by Micah J. Fleck

Entrepreneur and sometimes-libertarian Elon Musk recently gave a new TEDTalk in Vancouvor in which he revealed various new projects taking place under his various companies, and it was very impressive and techie just like one would expect. But one particular quote of his during the presentation that was quoted by the TEDTalks official Twitter handle was as follows:

“I’ve used the meetings I’ve had to argue in favor of immigration and climate change.”

Ultimately, Musk can do as he wishes, but some have said that people like himself and Bill Nye often make things too political and as a result come across as less objective than men who simply promote science and innovation (a universal benefit regardless of political leanings).  Musk using his time with the president as a chance to whisper in the commander-in-chief’s ear about issues that many people have made into political conversations could be seen as more of the same. What say you, readers? Is Musk simply being objective? Or do you feel his attempting to influence the president was in and of itself a politicized move?

We are sure you will let us know in the comments exactly how you feel.


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