PHILADELPHIA, PA–He was the only one who didn’t run. Now Darrin Manning may never father children after his encounter with a police officer earlier this month.

While on his way to a basketball game after school, the straight-A student and his teammates had an encounter with officer Thomas Purcell. Apparently one of the teammates may have said a snide remark to the officer, who then approached them. The boys ran, but Manning stopped and stayed. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” he said to

What happened next is hard to believe. Darrin was handcuffed, frisked, and his genitals were pulled and twisted with such force by the female officer that they literally tore off.

“I felt her reach, and she grabbed my butt. And then she grabbed and squeezed again and pulled down. And that’s when I heard something pop, like I felt it POP,” Manning said.

Manning is being charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest. The charges have outraged Manning’s mother, Ikea Coney. “He’s not a bad child. He’s not in the streets.” Manning’s principal, Veronica Joyner, said Manning is a model student with no history of wrongdoing. “I believe he was sexually assaulted,” she said.

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After Manning underwent surgery, the doctor told Coney she should press charges. The family is working to clear Manning’s criminal charges before they take further action against the police department. “I blame myself,” Coney said. “I taught my son to respect cops, not to fear them. Maybe if he was afraid, he would have run like the other boys and he would have been okay.”

Police say that they are conducting an internal investigation into the incident, but claim that while Manning was in custody, he never complained of his injuries. “I’m just glad they didn’t kill him,” Manning’s mother said. Apparently in an encounter with police, you’re lucky just to walk away with your life.

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  • Layla Godey

    I’m not sure about the resisting arrest charges (this article isn’t clear on that), but the physical harm caused him was illegal regardless of whether or not there was reason to arrest him in the first place. (And why was a female officer searching his testicles???)

    • bruceapilot

      $20,000,000.00 sounds about right. And press charges against the FEMALE(???!!!) officer. TSA officers are forbidden to frisk members of the opposite sex, whay is it ok for police? What’s next, cavity searches on females by male officers? Sue the City, the police department and the individual who tortured/mutilated the kid. What was his original crime again? Police better come down off their “us against them” power trip and remember what their true mission is; “to protect and serve.”

      • Eric_D_Read

        Cops seem to know exactly what their true mission is. It’s large swaths of the citizenry that needs to wake up to whom that “protect and serve” motto applies to and, more importantly, whom it doesn’t.

        • Smith

          What is this suppose to mean? That cops don’t brutalize Whites? Get your head out of your azz and read the papers. Just the other day they beat a retarded White guy to death with their batons. His brother hardly recognized his face it was so pulverized. How about the traffic stop where the cops raped the poor man anally in about 5 different ways looking for contraband that wasn’t there. Their justification, he looked nervous when the stopped him. That guy was White. Happens all the time idiot.

          • Tyler

            Dude didn’t say anything about blacks or whites and I didn’t read his comment as racial. I see this as more of a rich and poor battle, personally. Like that drunk-driving kid who got off due to “affluenza” in a Texas court.

          • Eric_D_Read


          • Eric_D_Read

            Tyler nailed it. You missed.
            Cops protect and serve the ruling class, and keep a boot on the neck of everyone else.
            Race is systemically irrelevant.

            I’d have expanded on that if you kept it to a question rather than immediately attacking someone who agrees with you.

          • Mario Lawrence

            When we see certain ones speaking prejudices, and putting racial spins to the topic, it shows just how much “race bait” they’ve fallen for.

          • K. Anderson

            Hi Mario. You make great points; however, this is a race and class based crime that was committed against this child. Please don’t forget that castration always followed a lynching of African American males in the pre-civil rights era. This child came from a working class black family- a corrupt officer’s favorite target. This story deeply saddened me and reminds me to tell my nephew to avoid cops like the plague.

          • Mario Lawrence

            I understand K.
            I still remember all the times, my mother would instruct me to turn down a populated street, or pull into a supermarket parking lot, or to slow down (when i wasn’t speeding) just to get out of range of a patrol car, or to at least be in a place that had many eyewitnesses in case we were pulled over.
            Her and dad would let the power go out, or go a couple days without food, just to make sure bills like car insurance, etc. were paid. They would break their backs to make sure the police never had any legal reason to disturb us.
            Despite this, I still condemn putting the circumstance under a racial lamp. The pre-civil rights era was undeniable racism and corruption. Today, racism in a case like this is far too hard to prove objectively in a court room, and some people are still so prejudiced that they will automatically take sides with the perpetrator of a crime, as if he were family (e.g. O.J. Simpson, George Zimmerman), and they will filter all evidence in a case through those lens. In turn, the media fuels this and boom, race-bait reports that succeed in dividing the community further.
            It stops being about getting justice for the victim, and turns into protecting a “hero” from racial injustice; and the after shocks of the verdicts are felt for years.

            The real threat is the government and those in authority that use their power unlawfully vs. the Constitution.
            That’s why I came to look at abuses of authority against black people, as government “tests”. They “test” to see what public reaction would be. Many, because of their prejudices, didn’t care when a black person suffered injustice. The government then concludes,
            “Okay, if we can abuse black people and you don’t care, then we can abuse the rest of you of the exact same way.”
            It always happened like this, when the law was used to discriminate against one group.
            Black people were denied equal housing, equal schooling, and equal services even though they worked just as hard for it. What happened in the civil rights era? The forced desegregation from the CRA of 1964. Overall, people now lost the right to control who lived by them, and what people were allowed to be around their children.

            Injustice for one group, caused an injustice for all.
            Same thing with labor unions. Many things including discrimination against black workers, lead to “Right-To-Work” laws, which again stripped another freedom. You could no longer decide who your coworkers would be… in the traditional Southern states anyway.
            Injustice for one = injustice for all.

