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Faith, Freedom and Free Speech

Phil Robertson went off in a candid interview about some of the treatment he received from television editors during the production of their hit show, Duck Dynasty.

Robertson explained in an interview how the editors would put fake *bleeps* in the show, to make it appear like they were using more profanity more often than they really did. “What’s the point of that”, he inquired. The editors finally stopped that practice due to the star’s protests.

The other issue was that they prayed in the name of Jesus quite often. The editors cut out the parts where they said Jesus’ name and Robertson wasn’t happy about that, especially because they said that they didn’t want to offend Muslims.

Phil’s son Willie Robertson said, “You can’t be negative and say what you don’t see. God’s in control. You can’t question what’s not in there, you have to look at what is in there. I see so many good things and there’s some Christians who, they just want more. They can’t see the good because they want more. Or something that they see and they don’t want. I think you have to hold hands with people who are… not even Christian or non-Christian, with A&E, they know how to make TV and how to get people to watch it.”

“It’s not the Pat Robertson show,” Phil said. “The people on the spiritual side, trust me, are gathering up in massive numbers.”

Robertson explains how the TV executives wanted him to compromise and why he stood strong against it to make a positive impact on Hollywood.

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