual hunting permits, government workers, and NSDAP members were no longer subject to gun ownership restrictions. Prior to the 1938 law, only officials of the central government, the states, and employees of the German Reichsbahn Railways were exempted.[3]
      Jews were prohibited from possessing any dangerous weapons, including firearms. They were also forbidden from the manufacturing or dealing of firearms and ammunition.[3]

  • James Tappan

    “A gun buyback program in Los Angeles, California turned up a person willing to sell a World War 2 $30,000 Sturmgewehr 44 for a $200 gift card.
    Anyway, this moron who gave away a priceless gun isn’t the only person to make this mistake.”

    “Priceless.” I do not believe that word means what you think it means……


    Because there are people out there that will give away anything, and because I am known to be a person that LIKES guns, I have, over the years been GIVEN a lot of valuable pieces. Maybe I’m lucky, somehow, when it comes to weapons. I have been GIVEN an Army Colt M1911A1, an M1 Carbine, an M-14, a German Mauser, several bayonets, and a .22 Marlin semi automatic rifle (because the owner didn’t want the bolt to stay open for cleaning!). I was also given a Claymore Mine, but I gave it to the army BECAUSE IT WAS LIVE.

  • Randy Dixon

    Connecticut? Well that explains it…that’s well behind enemy lines these days. They’re already registered for the boxcars.

    • Joy Rose

      Actually, the registration deadline is being pushed back because only 4% of gun owners were willing to comply, and the new regulations are being challenged in several court cases. This stuff was pushed through in the dead of night and an awful lot of Connecticut residents are fighting it.

      Even the Democrats up here love their guns more than some *Republicans* in other states. Before this new burst of regulations being fought in multiple ways, Connecticut had no regulations on long arms at *all*, not even an age restriction to buy, and we do still have Stand-Your-Ground *and* the Castle Doctrine.

  • ME262

    Some cop will add this piece of history to his/her collection!

    • Jay

      One can only hope. Otherwise… it’s to the shredder and destroyed.

  • John Mastro

    Given the state of gun control in Connecticut, I’m very surprised.

  • Darrin Woodard

    Wow, what a neat idea!! Turn guns into poop within a week. Who needs life and liberty when you got $200 worth of poop! It all becomes so much clearer now why they say “Just urinate/shit on yourself to protect from a rapist”.

  • Douglas Ives

    Maybe the LAPD will give it back………………*

    • Paul Bartomioli

      DID NOT happen in LA. Hartford, CT is where is happened.

      • A Anderson

        it happened in BOTH LA & CT.

        This means TWO StG 44s have been turned in via buyback programs in opposite corners of the country.

        • Paul Bartomioli

          thanks. this is a Jan 6 2014 update. Original post mentioned LA, but info was from Hartford Courant story. I skimmed over the article. Interesting; wonder if the owners knew each other?

  • syrupinhair

    woah, that looks to be in great condition too. one time the police did a good thing by telling him about this

  • Guest

    I’m glad to see that they did the right thing and tolled the lady what she had and what it was worth! THE CHIEF OF POLICE IS ALRIGHT IN MY BOOK!!!

    • I am normally not a grammar nazi, but “tolled”? Seriously? 😉

  • Robbie Rage

    Slaves will be slaves, keep turning your RIGHT to protect yourself over to a criminal , corporate , police state that cares NOTHING ABOUT YOU! They care only of your inability to defend yourselves in the event of ANY emergency , whether man made or nature made. If you ignore history, and this isn’t ancient history were talking about, and give into the B.S. That your being spoon fed YOU DESERVE TO BE IN A FEMA CAMP.

    • picnicfun

      Take your medication and go back to bed.

      • Robbie Rage

        Couple sandwiches short of a picnic? You must work for FEMA. Do you believe every thing the TV tells you? Show me proof that turning in firearms makes you safer ,and I’ll show you proof that I own the title to the Brooklyn Bridge. I bet you failed your history class , or maybe you think I’m picking on your team? Or maybe you’re just a troll? Or maybe you don’t really pay attention to anything that goes on in the real world?I would also bet your the one on meds.

  • Amigi

    The police here are not as nice as the Conn cops. Last buyback, for 2 $50 gift cards, someone turned in a Vietnam era M16 with trench art inscribed in the bakelite. The cops sold it for $8000 at a special auction.

  • Truth Teller

    Who’d gave away a piece of history for peanuts like that? Especially something your father fought through a war to get.