            Point is, if we don’t respect each other, the government won’t respect us; and if we don’t make an uproar or defend each other from abuse of authority, then the abuse will spread; but we CANNOT be selective in who we demand protection of constitutional rights for.
            That’s why I can’t get behind a racial tirade. Racism can no longer simply be inferred. It has to be obvious, otherwise it will simply become a shield for a wrongdoer, a source of division for the population, and a continued excuse for the government to keep stripping rights away.
            The government is on a power trip. It spies on us, lies to us, steals from us. It tries to legislate morality, and controls what our children are taught.
            If we stick to our prejudices of each other, or we are too quick to jump on a racial bandwagon… what’s the government going to do next? Strip us of our right to trial by jury? Strip the 2nd amendment (even more)? Curtail freedom of speech?
            It thinks it knows best, after all. It trains it’s officers to believe they know best. Just look what happened here.

            So while I do recognize racial prejudice as a social issue, I think of government abuse as a universal problem, not a social one.

          • K. Anderson

            A brilliant discussion and I can definitely tell you that I agree with 99 percent of your analysis. My friends and I discuss issues such as these all the time: whether or not injustice against blacks in America serve as the barometer for injustice against all Americans leading to class-based policies that could potentially affect all non-wealthy Americans in the areas of housing, law enforcement, education and medical care. The problem is, in every example I just listed African Americans are ALWAYS adversely affected disproportionately from every other group–and that is by government-sanctioned design. I encourage you to read The Mismeasure of Man, Foucault’s Crime and Punishment and Dorothy Roberts’ Killing the Black Body as a start. These books will help you understand why I believe that naming atrocities against blacks as simply a government policy issue is a partially flawed argument that only deals with a third of the problem. The other two-thirds is rooted in the belief that blacks are inherently genetically inferior. You can thank books like The Bell Curve for legitimizing that racist conceptconcept, which still affects government policies towards blacks today. Individuals who make up, support and protect our government actually believe in these racist concepts, so it is practically futile to wait for the policy to change without making ancillary moves within the population to change attitudes through education. Part of that education comes from individuals and groups not being afraid to acknowledge racism–no matter how blatant or subtle. It is not a racial tirade. It is part of an honest yet painful discussion about the effects of racism in this country. I challenge you not to back away from that part of the discussion. I look forward to your response. Peace.

      • Smith

        20 million of taxpayer money? How about a million and the cop goes to jail. These cops criminally misbehave and the taxpayer pays the penalty.

        • Roger Helmich

          then the “tax payers” need to get up out of the easy chair and say enough is enough. The “tax payers” in their easy chairs are the reason every thing is going to hell

          • RaleighKnows

            One could say the same thing regarding the high rate of crimes by blacks, overcrowded prisons, race-oriented crime and unsafe neighborhoods that police don’t even bother to patrol. The racial imbalance is the problem… so why don’t blacks get off their street corners and do something about that? The continuous denial and lack of recognition or willingness to address such a glaring issue is the reason everything is going to hell. The false assumption that white is the cause for every woe to befall blacks, from the beginning of time, is worn thin. You want it to end? Stop looking to blame, stop looking for payback and start teaching sons and daughters that being different isn’t the problem… it’s attitude. But go ahead… deny it… change nothing and expect a different result.

          • Mario Lawrence

            I’m black, and I’m sure as hell not sitting on a street corner.

            This mother taught her kid “right”.
            It got her son’s testicles ruptured.
            The cop was the problem.

            This isn’t a racial issue, nor was it presented as one. No one said or implied that “white is the cause for every woe to befall blacks”.

            Racial imbalance is caused by people with viewpoints like yours, believing every race bait story that is put out, to the point where a crime can’t happen to a black person without you forming a prejudice, and putting a racial spin to it.

            Get off your high horse, and recognize that the police officer was the villain in this case.
            Police authority abuses everyone; no matter your race. We’re all animals to them.
            So Roger was right, it’s a problem for “taxpayers”, even the black ones.

          • RaleighKnows

            My response was to the “taxpayer” crack by another poster. No one is denying the criminal behavior of the police officer, and a female, at that (they say). This happened in Philadelphia and if you think that this wasn’t racially motivated, then you need to rethink your use of “idiotic”. It’s wrong and no one argues that but the number of mothers in that city who teach their children to respect the law in the black community are painfully small. It may not be fair, but the reality is that too many streets in America are seeing more of this behavior and ignoring the root cause isn’t going to change it. Why is it we never see reports when this sort of thing happens to whites? Yes, it actually happens and racial imbalance doesn’t happen because of people who share my viewpoint… it happens because so many deny it exist, until it’s convenient to their agenda. My point… this incident isn’t a taxpayer problem… it is a social problem. … and they stand on the street corners, they don’t sit.

          • Mario Lawrence

            I picked up that your response was meant for the other poster; that’s why I referred to the poster by name, “Roger”.
            The only reason I’m taking issue with your point, is because you’re making it a racial issue, when it’s not.

            The point of the story was to indicate, that even amongst environments like these, *innocent people*, no matter their race, are still victims of abuse by the authorities.
            You can say anything you want about black Americans, black mothers, and black communities. You can cite that prison inmates are mostly black, and you can cite that barely 40% of us blacks pay federal income tax…

            But pardon my ‘french’… in the end, none of it means jack-shit when it comes to this kid’s INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS as an AMERICAN.
            And any judgements in excess of that is race-baiting bullshit.
            No one is ‘ignoring social problems’, but you have to understand that social problems like this would disappear if *every” individual’s rights were respected.
            No matter what individuals of his race may do, he is only ever to be judged in America on the merits of his own individual actions. Period.
            It’s not his job to fix the black community, or to “expect what he got because OTHER black people act badly”.

            His only obligation as an individual is to be a productive citizen, and protect the constitution and his rights.

