Tracking Police Abuse

The Libertarian Republic has closely tracked police abuse of authority since its inception in October of 2012. The behavior of state officials has been to advance an ever more militaristic approach to domestic policing acts in recent years. Recently, The Libertarian Republic featured a video of a man being arrested for filming police officers. The man had to watch the authorities shoot his dog in front of him for trying to protect him. 

Although the amount of violent crime has been on a steady decline, abuse of police authority is up. Citizens have reacted to this overreach by taking up cameras and fighting back by spreading videos and information. The reaction to the public from The Libertarian Republic’s coverage of police abuse has been overwhelmingly positive. People have a strong reaction to seeing the needless abuse or killing of animals and this is a natural marketplace of ideas that could result in positive education and civic activism.

No doubt that many officers do perform heroically in the line of duty in many ways but it is a shame that it is so politically incorrect to monitor and report on the negative abuses which are frequent and substantive. A free society would discourage the militarization of domestic police forces so as to avoid unnecessary tragedies such as the ones recorded below. The first step in fighting back against these types of abuses is to be educated.

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Map of Dog shootings