A Daily Life columnist started a hashtag the other day called #questionsformen, as a way to vent her frustrations over people criticizing her writing. Feminists tweeted a series of ignorant questions that deserved answering, so here are the answers ladies. We’re here to pop your princess bubbles. [RELATED: Why are libertarians great in bed?]

1. Absolutely. As an activist and journalist, there’s almost nothing that I say publicly that isn’t called into question, dismissed, scrutinized, analyzed, and gone through with a fine tooth comb. Of course, that’s part of the job. We don’t all have the luxury of being a left-wing NBC News anchor who can make up stories for decades and get tacit endorsement from our unthinking, unquestioning viewers. As an up-and-coming journalist, I have to be accurate, and at least appear to be humble, or face punishment from people over it. And every time I make a pointed observation about news or politics, or when I make a media appearance, someone, somewhere is going to call me an attention whore. But I don’t mind because I have a thick skin. If you don’t, and these types of things bother you, you’re in the wrong business.