            This makes it a “taxpayer” problem. We look out to make sure that each others rights are recognized and respected… to the letter! If the rights fail for the individual, they fail for all of us. If the government doesn’t respect the one, than it won’t respect the whole.

          • RaleighKnows

            “No one is ‘ignoring social problems’, but you have to understand that social problems like this would disappear if *every” individual’s rights were respected.No matter what individuals of his race may do, he is only ever to be judged in America on the merits of his own individual actions. Period.

            I couldn’t agree more… but here’s the problem… and it is glaring in this article. Why do you think Mainstream media presents these stories in the way they do? I’m willing to bet money that while this incident was going on, there were 10 more just as horrifying and unfair as this one… but the recipe wasn’t right… and without the sensationalism that keeps the populace astir. I’ve worked in a Newsroom and I’ll bet that race came up a dozen times before this copy was set.

            And yes, wouldn’t it be nice if it was just about taxpayers and bad cops, but that isn’t the reality. Why do I say that? Ask police everywhere what they think motivated this cop to behave violently against this young black male..

            and finally…
            “It’s not his job to fix the black community, or to “expect what he got because OTHER black people act badly”.

            I would normally agree with such a statement, however, with statistics what they are regarding violent crime, drugs and drive by shootings you would be wrong. Neighborhoods where the young die every day and reaching adulthood is a major achievement, where police are threatened and get little or no cooperation when they try to do their job make it the responsibility of the community. If you are to be honest with yourself, you know that.

          • Mario Lawrence

            Raleigh, the sensationalism that you refer to IS the “race-bait” that I speak of. You KNOW that’s what they are deliberately setting out to do, to stir the population. You just said so.
            So if you know the race-baiting is an illusion of the media, then why would you let it blind you from the fact that this abuse is a taxpayer problem, and we’re all in this together?

            Worse yet, why would you think that those “statistics” often cited in race-bait reports, somehow justify the abuse by the cop, or are somehow legitimate reasons to deny this boy his legal rights? He’s not Tupac, Trayvon, nor Obama. He’s Darrin Manning, and as his own individual, he is not responsible for the actions of any other (black) person, in his neighborhood or not, regardless of the neighborhoods state of decay.

            You wouldn’t appreciate being judged or held responsible for something some white slaver did 180 years ago. You wouldn’t appreciate being attacked, beaten, or abused for something your (white) neighbor did. Nor would you think that you should EXPECT to be abused, because of the actions of other people of your ethnicity, no matter what they did or how often they did it. The same holds true for Darrin. Period.

            Maybe the cop concluded otherwise. Maybe she had her prejudices… based on “statistics”. So?
            That’s not Darrin’s problem.
            Her prejudices, don’t mean a damn thing when it comes to his innocence and individual rights.

          • RaleighKnows

            I never said the officer was right… I make no excuse for the behavior or the action. I am making a point… one that even you acknowledge the existence of.
            “Maybe the cop concluded otherwise. Maybe she had her prejudices… based on “statistics”.”

            That may be… and truthfully… probably was. It still doesn’t soften the blow of the incident. guilty or not, black or white… this is not how a police officer in the USA should conduct themselves… especially a female, which is another issue I disagree on… I do NOT thing women should be beat cops, front line infantry or football players. Sue me, I’m a traditionalist to a degree.

            Here’s the problem, as I see it. Arabs bomb, Mexicans are illegal, Jews swindle,blacks are “ganstas” and whites are oppressive arrogant slavers. Many of us know that is a blanket attitude… but nonetheless… it is enough to garner a label. Currently, like it or not… that seems to be word on the streets of our country. Who is responsible for that?

          • Mario Lawrence

            People are responsible for those stereotypes, Raleigh. People.

            Yet, like all stereotypes, they are simply half-truths. As bad as it may be to make negative blanket remarks, you have to put them into the same category as “positive” blanket remarks like: ‘Arabs are peaceful muslims, Mexicans are hard working immigrants, Jews are wealthy, Blacks are athletic, and Whites are abolitionists.”
            They are all half-truths.

            The only time any of these statements become true, or at least fairly accurate is when you place the words “not all” in front of each one.

            “Not all”.

            Those two little words that can be put in front of every stereotype or blanket statement, and make a huge difference; and that difference is precisely why we have individual rights under law, that difference is precisely why those opinions don’t matter, and that difference is PRECISELY why it is NOT enough to garner a label (or at least one that lawfully entitles someone to act against you).

            So the question isn’t whether or not the labels or prejudices exist. They do, and people have the right to make them, no matter how foolish or factual; but as INDIVIDUALS, it’s our responsibility to decide how much credence those prejudices deserve, and to make sure we keep such opinions in their place, lest we start thinking that the rights of one individual are less important than the rights of another, solely because of the label placed on their race. Sadly, enough this sometimes still seems to happen, but that’s all the more reason why our government and authorities are supposed to judge and act according to respecting constitutional rights.

            An individual can’t live his or her life worried about the sweeping prejudices others may put on their race. It’s toxic. All they can do is live their own life, not the life of an entire ethnic group.
            I hope Darrin Manning doesn’t end up living disturbed after this incident. I hope he can put this behind him, and let the people that dwell on labels and prejudices live in their own filth.

          • RaleighKnows

            I could not agree more with what you say. Would that it were so. I truly believe that the solution resides within. I also adhere to the idea that most, if not all, healing comes from within… making it the responsibility of us all to make positive change from within our perspective groups, cultures and races to address and seek to abolish those glaring differences and behaviors (attitudes) that result in, not excusing but an attempt toward explaining such acts of aggression.

            We, as a people and a society, continue to display a scathing immaturity where racial difference is concerned. History can often be an impediment to the future. As with politics and religion, racial differences continue to present a dividing obstacle. Sharper minds than ours have failed to find the answer, but I think that civil discourse is always a beginning, no matter how long the journey.

