Adam Kokesh: Vegas Killers Were ‘Victims,’ Murdering Cops Saves Lives (VIDEO)

Posted by Austin Petersen • 12 Jun 2014
Libertarian host who inspired Vegas killers: They were ‘victims,’ murdering cops saves lives (via Raw Story )

A libertarian gun activist — who was convicted on weapons charges after he carried a loaded shotgun in downtown Washington, D.C. — this week defended two people who recently went on a shooting rampage in Las Vegas, killing two police officers and…

  • dcayman

    You people are batshit crazy…if you don’t like law and order move to northern Iraq…I’ll be sure to shed a tear for you when I see you gunned down with an AK47 in an ISIS video

  • Tyrin Price

    The author of this article took his comments out of context.

  • labman57

    Your modern-era Libertarian is little more than a gun-toting, tea-chugging, mayhem-inciting, conspiracy-addicted anarchist.

    • Justin Martin

      People conspire all the time, mayhem is natural, and if you don’t have a gun nowdays you aren’t adequately protected.

      Anarchy isn’t cool though.

  • Jeff Lagemann

    Some of you people are frighteningly bat shit crazy

  • bloodstains1971

    Per capita maybe but police use violence in every transaction. Does a police officer ever disarm themselves before approaching a vehicle pulled over with a car full of children and a single female driver? NO police officers always are prepared to take lives because apparently they are trained to be afraid of everyone. So police officers are always a threat during any encounter with anyone no matter the situation. Over 5000 American lives verses how many cops in ten years not including countless beatings and robberies and rape victims, and the list goes on. So 2 dead cops how many other people did that day in Las Vegas that the news didn’t cover? How about the Mom that died in Jail. Sorry to you police and Government apologists your argument holds no water.

  • dissidentX

    He didn’t defend them. You completely misrepresented what he said in the video.

  • englishpanther

    I like Adam, but I feel that he made a poor decision to face off with the government with drugs and guns. Now, when he could use good PR, he calls a couple murderers, ‘victims’? The price is too high to lose touch with reality.

    • Justin Martin

      Poor decision to stand up for Liberty and our rights? That is the American way.

      They aren’t murderers if you view it in as the government declared war on them for their lifestyle. If they got caught with what they like they would be thrown in a cage, if they resisted they would be killed. The cops have been dealing out blows for decades now with very little done back at them, so they decided to strike.

  • Leonard Embody

    I agree. The government instigated the cop killing. Unless the government begins taking civil rights seriously those with complaints will take action against government employees. In my opinion government officials and employees are the proper targets of those who are wronged.

  • Darrin Woodard

    As a Vegas resident, libertarian, and the son of a cop. These people are not victims that could justify the shooting of officers. I would have shot them too to protect the officers lives.

    • Leonard Embody

      I would have minded my own business. It isn’t my problem and I like to go home at night.

  • antonlee

    “Murder” implies that they are innocent victims. The badge implies otherwise. Taking a break from aggression does not mean you aren’t culpable for it in your off time.

  • locsphere

    Can we please stop calling this man a libertarian please? Libertarians are for limited government not no government. One day he’s an anarchist the next he is a libertarian.

    • jtaylor991

      Libertarian is the philosophy of the non-aggression principle. They’re not talking about the political party when they describe Adam as a libertarian.

  • edicius4

    Since those cops will just be replaced by equally abusive cops, he is wrong. Unless we can convince the unwashed masses of the evil of our police forces, nothing will chance.

    • Leonard Embody

      If enough cops die, people will think twice about becoming cops.

  • RogerNorthup

    I love all free speech, but I also love free speech being judged as harshly as legally possible when it’s stupid or dangerous speech.

    • JonDeik

      Take out the word “legally”, and I agree. Use your free speech to call this man dangerous, deranged, idiotic, and worthy to be beaten to death (without threatening to do it for real). That’s what free speech is for. But unless he actually makes a literal threat, he should have no law stop him. Anyone can see that he’s a douche-troll anyway. Free speech allows us to see this.

  • Skylar

    Very few cops actually kill anyone. The non-aggression principle DOES NOT justify the unprovoked murder of people eating lunch.

    • jtaylor991

      It’s not unprovoked. The mere act of being a cop is a crime. Their agreement to do that job is an agreement that they will use force when not obeyed. The uniform they walk around in signifies a threat of violence, because disobedience of the badge is backed by such violence.

      • pinky

        Have you lost your mind jtaylor991?

        • jtaylor991

          Just stating the facts. You should try it sometime instead of empty shock-value statements…

      • Skylar

        Just throw “cop saves kid” into Google, and then come back and tell me all of those people (cops AND victims) deserved to die because YOU think “the mere act of being a cop is a crime”.

        That kind of absolutism and moral relativism is NOT compatible with the principles of non-aggression and personal liberty.