Can The GOP Beat The ‘War On Women’ Narrative With Free Market Feminism? Ft. Cathy Reisenwitz (PODCAST)

Cathy Reisenwitz stopped by The Freedom Report podcast to discuss the issues of free market feminism and how the Republican Party could benefit from taking some of the issues that she champions. Her latest column at explains why rich women have great access to low cost childcare but poor women have to pay out the nose. Could that and a host of other issues be the key to turning the “War on Women” against the Democrats?

Also, Cathy takes a moment out to “check her privilege,” because apparently she’s been thinking she’s a badass, when she’s really just a b*tch. Her words friends, not mine. But in another piece, Reisenwitz discusses the perils of iconoclasm and leaping into the limelight before you’ve got your ducks in a row. Cathy discusses why she’s got “big fish in a little pond syndrome.”

Also, it’s the tenth anniversary of “Mean Girls,” and Cathy answers the question of whether women are their own worst enemies. Also, TRIGGER WARNING: we talk about trigger warnings. So, tune in, subscribe on iTunes, and don’t forget to come back every single day to your home for economic freedom and personal liberty at The Libertarian Republic dot com.


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