What Can Libertarians Learn From Feminists? (PODCAST) Ft. Cathy Reisenwitz

You Want To Beat Hillary In 2016?

Cathy Reisenwitz joins the Freedom Report again to talk about Sex and the State. Reisenwitz argues that if libertarians want to take up an issue that will give them the moral high ground over people like Hillary Clinton, maybe we should extend our anti-drug war rhetoric into the birth control debate as well? For instance, why can’t everyone just buy birth control over the counter?

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Also, Reisenwitz tackles the issues of the problems of gender roles and the difference between women’s stated preferences and their real ones. Is it ever OK to be an ‘ahole’ if it means you’ll attract more women? And what does she think about the recent New York Times article that discussed a study which found that men and women in marriage who have traditional gender roles have a happier marriage?

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

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