            It has been a sincere pleasure discussing this with you.

          • K. Anderson

            Great point! I couldn’t have said it better.

          • RaleighKnows

            True, neither your vocabulary nor your attitude make that possible.

          • Crmy Coco

            The only one bringing race into the picture is YOU, you ignorant pig. Go ahead and deny you’re a POS. The rest of us know better.

          • RaleighKnows

            Grow up and get a vocabulary… then come back and try to discuss like an adult.

          • Brad

            “blacks” he says, argument already invalid by the first sentence.

          • K. Anderson

            Nothing you wrote makes any sense. Clueless individuals like you are quick to pull out a litany of self-induced socials ills to justify the inhumane treatment of African-Americans by law enforcement. The only issue here is the racism of the white piece of trash cop who castrated a child…who may never have children of his own or develop into a full-grown man, because in case you didn’t know, the testicles assist in the development of manhood for young boys going through puberty. This was taken from him because this piece of trash cop chose to sexually assault a child during a bullshit, non-routine stop-and-frisk.

          • RaleighKnows

            NOW, you are getting to the real problem. Perhaps when you begin to consider yourselves AMERICANS, rather than “African-Americans” racism will lose its grip on this society.

          • K. Anderson

            Yet again avoiding the point? I know. It takes critical thinking skills to keep up with me. I’ll say it again: this child was sexually assaulted and then castrated because he is African American. No amount of calling himself American prevented that. As a group African Americans have always known that our lives are at stakestake with police contact-whether or not we have done anything. We are not the issue. It is people like you. Turn that lens on yourself.

          • RaleighKnows

            One thing I never do is avoid a point. However, you seem to be deeply embedded in the age-old litany of race blame that is at the core of this issue.

            Trust me, your “critical thinking” is poses no problem for me. Why don’t you try to step away from color long enough to look at and possibly understand the problem… because until you and the rest of your “African Americans” do, as well as those who acknowledge that moniker… you can expect this kind of thing to continue. American is an attitude… just as is “African American” You make it very obvious which you ascribe to and your attitude is the very point I make. Thank you for helping to draw such a clear picture exemplifying that point. Perhaps it is your critical thinking skills that are in need of a tuneup.

          • K. Anderson

            I’m done with you.

          • RaleighKnows

            Of course you are.

          • Dena Campbell

            Taxpayers pay for the liability insurance, not the suit amount. Insurance pays that.

          • CC1980

            And the insurance companies pass the cost along to who!

        • Dena Campbell

          the taxpayers pay the premiums for liability insurance but they don’t pay whatever the suit amount is.

        • nope

          0 taxpayer dollars. Instead pay him out of the allotment of city dollars that goes to pay police salaries each year, allow them to have a “deduction” on each paycheck for “bad behavior” then perhaps they will police their own.

          Lien on wages if an officer tries to leave the force to get out of her financial obligation.

        • billyKing

          Yes, I agree the cop should be charged and if guilty of a criminal act she should be held responsible for damages. One million from the city and one million from her.

      • Shod Pell

        Bruceapilot, sorry to burst your bubble buddy, but according to the US Supreme Court the job or mission or what ever term you want to place on what they do is to “up hold the law”. The protect and serve thing is nothing but propaganda put out by the police in an attempt to project a better image..

      • Jeramie Walton

        that is not their mission anymore .fucked up,right?well it’s true. they don’t have to protect anyone.go ask one….wait no don’t do that,you might get your nuts ripped off even talking to one.but hey now i guess their new slogan is “To Generate Revenue,And Inflict Our Morbidity.

    • Patrick Fallon

      may be she wanted to suck on it

  • gmak5115

    Why would he complain? hell they probably would have beat him. Hey isn’t Philadelphia a Democratic city????

    • n4zhg

      The ghost of Frank Rizzo lives.

      • Patrick Fallon

        Frank Rizzo don,t have to live you have Nutter may be that is why the cops are after every body nut s

  • RobGoblin


    • RFalardeau


  • Don

    Police state of Philly, its getting bad for us regular folks,

  • montegobay305

    The officer should be tagged as a sex offender and listed in Megan’s list ! BTW, the offer should named here !

    Anybody know the name ?

    • JennyWren

      Just a reminder, we are still innocent until proven guilty. If it were you, and you were being falsely accused, you would want a fair trial in the court and in the media. If she is guilty, then she deserves to lose her job and possibly be sued in a civil suit apart from the charges against the Philly PD. But think about the implications: it sets a dangerous precedent if we start ignoring innocent until proven guilty. Now if it turns out she is guilty, well, then she just needs to be thankful we are no longer under the law of an eye for an eye…

      • Adolph Schumer

        There is no innocent till proven guilty for the lowly civilians. Cops get away with murder and collect vacation pay at tax payer expense

        • JennyWren

          So let me be clear: are you advocating then because many citizens of the republic have their rights violated that in response we need to become like our enemy and deny them those same rights?

          • DraftBenCarson2016

            Former Army MP this woman did this on purpose there was no training i got that ever had us reach under a cuffed mans butt and grab his testicles

          • withavengeance

            He wasn’t even a man yet! He is just 16!

          • TriedBy12

            I think he is more pointing out the complete double standard regarding laws that cops, politicians and the influential follow and the laws the rest of us are required to follow, and frankly for us plebs there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty. The officer deserves to be tried for her actions, unfortunately the blue line will prevent any kind of real internal affairs investigation that finds her anything but innocent of all wrong doing… The judicial system in this nation is completely broken and frankly if the cops aren’t going to follow the laws that they are supposed to be enforcing what’s the point of having them?

