“He knows his constitutional rights.” -disappointed cop

A man was pulled over and searched by police on the 4th of July at a DUI checkpoint in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Although the man repeatedly exercised his constitutional rights to not be searched and followed the law, the officers bullied him and forced him out of the vehicle despite committing no crime. The motorist’s car was then searched by a K-9 unit who was given a false alert signal by the police officer in order to search the vehicle for drugs.

From the video:

Tennessee State Trooper AJ Ross orders me to pull over and get out of my car, bullies me around, gets the drug sniffing K-9, lies about me having “Illegal Drugs” in the car, searches without consent, and tells me that it is ok to take away my freedom. All while not being detained. All this harassment because my window was not lowered enough to his preference. I broke no laws whatsoever. All of this on a day that we are supposed to be celebrating freedom and liberty. This checkpoint was in Murfreesboro, TN.

2 Responses

  1. Matt

    This is such crap. Cops will do anything they can to demean a human being. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND DON’T GIVE THE COPS THE FREEDOM TO BULLY ANYONE!! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, PEOPLE!!

  2. Kelly Banaski Sons

    Id like to know if there was any disciplinary action against this raging asshole.