    • A woman..who is most likely a liberal. Sometimes I shake my head a lot at my own gender….

    • Frank

      In my humble opinion, anyone that gives a 1000 dollar AR for a 200 dollar gift card is still a complete tool. Anyone doing this with a piece of history like that is a moron but then again,like most gun owners, I dislike the idea of gun buybacks.

    • Paul Bartomioli

      It’s called hoplopobia. I was in a gun shop back in the late 70s. Owner was a Colt Collector. Woman came in with 3 pistols that belonged to her husband. “i hate guns, want them gone, yadda, yadda.” Said she wanted $300 for the guns. My friend id’ed one as a Colt Peacemaker. NRA VG. Low serial number. Worth, then in 5 figure range. Being honest, he told her, that if she wanted to wait, he could do the research and get a more accurate value. Being stupid, she said no. $300 immediately, or she is gone. He paid the money. did the research. all 3 guns came to about $25k. Contacted woman about the true value. She changed her mind.

      • djm1992

        He should have called her up, laughed at her, told her how her irrational fear of guns and her stupidity cost her $24,700, laughed at her some more, told her to enjoy her 300 bucks, then hung up.

  • Patriot

    The person was an obvious Libtard Fool that did not know what he had because he was a Libtard Fool!

    • You’d have to be, to actually like living in LA.

      • SineWaveII

        ….And to participate in a gun buyback

  • John Smith

    Sigh. Obviously a stolen weapon. If someone legitimately owned this weapon…there would be no way they would trade it in for such pittance. Likely the police chief will be equally stupid and destroy the weapon instead of selling it.

    • The one in Connecticut was a woman (most likely democrat) who probably just grabbed it from her husband (dead or alive) to give it away like they do with a lot of collectibles guys I said below, my own gender heavily disappoints me sometimes. They just have no respect for anything.

    • SineWaveII

      It was probably taken as a souvenir by a WWII vet who just died. And it was probably turned in by an idiot who “doesn’t want this thing in the house” In my opinion they both deserve to lose the combined 60 grand. Go ahead and shred them. That will just make the remaining ones even more valuable. Morons.

  • Mule

    Why can’t you talk about this without calling someone a Nazi? Holy shit, delusional.

    • SineWaveII

      If the shoe fits……

  • Jay Smith

    ok end video says hartford ct but story says in opening line Los Angeles, California witch is it?

  • Will B

    I made a post on Craigs list about the gun buy back and it was flaged…… But they sell BB and Pellet guns not suppose to sell those but they do… Get more from the Gun dealer….. Or A private sale Licensed one that is.

  • Aaron Horrocks

    Every “police officer” involved in this “gun buyback” program, is going the same work of the German Gestapo in WWII. Every one of them is a traitor to the Republic, by disarming citizens.

    • asdf

      How are they being traitors? They are simply offering money to someone who wants to stupidly “sell” their guns. It’s the idiots that are going and “selling” their guns that you should complain about. It’s not like the police officers are holding a gun to their head saying “Sell the gun”.

  • nvrat

    It turns my stomach when I read story`s like this. Not because of the weapons but, because of the stupidity of the citizens.

  • AmericanInfidel-19-

    Stop calling them assault rifles and start calling them semi auto….assault is an action taken by an individual.

  • Mick

    Did anyone also notice the early production AR-15/M-16 sitting there? It’s the more rare original model, not even the A1 with the bolt assist.

  • PatrickHenry


  • Tim Jitsu

    although i dont like the buy back, kudos to the department for giving it back to the lady and letting her sell it.

  • Charles Caswell

    They told the lady in Ct. Don’t see that in L.A.

  • Travis Badjib

    Hope the person who sold it see’s this and the cops held onto it so they could give it back… was probably the kid of some WW2 Vet that brought it home as a keepsake after the war….

    • Michael Bowler

      It’s gone.

  • Joe Albert

    You kidding? They won’t shred it, they will sell it.

  • fiat128

    That gun never ended up in the shredder, it “got lost”. Most cops I know would know what it is and have the morals to walk off with it.

  • Dana Webb

    I bet that’s hard to find magazines for!

  • name

    In Cincinnati, a church has done a couple of gun buyback drives, offering $100 gift cards.

    Each time they do it, a local gun dealer sets up a booth on the sidewalk outside the church and buys the good stuff before it is turned in.

    The church tried to stop them, but the city police said there was nothing they could do, since they are a licensed FFL dealer with a license to operate.