      • Guest

        Innocent people are named in the news every day. Sadly lives are destroyed and people are tried by the media before the truth is really

      • Beverly Golato

        She ruptured his balls is that not plain enough for you? I don’t care about the rest of this crap. No excuse for what she did. I suppose you think he did it to himself? She had no right frisking him in the first place and secondly these kids didn’t do anything but wise around a little. Maybe we should make her bend over and find out later she can’t have any kids.

      • Kay Newby

        ” an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth ” No we don’t do that anymore and therein lies the problem. If we did do it, the crime rate would drop like a lead balloon. But the bleeding heart liberals protect the criminal and punish the victim.

      • Nathan (aka) yhwhzson

        So the young man who had his testicles torn was guilty by the officer until she felt, quite literally, whether or not he was innocent.
        But she will be given presumption of innocence even though she does’t deserve it.

      • Danielle Demers

        If she did this as the article stated she deserves JAIL time!

    • Ron

      I’d say if they don’t give the name of the female officer, then this officer Thomas Purcell should be held 100% accountable for the crimes committed against this boy.

    • JuJu

      They sure had no problem no only naming the victim, but posting a photo too. Fair is fair. Equality for both, otherwise there will always be questions about full disclosure and hiding evidence. In sex offense cases, the victim’s name is not released, (kid is only 16 & a child in the eyes of the law), and the perpetrator’s name and photo put out there for all to see, and avoid. Time to put her on unpaid leave until she can be tried as a sex offender.

  • Albert Levy

    Philly another one of those tolerant centers of Liberalism. Now a police state with the most unprofessional officers second only to DC.

  • Randall Williams

    the cops say he never complained , well that is beside the fact because he had emergency surgery whether he complained or not . your probably right gma k they would of beat him for sure . what cunt that did that to him .

  • Deb

    Just to play “devil’s advocate”, is it possible that the damage occurred BECAUSE he was resisting arrest, and tried to get away? Is there video of the actual ‘pat down’? I hate to think a cop would do this, but I also hate to think that if a cop HAS done this that he/she would get away with it, but MAN! She would have had to REALLY yanked to do this kind of damage! Any witnesses?

    • Kjetil Nyjordet

      Well, could you explain how resisting arrest could cause injuries to a person’s genitals? Sure, resisting arrest does harm many people, but the genitals?

      • DrEvil007

        Maybe he tried to teabag her? If not, then the cop assaulted the kid and needs to do time as a convicted sec offender.

    • Baroness

      You hate to think that, and yet you would take a police officers word on this? She ripped his testicals off, after the poor boy decided NOT to run, after he TOOK RESPONSIBILITY, and you have the gall to DEFEND the police?
      Ignorance abounds in your family.

      • JennyWren

        Attacking her and her family because you disagree with her opinion is rude and as a general rule, when you attack the person rather than the opinion, you are not going to ever get anyone to come around to seeing things your way. Also, playing devil’s advocate doesn’t mean she is taking a PO’s word over this kid. It means she is examining all of the facts and using logic to deduce which side of the story is more likely to be the truth. You’re welcome.

        • Patrick Fallon

          you would side with this cop even if she admitted she pulled his balls off you would say they belong to one of the boys that ran

        • Baroness

          What is the point in bringing up a ‘Devil’s Advocate’ position in this? For what reason could there ever possibly be for ANYONE to apply so much pressure as to rupture the testicle?
          I could truly care less about beind rude to someone so heartless as to post a useless, baseless, contrary opinion.

    • Blue

      Anything is possible. If he had resisted arrest then it wouldn’t be considered a pat down. It would be considered an officer trying to subdue a suspect..But if that’s a case, why would his genitals be torn? that’s a localized area that would require intent to injure is such away–twisted and then pulled..why not tackle the suspect? why not taze the suspect? why not baton the suspect?That type of injury is equivalent to an eye ball being town from their sockets..A police officer shouldn’t have to resort to that kind of defense..and if it was defense, which i doubt, I believe the female officer was physically incompetent to ever have the authority to subdue and arrest people. This injury is makes me cringe.

    • DrEvil007

      Who is going to try to run away/resist when a cop has a deathgrip on their junk? The cops abused on of the few decent kids in the entire city. She should be tried and convicted of sexual assault.

    • Patrick Fallon

      i don,t agree it would not take much of a yank to do that and remember she had to be a big donut eating cop

    • Clay Lovett

      You know, if someone was grabbing my balls and twisting, I’d try to get away as well.

  • Michael

    “aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest” These are charges they filed AFTER they detained him for no reason. What is the REASON he was stopped, detained, cuffed, and assaulted? if there was no original offense, then the entire stop was illegal, and a criminal act. And the police involved should be charged with felony assault, unlawful arrest, kidnapping, possession of a firearm in commission of a felony, a hate crime, and mayhem…

    • RFalardeau

      I think the chief of police and the DA should be charged as accessories if they even think about defending this behavior. Oh, and any court awards for damages should come out of the pension fund for the entire police force… clean up your attitudes, or we take your retirements.

  • Hmm…sounds fishy. I hope that it is proven false, but IF proven accurate, then yes… serious repercussions should come.

    • DrEvil007

      The kids balls did not twist themselves off; his medical condition is not his version of events. He may have resisted, but she yanked off his testicles and not in the good way.

  • Guest

    What is going on with our cops? More and more of these incidences are surfacing and there is no reason for it.

    • Pat

      You need a picture drawn? America is now a third world country where us against them is the law of the land. Cops and military are more and more becoming the brownshirts and then the ss of Germany in the 1930’s. Look at the equipment police depts are buying now. Scare the crap out of you when you do your homework.

    • Patrick Fallon

      it is because the true colors are coming out on the ball pullers

    • Christopher Michael Moore

      Our cops have been becoming militarized in thought and tactics since the Vietnam War, literally. The police agencies have looked to ex-military for recruits, and failed to properly retrain them to civilian work. This has created an atmosphere among some law enforcement circles that every encounter is a small war.

