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“Run, Bambi! Run into the thicket!”

Michigan State Police are speaking out about an incident where a police officer shot a deer at point-blank range. Video of the event has been circulating online and prompted debate about whether the shooting was necessary. [contextly_sidebar id=”18c25e919372bf712ca863caab1029b9″]

Officers attempted to move the deer towards a safer area, flashing their lights and driving their cruisers toward the animal for several minutes. When that was unsuccessful, one police officer approached the deer and shot it at point-blank range.

MSP spokesperson Lt. Mike Shaw told Fox 2 that the deer was injured and that it could have darted out into the roadway and possibly caused a traffic accident. The officer is not under investigation because it is believed the animal was wounded and may have been a danger to motorists in the area.

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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

76 Responses

  1. Beverley Davis

    my dad once ran over a deer in a Bonneville. We ate on that thing…the deer…for a couple of months. Smaller cars would have been torn up hitting a deer…or an animal lover could have killed herself trying to avoid it. Believe me deer are not endangered.

    • $22635052

      too bad stupid, heartless people don’t seem to be either….

  2. truthistreason

    Yea im with the cop on here as long as it was turned into bologna.

  3. mv123

    As long as somebody ate the deer then there’s no problem here.

  4. n2oiroc

    as much as i like to criticize cops, i dont see a problem here at all. the deer was obviously injured and next to a busy highway. a quick shot to the head like that is about the most humane thing to do. what are they supposed to do instead? let it wander into the street and get hit by a car? is that more humane? what would animal control do? likely shoot it too.

      • n2oiroc

        yeah, that would be a great way to prolong its misery. i dont like seeing animals (or people) suffer, why not just put it out of its misery instead of letting it wander around bleeding internally or whatever was wrong with it?

      • $22635052

        Really? I didn’t see that, nor did anyone else – that was assumed – first leg, now ankle?

      • Josh Bushman

        Deer are more dangerous than people give them credit for and kill hundreds or people a year. Moving the deer would have endangered the cop significantly. In my opinion the only thing that the cop did wrong was get so close to the animal.

      • Jordan Plant

        They tried that for several minutes if you didn’t read…. James.

      • James

        I meant moving it in a way that wasn’t retarded! Like actually getting animal protective services instead of shining your lights at it and blasting your siren. Like its really supposed to know wtf that is. It was in complete shock. Why don’t they go through the regular process they do whenever a deer happens to walk into a city. Its not like its not the first time thats happened. You don’t see other cops taking care of the problem by taking out the deer! Move it and let nature take its course you don’t have to be the asshole cop that shoots a deer point blank on the streets and then laugh at it twitching! Cops are supposed to be role models?

    • Glen DiCecco

      Treat it with this thing we call “modern medicine”. Animal control will often bring animals in for treatment then release them. This guy was just too fucking lazy to call them.

    • $22635052

      what if it was your “fucking kid” or your “fucking dog” – seriously – what a POS

      • Derek Eklund

        lol, but by its very nature it isn’t. It is a wild animal that was causing a nuisance and its death has no ramification for anyone.

      • $22635052

        he wasn’t doing ANYTHING but standing there – I love how you consider the life of a deer meaningless – hope you don’t reproduce

      • Derek Eklund

        That was the issue. It was injured and unresponisve. This was a public service, not only to the motorists, but to the deer in all probability.

      • $22635052

        May the meat you eat poison your brain as much as your soul….

      • connsmith

        You are an idiot… you have no clue… I grew up deer hunting and know a lot about the and thier habits… go back to your yuppie trendy loft… the only place you’ve seen a deer is in a zoo….

      • $22635052

        you gun happy murdering assholes who think you are doing the planet a favor by getting drunk and flexing your macho by eliminating what you consider vermin from our planet are a blight – hope you feel good about yourselves and the karma you spin shall blow back at you! Soon I hope!

      • connsmith

        You are the typical phony pseudo intellectual moron that haunts the internet from your Mommy and Daddy’s basement. You are the vermin of blissfully keeping yourself ignorant of the process it takes to put meat on your table. You wring your little hands over dispatching a suffering creature but in the end you will walk into McDonalds and order you Quarter Pounder and eat it without a thought… sort of just like the way you post on the internet.

