Everything to Know About Toilet Installation

Like window and door replacement involves myriads of reasons, toilet installation is the consequence of one problem or the other. Sometimes, the toilet is damaged or cracked while some people may feel that it is coming close to biting the dust. Since toilet is one of the important and frequently used areas, homeowners can never make any compromise of it quality as well as installation. Everything, from its selection to installation, needs to be up to the mark so that no one has to face issues in any way.

Types of Toilets Available

The first and foremost step of toilet installation is to choose the right type that is space efficient and complements every single detail in the bathroom. Though, it’s not necessary to find one type of toilet in every home or even two bathrooms in one home. Just like choices deviate for doors and windows, toilet selection follows the same rule. Below are two commonly used types that are sure to meet every homeowner’s requirements in one way the other:

  1. Wall Mounted Toilet: It doesn’t touch the floor and therefore, keeps the area clean and free of leaks. This wall mounted toilet is designed to hide plumbing parts to give a clear and smooth look. Its concealed cistern is made of plastic that is light in weight and work efficiently from behind the wall. Just remember one thing that toilet installation is more expensive and laborious as compared to other types. But, the quality and services are literally worth the spending.
  2. Standard Toilets: They are installed on the floor and are available in two common types- one-piece commode and two-piece commode. The latter comes in two parts i.e. the tank and the bowl while one-piece commode is a single unit version, consisting of bowl and flush tank. Since floor mounted toilets are bolted to the floor, it’s necessary to ensure that the screws, seals and bolts are tightened properly. Loose belts or faulty seals can lead to water leakage. In situations like these, always strive to reach out to certified professionals. Only the licensed repairmen like this Toronto Plumber are qualified to help you solve the issues you have.

Toilet Installation

Once homeowners have chosen a particular type, it’s time to move ahead and plan for toilet installation. They need an adjustable wrench, wax ring, screwdriver, stainless steel washers and closet bolts to carry out a smooth process. Practically, it’s better to hire a pro toilet installation contractor who possesses skills and expertise to get the job done efficiently. The best part of hiring them is the surety of receiving good quality services with proven outcomes.

Fix an Existing Toilet or Install a New One

Chances are high that inhabitants may encounter various problems in toilets after a certain time period. Although there is nothing wrong in installing a new toilet, what if the existing one can be fixed? Homeowners just have to identify whether the toilet is in the condition to restore its performance after repair or not. Just follow these simple tips and find out:

  • Frequent need of repair: If homeowners have to repair or fix toilets after every 3 or 4 months, it’s recommended not to waste money any longer and get a new toilet to save in the long run.
  • Cracked porcelain: When a person ignores small cracks on the toilet, they grow over time and cause unexpected flooding. They can call numerous emergencies that can only be avoided by removing this cracked toilet with a new and better one.
  • Old toilet is not economical: Old toilets are always a hassle to deal with. They do not only waste water and money but also cause inconvenience in one way the other.
  • Cost of toilet installation: There is not a fixed price for installing a toilet. It varies from one project to the other according to the type of toilet, its installation and other factors.

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