  • Peace Love Bunny

    My old slogan was, “There is no situation a cop will not make worse.”

    My new slogan is, “There is no situation a cop will not make worse, not to mention they might yank your balls clean off.”

  • RFalardeau

    What was the original crime. You cannot resist arrest when you have not committed a crime. It is not a crime to resist assault from an officer who is illegally detaining you, it is called self defense. Maybe they could charge him with reckless endangerment, since he didn’t run… recklessly endangering himself by willfully entering into an encounter with a police officer.

  • Etickets

    Sounds like a bad cop to me. Horrible what she did.

  • ctmom

    Why is a woman patting down a man? If the suspect were a woman wouldn’t a woman be called in to pat her down?

  • elton123

    Hmm — suspicious

  • Adolph Schumer

    Let me tell you how this will end. Cops investigated by cops and cleared of all wrong doing. It pays to be part of a gang that can defend, lie and kill for you. This will keep happening till people have had enough and start resisting. ““I blame myself,” Coney said. “I taught my son to respect cops, not to fear them. Maybe if he was afraid, he would have run like the other boys and he would have been okay.” Priceless knowledge.

  • Bui van vat

    Why is the female officer not named?

    • Carl Mayo

      they’re afraid she might meet some “justice”

  • DraftBenCarson2016

    1.Require all cops to carry a camera that cannot be shut off and is back up on a server the force does not have access too 2. Replace Internal investigations with External investigation and allow the population to elect member to that board

  • Not Sure ✓

    Story doesn’t make sense if he didn’t run why would he be resisting arrest? That police officer should be charged with something that’s unnecessary force. Why is a female padding down a male? If what the kid says is true….normally I don’t agree with suing but in this case they ought to use and press charges against the cop.

  • Firstname Lastname

    Sue the cops for as much money as you can get. Have no mercy.

  • Rosalind Dancy

    The officer should go to jail! Outrageous

  • Pat

    How about someone grab her the same way she grabbed him. Get ahold of whatever you can and twist it off. One less boob? One less lip? One less something. I do not even know.Maybe. Bad cop. Very bad cop

    • Barry Smith

      How about someone gives this poor excuse for a cop and a female a blanket party down some dark alley one night and accidentally shoves a quart bottle up her stinking gaping hole and breaks it up inside her. And no she cannot make a sound not so much as a peep out of her.

  • Patrick Fallon

    more of are police at it again they think they can do any thing they want when ever they want what difference does it make weather he had good grades or how good a boy he is ,no one should have to go through that with any cop who do they work for she just wanted to be mean and hurt him and for some reason she thought his balls would be a good place no body would see it and then the police say he didn,t complain in the station it good he didn,they would have found a reason to shoot him

  • drds89

    I’m a physician. If the “testicles are yanked off” (severed completely) that means disruption of the arteries and veins, so blood everywhere, and a lot of screaming/agony – no way any ‘cooperating’ after that. And he was detained? No ambulance called? Kid could have bled out! When was he operated on?. If the testes are completely disrupted from the spermatic cord (artery, nerves, vein, vas) but the scrotum is intact, then still massive bleeding and swelling. All we get in the article is a hearsay statement that the (Urologist) told them to sue. I hate articles like this. More fanning the flames. Innocent until proven guilty and if guilty, full weight of the law and then some because of her position and oath to ‘uphold’ and ‘protect’.

    • truthseeker

      Agreed. Even the meanest and baddest professional fighters on the ring drops like a sack of potatoes when they get hit in the balls… and when you watch the PhiladelphiaPolice YouTube video, Police Incident 15th and Girard Ave 01-07-14, you can see Darrin running, resisting and fighting… someone is lying…

      • Pedro Gonzales

        What provoked this incident? Why did he run, resist, and fight? Why were there so many police for one boy? Did the police provoke this incident on purpose? Why were the police after this one boy? Did the police over react? Are both sides are lying?

        • truthseeker

          from the news articles,

          on Jan. 7, Darrin Manning, 16, got off the subway at the
          corner of Broad Street and Girard Avenue with a dozen teammates in uniform. Manning admits that one of his teammates may have said something smart to the cop they had noticed staring them down. So when the cop approached, they ran. Scared, Manning ran a little, too. But then he stopped.

          (for the record, Darrin’s mother said, “I taught my son to respect cops, not to fear them. Maybe if he was afraid, he would have run like the other boys and he would have been okay.” Also,15th and Girard is about 160 yards from the subway station on Broad.)

          According to a police report, Purcell stopped Thomas after he said he saw a group of black males running away with ski masks. The students said they were wearing scarves, not ski masks.
          According to the report, Manning allegedly fought with the officer, hitting him three times and ripping off his radio.

    • Pedro Gonzales

      The police also say they had him in the station for several hours and during this time he did not request medical help. This needs to be answered as he would have been in a lot of major pain…if this injury happened before going to the station house.

  • mcleod51

    The taxpayer will absorb the financial “punishment.”

  • Texaswede

    Damn, is the female police “officer” a retired TSA inspector? This is flatly wrong! Hope the family presses charges against that cop and sues the city too. Philly : the city of brotherly love, Yeah, right!

  • bsum1

    Remember in Philly the police have absolute rule. There is no way he’ll be found innocent and his mothers complaint will be thrown out of court….

  • Christina W

    If guilty, Deuteronomy demands the death penalty for a woman grabbing a man’s gonads aggressively. This cop should at least go to prison and lose any right to freedom for what it appears she did. It’s time the cops pay for this crap more than just getting fired or disciplined, but go to prison and never have a life. This is disgusting.

