Bitcoins, Brutalists & Bad Catholics – What’s Jeffrey Tucker Talking About? (PODCAST)

The Freedom Report podcast today interviewed CLO of Liberty.me Jeffrey Tucker about his opinion on a variety of topics including bitcoins, Brutalists and bad Catholics.

Tucker breaks down the brouhaha over the latest Bitcoin battle where a mining syndicate could potentially threaten the security of the crypto-currency. Could one bad actor be the ballast breaker for the burgeoning Bitcoin?

And as a practicing Catholic and Anarcho-Capitalist, what does Mr. Tucker think about the recent attacks by the church leadership on free market capitalism? Tucker buoys the hopes of fellow believers with his blistering attacks on bitter people who oppose barter, voluntarism and free trade.

But what about those darn Brutalists? The great unwashed of the liberty movement have rallied together under the banner of Brutalism following an article Tucker wrote bashing the bad actors. But does he regret giving birth to the butthead brigades?

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

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