5 Reasons Why Hillary’s War on the “Sharing Economy” Is Terrifying

By R. Brownell

1. It Would Stop Competition


The ability to become your own boss and work on your own terms is part of what makes these app based technology services so successful. Yet, progressives throughout the country have attempted to stop companies like Uber from classifying the individuals who opt into the business as “private contractors” and instead, classifies them as “full-time employees”.

This approach is also part of Hillary’s plan to stop these companies from creating “undercut wages”. An example of this approach has already been seen in California; according to syndicated columnist Megan McArdle:

“Uber has to worry about not just the expense of complying with all these mandates, but also the expense of documenting that it has complied with these mandates — which will mean more paperwork and hassle for Uber’s HR staff and for the drivers themselves. The effect would be to introduce a substantial wedge between what Uber spends to keep a driver on the road and what drivers actually get in their checks. How many people will still be driving when their work starts to be micromanaged and their checks are docked to pay for all the new requirements?”

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