      • $22635052

        Your lack of ability to form a meaningful paragraph in the English language astounds me – guess the best part of you ran down your mama’s leg – I am a vegetarian and no McDonalds “meat” for me – pink slime and all LOL – I am a 55 year old grandmother thank you, and pity whatever spawn you caused when your rubber broke

  5. JayTee

    Injured animal put out of its misery. Hopefully some venison meals resulted from this. Deer are very prolific in many areas, and they either end up on someone’s plate, or starve to death. Also, all animals also eventually die somehow–just as do all humans.

    • Yourownfault

      I agree with you. I don’t see this as an abuse of power

    • richard

      Thank you. I am so happy there are some people smarter than the morons in this video.

  6. pup

    The deer was mortally wounded and threatening traffic. It was going to die a slow and painful death, possibly being eaten alive by coyotes. The cop did that deer a very humane favor.

    • $22635052

      Lots of assumptions there pal – threatening traffic – that’s rich LOL – big scary deer – you should definitely write fiction – you have a nack for it

      • pup

        Okay smart guy, I take it you have never hit a deer with your car, or seen one hit, or seen what it can do to a car, or a person when it careens through a windshield. Deer weigh as much as a person, and can cause all kinds of mayhem on the road. This deer was only a few feet from a road. Yes, that’s a threat to traffic. Where the hell are you from? They have stupid in the water there. Yours is about the dumbest comment I’ve seen.

      • $22635052

        No “pup” you shouldn’t assume – no, I have never hit a deer and deliberately drive slow and look on the sides of the road always, and I am not a guy – and loser boy, I am from Chicago, murder capital of the world – we have lots of small penises with guns here – and cops shoot dogs and shit because they can – total abuse of power – again, the deer was not MORTALLY WOUNDED – that was assumed…..all these small dicked clowns needed to do was stop traffic on both sides, turn out the lights and chased it – done – people like you are a threat to animals everywhere – and part of the shallow end of the gene pool

      • Paul Huskey

        That’s cool. Enjoy driving 20 miles an hour down country roads. I’ve hit deer. They will appear out of nowhere. They don’t usually sit there in the road and hope you notice them. No, they prefer to run straight across the road as you’re approaching.

  7. connsmith

    Yeah really simple if you can walk up to a deer and it doesn’t run… it’s already sick or dying.

    • $22635052

      or used to being fed by humans maybe? Frozen in the moment not knowing where to go with traffic on one side, and loud noises and headlights in front of him?

      • connsmith

        The noise and cars don’t scare them… it is our scent. It was also severely injured… sorry no I doubt it was used to humans. We had friends that fed deer for years and still were unable to do more than dtand on the porch. Theses were animals they fed from fawns.

  8. $22635052

    OMG are you kidding me? He walked right up to it? Couldn’t have gotten a wildlife person to relocate it? Trigger happy no good cops – he could have chased it – did anyone ever think it may have been a pet and used to humans? Thought that they were no threat – and then to hear these pieces of shit laugh about it when he shot it makes me ill – and they wonder why people hate cops – total pieces of SHIT! and that is a disservice to shit….

    • Brad Kirby

      Did you just watch the part where the deer was shot and then leave a comment or did you listen to the whole story? DNR, humane society, etc. are all cash strapped and do not respond to calls like this. The deer was injured and was put out of its’ misery. I think you are just looking for witches to hunt.

      • $22635052

        Yes Brad, I watched it – did you? and there was no evidence that the deer was injured at all – it moved when he pulled the car up and was probably scared out of it’s mind – and the fact that the piece of shit had to “put it out of it’s misery” by shooting at it 4 feet away and watching as it shook on the ground and the other piece of shit cops laughing about how his tail was still wagging, well, I don’t feel so sorry for cops anymore – they have become the enemy – small penises and guns don’t mix –

      • n2oiroc

        a healthy deer will not stand there with all the noise and people around. the second he pulled the trigger it was lights out for the deer, zero pain. the tail, legs and ears will still move after its dead, its just neurological signals to the muscles from the part of the brain that controls it. if someone was laughing during that, then i agree, its in poor taste.

