Dump Trump 2016? [PODCAST]

Celebrity entrepreneur Donald Trump announced his run for president yesterday, and the Freedom Report podcast is here to tell you exactly what we think.

The Donald’s blustery rhetoric has some people on the right fired up, however. The New York Post’s editorial board wrote a glowing review of Trump’s populist message, praising him for his capitalistic zeal. If only it were true that Trump were the man they’re trying to convince us he is.

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In an appearance on the David Letterman show, Trump was blindsided by the host, who questioned him about his products manufactured in China, right after Donald bemoaned the fact that China was going to become an economic superpower.

And that’s not all, kids. The Freedom Report podcast gets into even more gory detail about the presidential candidate, telling the story of how the casino tycoon tried to use the government to bully an old woman out of her home. That, and a litany of other transgressions against liberty have these libertarians wanting to dump Trump…. Or just say… “You’re fired!”

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