  • Pam Collins

    she should do time behind bars

  • HM_Phobe

    This is just nuts!

  • Madi Khan

    Couldn’t get any worse with America – the land of opportunity… hahaha 😀

  • Robert Lasure

    Enough with the bullshit LEO. You DO NOT have special rights. No wonder you are so afraid of the second amendment!! You reap what you sow.

  • Carl Mayo

    so hillary clinton is a policewoman now?

  • Paul Macleod

    and now you know.. news flash .. do not trust cops .. not anywhere in America.. you won’t know the good from the bad.. do not call the cops on a family member.. not ever , unless you want to go to a funeral.. they are thugs with guns and attitudes.. you’d be a fool to believe otherwise .. time for the citizens to ” man up”

  • Carl Mayo

    the woman who did this should have cancer-causing chemicals injected into both of her breasts.

  • Mark Bigger

    justice is needed

  • truthseeker

    watch the PhiladelphiaPolice YouTube video, Police Incident 15th and Girard Ave 01-07-14, you can see Darrin running, resisting and fighting… someone is lying…

    • James Tetrick

      Listen to this big government shill trying to tell us it is okay for police to do this to children. Truthseeker you are exactly what is wrong with this country.

      • truthseeker

        i beg to differ JT. I thought it was Innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. Perhaps you are what’s wrong with this country, since you don’t believe in Presumption of innocence.
        Children? From what I seen in the video, he certainly didn’t look like a little child. And ruptured ball? That’s what puzzles me the most. He was detained for 8 hours and never complained about the pain. Have you ever seen professional fighters drop like a sack of potatoes when they get hit, kick down there? I guess not. And for the record, I am not affiliated with any Gov. agencies.
        “There is always 3 sides to every story. Your side, their
        side and the TRUTH somewhere in the middle.” But then, I guess you never heard of it or don’t believe it.

    • Pedro Gonzales

      Where did you come from? You are new in Disqus. I looked at the traffic tape. How can you tell who is who? Can you tell us what prompted so many police to show up at that corner? I could not tell if anyone was running or really resisting arrest…..or who it was. How can you tell? This tape is inconclusive since it changes positions so much. It certainly is not clear. Truthseeker, you seem like a police plant and this incident seems to have been somewhat provoked by a mob of police descending on this corner.
      The initial response of defense from the police is….they had him in the station for several hours and he did not ask for medical attention. That is a point that certainly needs to be answered if true.

      • truthseeker

        First of all, I do not Condone police brutality. I did just sign up,and I am from the planet earth, lol. Yes, I do agree with you, this is not the best surveillance video.
        At 10:23 you can see some people running.
        At 10:59 you can see Darrin appear next to the Van and walking behind the van.
        At 11:49 they are on the left side of the van.
        At 12:34 seems to be struggling…
        At 13:16 still struggling.
        At 14:00 Darrin seems to be apprehended…
        My only concern is 8 hours in the custody with ruptured testicle,and not complain of any pain or seeking medical assistance. I certainly would be screaming for HELP.
        There is always 3 sides to every story. Your side, their side and the TRUTH somewhere in the middle.

  • bones327

    I hope some jury orders that woman’s ovaries ripped out without anesthesia

  • Dean Scholl

    can you say out of control police state…..

  • David Michael

    A sixteen year old boy in custody surrounded by cops is NOT going to say that a female cop hurt his balls.

  • truthseeker

    Google “Ikea G. Coney vs. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”, she was arrested in 2009 for
    1 Aggravated Assault
    2 Poss Instrument Of Crime W/Int
    3 Terroristic Threats W / Int To Terrorize Another
    4 Simple Assault .
    Coney said. “I taught my son to respect cops, not to fear them. Maybe if he was afraid, he would have run like the other boys and he would have been okay.”
    Well, Darrin did run.

    • Buddy Guy

      The Mother’s record does nothing to diminish the central theme of this article. The Mother’s charges do nothing to diminish the two sentances that you quoted. I don’t see her being charged with anything that detracts from her statement. Did she commit these crimes against the police? I don’t see any reason to believe so based on what you posted. Why did you even post this? This is a red herring that you’re using as segue to set up your abusive ad hominem ON THE MOTHER. STAY ON THE FUCKING TOPIC OR DON’T POST.

      • truthseeker

        You need to STFU buddy, She is also the topic. According to her statement on the artocle above, , Coney said. “I taught my son to respect cops, not to fear them. Maybe if he was afraid, he would have run like the other boys and he would have been okay.” Guess what Darrin DID RUN.. He said it himself. so who is Lying here???

        • Buddy Guy

          Ok, he ran a little bit then stopped. What’s your point again?

          • truthseeker

            you call 160 yard little run???

          • Buddy Guy

            It doesn’t matter. For one, the Mother’s input shouldn’t even be in this article. You’re dectracting from the point that no-one should have their balls ripped on by police officers.

          • truthseeker

            For the record I do not condone any types of police brutality. If this story proves to be true and the officer is proven guilty of this brutality, I would be the first in the line to protest police brutality and demand Justice.

            Btw, it does matter, since mother seems to be lying about her son NOT running from the cops. Obviously all the news media thought mother’s input was very important, since her statement is in every news article and videos.
            However, the bottom line is, I have no clues to what actually happened on that day, I was not there, and you were not there. There is always 3 sides to every story. Your side, their side and the TRUTH somewhere in the middle.
            The only thing that amazes me about this story is ,how Darrin withstood the pain of ruptured testicles for 8 hours or more without any medical assistance. I personally would have been screaming for help or passed out from the pain. Also,according to “drds89” comment, “I’m a physician. If the “testicles are yanked off” (severed completely) that means disruption of the arteries and veins, so blood everywhere, and a lot of screaming/agony – no way any ‘cooperating’ after that. And he was detained? No ambulance called? Kid could have bled out! When was he operated on?. If the testes are completely disrupted from the spermatic cord (artery, nerves, vein, vas) but the scrotum is intact, then still massive bleeding and swelling. All we get in the article is a hearsay statement that the (Urologist) told them to sue. I hate articles like this. More fanning the flames. Innocent until proven guilty and if guilty, full weight of the law and then some because of her position and oath to ‘uphold’ and ‘protect’.