      • $22635052

        Ever hear the expression “caught like a deer in the headlights?” well clearly with so much going on this deer was likely frozen with either fear or no fear of humans – either way – all the jagoffs needed to do was to stop traffic on both sides for a few minutes, turn off their lights, and I bet the deer would have been GONE – this is how humanity treats the weakest, God help us all….cops have become trigger happy – easier than dealing with other issues – I was a criminal justice major – was almost a cop – and even then the amount of testosterone on steroids scared me – it has gotten worse – your 3 lb dog runs up to it, and they shoot – small penises and guns…

      • Martin Mullikin

        Normally I would agree with you, but the whole deer in headlights thing usually only happens right after sunset, and usually it only lasts less than a minute. It’s kind of like when someone turns on a light when you have been sleeping, their eyes need to adjust and they don’t know what to do until then. They tried moving that deer for several minutes, and it was just chilling there- it’s eyes were easily adjusted already. I don’t care how many people you think come and hand feed deer everyday, that deer would have ran away if it could. You can hear one of the cops (who can obviously get a better sight on the deer than the dash cam) say that “you can see it’s leg dangling” which makes me assume that it is injured and that’s why it’s not running away. So, doing their duty to protect and serve, they humanely put the deer down by shooting it in the head; shooting point blank range insures accuracy. If they didn’t do this, they could expect to see a horrible accident and possibly human death, you know, with the deer just chilling on the freeway like it owns it. Put your big girl panties on, wipe the tears from your eyes, stop talking about your small penis on the internet, and realize that sometimes police are beneficial, even though their comments at the end were in very poor taste.

      • $22635052

        to feel like a big man, when all God gave you was a small penis, incites many a pathetic male to kill innocent shit – since I’m a woman, my big girl panties are on thanks, and you can put your own small penis away – I guess we will agree to disagree about the deer in the headlights thing – there were so many distractions the deer was terrified – and it didn’t die instantly as one of the pieces of shit even commented that his tail was still moving and he might have to finish him off – when men make decisions, they usually suck or result in the death of innocent animals – if it was truly mortally injured, I can understand the decision just not agree with it – since the jury is out, I still think they just wanted to get back to their donuts and coffee – back to your pump Marty

  9. connsmith

    So how about you stick to legit stories instead of sensationalized BS

  10. Eli Plantz

    What a piece of trash! That deer was frozen because of the lights. All that asshole had to do was turn off the lights and the deer will walk away.

    • Dave B

      You, sir, are an idiot. Don’t mean to be rude, but did you WATCH and LISTEN to this or just decide to vomit out your idiocy to prove some point?

      • $22635052

        Don’t mean to be rude, yet call him an idiot for suggesting that a deer “caught in the headlights” deserved a chance? And the funny part is, most of these deerhunting morons are pro-life LOL

      • Abigail Moreno

        Are you a Hindu or something? It’s just a deer, calm down!

  11. Carol Cryptonia SillyGirl

    It said the deer was “possibly” injured. And the deer is not the nuisance, we are. We keep taking their homes and building roads and houses and whatever while they have less places to feed and survive. Want to see a nuisance? Look in the mirror!

  12. GypsyDanger

    All these trigger happy cops need to be careful…things have a way of balancing out …in other words…what goes around comes around.

  13. Dieter Gould

    Wow! Point blank range… That’s impressive! Not every day you can shoot deer like that… It was probably for the best for everyone as not to get hurt, because of this injured deer. I lived in Hill Country area of Texas. My girlfriend had hit two deer within a few weeks of one another. They just show up, and Bam! It’s too late to avoid them… Needless to say, girlfriends car was totaled when she hit the second one, and we were lucky that no one got hurt… Back then, you couldn’t keep the venison, and now the laws have changed…

    • $22635052

      now they aim for them…they sell those whistle things for the side of your car that alert wildlife, especially deer of your approach – they work – I always drive slow with high beams on at night especially where I know there are critters crossing…it only takes a few minutes to save a life…

      • Dieter Gould

        Those whistles should be mounted on all vehicles. I’m sure they work for cats and dogs as well…

  14. richard

    The people responding in this video are sheep. I hope they all get in front of this trooper. Soooo STUPID. This is what had to be done. If you can’t handle it please drop off this planet. You want the deer to suffer more so you don’t have to come to the realization that things die. Too bad so many people don’t know where their food comes from.

