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CA State Senator Launches Survey Over Potentially Holding Politicians Civilly Liable for Certain Votes


By Kody Fairfield

Senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside County) has launched a survey to gauge interest in holding public officials, who vote in favor of Sanctuary Cities or a Sanctuary State, civilly liable if someone is injured or killed by a person who should have been turned over to ICE, reports KFI AM 640.

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Stone spoke with popular Southern California radio hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou about his survey on Thursday.

In the interview, Stone mentions that due to California’s super-majority of Democrats in legislative positions, he is looking to use the state’s initiative process to allow the people to pass the bill.

Stone tell John and Ken, “I have the language being drafted now and I think we will see an initiative in 2018 that will hold elected official that are complicit with their votes, in making sanctuary statuses of local and state governments, when a perpetrator is being released that is dangerous and causes mayhem, it will allow those surviving families or victims to sue that elected official… making them civilly liable.”

So far 1,300 people have responded to the survey with 65% in favor and 35% against, reports KFI.

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Listen to St. Sen. Stone discuss his survey and the situation surrounding it in California here:

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