  • Buddy Guy

    “Police say that they are conducting an internal investigation into the incident, but claim that while Manning was in custody, he never complained of his injuries.”

    So, the police said he never complained of his injuries. Not enough information to draw a conclusion as to whether or not he did ask for medical assistance.

    This is disgusting. I don’t care if he resisted arrest. I don’t care if he took the pig’s mace and sprayed them all. Seems to me like so many people on this page are missing the key point of this article. Police do not get to twist your nuts and yank on them without sever repercussions. WE LET the police play judge, jury and executioner. Shame that while playing executioner they also have the liberty to inflict cruel and unusual punishment as well. I would love to get jury duty on this trial.

  • truthseeker

    This is a public record on the mother from
    “The Unified JUDICIAL SYSTEM of PENNSYLVANIA WEB PORTAL. Common Pleas Courts Docket Sheets. ”
    Search Criminal Dockets then use docket number MC-51-CR-0013395-2009
    And click for Court summary.

    First Judicial District of Pennsylvania
    Court Summary

    Coney, Ikea G.
    Ikea Coney

    Arrest Dt: 05/24/1994
    Proc Status: Completed DC No: 9418032199 OTN:M6117963
    Disp Date: 08/23/1994 Disp Judge: Lehrer, Samuel M.
    Def Atty: Brian E. – (CA)
    Seq No Statute Description Disposition
    Sentence Dt. Sentence Type Program Period Sentence Length
    1 18 § 3304 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF

    2 18 § 3303 Guilty
    08/23/1994 Probation Min: 1 Year(s)
    Nolle Prossed
    4 18 § 3302 CAUSING/RISKING
    CATASTROPHE Nolle Prossed
    5 18 § 3301 ARSON Nolle Prossed
    6 18 § 2705 Guilty
    08/23/1994 Probation Min: 1 Year(s)
    Nolle Prossed

    Arrest Dt: 05/24/1994
    Proc Status: Completed DC No: 9418032199 OTN:M6117963
    Disp Date: 06/01/1994 Disp Judge: Blount, Lynwood
    Def Atty: Defender Association of Philadelphia – (PD)
    Seq No Statute Description Disposition
    1 18 § 3301 ARSON Held for Court
    2 18 § 3302 CAUSING/RISKING
    CATASTROPHE Held for Court
    3 18 § 3303 Held for Court
    Philadelphia (Continued)
    Seq No Statute Description Disposition
    4 18 § 2705 Held for Court
    5 18 § 3304 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF
    Held for Court

    Arrest Dt: 03/13/2006
    Proc Status: Completed DC No: 0612019096 OTN:N3934125
    Disp Date: 09/12/2006 Disp Judge: Moss, Bradley K.
    Def Atty: Defender Association of Philadelphia – (PD)
    Seq No Statute Description Disposition
    Sentence Dt. Sentence Type Program Period Sentence Length
    1 35 § 780-113 Int Poss Contr
    Subst By Per Not Reg Guilty
    09/12/2006 Confinement

    Arrest Dt: 03/25/2009
    Proc Status: Completed DC No: 0918015230 OTN:N6048022
    Disp Date: 04/01/2009 Disp Judge: Moore, Jimmie
    Def Atty: Defender Association of Philadelphia – (PD)
    Seq No Statute Description Disposition
    1 18 § 2702 Aggravated Assault Held for Court
    2 18 § 907 Poss Instrument Of Crime W/Int Held for Court Terroristic Threats W/ Int To Terrorize Another
    3 18 § 2706 Held for Court
    4 18 § 2701 Simple Assault Held for Court
    Recklessly Endangering Another Person
    5 18 § 2705 Held for Court.

  • PainfulAccuracy

    The damage is done. I hope the city has deep pockets for the lawsuit. Furthermore, the officer who obviously did this needs a prison term. NO EXCUSE!

  • Jean Thaxton

    Did the cops not think that maybe he didn’t mention the assault on his privates was because he was too terrified that they could and would do more physical abuse. Abuse by cops is common, common, common folks. You need to join in with your local protesters to work with us to stop this kind of treatment by bullies with badges. They need to be law abiding just as you and I are expected to be! We expect to be protected by the cops, not assaulted by them!! Please visit our website Michael was shot in the back by a cop with a submachine gun…not involved in a crime, did not have a weapon, not a gang member…just pissed a cop off. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time! Be careful out there people, and just because you see a cop in the area where you see something going on, does not mean you are safe! Just because you are there, you probably are in more danger from the cops than by the criminal or people causing a disturbance.

  • William Baker

    I don’t care what he did short of murder or rape, the punishment has already been dealt. Now deal some to the cop.

  • h35yw4jhw4j

    the cop should be executed immediately.

  • sara

    mabey she thought it was a weapon ? jk

  • Anon Anonymity

    Ah, a nice story from my local news station.

    We have over 300 murders a year, 20,000 violent crimes. He got stopped because he was a black teenage boy, there is no reason to hide that.

  • K. Anderson

    So…this black teenager sets off to watch a basketball game and ends up getting castrated by a racist white cop…where is the Seven Days when you need them?

  • FakeOne Dust

    I been kicked a few times on my testicles as a child. From either playing sports or horse playing around with friends. And I never heard anything pop. Insane pain is what I felt, but nothing ever popped. And this guy gets his testicle grabbed and one pops? WTF!