    • $22635052

      please don’t reproduce or own a gun Richard – you are scary! Go Obama, right?

  15. Austin Lutzke

    Hate to go against you on this one Peterson, but the deer here in Michigan get really over-populated this time of year. We have to wipe them out with a yearly hunting season just to keep the population in check. They cause a lot of damage with cars and a few deaths each year. So we hunt them and eat them. It manages the problem fairly well. Sometimes they get hit and injured and the most practical thing to do is to humanely put them down. Michigan State Police actually have to do it quite a bit.

    It’s just how it works here.

    • $22635052

      problem is that it is no longer “hunting” – nature takes care of it’s own and it’s survival of the fittest instead of small penised people, heading into the woods with a case of beer, a rifile with a scope that could count the beads of sweat on your ass across a football field or a herd of dogs that do the hunting for you and its all bout getting the biggest buck or trophy, taking the strongest and longest of the gene pool out and leaving the weak – it’s not a fair hunt anymore – if that makes you get a high hard one, pity to you

      • $22635052

        public service would be getting vasectomies on all illegals and men that are pro- hunting, or are cops

      • Martin Mullikin

        So your version of freedom is neutering anyone who has the drive to feed themselves and their families via hunting, any cops, and all illegal immigrants who have come here seeking freedom and more prosperous lives? And who is going to pay for that, the government?
        Why are you on a libertarian website?

      • $22635052

        I am total anti-illegal as I am against any invasion of our country by a species that has no desire to assimilate and freeloads off the system but I could be behind hunting if it were to collect the bounty on them – I shoot skeet – love it – could I kill an animal – never – no matter what the reason – I am vegetarian – and Yes, the government pays for their unregulated breeding, education and health care already and they are outbreeding us 4 to 1, so it will be a total takeover in short order – I didn’t think Libertarians were into giving everyone a free ride on the taxpayer dime – so I can ask you the same question…

      • Austin Lutzke

        Stop and think for a second instead of getting all emotional, it’ll help.

  16. Steven Felsher

    I hope that cop had a hunting license. If I need one to shoot deer, so does he.

  17. Paul Huskey

    >Wait for Animal Services

    Okay guys, you try keeping the deer from running into traffic for the hour or so it takes for Animal Control to arrive. Deer are unpredictable.

    • $22635052

      that huge semi truck could have been stopped to block it easily – or traffic could have been stopped for a few minutes to let it run safely out of harms way…

  18. JFlashdogger

    not this time. love animals. Hate to see them abused. These cops were right. Injured bleeding deer on the side of the road endangering the public. Smart decision.

  19. michael paone

    there is so many deer i had to kill in the past year and im not a cop because people like to shoot deer where i live and don’t put them down after killing them so they just leave them there and i put them down

  20. Alanah Kuhn

    Alrighty, all I have to say is I want to punch the cop in the face. Turn off the lights, herd the deer with a few other people to the side of the road. If there is enough people to be sitting around taking a video you, a few more things could have been done. Does nobody understand the phrase “deer in headlights”? They freeze! It is instinct, flashing the lights and the siren is just going to terrify them more. If the deer was so injured why in the hell did they not do anything before they tried moving it. Animal control could have been called. That point blank range shot seemed more like a cop taking out the night’s frustrations on the deer rather than a sympathy kill.

  21. ussophist

    The only people who have a problem with this are the ones who can’t face or don’t want to accept the inevitable. The deer was obviously injured; the officers obviously didn’t want to kill it. Make no mistake, this deer was going to die. Better to do it with as little pain as possible, than let it die in the woods.