Egyptian Policewoman Punished Alleged Sexual Harasser With Electric Rod

Egyptian Policewoman Punished Alleged Sexual Harasser With Electric Rod

By Erica Wenig

An Egyptian policewoman cracked down on sexual harassment outside a Cairo cinema during the three-day Muslim holiday this weekend, arresting and shocking an alleged offender with an electric baton.

The one-minute video captured Egyptians crowding the cinema’s entrance while a policewoman, wearing a long-sleeved uniform and a white hijab under her hat, dragged the young man into the building. She seized the man’s shirt collar and shook him, issuing electric shocks to his abdomen. While yelling, the policewoman slapped him and forced him to sit. Toward the end, she appears to call the victim in from the crowd.

عقيد شرطة نسائية تلقن متحرش علقه ساخنة بسينما مترو

The incident occurred during Eid al-Fitr, the holiday to commemorate the end of Ramadan, Islam’s holy month. The video went viral in Egypt, with viewers supporting increased female police presence to combat harassment, Egyptian Streets reported. Egypt’s government recently created an anti-harassment force to confront the issue.

According to a United Nations survey, 99 percent of Egyptian women have experienced either verbal or physical harassment. It is particularly rampant during large, unsupervised gatherings. A mob in Tahrir Square infamously brutalized American journalist Lara Logan while reporting on the overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

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