Piers Morgan was finally handed his hat last evening by an appearance from Ben Shapiro, editor at large at Breitbart.com, on the gun control issue. Shapiro stated in no uncertain terms that Piers was “standing on the graves of dead children” and attempting to politicize a tragedy. Shapiro made it clear he shouldn’t be lumped in with people like Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist whose appearance on the show was widely panned as making defenders of the 2nd amendment look exactly like the paranoid stereotype Morgan is attempting to portray. The young gun advocate calmly issued his opinion on what sort of regulations were acceptable to him including bans for the mentally ill and background check requirements. Shapiro’s methodical and rational approach deconstructed Piers’ arguments in such a way as to completly debunk the myths and lies surrounding gun control. The Breitbart editor cleaned Morgan’s clock and refused to back down to what he called ‘bullying’ by the British talk show host.

Video Below: